Cogent Conversations

By Cogent

Cogent gets a pretty unique look inside digital organisations, which enables us to deeply understand what goes into make these types of business work well.We were thinking about this, and we were pretty sure there would be a bunch of other people that would like to hear about what we have learned both from us, and other people who are working in digital businesses around Melbourne. So was born the Cogent Conversations podcast.In the episodes that follow we talk with founders and leaders from organisations we see as exemplars of the digital businesses of Melbourne, getting their insights and experiences of what goes into making a digital business thrive. In this episode, we give you a quick look at the origins of this podcast, why we think it is important, and the types of organisations we will be talking with.To keep up to date with what is happening with Cogent, including when new episodes of this podcast are released, you can subscribe to our blog at Or follow us on Twitter: @cogent_co or Instagram: @cogent_co.

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