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Erin Davis, content manager and Bible teacher for the Revive Our Hearts ministry joins the podcast to discuss the joy and privilege of teaching God's Word. Erin, Terry, and Alan get into the nitty-gritty details of preparing to teach the Bible and setting the table so God can bring the feast.

Nov 15

40 min 55 sec

Do you have questions about how to equip elders for your church? If so, then tune in for our conversation with Bob Thune. Bob is the pastor Coram Deo Church in Omaha, Nebraska, the author of a practical book called Gospel Eldership and he is an experienced practitioner in equipping elders. He will help shape your perspective about the character and responsibilities of elders as well as provide practical help for how to equip them to lead with faith and integrity in your local church.

Oct 30

34 min 41 sec

Myron Pierce, pastor of Mission Church in Omaha, Nebraska, joins Terry and Alan for a heart-searching conversation about racial justice and gospel multiplication in the city. Myron challenges us to be open to learning from people who are grieving from injustice and who may have different convictions from us. We also gain insight into how suburban churches can move from doing ministry FOR urban churches to doing ministry WITH urban churches.

Oct 15

41 min 42 sec

Jeff Vanderstelt, author of "Gospel Fluency" joins Terry and Alan to discuss how the gospel is not just about taking care of our sins in the past and giving us entrance into heaven in the future. It is for all of life and essential to making disciples. Tune in for a rich, practical and motivating conversation.

Sep 30

48 min 38 sec

Being fruitful with Jesus in making and multiplying disciples requires a shift from being a hero to being a hero maker. Tune in as we kick off season 6 with a motivating conversation with Dave Ferguson, president of Exponential, about what it means to be kingdom-focused and five practices to pursue to multiply disciples and leaders.

Sep 15

40 min

We've all been saddened and disappointed by the numerous Christian leaders who have fallen into sin and out of ministry. In this episode, long time and recently retired Alliance pastor, Rock Dillaman, joins Terry and Alan to discuss what it takes to faithfully stay the course for a lifetime of ministry.

Aug 15

44 min 27 sec

Tim Meier, Alliance VP for Development, joins the podcast to share how God has shaped him for his current leadership role and how the Alliance funding changes have strengthened our partnership to pursue our shared mission of all of Jesus for all of the world.

Jul 15

33 min 4 sec

Rob Bashioum, Executive Director of the Reach Training Institute (RTI) in Salem, Oregon, joins Terry and Alan for a challenging conversation about RTI’s passionate purpose of preparing workers for the harvest who are ready to serve and not encumbered by debt. Listen in and you’ll get your fires stoked for developing leaders who are ready and willing to engage in reaching the lost.

Jun 30

35 min

Former Alliance pastor and long-time Assembly of God pastor Dan Betzer joins Terry and Alan for a conversation about his book, “Why Some Churches Are Blessed”.  Stories of faith and missions and generosity abound in this episode and you’ll be thankful for the simple wisdom of this faithful pastor. 

Jun 15

38 min 1 sec

Kevin Harney, pastor and author of the “Organic Outreach” series of books, joins Terry and Alan for a powerful conversation calling pastors and churches to make evangelism the top value in their church.  Kevin challenges us to not wait until we have strengthened worship and Christian growth ministries to focus on evangelism but to make it first priority and discover that it will fuel the worship and disciple-making in your church.  Kevin offers an inspirational and doable 4 step plan for helping all the people in your church to embrace evangelism out of a love for lost people.

May 29

37 min 23 sec

Rich Villodas, pastor of New Life Fellowship in Queens, New York City, returns to the podcast for a conversation about resisting the cultural pull toward a shallow life and listening to the voice of Jesus leading us to be deeply formed.  Along the way, Rich, Terry and Alan discuss practices of spiritual formation that are often overlooked but are deeply rewarding for our journey with Christ and that make us a blessing to the world in which we live.

May 15

40 min 31 sec

In part 2 of our interview with Craig Smith, Alliance evangelist and President of Tribal Rescue Ministries, Craig challenges not to limit our focus to our Jerusalem and the ends of the earth but to be intentional about our Judea and Samaria.  He reminds us that God has placed all people in the places and times that will prepare them to seek God and that Native Americans have an important part to play in God’s redemptive plans.

Apr 30

33 min 24 sec

Craig Smith, Alliance Evangelist and President of Tribal Rescue Ministries, joins the podcast to share the unique challenges of the “invisible people” of America.  At this point in time, only 5% of Native Americans follow Jesus and Native Americans are facing extreme challenges in health and unemployment and Craig seeks to open our eyes to the harvest before us.

Apr 30

34 min 17 sec

There have been some pretty big changes in the ministry of Alliance Women recently. In this episode of the EquippingU Podcast, Jen Vogel, national director for Alliance Women, talks about these changes and shares her insights and passion for women’s ministry in the local church.  Jen points out the unique giftings and perspectives that women bring to the leadership table in the local church, as well as how effective women’s ministry meets the specific needs of women.

Apr 15

39 min 33 sec

Alliance President John Stumbo joins Terry and Alan for an honest and hopeful conversation about the Church through his new book “A Stained Beauty”.  In the book, John offers fresh views of Jesus’ merciful and faithful work through His beautiful, yet often stained church.  If you’re like Terry and Alan, you’ll find encouragement and relief from the burden of having to have the “perfect New Testament church” and your perspective of the NT writings to the churches will be enriched.

Mar 30

44 min 3 sec

Terry and Alan sit down with Bob Russell, retired pastor from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky and author of the book, “After 50 Years of Ministry: Seven Things I’d Do differently and Seven things I’d Do the Same”.  Bob offers straightforward, practical and sometimes funny advice about maintaining integrity in ministry, maintaining a healthy marriage, how humility and confidence work together and how pastors need to learn to work from their strengths.

Mar 15

46 min 36 sec

Bill Allison is serious about answering the question, “What does a first century Jesus-like disciple making way of life look like in a 21st century western world?”  In this conversation, Bill, Terry and Alan explore how the complexity of modern ministry may help us add attenders while at the same time keep us from multiplying disciples.  Bill challenges us to consider that our desire to be efficient in ministry might be making us less effective in making disciples.

Feb 28

44 min 53 sec

 If you need some fresh thinking about ministry and church leadership right now, this episode is for you.  Terry and Alan have an honest and insightful conversation with Carey Nieuwhof, church and personal leadership speaker, author, blogger and podcaster.  The conversation covers the challenges pastors are facing right now, why engagement is more important than attendance, and the ways churches can be equipping centers versus gathering centers.

Feb 15

42 min 39 sec

Tune in as Alan turns the table and interviews Terry and his original partner in Changing Course Consultations, Duane Stine.  Terry and Duane worked together to turn around Immanuel Church (Mechanicsburg, PA) after the church had dropped from over 500 people to just over 100 people.  Terry and Duane share insights on how churches end up on a downward slope and what’s needed to help a church move forward again.

Jan 30

48 min 27 sec

Tune in as Terry and Alan have a practical and encouraging conversation about preaching with Jonathan Schaeffer, Lead Pastor of Grace Church in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Along the way, Jonathan shares some valuable ideas for how preaching can help people step into the deeper life and learn to live in a transforming partnership with Jesus.

Jan 15

36 min 38 sec

Most of us have experienced our world feeling smaller throughout the pandemic.  As a result, it’s easier to underestimate how God can work through us and our church during this time.  Join Terry and Alan for an insightful conversation in the return of our first ever podcast guest, Daniel Im.  Since we last talked with Daniel, he left Nashville, TN to return to ministry at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  They have a vision to reach 1% of the 1.3 million people of Edmonton and the Lord has used the pandemic to strengthen and clarify this vision.  Tune in for this encouraging conversation.

Jan 5

36 min 7 sec

Tune and listen as Leah Broach, Alliance Director for Children’s Disciplemaking Ministries, shares her heart for why giving kids a safe environment where they can get grounded in God’s big story must be a high priority in every church.

Dec 2020

33 min 16 sec

Is it normal for people in your congregation to share the good news of Jesus with others?  If not, then you have company.  Rick Richardson, professor of Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College and founder of the Church Evangelism Institute, says that only 10% of churches in America are growing through conversions to Christ.  If you want sharing the gospel to be normal for your congregation, then tune in for this passionate and practical conversation with Rick Richardson.  You may be surprised and encouraged to find out what Rick says is the #1 key to a church becoming what he calls a “conversion community”. For more information, check out Rick's book, You Found Me: New Research on How Unchurched Nones, Millennials, and Irreligious Are Surprisingly Open to Christian Faith.

Dec 2020

39 min 28 sec

Barnabas Piper, son of well-known pastor John Piper, joins Terry and Alan for an honest and insightful conversation about pastor’s kids. This episode includes helpful ideas for grown pastor’s kids and for those who are parenting while in ministry today. We guarantee you will be both challenged and encouraged by this episode.

Nov 2020

45 min 16 sec

Ken shows us that the reason many churches end up in decline is because they have lost the will and the skill to do evangelism and then explains how engaging in outreach again leads to revitalization. Some of the resources discussed in this episode are, “The Nehemiah Code” by O.S. Hawkins as well as, “Changing Course: Leading Older Churches in a New Direction” by Terry Smith – available at www.churchsmart.com.

Oct 2020

40 min 35 sec

This episode, Terry and Alan are joined by author and speaker Kadi Cole. In this conversation Kadi shares how you can empower the women in your church to use their God given gifts, no matter where you align theologically. Get out a notepad, cause this is one you will want to take notes on!

Oct 2020

47 min 23 sec

In today's world, everything is working to take Sabbath away. Join Terry and Alan as they unpack why God's rest is more powerful than human work. Also, you won't want to miss Alan's alter call at the end where he promises to give up his unhealthy loyalties to the Red Sox and Patriots. 

Sep 2020

41 min 9 sec

If you’re feeling the burden of our polarized culture and tired of people attacking people instead of attacking problems, then tune in for this encouraging and equipping conversation with Scott Sauls, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville.  Scott shows us how the gospel equips us to be salt and light in our world and how the church can lead the way with grace and truth and gentleness. Learn more about the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work – www.nifw.org

Sep 2020

41 min 52 sec

Reggie is the Assistant to the Superintendent in the Alliance South and he joins Terry and Allan for an honest and optimistic conversation about race in The Alliance and beyond.  Reggie shares difficult stories, reflects on his relationship with John Perkins and provides steps all of us can take to contribute to change.

Sep 2020

45 min 9 sec

Terry and Alan invite David Jones onto the show today! David is a former International Worker and Director of Global Link. While he has since moved on from those roles he is still a committed member of the Alliance family! How committed? Well, he wrote A.B.: The Unlikely Founder of a Global Movement, a biography about Alliance founder A.B. Simpson! You can pick up a copy of A.B. here.

Aug 2020

34 min 48 sec

Terry and Alan welcome Steve Grusendorf, Director for Ministry Studies at The Alliance. Steve talks about the importance of our own character formation and how the way we develop ourselves has a significant impact on how we develop others. 

Aug 2020

33 min 26 sec

Chris Hruska is the Lead Pastor of Citylight Omaha and he brought great perspective on discipleship and multiplication with Terry and Alan this episode. Which DNA comes first in the life of a believer: the Gospel or living on mission? How do you point people to Jesus on any Sunday from any scriptural text? Chris has some thoughts! 

Jun 2020

34 min 1 sec

Have you wondered how much of an impact multiplication can have on churches and communities? It's a lot! Warren Bird joins Terry Smith and Alan Rathbun for an exciting conversation about the transformative power of multiplying cultures.

May 2020

32 min 40 sec

Terry and Alan are joined by Brian McMillan of Centerpointe Church in Long Island, NY to discuss how, when done correctly, multi-campus can reach people for Christ. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this conversation brings even greater perspective for the future of church.

May 2020

31 min 33 sec

Terry and Alan welcome Karl Vaters, the “small church expert.” Globally 90% of churches are under 200 people. Karl speaks from his struggles and experience to discover you can be small and still be and effective church, so let’s figure out how to do small church well. Looking forward he suggests that we are no longer concerned primarily about getting more people in the building, we are concerned primarily about taking our ministry to others. SHOW NOTES: Karl's Website Small Church Essentials by Karl Vaters 100 Days to a Healthier Church by Karl Vaters

Apr 2020

40 min 17 sec

Terry and Alan are joined by Rich Villodas from the epicenter of the COVID-19 impact. Rich reminds us to show ourselves grace, stay connected in community and to lead from a posture of health. Listen in for some valuable insights and thoughts on the church post Covid-19. SHOW NOTES: The Deeply Formed Life: Five Transformative Values for a Would Living on the Surface by Rich Villodas Emotional Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Apr 2020

34 min 53 sec

"You need a job that's the hardest and best job you've ever had." – Dillon Smith Dillon Smith is a Content Creator for Carey Nieuwhof, and today he joins Terry and Alan for a practical and insightful discussion of how he has sought after his relationship with Carey Nieuwhof, how Carey has invested in him, and how he has grown as a young leader. This is a conversation to listen to and send to a young leader you know, or if you're a young leader to send to a mentor! 

Mar 2020

25 min 26 sec

On Episode 5 Terry and Alan are joined by Ron Edmonson. This episode about church revitalization is full of tips and advice that anyone leading a church revitalization needs to know. Grab a pen and get ready for a great episodes! To learn more from Ron check out his website and blog. You can also read his book, The Mythical Leader.

Mar 2020

35 min 9 sec

On Episode 4 Terry and Alan are joined by VP for Alliance Missions, Tim Crouch. Tim and the guys talk about the 3 key Alliance objectives for communicating Jesus to the world which are multiplying church networks, developing people, and serving communities. Check it out! If you are interested in attending a Seek conference, learn more here.

Feb 2020

32 min 40 sec

Terry and Alan are joined by Dannah Gresh for a fascinating and challenging conversation about helping young people develop a theology of sex. Every parent, youth worker, and children's worker definitely needs a notebook and pen for this one! Check out some of Dannah's Pure Freedom resources or grab a copy of her book 6 Steps to Overcoming Negative Emotions. You won't regret it!  

Feb 2020

37 min 8 sec

Terry and Alan are joined by Matthew Sleeth for a very helpful, important conversation about depression and suicide, especially for those in ministry.  If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, there is hope and help for you. Immediate help can be reached at the suicide hotline by calling 1-800-273-TALK. Keep an eye out for Matthew's upcoming book that takes a deeper dive into this episode's content!

Jan 2020

31 min 6 sec

Welcome to season 3 of EquippingU Podcast! Terry and Alan are joined by Ed Stetzer, an expert on church planting, executive director for the Billy Graham Center, and more! Join their discussion on evangelism, leadership, and the mission of Jesus. Check out Ed's website to learn more about him and to gather great resources for your ministry: www.edstetzer.com We'll see you for episode 2 on January 30th, 2020!

Jan 2020

37 min 54 sec

Dan Boal, Director for Alliance Youth, joins Terry and Alan to talk about his thoughts on how Gen Z is a lonely generation, yet one rich with ministry inventors that need a meaningful role in your church. Resources: Learn more about Dan and Alliance Youth.

Oct 2019

35 min 34 sec

Terry and Alan are joined by Jen Schepens, Director for Envision, discussing her experience as a female leader as well as what Envision is doing to identify and develop missional leaders in Gen Z. Resources: Learn more about Jen and Envision.

Oct 2019

30 min 19 sec

This episode features John Stumbo, president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, and Tim Meier, vice president for Development, discussing what distinguishes our movement from other evangelical groups.

Aug 2019

38 min 36 sec

Amy Roedding serves as the Director for the Candidate Recruitment and Development Office. She will speak to our need for new workers both in the United States and internationally and share how pastors and leaders in local churches can play a vital role in recruitment. Resources www.crown.edu  www.tfc.edu  www.nyack.edu  www.simpsonu.edu  www.cmallianceu.org  MSP – https://www.cmalliance.org/ministries/ministerial-study-program.jsp www.called2serve.org 

May 2019

32 min 44 sec

AJ Gutierrez serves as the Director for Digital Media for the U.S. Alliance National Office. He brings great expertise and provides helpful advice for churches in their use of websites and social media—something every church needs to utilize. Resources The Alliance on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter Social Media Tools: www.hootsuite.com https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ Design Tools: https://www.canva.com/ https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html www.cmalliance.org www.equippingu.org  

May 2019

33 min 41 sec

Darrell and Cheryl share their experience as Alliance international workers in some of the darkest and most dangerous places in the world. They also talk about how Alliance churches can lean in and provide great support to our international workers. Resources https://www.cmalliance.org/serve/international-work/ https://www.cmalliance.org/ministries/missions www.cmalliance.org www.equippingu.org  

May 2019

32 min 44 sec

Chris Moles is an Alliance pastor and a biblical counselor who has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with and ministering to those who have dealt with domestic abuse. Chris provides helpful first steps for prevention and intervention to churches that are not adequately aware of or prepared to deal with this issue. Resources www.chrismoles.org www.cmalliance.org www.equippingu.org  

May 2019

32 min 34 sec

Rock Dillaman has led Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for 35 years. He talks about urban ministry and how a church should be both deep in the things of the Spirit and broad in its evangelistic impact. Resources www.acac.net  www.cmalliance.org www.equippingu.org  

May 2019

26 min 32 sec