Women Beyond Six Figures

By Adamaris Mendoza

Say FAREWELL to limiting beliefs thoughts and actions around money wealth and financial freedom… and HELLO to clarity, consistency, focus, and results!!!! I want you to think of this podcast show as your personal guide to building a healthy relationship with money and financial happiness. Especially if you’re an introvert, or an empath or a woman of color!!!! Or, if like me, you’re all three!!!! Hi there….I’m Mary Mendoza-Carlyle your host!! I”m a financial therapist, psychotherapist, and coach. Through my personal journey and working with thousands of clients I’ve learned that it’s entirely possible for any woman to increase her income without selling her soul. There are many ways to raise your standards of living without sacrificing but rather enhancing your life. You want to increase your Time Freedom, Money Freedom, and the Freedom to make a more positive impact and leave a legacy. I mean you are not doing all this work, for nothing? Right? You’re done with the burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration You’re no longer willing to over-deliver and under-charge. Give without receiving…. You’re ready to… Quiet down the noise and chaos around you and inside your head!! Remove self-doubt and inconsistency in your bank account. Increase your income while staying authentic to who you are without compromising your values and dreams!!! You know it’s time to release the baggage of old money, worth, wealth, and freedom outdated limiting beliefs!!! This podcast is meant to offer insight, hope, guidance, and open up a window in your brain to persuade you to stop settling for less and start opting for more. In the process of opening up your mind for prosperity you’ll likely observe that something else is happening—- you’ll not only experience changes in your money beliefs (and money coming in) but also that you personally start expanding and transforming every other area of your life. Now let’s begin transforming your relationship with money, success, and wealth together.

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