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Here at the Wellness on Purpose Podcast, we appreciate that there is no linear path along one's wellness journey and understand how easy it can be to get caught up in the latest health trends found on social media.

Our intention is to provide you with impactful, educational, and realistic information to help you progress on your journey to live wellness on purpose now, and for future generations.

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If you have less than 1 bowel movement a day, experience an increase in food sensitivities, constant bloating, lack of focus, developing mystery rashes, frequent bruising or recurring yeast infections, your gut microbiome may be imbalanced, resulting in a compromised immune system. In this episode, we have Irene Pauline Humpelstetter from Living Alchemy joining us to talk about immunity, gut health and how they work synergistically together. Our immune system and gut health are both trendy topics right now, but I assure you, they are more than a trend. They are the foundation of our health and affect so many other areas of our wellbeing, such as our mental health. Listen now!

Nov 30

36 min 52 sec

Ada Dettenkofer-Leahy, Senior Buyer at Jo Anne's Place and wife of Peter Leafy from Merrylynd Organics, is joining us today to share her passion for health and the importance of choosing organic products to reduce our exposure to glyphosate.  Glyphosate is an inexpensive, broad spectrum herbicide used to increase crops yields and is found in Canada's top selling weed killer, round up. Glyphosate has been under scrutiny for its carcinogenic properties as well as its impact on gut health, infertility, birth defects, neurotoxin, and DNA damage. In this episode Ada shares about common foods that contain glyphosate, the long term effects of glyphosate accumulating in the body, and how to reduce your exposure to glyphosate. Learn more about Organic vs Conventionally grown food here 

Nov 16

29 min 12 sec

Over the last 45 years, there have been so many trends come, go and even stay. On today’s episode, I have asked Sarah Smeenk to join us again to talk about her experience navigating trends as Jo Anne’s Place’s senior food buyer. In this episode we talk about : Current trends Unrealistic trends Trends that have stay tried and true to the wellness industry Why Jo Anne's Place doesn't carry Beyond Meat products Keto sweeteners - are they natural or artificial Avoiding glyphosates  Jo Anne's Place ingredient list standards If you want to learn more about why choosing organic is important listen to our Organic vs Conventional Foods | Does it Matter Podcast here

Oct 26

49 min 51 sec

Everyday, we are seeing more and more adults and children living in a state of chronic stress. In this episode Dr. Kate Rheaume ND from Natural Factors shares the signs and symptoms that parents should be looking out for that could indicate their child is stressed, the long term effects of stress and realistic suggestions to help manage ones stress levels, starting today. Also, Dr. Kate and Natural Factors are hosting a virtual webinar on, October 20th talking about Stress Management 101. Learn more and register here : https://event.webinarjam.com/register/217/10l4zclp 

Oct 16

12 min 55 sec

Do you feel tired, fatigued, or sluggish between the months of October and March? You may be suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder. In this episode, we sat down with Cyrus Kuhzarani from Pure Lab Vitamins to talk about how important the sun is for our mental health and how you can support your body during this change in seasons to prevent SAD. Register for SAD : Fighting the Winter Blues webinar on October 20th, 2021 here

Oct 5

18 min 59 sec

On todays episode, we are joined by two amazing guest, Darren Wright who is a product educator from Certified Naturals and Diana Gifford- Jones who is the daughter of the legendary Dr. W. Gifford-Jones. Together, they will be sharing their expertise on how to maintain strong and healthy bones to prevent osteoporosis. Topics: What is osteoporosis Who is most at risk (ladies, this is you!) Signs or symptoms of osteoporosis Lifestyle and dietary factors that can help prevent osteoporosis What key nutrients can help to support bone health Why Certified Natural created a unique osteoporosis preventing formulation and how it differs from others and more! Check out more about Certified Naturals here 

Sep 21

44 min 6 sec

Inflammation is an epidemic. It is massively impacting people's daily lives and is the root cause of many serious health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. On this episode, we are welcoming back Brett Hawes from Botanica to share his experience with reducing inflammation naturally, using traditional whole food herbs, a nutrient rich diet and a balanced lifestyle.  In this episode, we cover the following topics.  Signs and symptoms of high levels of inflammation Long term effects of elevated inflammation What are the root causes of inflammation Specific diets to reduce inflammation What makes whole turmeric so therapeutic The difference between whole turmeric vs extracted cucumin Lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation If you missed Brett earlier on in the season, tune into our episode, You're hungry for nutrients, not calories here

Aug 24

56 min 34 sec

In an ideal world, we could identify and remove the things, people or places that cause us stress, but that is not realistic. So rather than cutting ties with all our stressors, Jenn Drummond from Assured Naturals is joining us to share the best way to manage our stress by creating a stress reducing lifestyle with less food restrictions, daily check in and adaptogenic herbs. If you need support while transitioning through menopause, improving your thyroid function or reducing your stress response, this episode is for you! Register for Managing Menopause webinar here : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/managing-menopause-tickets-160977717687 Supporting Products : Womensense MenoSense, Womensense AdrenaSense and Womensense ThyroSense

Jul 27

49 min 53 sec

If you are suffering with PMS symptoms, irregular periods, mood swings, hormonal acne, hunger cravings, hot flashes or night sweats, this episode is for you! Did you know that these common symptoms are a reflection of hormonal imbalances? Rather than dismissing these symptoms month after month, Jenn Drummond from Assured Naturals is sharing how you can support your hormones naturally. In this episode, we cover: what a regular, healthy, and balanced cycle should look like health conditions that are a reflection of long term hormonal imbalances  what lifestyle factors can impact your hormones the long term effects of the birth control pill how you can balance your hormones naturally Products discussed : WomenSense EstroSense and WomenSense MenoSense

Jul 13

45 min 31 sec

Happy May! This month, we are highlighting the importance of safely and effectively cleansing the body naturally. We asked Dana Remedios, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Flora Health to speak about the benefits of cleansing with herbal remedies. She shares about whether or not our detoxification organs are capable of cleansing on their own, the signs and symptoms that indicate our body may need help detoxifying, where toxins come from and how to reduce our exposure to toxin burden. Dana also shares about which 8-herb formulation she suggests to synergistically supports a whole body cleanse. Learn more about Flora Health Flor Essence here

May 11

48 min 50 sec

For the final part of the Sustainability Series, we are getting back to the basics and chatting about reduce, reuse, recycle and composting. Do you know what happens after your recycling bins are picked up? Are you disrupting the recycling process? Are you considering recycling as the last resort? In this episode, our team is talking about how you can evolve as you go by starting with refusing excess materials, reducing what you're consuming, reusing things at home and last but not least,  recycling properly.  This episode also highlights the benefits of composting, what makes something biodegradable and how 76' Sips Cafe is striving to practice sustainability. Recycling in Peterborough Details : https://www.peterborough.ca/en/city-services/recycling.aspx

Apr 27

46 min 11 sec

When you hear the word sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is our plant. This includes animals, soil richness, carbon footprint and reduction of waste. Although these are all important factors to consider when purchasing products, there are two other impactful pillars to also consider, people and profit.  On this episode, our Jo Anne's Place team sat down to talk about the three foundational pillars to sustainability and how they all must be taken into consideration when we are working towards improving sustainability in our world. We also talked about specific ingredients and controversial diets that may or may not be sustainable.

Apr 20

44 min 2 sec

Our Jo Anne's Place team has joined forces to bring you a 3 part Sustainability Series. During part one, Heather, Rebecca, Marissa, and Sarah are sharing their personal and professional decision on buying organic vs conventional foods. If you are suffering with health conditions, looking for ways to increase your nutrient intake or are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, this episode is for you. We will be highlighting the importance of third party certifications such as, certified organic, certified fair trade, non-GMO verified and B-Corp certified. References : Clean 15 and Dirty 12

Apr 13

48 min 8 sec

On this episode, we are featuring Brett Hawes who is representing an incredible company called, Botanica. Botanica is a Canadian supplement company that uses whole plant ingredients rather than extracts, has a rigorous crafting process to ensure that their products have the best absorption, bioavailability and highest concentration and lastly they are passionate about using herbal traditions that have been perfected overtime. In this episode Brett shares about his knowledge as a nutritionist while sharing about how Botanica creates their greens powder, why they have chosen to have less ingredients at a higher concentration compared to most other greens powders, and who could benefit from supplementing with Botanica's Perfect Greens.

Mar 16

46 min 48 sec

Have you made the switch from conventional to natural skincare products? In this episode, Kelly O'Connor from Ste. Anne’s Spa is joining us to talk about the importance of clean, natural, and nourishing skincare ingredients. As a licensed esthetician and Skin Nourishment Ambassador, she shares about which synthetic ingredients you should be avoiding in your skincare products and which therapeutic herbs can support your specific skin type. She also share about her experiences on how a daily skincare routine is necessary for healthy skin and reducing visible wrinkles.  Learn more about Ste.Anne’s Skin Nourishment line here

Mar 2

27 min 56 sec

February is heart health month and we thought it would be the perfect time to sit down with Cyrus Kuhzarani from Pure Lab Vitamins to talk about the leading cause of death in women, cardiovascular disease. Women with cardiovascular disease can suffer with more subtle symptoms which can often be misdiagnosed as other health conditions. Cyrus shares his knowledge on signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, lifestyle factors that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which tests you should be advocating for during your next blood work visit, and how specific natural supplements can support cardiovascular health. If you are interested in diving deeper into this topic, checkout Pure Lab Vitamins upcoming training here: https://www.purelabvitamins.com/webinar.php Watch Pure Lab Vitamins : Vitamin D Optimization video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brRMIrEPjws 

Feb 9

50 min 46 sec

Are you consuming enough protein? Amber Vitale from Garden of Life shares her expertise on choosing the best quality protein powder to support your wellness journey. She talks about the traceability, certifications and third party testing that is involved in formulating high quality supplements, how a protein powder can support your lifestyle, what you should be looking for on your supplement labels, and the difference between whey vs plant based protein powders. 

Jan 19

40 min 3 sec

Here for the final episode of season two, we are interviewing massage therapist, Eric Van Goch from Kawartha Care Wellness Center. Eric shares his unique holistic approach to supporting each of his patients, why upper cross syndrome is one of the most common alignments he sees as a massage therapist, the truth about cupping therapy, and the common muscles that you should be stretching out on a daily basis.  Connect with Eric here 

Oct 2020

26 min 21 sec

This is our first episode highlighting a physiotherapist!  In this episode, we sat down with a registered physiotherapist, Bala Sundaram from Kawartha Care Wellness Center in Lindsay. As a physiotherapist, Bala helps his patients with a thorough examination, comprehensive education, and manual treatment to enhances recovery from their injuries and conditions. In this episode, Bala shares about his experiences working with musculoskeletal conditions and concussions, the importance of addressing pain and discomfort right away, and how a simple towel roll can improve your posture.  Connect with Bala Sundaram at Kawartha Care Wellness Center here :  https://kawarthacare.com

Oct 2020

26 min 7 sec

Did you know that your daily habits could be affecting your alignment and posture? In this episode, chiropractor Dr. Jillian Edgar from Kawartha Care Wellness Center shares the importance of working at eye level,  the truth about acupuncture needles, and what you are doing on a daily basis that could be resulting in headaches, back pain, and shoulder tightness. She also gives us some incredible tips on how you can incorporate mobilization and stretches into your daily routine to help alleviate longterm issues. Connect with Dr. Jillian Edgar here 

Oct 2020

27 min 25 sec

On this episode, we are sitting down with naturopathic doctor Dr. Tali Troyansky. Dr. Tali uses evidence-based research to get to the root cause of your health conditions, rather than taking a bandage approach to your symptoms. She shares about her wellness journey as a dancer, her love for collagen, the Mediterranean diet, how a salad may not be the healthiest option for you, why stress is a huge health concern, the importance of preventative medicine, and how to decide between conventional vs natural medicine. Follow Dr. Tali's journey here Get in touch to book your next appointment here

Sep 2020

31 min 51 sec

Today, we are welcoming another Kawartha Care Wellness Center Practitioner, Rebecca Foster. Rebecca is known for helping patients reach a level of optimal wellness with the support of massage therapy, hot stone massage, cupping therapy, and Indian head massage. She is known for her magical hands and helping her patients manage their lower back pain. Rebecca shares about her client's experiences on the table during treatment, the proper terminology for massage therapists, and how oil of oregano has become a staple in her wellness routine. Connect with Rebecca Foster here

Sep 2020

28 min 39 sec

Over the next few episodes, we are highlighting the incredible practitioners from Kawartha Care Wellness Center, located in the heart of Lindsay Ontario. First up, we are speaking with the center owner, Chiropractor, and Medical Acupuncturist, Dr. Manju Asdhir. She shares about her clinical experiences with children and adults, what to expect as a patient at Kawartha Care, the importance of consistency, and how the 20, 20, 20 rule can enhance your wellness journey, mentally and physically.  Connect with Kawartha Care here

Sep 2020

37 min 27 sec

On this episode, we are joined by Tiffany Nicholson-Smith, International Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and founder of Rasa Ayurveda. Tiffany shares her inspiring journey and vision of making the gifts of Ayurveda accessible for everyone. We talk about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the difference between the doshas, the importance of a daily routine including tongue scraping, and how you can support your wellness journey with Ayurveda.  Join us at the Ayurveda Immersion here Shop Rasa Ayruveda here

Aug 2020

44 min 40 sec

Today, we are chatting with the founder of The Edited, Tasha Osborne. Tasha is on a mission to be your daily reminder to love yourself first. In this episode, we dive into her experiences with early childhood thoughts around diet culture, how medications and cosmetic products impacted her well being, the turning point in her healing journey, and her top 3 ways to amplify your self-love routine, starting today. Connect with Tasha here, The Edited: https://www.theedited.ca/  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theeditedshop/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theeditedshop/  Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/theeditedshop/ 

Aug 2020

43 min 10 sec

We are joined by Intuitive Coach, Victoria Evans, who is sharing her wellness journey of navigating life with an eating disorder. On this episode, she talks about how the challenges she faced in the corporate beauty industry and the expectations of social media lead her to a restrictive diet, over-exercising, and mental health disorders. Victoria also shares how these challenges were the catalysts to helping herself and others heal their relationship with food and exercise to live an intuitive lifestyle. Connect with Victoria here: Instagram: @victoriaevansofficial Website: www.victoriaevansofficial.com

Aug 2020

47 min 30 sec

Our host and Nutritionist, Marissa Laughlin is back with the final episode of the Back to Basic Series! If you are ready to progress on your journey, stay here, and take notes! On this episode, she will be chatting with you about the core nutrients to include at all your meals, regardless of what diet you are following. Oh, and she's sharing her best-kept secret.. the best diet she recommends as a nutritionist!

Jul 2020

13 min 56 sec

Our host and Nutritionist, Marissa Laughlin is back with part three of the Back to Basic Series! If you are ready to progress on your journey, stay here, and take notes! On this episode, she will be chatting with you about understand the importance of managing your sleep cycles. She will cover the 5 stages of sleep, the working biological systems, and the co-factors necessary for optimal sleep. Marissa will also share the steps you need to take to create a healthy sleep routine.

Jul 2020

17 min 58 sec

Our host and Nutritionist, Marissa Laughlin is back with part two of the Back to Basic Series! If you are ready to progress on your journey, stay here, and take notes! On this episode, she will be chatting with you about understand the impact that stress has on your entire life. Marissa will share her holistic approach to supporting your stress by checking in yourself, identifying your stressors, adapting to daily changes, and managing your lifestyle needs. 

Jul 2020

23 min 39 sec

Welcome back! For the launch of season two, Our host and Nutritionist, Marissa Laughlin will be offering you guidance through the Back to Basic Series in which she will cover topics such as digestion, stress, sleep, and balanced nutrition. If you are ready to progress on your journey, stay here, and take notes! On this episode, she will be chatting with you about optimizing your digestion and flourishing your gut bacteria by understanding how the digestive system works, it's main purposes and how to adjust your lifestyle habits.

Jul 2020

18 min 12 sec

FINAL episode of season one is featuring naturopathic doctor, Brenda Tapp. Dr. Tapp see’s a wide variety of patients with health ailments, but her true passion is Integrative Cancer Care. Using an array of modalities, Dr. Tapp supports patients by, decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to make treatment more effective, supporting the immune system to reduce illness and most important, improving your overall health and quality of life.  Brenda also shares about her personal wellness journey in reducing exposure to chemicals and taking care of her mental health. Follow Dr.Brenda Tapp's journey on Instagram and Facebook or learn more about her practice here https://pcnm.ca

Mar 2020

28 min 55 sec

If you are struggling with hormonal imbalances, a naturopathic doctor may be able to help! On this episode, we are sitting down with naturopathic doctors, Dana Marshall and Susan Joyce from Healthy Foundations. We talk about factors that can affect hormonal imbalances and fertility, such as stress, thyroid concerns, a toxic environment, irregular menses, food allergies and nutritional deficiencies.   We also discuss how their wellness passions have changed over the years and why they truly believe that health doesn't comes from what you are doing occasionally, it comes from what you are doing consistently. Connect with Dana and Susan here: https://healthyfoundations.ca 

Feb 2020

40 min 47 sec

Episode nine is featuring the lovely, Jessica Dalliday, owner of Pilates on Demand and the Healthy Sweet Potato Blog!   Jess spent most of her life dieting and exercising religiously trying to become the healthiest version of herself but realized that she was actually doing more harm than good when she found out she couldn't get pregnant because of her lifestyle.   Tune into this episode to learn about her journey of recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (loss of period) caused by her eating and exercise disorder, how she was finally able to get pregnant and how she has changed her views on how she exercises, eats and her overall body image.   Follow Jess's journey here: Instagram handle: @Thehealthysweetpotato and @pilatesondemand_ca   Facebook handle: @Thehealthysweetpotato and @pilatesondemand.ca   Websites: www.thehealthysweetpotato.com and www.pilatesondemand.ca  

Feb 2020

26 min 16 sec

On this episode we are blessed with the beautiful energy of health coach, Lilli Fleming.  We dive deep into the impact of stress, what your inner voice is really telling you, letting go of the high expectations women hold themselves accountable to and how breath work is the first gift you are given as you enter the world.  If you are ready to reignite your love and spark for a beautiful and healthy life, connect with Lilli here : https://livewellwithlillifleming.liveeditaurora.com  Be inspired to Live Well with Lilli on social media here: https://www.instagram.com/lillisarahfleming/ 

Jan 2020

31 min 30 sec

On this episode we are slowing down with Emma McLean owner of Bloom Health, Massage Therapy and Wellness Clinic.  Emma shares her passion for slowing things down, and taking time to listen your body, to  better understand what your body needs. Using an array of modalities, Emma strives to relax and release tension throughout your body to allow for healing to happen.  Connect with Emma to discover what your body needs to feel better here : https://bloomhealthptbo.ca

Jan 2020

39 min 48 sec

On this episode we are speaking with Dr.Shayla Conrad, owner of Hybrid Health and Rehabilitation.  Shayla expands on how chiropractors offer many more modalities than just adjustments, that pain doesn’t always indicate acute tissue damage or injury and the importance of optimal levels of magnesium. Connect with Hybrid Health and Rebab to support your wellness journey here : https://hybridhealthandrehab.com

Jan 2020

33 min 40 sec

The holiday season tends to come with a whole new level of stress and emotions, but does it really have to? Unfortunately, one of the most common emotions people feel around the holidays is anxiety. On this episode our host, Marissa Laughlin, is going solo to share her experiences and tips on being mindful of anxiety around eating throughout the holidays.  She talks about the importance of awareness and appreciation for the food you are consuming, making changes to family traditions and how to continue to make your wellness journey a priority, year round!

Dec 2019

13 min 21 sec

On this weeks episode, we are chatting with Ally Sharpe from Peterborough Strength. Ally is passionate about helping women of all ages become strong, fit and healthy! In this episode Ally highlights the importance of mobility, being mindful of your joints and appreciating where you are at on your fitness journey. She also brings attention to the other variables that can impact ones health such as functional range conditioning, fascial stretch therapy, injury prevention, stress, sleep and proper nutrition.  If you want to take your fitness journey to the next level and ensure that you are building strength sustainably, contact Ally here https://allysharpe.pike13.com/appointments/101161  Follow Ally and her clients wellness journeys here https://www.instagram.com/peterboroughstrength/  For more information on the meat subscription box click here https://trulocal.ca 

Nov 2019

35 min 47 sec

On this weeks episode, we are chatting with Lisa Mckay from Evolv Your Body. Lisa opens up about her lifelong journey with food allergies, the fitness industry "standards", how to level up your short term goals for the long term payoff results and how to progress on your wellness journey while balancing consistency and enjoyment. If you are looking for delicious gluten and dairy free meals made with care and real ingredients in Peterborough and the Kawartha's, learn more here https://www.evolvyourbody.com Follow Lisa's wellness journey here https://www.instagram.com/evolv_your_body/?hl=en 

Oct 2019

37 min

Welcome to the Wellness on Purpose Podcast! In this episode, our host Marissa Laughlin of Wealth of Wellness and Sharon Walker, General Manager of Jo Anne's Place Health Foods launch our pilot episode and discuss the mission, values and highlights of what's to come this season. Here at the Wellness on Purpose Podcast, we know there is no linear path along one's wellness journey and understand that it is easy to get caught up in the latest tends found on social media which tend to redirect our wellness journeys.  We're here to educate you on how to make impactful and realistic changes to enhance your wellness journey! If you are an expert in your health field or have an impactful and inspiring wellness journey that you want to share with our community, please contact us directly at community@joannesplace.ca.  

Sep 2019

8 min 22 sec