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Pete Tyjas from Fly Culture Magazine sits down with people whose lives either revolve around or are shaped by fly fishing.

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In this weeks episode I talk with James Waine about fishing for grayling with dry flies. There is plenty of stories and  information that I am sure you'll find interesting listening.

Dec 1

1 hr 17 min

Bob Wyatt is the man behind the Deer Hair Emerger fly, the books Trout Hunting and What Trout Want and has written a number of articles in magazines too.He has lived and fished in Canada, Scotland and New Zealand where he has had the chance to observe the behaviour of trout especially with a dry fly.While researching this podcast I realised that as someone who has read both books that he has had a huge impact on my approach to fly fishing. 

Nov 24

1 hr 34 min

Fred Brown left university to pursue his dream job as a fishing guide in Mozambique.  He later returned back to the UK where he discovered life in London wasn't for him and spent all of his spare time travelling the UK with a fly rod and fishing the rivers while sleeping in his car.He is a dedicated follower of streamer fishing and I talk with him about the techniques he uses to fish this method.We cover a lot of other ground that I hope you'll find interesting.

Nov 17

1 hr 10 min

I caught up with author and fly angler Chris Newton who has written a number of fishing books that include one of my favourites, The Trout's Tale, that documents how brown trout were exported to the once sizeable British Empire.We cover some of the locations featured in the book along with his fly fishing story.If you are interested in brown trout then this will be fascinating listening.Please accept my apologies for the slight issues with the sound in small parts of the interview as the line we recorded on was not always as clear as it should have been.


Nov 10

56 min 14 sec

I talk with Paul Gaskell about nymph fishing and his excellent book "The Fly Fishing Bible of Nymphing"It is packed full of information that, without a doubt, will help you take your nymph fishing to a new level.I get the chance to talk to Paul about some of the topics covered in the book that I feel sure you'll find interesting.This is a slightly longer edition as we cover so much ground but I feel sure you'll enjoy.To learn more about The Fly Fishing Bible of Nymphing, just click HEREIf you are outside of the UK and would like a copy, please click the Amazon link HERE

Nov 3

1 hr 26 min

Sandy Nelson is an expert angler based in Scotland who specialises in targeting sizeable trout with a dry fly. He also has a deep understanding of fly rods and has built many over the years.I learn a little about his favourite rod material and if I might be tempted to build my own fly rod.This is a really interesting insight into the mind of a fly angler who thinks deeply about how to catch large trout and the rods that he so loves to build.

Oct 27

1 hr 9 min

There is little in fly fishing that Peter Morse hasn't done. From travelling the globe with a fly rod in his hand, to writing books, making TV programs, guiding, being a fly casting instructor, taking beautiful photographs and writing many articles for magazines including Fly Culture.I catch up with Peter and learn a little about his life in fly fishing and talk about the many things he has done.I also get the chance to learn about the Australian fly fishing community too.

Oct 20

1 hr 10 min

Join me as I have a look back at my fishing season and the tackle I have used and the friends I have fished with.I talk about my home river, the fish I have caught and in some cases, haven't caught and the gear I have used this season.

Oct 13

55 min 18 sec

Jay Lee loves fly fishing. He'll drive 11 hours from his home in Rotterdam to cast a fly on the streams of Germany and Austria.Like me, he enjoys fishing both bamboo, glass and graphite rods and also shares a love of fishing in Montana.We discuss all of these topics and more in what is a wonderfully interesting story of one man's life with a fly rod.

Oct 6

1 hr 10 min

I catch up with friend and Fly Culture Magazine designer, Jon Ogborne, to fish his home water.I have been lucky enough to fish there once before and enjoyed fishing water that is no more than 10 feet wide with a low canopy and tricky casts.As far as I am concerned, this is fishing I love and hope you'll enjoy listening to our day.


Sep 29

39 min 8 sec

Wow, we've reached a small milestone of 100 podcasts.In this special edition, I talk about many fishing subjects with my good friend Paul Procter.It was great fun to record and is packed with a great deal of information and amusing stories I'm sure you'll enjoy.


Sep 22

1 hr 20 min

I catch up with Barry Ord Clarke to talk about his latest book, Fly Tying for Beginners but we also cover many varied and interesting topics from fishing to photography and the reason he now lives in Norway.This is a fascinating peek inside Barry's world that you'll be sure to enjoy

Sep 15

1 hr 8 min

There is nothing more fun than getting the chance to spend time on the river with a good friend.I managed to catch up with Brett O'Connor and spend the day searching for trout and grayling on the River Anton in Hampshire.Tune in to see how we get on.

Sep 8

29 min 56 sec

Fly fishing has been a life saver for many.Neil Mundy tells me about how he organises fishing days for Fishing for Forces, taking disabled children fishing and raising money for the Wild Trout Trust giving something back to a pastime that means so much to him.We also explore his fly fishing timeline from The Falklands via Mexico and back to his home water in Hampshire on the banks of The Test.It is an inspiring story that I hope you'll enjoy.

Sep 1

1 hr 4 min

I'm in chalk stream country and in the company of fishing guide and friend,  Gilly Bate who has a rare day off from taking her guests fishing.We spend the day talking about fishing, what it means to us and cast our dry flies at rising trout and grayling.One of those fun days on the river with excellent company.I hope you enjoy this edition.

Aug 25

36 min 55 sec

A few years back I had the pleasure of watching Chris make elegant casts across a casting pool while doing a fishing demo.I knew a little about his background in fishing but was keen to learn more.This podcast is a fascinating look at the modesty, drive and determination of a talented angler and instructor who is as passionate about fishing and casting as he was when he first picked up a fly rod.

Aug 18

1 hr 7 min

I catch up with Lindsay Simpson to learn about his fly fishing career, his love of fishing lakes, reservoirs and rivers and the journey he has taken to get there.I also find out about what goes into running a busy YouTube channel and why he is so keen to introduce anglers into our pastime.Totally ego free and honest I enjoyed learning about what fly fishing means to Lindsay.


Aug 11

1 hr 5 min

Join me as I fish with mullet experts Colin Macleod, Paul Jennings and Martin Webster.The podcast is packed with information that will help if you are thinking about catching mullet with a fly rod.The conditions were tough but we managed to find some fish. So sit down and join me as we walk the sand flats in search of the British bonefish.


Aug 4

36 min 34 sec

Join me as I catch up with my friend Daran Sadler as he is in Devon for a few days and has a fishing rod in his car.We talk about his home water, flies, road trips, hiring a guide and catch a few fish too.It was a fun day on the river and I hope you'll enjoy listening to two friends talking fishing.

Jul 27

45 min 46 sec

I catch up with Fly Culture team member Adrian Grose-Hodge and talk about his fishing career through the rods he has owned.From South America to the small streams of the UK I discover the journey his fishing career has taken along with what fishing means to him.We also geek out on the nuances of different fly rods!

Jul 17

1 hr 7 min

In another episode of our "On the Water' series of podcasts I get the chance to spend a couple of days swinging flies for salmon on the River Tamar.My host is Steve Symons who is the third generation of his family who have fished the river. I learn about the Tamar, how it has impacted his family and what the fishing means to him.I also get an insight into what went into launching the Driology brand of fishing clothing that Steve has designed.I hope you'll enjoy joining us on the river as we search for salmon.

Jul 15

53 min 46 sec

In this podcast I catch up with Pete McLeod and we choose fishing destinations both here and farther abroad and talk about what they mean to us and why we like them so much.I hope you'll like them and they make interesting listening!

Jul 8

1 hr 24 min

Join me for another day on the water where I head to the border of Devon and Cornwall to fish with my friend Gerald Spiers on the River Tamar.It was a stretch of the Tamar I'd not fished before and with the added bonus of grayling that are now in season I was excited to try it.Tune in to see how we get on!

Jul 1

41 min 8 sec

This podcast set out to be a talk about me learning about the fishing in Texas and the excellent book Steve has written called Casting Forward.We cover these topics but so much more too. It is about one mans passion for fly fishing, what it means to him and how it has saved him.I hope this will impact you in the same way as it did me.

Jun 23

1 hr

I look at my life in fishing and the rods that I have used. This was recorded without a script and just the list of rods for reference. It turned out to be a fun and emotional journey that visits a lot of different places filled with happiness and some tears too.It turned out to be a chance to reflect on what fly fishing truly means to me and the huge impact it has had on my life.

Jun 17

56 min 37 sec

Join me for an afternoon on the river with a few mayfly, a new glass rod to christen and some rising trout.It turned out to be one of the memorable sessions on the water for all the right reasons and I manage to catch some trout you might not expect to find here in Devon.

Jun 10

36 min 8 sec

I get the chance to catch up with Cyril Kamir, the brains behind the excellent Le Mouching website.We talk fishing, conservation, fishing with friends and cigars and I also uncover some exciting news too.Cyril is excellent company and has some really interesting views on fishing and what it means to us.


Jun 3

1 hr 9 min

Join my good friend Duncan Raynor and me as we brave the elements and head to Cornwall to fish Colliford Lake, a 930 acre brown trout fishery.Duncan ties one of his patterns, the Collihog, on the back of his truck before we try our luck against the trout.This was a fun day of fishing in tricky conditions but I was lucky to have an expert with me!

May 27

30 min 27 sec

It was a pleasure to catch up with Jonathan Tomlinson and to talk about the many things he has done in fly fishing. From being an instructor at the age of 16, managing fishing tackle shops, distance casting champion, film maker and photographer too.As you can see, there were many topics to cover and I spent a hugely enjoyable hour hearing about his life in fishing.


May 13

1 hr 8 min

Join me as I meet up with my good friends Luke Bannister and Warren McCarthy as we catch up, cast some rods and look for some rising trout.Do we get lucky? Tune in and find out!

May 12

26 min 43 sec

As well as his love of fly fishing Steve Kemp is also the drummer in the hugely successful band Hard-Fi.We look at his career as a fly angler and how it has intertwined with how the band became hugely successful with two number one albums along with many other plaudits . This is a really interesting look inside the life of a passionate angler along with what it is like to work in the music industry and everything that goes with it.Steve is a qualified casting instructor and if you're in London and looking for some instruction you can reach him here -

May 4

1 hr 11 min

There isn't much Simon Kidd hasn't done in fly fishing but his passion for our pastime burns as bright as ever.We talk about his fishing career, work with Snowbee and get an insight into competition fishing too.This was an enjoyable podcast to record that is full of tips and information you'll sure to find interesting.


Apr 28

1 hr 4 min

I talk with my friend and Fly Culture creative director, Brett O'Connor, about his love of fly fishing, how we first met taking our fly casting exams some 16 years ago and how we embarked on our journey with Fly Culture.This is a relaxed and fun podcast that gives you an insight into Brett's fishing timeline.


Apr 17

1 hr 5 min

Tony King has been in and around fishing from a very early age. We look at his career and a passion for our pastime that has lasted the test of the time.In researching for this episode I was amazed to learn just how much Tony has done and the places he has been. It really is amazing.This is not just a story about fishing, it is a story about one mans life.


Apr 13

1 hr 22 min

Join Fly Culture's Pete Tyjas as he fishes his home water, the Taw, for an early season session looking for rising trout.He talks about the river that means so much to him as he describes and fishes the pools.This is totally unscripted and is just left to see how things happen.Does he get lucky? Tune in and find out!

Apr 6

36 min 34 sec

I talk with Peter Thurston, owner of Thornwood Springs in Essex about the work that goes into setting up and running a trout fishery.It sounds to many of us like it could be a dream job and in this episode you'll get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Mar 26

1 hr 13 min

It was great fun to catch up with Simon Gawesworth and talk about his life in fishing, what goes into bringing a new fly line to the market and his love of fishing and casting.


Mar 24

1 hr 5 min

Join Fly Culture's Pete Tyjas for an early season session of trout fishing on his home water, the Taw where he talks about the river, how he is fishing and plenty more. Does he get lucky?Tune in and find out.

Mar 15

27 min 38 sec

It was a pleasure to catch up with Stuart Minnikin about many subjects including the fishing in Yorkshire and his many years as a fishing guide.He speaks with great honesty and knowledge about the topics that we cover that you'll find an absorbing listen.


Mar 10

1 hr 23 min

This is the remarkable story of Will Robins who always knew he would work in fly fishing.Starting out commuting from Hull to London to work in Farlows at the age of 15 he has continued to be involved in the fly fishing industry.He now owns and runs his own saltwater guiding and outfitting service based in Mexico, a place he now calls home.I learn about his story and we talk about what it takes to become a fishing guide.This is an amazing story that you are sure to enjoy.


Mar 3

1 hr 12 min

Join Emma and me as we make the short journey to fish our home water on the River Taw in Devon for the start of the salmon fishing season.We talk a little about what the fishing means to us there along with some fishing and stories too.This was a wonderful episode to record and hope our love of our home water comes across to you.

Mar 1

30 min 11 sec

It was fun to talk with Jon Ogborne about his love of fly fishing and planning of road trips.We also discuss the design process of Fly Culture Magazine along with his home water, a stream just outside Bristol, that I was lucky enough to fish with him a few years back.This is an interesting insight into what goes into producing Fly Culture and how our team is made up of passionate fly anglers.

Feb 24

1 hr 9 min

If you're a regular reader of Fly Culture you'll know Chadd VanZanten who has written a number of articles for the magazine.They are all beautifully observed, skilfully written and circle around the streams of Utah that mean so much to him.We talk about the importance of choosing the right fishing buddy, his new book and learn about the cutthroat trout he so enjoys casting a fly to.We cover many topics and what I hope you'll find an entertaining interview.


Feb 17

1 hr 12 min

I talk with rod builders Luke Bannister and Adam Rawson about carbon, glass and bamboo rods and get a really interesting insight into what goes into the process of building a rod for a customer.We talk about the differences between them, the uses and their clear passion for what they build along with plenty of talk about fishing too.If you are interested in fly rods and want to hear from the craftsmen who build them you are sure to enjoy this edition of the podcast.

Feb 10

1 hr 15 min

Jason Borger is the author of what I think are 2 of the most influential fly casting books I have read, he is also an artist, poet, fly casting instructor and has written a number of articles for Fly Culture too.If you have watched the film A River Runs Through It and thought Brand Pitt was handy with a fly rod then the reason was that Jason was the fishing and casting double. I learn more about the film and Jason's passion for our pastime in what was a fascinating interview.

Feb 4

1 hr 8 min

Not being able to fish has had me dreaming not only of my home water but also of distant destinations too.Fly fishing guide Vito Rubino take me on a virtual tour of the varied fishing available in Italy.We start with a cup of coffee at a cafe before heading into the mountains with dry flies and feisty brook trout,  head down into the flatter gradient of the river as it runs through the valley where we target large brown and marble trout with streamers.We rig up a fly rod in  mountain lakes for pike and I learn about a species I one day hope to catch, asp.Vito is great company and a passion for the varied fishing available in his country.

Jan 27

1 hr 21 min

Andy Baird has run the well respected Small Fly Funk blog for a number of years.In it, he chronicles his love of fishing small streams with flies in size #22 and much smaller.I learn how his interest in fishing such small flies started along with how to fish and tie them too.We also share a deep love of music that we touch on.If you've ever wanted to learn more about the use of small flies this is the place to start!

Jan 20

1 hr 27 min

Jim Curry has been around fishing from an early age and it was inevitable that he would end up working in the fishing industry.We talk about the life he has led and his current role as brand manager for Guideline in the UK. I also learn about his passion for fishing in the South American jungle for some real off the grid adventures.He is an entertaining and engaging guest who I am sure you'll enjoy listening to.

Jan 13

1 hr 21 min

Located in the far north west of Scotland is what might be considered a fly fishing hotspot. Small streams and lochs populated with trout, a coastline with rod breaking pollack along with salmon fishing  set against a stunning back drop.I learn a little about the varied fishing from a hugely passionate angler and guide Stewart Yates.


Jan 6

1 hr 13 min

I catch up with my friend Kris Kent and talk about him fishing the trout rivers of the UK. So far, he has fished 120 but always has an eye on a new venue. I also learn from about his transition into the fly fishing industry starting at a tackle shop and then as a fishing guide. Food is an important aspect of a day on the water and he shares what it means to him. You'll probably shudder when you learn about the number of fishing rods he owns too!

Dec 2020

1 hr 10 min