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Erin Burnett OutFront


Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.

  1. 1.
    White House officials privately admit Trump handled questions on taking foreign dirt poorly; "Tough" last few days; Trump thanks McConnell for defending him on foreign dirt remarks; McConnell: Democrats "Just can't let go ... case closed"06/15/2019
  2. 2.
    Trump doubles down on taking political dirt: I talk to foreign governments everyday, "Should I immediately call the FBI?"; Government Watchdog: Kellyanne Conway should be removed from office; Sarah Sanders stepping down as White House Press Secretary06/14/2019
  3. 3.
    Trump to ABC: "I think I'd take" info about 2020 opponent from foreign powers; says "It's not an interference";06/13/2019
  4. 4.
    Trump, Biden trade blows; About to speak at dueling events, Donald Trump Jr. to testify before Senate tomorrow, Trump says he wouldn't allow CIA to use Kim's family as assets06/12/2019
  5. 5.
    Trump escalates feud with Pelosi, calling her "A disgrace", U.S., Mexico enter 11th hour of talks to avoid Trump's tariffs, Sources: Aides made forceful case to Biden to change stance on abortion funding06/11/2019
  6. 6.
    Trump erupts over reported comments by Pelosi saying she'd rather see him in prison than impeached, calls her "A Disgrace"; U.S., Mexico enter 11th hour of talks to avoid Trump's tariffs; Sources: Aides made forceful case to Biden to change stance on abor06/08/2019
  7. 7.
    Nadler makes private push for impeachment, splits with Pelosi; Biden faces Democratic blowback over position on abortion amendment; White House says tariffs for Mexico still on despite meetings06/07/2019
  8. 8.
    No deal yet as officials meet amid Trump tariff threat; New report: Trump's Mexico tariffs could cost U.S. 400k jobs; Trump on whether he regrets not serving in Vietnam War: "I was never a fan of that war... it was very far away"; Trump on climate change:06/06/2019
  1. 9.
    Hope Hicks' Attorney to Congress: White House has advised us not to release documents, citing confidentiality and executive privilege; London Mayor: Trump attacks what I'd expect from "11-Year-Old"; GOP Senator on Trump's Mexico Tariffs: It's A "Mistake"06/05/2019
  2. 10.
    Kushner dodges question after question in rare interview; GOP Sen. Gardner: Mexico tariffs "a bad idea, plain and simple," I share concerns with WH "every chance I get"; House to vote on holding Atty General Barr in contempt06/04/2019
  3. 11.
    Eleven dead in mass shooting in Virginia Beach06/01/2019
  4. 12.
    Barr criticizes Mueller: "I personally felt he could've reached a decision" on whether Trump obstructed justice; Trump repeatedly lies as he unleashes tirade on Mueller; Trump on impeachment: "It's a dirty, filthy, disgusting word"05/31/2019
  5. 13.
    Mueller breaks silence, declines to clear Trump of obstruction; Mueller rejects calls to testify as Dem strategist says "Mueller should be subpoenaed the day he leaves the DOJ"; Dem Congressman: members are "growing more restless" as Pelosi holds off on i05/30/2019
  6. 14.
    Democrats make new push for Trump's financial documents, may want him to testify; Seek info on payments from foreign governments, Poll: Majority of Americans don't believe Trump on tariffs, Trump doubles down on Biden attack amid bipartisan outrage05/29/2019
  7. 15.
    Trump contradicts own National Security Advisor on North Korea missile tests, says he's not "personally bothered"; Trump echoes Kim Jong Un, calls Biden "low IQ"; Dem Rep. Tlaib predicts majority of House Dems "moving towards" impeachment despite oppositi05/28/2019
  8. 16.
    Trump makes wild accusations of an "attempted coup" as he gives attorney general sweeping new power; Trump claims he's unaware of doctored Pelosi videos that have gone viral despite tweeting about one; Trump bypasses Congress to sell arms to Saudi Arabia05/25/2019
  9. 17.
    Trump-Pelosi feud escalates, gets personal; Trump: Pelosi is "crazy"; Pelosi: Trump needs "an intervention"; Pelosi slams Trump, says he "wasn't up to the task" on infrastructure; previously questioned Trump's "manhood"; Pelosi: probes "may take us to a p05/24/2019
  10. 18.
    Trump blows up meeting after Pelosi accuses him of "cover-up", refuses to work with Dems until "phony" probes dropped; Trump says he ended Dem meeting because of Pelosi's "cover-up" remark; Judge rejects Trump's attempt to block subpoenas, rules Trump's l05/23/2019
  11. 19.
    Democrats' calls for impeachment proceedings grow, Report: Draft IRS memo contradicts Treasury Secretary's reasons for denying Trump tax returns to Congress, HUD Secretary Ben Carson has multiple heated exchanges with female Democrats05/22/2019
  12. 20.
    Judge orders firm to hand over Trump financial records in major blow to Trump; WH directs former WH counsel McGahn not to testify before House Judiciary Committee, claims McGahn has immunity; GOP Rep. Amash doubles down on call for Trump impeachment: Muel05/21/2019
  13. 21.
    Mnuchin defies subpoena for Trump's tax returns: "lacks a legitimate legislative purpose"; likely headed to court; Barr: "laughable" to say I lied to Congress; contempt charge part of "political circus...I don't feel threatened"; Trump questions why he wa05/18/2019
  14. 22.
    Trump releases financial disclosure showing he made at least $434 million but still won't release tax returns; De Blasio becomes 23rd candidate to enter Democratic race for 2020, then heckled with "liar" chants by NYC protesters; Trump: new immigration pl05/17/2019
  15. 23.
    Trump administration warning Americans about "imminent" Iran threat as British official says there's no increased threat from Iran; Alabama Governor signs most restrictive abortion bill in U.S.; WH rejects Dem request for docs: No "do-over" on Mueller pro05/16/2019
  16. 24.
    Barr opens probe of Russia investigators that Trump wanted, Source close to White House: Trade war "Could spiral out of control", Montana Governor betting on red state appeal to beat Trump05/15/2019
  17. 25.
    Sources: Trump Jr. refusing to answer more questions from GOP-led Committee about Trump tower meeting, Moscow project; Dow plunges, has worst day in 4 months after Trump's escalating trade war with China sparks retaliation; Trump embraces Hungary's far-ri05/14/2019
  18. 26.
    WH asked McGahn to say Trump never obstructed justice; NYT: McGahn was asked at least twice and declined; Giuliani denies he's traveling to Ukraine to meddle in 2020 election: Instead, "we're meddling in an investigation"; U.S. deploying more patriot miss05/11/2019
  19. 27.
    Trump gets defensive over Trump Jr. subpoena: "My son was totally exonerated by Mueller" and is a "Good person"; Pelosi: President Trump "Is almost self-impeaching"; Poll: Biden, Sanders and Buttigieg lead in NH despite record number of women running for 05/10/2019
  20. 28.
    House Judiciary Chair: "We are now in a constitutional crisis"; CNN: Trump Jr. subpoenaed by GOP-led Senate Intel Committee; Top Dem: "We are on the road" toward impeaching Trump05/09/2019
  21. 29.
    Trump, White House repeatedly block efforts to check Trump's power, New York Times obtains 10 years worth of Trump's tax info; Shows Trump paid no income taxes 8 of 10 years, Wray breaks with Barr on "Spying": "Not the term I would use"05/08/2019
  22. 30.
    Hundreds of former Federal prosecutors say Trump would've been charged with obstruction were he not President; Mnuchin refuses to turn over Trump's taxes to House Dems, claims there is no "legitimate legislative purpose"; Does a booming economy mean 4 mor05/07/2019
  23. 31.
    Trump calls Mueller probe "Russian hoax" in 1.5 hour call with Putin, but doesn't raise election meddling; Former member of Ken Starr's team says it's time for Congress to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump; Unemployment rate falls to 05/04/2019
  24. 32.
    Pelosi says Barr "lied to congress" and "That's a crime"; comes as attorney general Barr was no-show at judiciary hearing; Trump says he won't let McGahn testify before congress; Focus turns to Mueller testimony after Barr takes jabs at Mueller for handli05/03/2019
  25. 33.
    Barr refuses to appear before House Committee tomorrow; Nadler: "He's trying to blackmail" committee over ground rules; Trump praises Barr's testimony: "He did a great job today"05/02/2019
  26. 34.
    Biden targets Trump: My motto is "Make America moral again", Growing number of Republicans troubled by Trump's Fed pick, Washington Post: Mueller took issue with Barr's depiction of findings05/01/2019
  27. 35.
    Biden targets Trump: Voters should choose "truth over lies"; Official: terror plot suspect targeted "Jews, churches, and police officers", wanted to cause "mass casualties"; Buttigieg meets with Sharpton as he tries to court black voters04/30/2019
  28. 36.
    Trump defends Charlottesville comments after Biden attacks; Biden tops Democrats, raises $6.3 million in first 24 hours of campaign; Washington Post: Rosenstein told Trump he gives Mueller investigation "credibility" and "I can land the plane" in bid to s04/27/2019
  29. 37.
    Biden holding first fundraiser hours after 2020 announcement; Trump denies ordering McGahn to fire Mueller; Dems step up pressure on Stephen Miller, seek documents from DHS04/26/2019
  30. 38.
    Trump: "We're fighting all the subpoenas" from Dems after he said he was "by far" the most transparent president; Hillary Clint OP-ED: Mueller documented a "serious crime" against all Americans, warns Russia will interfere again; Kudlow: WH still supports04/25/2019
  31. 39.
    Treasury Secretary stalls on demand for Trump's taxes again, Kushner: Mueller probe more harmful to U.S. than Russian meddling, Trump meets with Twitter CEO hours after slamming Twitter04/24/2019
  32. 40.
    Trump threatens retaliation over Mueller report, says it's "time to turn the tables" & claims parts are "total bulls**t"; Senator Warren calls for impeachment proceedings; more House Democrats sign on to impeachment resolution04/20/2019
  33. 41.
    Mueller: Trump told Sessions, "This is the end of my presidency. I'm F***d after learning of Mueller appointment; Mueller redacted info on 12 of 14 investigations he referred to other United States attorney's offices; Barr defends Trump's actions during04/19/2019
  34. 42.
    Nadler slams Barr for 9:30AM news conference tomorrow, hours before DOJ is providing Mueller Report to Congress; NYT: Trump aides filled with paranoia ahead of Mueller Report; Trump says it's "hard to believe" Obama was unaware of alleged spying on campai04/18/2019
  35. 43.
    Sources: Aides fret Mueller report will unleash Trump's temper, House Democrats want info on Trump's pardon offer to official, Paris prosecutors investigating timeline of Notre Dame fire04/17/2019
  36. 44.
    Investigation launched as fire guts Notre Dame Cathedral; Iconic spire lost, 400 firefighters race on to save what's left; Congressional investigators subpoena Deutsche Bank for info on Trump, comes as WH braces for Mueller Report release; Sanders tax ret04/16/2019
  37. 45.
    Officials: Trump told border protection chief he'd be pardoned if he were to break immigration law; New Mueller report details: Rosenstein says it will clear up questions about Russian interference in election; Buttigieg says he has more experience in gov04/13/2019
  38. 46.
    Trump praises Barr for echoing him on "Spying" claims, calls it "Unprecedented spying"; neither has provided evidence; Comey rejects Barr claim of "Spying" on Trump campaign; Pelosi blast Trump's fed picks, call Stephen Moore and Herman Cain "Ill-suited,"04/12/2019
  39. 47.
    Conspiracy Theory: AG William Barr believes Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, but where's the evidence?04/11/2019
  40. 48.
    Attorney General won't say whether White House has seen Mueller report, Nadler warns he will subpoena full, unredacted Mueller report, Mnuchin: Whiite House consulted Treasury on Trump's tax returns04/10/2019
  41. 49.
    Sources: Trump wanted to expand family separations policy to include those who enter legally, Nielsen told him not possible; Dem to tell Barr handling of Mueller Report is "unacceptable"; WH says public and Congress have no right to see Trump's tax return04/09/2019
  42. 50.
    Admin Official: Trump ready to take tax return fight to Supreme Court; Team "would be willing to die" on this hill; Trump to migrants: "Our country is full. Can't take you anymore"; Biden on complaints about behavior: "I'm sorry I didn't understand more. 04/06/2019
  43. 51.
    Nadler demands all DOJ communications with Mueller on report after Mueller's team reportedly says Barr left out alarming evidence; Trump picks Herman Cain for Fed Board; House Oversight Chair meets with secret service after Mar-a-Lago security breach, vow04/05/2019
  44. 52.
    First on CNN: Top Dem demands IRS release six years of Trump's personal & business tax returns within seven days; Official: FBI investigating Mar-a-lago breach for possible espionage; Prosecutor: Chinese woman "extreme flight risk"; Biden: I will be "more04/04/2019
  45. 53.
    Chinese woman arrested for illegally entering Mar-a-Lago during Trump's visit, Democrats serve four subpoenas to Trump administration officials, Trump doubles down on border threat even if it hurts economy04/03/2019
  46. 54.
    Trump Admin. Official: Border closure would be "catastrophic"; Whistleblower: White House approved security clearances for 25 people despite "serious disqualifying issues"; Source: Allegations won't dissuade Biden from running as second woman alleges him 04/02/2019
  47. 55.
    Atty Gen: Redacted Mueller report will be made public by mid-April or sooner; Judiciary Chair demands no redactions; Barr says his letter on Mueller report was not meant to be "an exhaustive recounting" of the nearly 400-page report; Ocasio-Cortez respond03/30/2019
  48. 56.
    GOP Congressman on pivot from Mueller to health care: Trump spiked the football and the "Damn ball ... hit us in the nose; Pelosi calls Barr's summary of Mueller report "Arrogant":"We do not need your interpretation, show us the report"; Poll: Pete Buttig03/29/2019
  49. 57.
    House Judiciary Chair just spoke with Attorney General, says Barr won't commit to releasing full Mueller Report; White House official says no "fresh" plan to replace Obamacare as Trump ignores top aides' opposition to killing it; Stacey Abrams on VP talk:03/28/2019
  50. 58.
    Trump wants to kill all of Obamacare; Democrats welcome the fight, DOJ Official: Public should see Mueller report within weeks, Pelosi: Trump's Attorney General believes Trump is "Above the law"03/27/2019
  51. 59.
    WH official: WH has not seen the full Mueller Report as Trump takes victory lap, concluding "total exoneration"; Source: Mueller told Justice Dept. weeks ago he would not reach conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice; Trump accuses his critics of "03/26/2019
  52. 60.
    Mueller completes Russia probe, submits confidential report03/23/2019
  53. 61.
    White House bracing for imminent Mueller report; Democrats evaluating their next steps after white house rejects request for documents tied toTrump communications with Putin; Democrats: Jared Kushner may be responsible for "Major Security breach" Over use03/22/2019
  54. 62.
    Hope Hicks to cooperate with Dem probe into Trump, docs sought from "any personal or work diary" about Trump; Trump goes on vicious 5-min tirade against John McCain: "McCain didn't get the job done for our great vets"; Trump says "we have the best economy03/21/2019
  55. 63.
    Source: Rosenstein staying at Justice Department to be "Heat shield" and absorb punches from any Mueller report fallout, Trump: Last thing we want in the United States is socialism03/20/2019
  56. 64.
    CNN: White House expects to see Mueller findings before Congress, attorneys want opportunity to claim executive privilege on info; Kellyanne Conway forced to say Trump is mentally fit as her husband tweets definition of "narcissistic personality disorder"03/19/2019
  57. 65.
    New video shows police arresting mosque massacre suspect; accused of killing 49 people, injuring 20 more; Major U.S. cities increase security around mosques; Official: FBI sees uptick in domestic terror arrests; Mueller says ex-Trump aide Gates helping wi03/16/2019
  58. 66.
    Federal prosecutors request "back channel" emails between Cohen and Trump's lawyer; Nadler: Emails suggest pardon; Trump warns his police, military and biker supporters could get "tough" on his opponents: "It would be very bad"; Beto O'rourke kicks off ca03/15/2019
  59. 67.
    House Judiciary Chair: Former Acting Attorney General Whitaker didn't deny talking with Trump about Michael Cohen; Trump says Manafort case revealed "no collusion" was "proven today"; Trump announces grounding of all Boeing 737 Max jets03/14/2019
  60. 68.
    Paul Manafort to be sentenced again; faces up to 10 years, Trump slams investigators after 2 banks tied to Trump Organization subpoenaed, Schiff warns Congress may be forced to redo Mueller probe03/13/2019
  61. 69.
    Pelosi: Trump "just not worth" impeachment, but says Trump is ethically and intellectually unfit to be President; White House won't say if Trump said Democrats hate Jews; White House dodges on Trump's claim that Cohen asked him for pardon03/12/2019
  62. 70.
    Communications Chief resigns, Trump said to be "very disappointed in him" for not improving press coverage; Trump claims "fraudster" Cohen "directly" asked him for pardon, Cohen says "just another set of lies" by president; U.S. added only 20,000 jobs las03/09/2019
  63. 71.
    Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison; Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison; Judge called . Mueller recommendation of 19-25 years "Excessive"; Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison; Trump seizes on Cohen's lawyer contradicting03/08/2019
  64. 72.
    Atty: Michael Cohen authored false line in testimony to Congress; Trump & Ivanka attorneys signed off on it; Trade deficit explodes under Trump's "America First" policies; Rep. to Secretary Nielsen: "Either you are lying...or you don't know what's happeni03/07/2019
  65. 73.
    White House, GOP in standoff with Democrats as Trump faces more scrutiny, Trump blames campaign politics for investigations, New York State subpoenas Trump Organization's insurance broker03/06/2019
  66. 74.
    Top Democrat's first interview since launching sweeping Trump probe; House Judiciary Chair Nadler defends sweeping probe into Trump: "This is not a pre-impeachment hearing"; Pompeo, Bolton defend Trump after he sides with Kim Jong Un on tortured American03/05/2019
  67. 75.
    Oversight Chair demands WH docs on security clearances amid reports Trump ordered clearance for Kushner; Manafort lawyers plead for shorter sentence in VA fraud case, claim Mueller is trying to "vilify" him; Trump accuses Dems of targeting his finances fo03/02/2019
  68. 76.
    Michael Cohen to testify again before house intel next week after wrapping up third congressional hearing today; New York Times: Trump ordered officials to give Jared Kushner security clearance despite objections from intel community; Former Trump associa03/01/2019
  69. 77.
    Michael Cohen testifies for 7+ hours, alleges Trump lied about hush money payments, Moscow project and Wikileaks; Trump about to meet with Kim Jong Un after his ex-attorney testifies Trump is a "conman" who repeatedly lied02/28/2019
  70. 78.
    Michael Cohen emerges after 9 hours of closed-door testimony, Cohen set to testify publicly while Trump is in Vietnam; White House officials expect Trump will stay up late to watch02/27/2019
  71. 79.
    Rosenstein questions "whether transparency is a good thing" ahead of Mueller report, Schiff: "Double standard"; Kim Jong Un about to arrive in Vietnam for Trump meeting; GOP Senator says he'll vote against Trump's emergency declaration after Trump warns: 02/26/2019
  72. 80.
    Standing by for major court filing in Paul Manafort case; NYT: Cohen met again with federal prosecutors, gave new info on Trump family business, inaugural donor; Trump's team working to sow divisions among 2020 rivals & looking to "cause chaos from the le02/23/2019
  73. 81.
    Standing by for major court filing in Paul Manafort case; NYT: Cohen met again with federal prosecutors, gave new info on Trump family business, inaugural donor; Trump's team working to sow divisions among 2020 rivals & looking to "cause chaos from the le02/23/2019
  74. 82.
    Michael Cohen makes surprise visit to capitol hill ahead of testifying before three committees; Judge imposes full gag order on Roger Stone after he posts photo of judge crosshairs on instagram; Jussie Smollett rejects evidence laid out by prosecutors aft02/22/2019
  75. 83.
    CNN: Mueller Report may be delivered as early as next week, unclear what new Attorney General will submit to Congress & release to public; SDNY investigations into Trump Inaugural CMTE and ex-attorney could pose more of a threat to President than Mueller;02/21/2019
  76. 84.
    New York Times: Trump asked whether U.S. Attorney who supported him could take over Michael Cohen investigation, Bernie Sanders enters 2020 race; Trump says "Every candidate is embracing his brand of socialism", House probes Trump's plans to give Saudis n02/20/2019
  77. 85.
    Trump accuses McCabe and Rosenstein of being behind "treasonous" plot that was part of "illegal coup attempt"; Roger Stone apologizes to federal judge after posting image of her with crosshairs near her head; Several states to sue Trump over emergency dec02/19/2019
  78. 86.
    Mueller team interviewed White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders; Source: whose House din't immediately agree to granting the interview; Trump lands in Florida for weekend trip to Mar-A-lago hours after declaring national emergency at border to get wall02/16/2019
  79. 87.
    Trump to declare national emergency to fund his border wall; McCabe: Justice officials discussed recruiting cabinet members to remove President Trump from office; Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed by key black caucus member; Comes as Harris takes on questions a02/15/2019
  80. 88.
    Judge: Manafort "intentionally" lied to FBI, Mueller, Grand Jury concerning his interactions with Russian associate; Bernie Sanders proposes raising taxes on people making more than $250,000; joins other Democrats with plans to raise taxes on the rich; Re02/14/2019
  81. 89.
    Trump says he is "Not happy" with the border deal but White House official says Trump is likely to sign it, Trump accused of hypocrisy after calling on Rep. Omar to resign, Warren makes unannounced appearance at Native American event02/13/2019
  82. 90.
    Trump about to make his case for wall as time runs out for Congress to avoid another shutdown; Trump and O'Rourke hold dueling rallies; Trump claims "no president ever worked harder than me" as leaked schedules show he devotes 60% to "executive time"02/12/2019
  83. 91.
    Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker refuses to say Mueller probe - The probe he oversees - isn't a "witch hunt"; Trump refuses to meet Congress' deadline on Khashoggi killing; Federal prosecutors investigating whether National Enquirer violated deal aft02/09/2019
  84. 92.
    Trump furious intel panel hiring ex-white house aides to scrutinize admin: "A continuation of the witch hunt": Special counsel says Manafort meeting with associate who has ties to Russian intel at "Heart" of investigation: Amazon's Jeff Bezos accuses nati02/08/2019
  85. 93.
    Trump lashes out after House Intelligence Committee launches sweeping investigation into his finances; Elizabeth Warren says "I am not a member of a tribe" after newly-revealed document shows she listed herself as "American Indian"; Apologizes, "I can't g02/07/2019
  86. 94.
    New York Times: Trump has been complaining about State of the Union text, saying it's too gentle on Democrats, Federal prosecutors seek interviews with Trump organization executives02/06/2019
  87. 95.
    Northam worried he'll be branded "racist for life" as ex-classmate reveals new details about how yearbook photos were chosen; Source: Trump Inauguration Committee faces subpoena from Federal prosecutors in NY, Committee to comply; Trump's schedules leaked02/05/2019
  88. 96.
    Virginia Governor apologizes for appearing in yearbook photo showing two people in blackface, KKK robe, Cory Booker enters 2020 race, Trump says he has "no chance", Judge weighs gag order, warns Roger Stone not to publicize case02/02/2019
  89. 97.
    Trump claims his intelligence chiefs were misquoted even though they publicly testified on camera, CNN exclusive: Senate investigators were told Trump Jr.'s mysterious calls before 2016 Trump tower meeting weren't with his father, Prosecutors seized evide02/01/2019
  90. 98.
    Special counsel has identified uncharged individuals who are interfering with U.S. government, Trump slams his own intelligence chiefs after they contradict him, Sarah Sanders: God "Wanted Donald Trump to become President"01/31/2019
  91. 99.
    U.S. intelligence chiefs unravel Trump's claims on the defeat of ISIS, Russia interference, and North Korea and nukes; Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Mueller probe; warns Trump "they are coming for him"; New CNN interview: Howard Sch01/30/2019
  92. 100.
    Acting Attorney General publicly reveals he's been "Fully briefed" on the Mueller probe and it is "close to being completed"; Top Trump aides refuse to rule out another government shutdown; Sen. Harris face first major test with Iowa tonight;01/29/2019
  93. 101.
    Trump caves on wall money, agrees to reopen government, Mueller indicts longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone, says he sought stolen emails in coordination with Trump camp officials, Indictment: Roger Stone coordinated with Trump campaign officials; Stone01/26/2019
  94. 102.
    Trump pushes "Down payment" for wall; Pelosi: Not reasonable, Trump Administration downplays federal workers struggling amid shutdown, Cohen's lawyer says he'll comply with Senate Intelligence subpoena to testify before he goes to prison01/25/2019
  95. 103.
    Source: Trump weighing executive action on border wall, Cohen postpones testimony citing "Threats" from Trump, Source inside Trump meeting: Trump gave no clear idea of how administration will proceed after dueling bills fail tomorrow01/24/2019
  96. 104.
    Ex-Trump aide: Mueller wants to know about Trump's campaign ties to NRA; Fact: NRA spent more than $30 million to back Trump; Giuliani tells CNN Trump is "not pressed" with him despite series of comments where he contradicts himself and the president; Whi01/23/2019
  97. 105.
    New York Times: Classified documents shows Russian Oligarch with ties to Putin may benefit Trump administration plan to lift sanctions; Sen. Kamala Harris announces run for president, faces questions over her record as prosecutor; White House: Senate on t01/22/2019
  98. 106.
    Democrats vow to investigate Buzzfeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow Tower project, Trump slams Cohen's father-in-law after Buzzfeed reports Trump had Cohen lie to Congress about project in Russia, New York Times:01/19/2019
  99. 107.
    Trump retaliates against Pelosi by canceling her secret Afghanistan trip and saying she could fly "commercial"; Trump gets political at military event: Talks caravan, wall, Pelosi; Cohen says Trump directed him to pay for poll rigging01/18/2019
  100. 108.
    Pelosi to Trump: No State of the Union speech during shutdown, New York Times: Trump called reporter, argued Putin didn't interfere in election, 4 Americans killed in Syria attack; ISIS claims responsibility01/17/2019
  101. 109.
    Mueller filing: special counsel has "documentary evidence" Manafort lied about his contacts with Trump administration into 2018; Trump's attorney general pick vows to let Mueller finish probe and not interfere, but won't commit to releasing report to publ01/16/2019
  102. 110.
    Trump's Attorney General pick shared his controversial memo on Mueller with Trump lawyers as Trump is forced to say "I never worked for Russia"; Growing questions about what Trump discussed with Putin in 2017 as White House plotted response on Trump tower01/15/2019
  103. 111.
    Shutdown about to become longest in U.S. history; government fails to pay 800,000 federal workers today; Rep. Steve King defends white supremacy comments; Graham urges Trump to declare emergency to build wall01/12/2019
  104. 112.
    Mueller clears Cohen to testify publicly before congress; Trump administration looking at diverting disaster funds meant for Puerto Rico and Texas to fund border wall; Trump: I never said Mexico would directly pay for wall (he did);01/11/2019
  105. 113.
    Trump walks out of shutdown talks: "I said Bye-Bye", Durbin: Trump complained about shutdown talks and said "I don't know why I'm doing this. I didn't want to do this meeting, Reuters: Giuliani says Trump done answering Mueller questions01/10/2019
  106. 114.
    Soon: Trump's prime-time speech selling border wall as administration repeatedly misleads on statistics and "crisis" to prop up argument; Soon: Trump to deliver prime time Oval Office address; GOP senator: open up government while border fight plays out; 01/09/2019
  107. 115.
    Source: White House counsel concerned Trump's use of national emergency for wall will be challenged in courts; admin has looked at it before; Sources: Allies telling trump border arguments aren't resonating; aides view "Build the wall" Slogan as no longer01/08/2019
  108. 116.
    Trump threatens using emergency powers to fund a wall; warns government shutdown could last for years; Trump argues you can't impeach someone doing a great joba after congresswoman declares "we're gonna impeach the motherf****r"; Warren visits Iowa amid (01/05/2019
  109. 117.
    Pelosi holds news conference after Trump makes surprise remarks; House about to vote to end shutdown as Trump vows to veto bill and digs over border wall; U.S. national debt reaches new highs under Trump01/04/2019
  110. 118.
    White House official on shutdown: "This is going to go on for a while", Romney doubles down on slamming Trump: I wanted to make it "Very clear where I stand", Huntsman visits retired marine accused of spying by Russia01/03/2019
  111. 119.
    New laws for 2019 take effect today; CNN sources: Trump invites hill leaders to WH to discuss wall; New clues in search for gunman who killed 7-year-old girl01/01/2019
  112. 120.
    New Year celebrations underway around the world; Sen. Warren takes first step toward 2020 campaign; Lion kills intern at North Carolina Zoological Park01/01/2019
  113. 121.
    Trump threatens to close entire southern border if democrats don't fund his wall; House democrats scooping up staff, lawyers for potential Trump probes; House republicans issue new criticism of Clinton email probe.12/29/2018
  114. 122.
    Shutdown set to extend into New Year as Trump digs in and Congress punts on budget and border votes; Giuliani incorrectly states that Department of Justice report found that Mueller's office erased texts; Dow closes up 260 points after roller coaster day 12/28/2018
  115. 123.
    Trump makes surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq, Trump defends Syria pullout plan during surprise Iraq trip, Trump makes surprise trip to Iraq after chaotic Home "Alone" Christmas at the White House12/27/2018
  116. 124.
    Trump doubles down on demands to fund border wall; CNN: Bolton wanted to assure coalition partners that U.S. was "staying in Syria until Iran is out of Syria"; 8-year-old Guatemalan boy falls ill, dies in U.S. custody12/25/2018
  117. 125.
    Worst-ever Christmas Eve for Dow and S&P as Trump rips fed, Trump forces out defense secretary two months early, CNN: Trump lashed out at his acting attorney general over Cohen12/25/2018
  118. 126.
    Trump's wall funding a sticking point in deal to avoid a shutdown as Trump now touting "beautiful" steel slat barrier with spikes, Source: Trump "hates" coverage of Mattis resigning; hates that Mattis depicted as one of the "adults in the room", Trump ven12/22/2018
  119. 127.
    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis quits in protest of Trump's views; Defense official: Mattis resigning over multiple issues; is "vehemently opposed" to Trump's Syria decision; Defense Secretary Mattis quits as government shutdown looms and stocks are on track12/21/2018
  120. 128.
    Trump orders Syria withdrawal against the advice of advisers, Washington Post: Mueller could be moving toward charging Roger Stone, Wall Street Journal: Decades-old testimony shows Trump has an understanding of campaign finance laws12/20/2018
  121. 129.
    Trump admin's theory that FBI "ambushed" Trump's Former National Security Adviser is undermined by Trump's Former National Security Adviser; Trump foundation shutting down amid allegations it functioned as Trump's checkbook; Top Dem reveals priorities for12/19/2018
  122. 130.
    Former FBI Chief James Comey unloads on Trump for "lying" and undermining the "rule of law"; slams republicans for "their silence"; Mueller releases memo on FBI's interview with Flynn days after Flynn's lawyers suggested the FBI tried to trap him; Senate 12/18/2018
  123. 131.
    Mueller mystery unfolds at courthouse while list of Trump entities under investigation grows; Propublica: Trump's inauguration paid Trump's company; Ivanka Trump was involved in negotiations on the price; Trump names Mick Mulvaney as acting chief of staff12/15/2018
  124. 132.
    Source: Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation; Trump tries to deflect and deny on hush money payments; Alleged Russian spy admits to engaging in conspiracy "under direction of" a Russian official to infiltrate GOP political circles12/14/2018
  125. 133.
    President Trump seething after ex-fixer Michael Cohen gets 3-year sentence and regrets his "blind loyalty" to Trump; National Enquirer publisher reaches deal with feds; admits to quashing playboy model's story to prevent it "from influencing the election"12/13/2018
  126. 134.
    Live from the Oval Office: Trump spars with top Democrats on TV; Aide: Pelosi said wall is "a manhood thing" for Trump; Report: Trump calls campaign contacts with Russia "peanut stuff"12/12/2018
  127. 135.
    Source: Trump increasingly anxious about political future; this as democrats prepare to take house and raise possibility of impeachment; Alleged Russian spy Maria Burtina reaches plea deal, admits she "conspired with Russia government official"; Source: T12/11/2018
  128. 136.
    Special Counsel: Cohen provided "relevant and useful information" concerning contacts with "persons connected to The White House", Mueller: Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration, officials.12/08/2018
  129. 137.
    Roger Stone on pleading the fifth: "no attorney in their right mind would allow you to put yourself in that jeopardy"; Source: Some Trump administration official think arrested Chinese executive could be used as leverage in China trade talks; New York Ti12/07/2018
  130. 138.
    Senators introduce measure targeting Saudi Crown Prince, Mueller: Flynn has given "Substantial assistance" in Russia probe, Bush's casket arrives at church in Houston12/06/2018
  131. 139.
    Trump ally Roger Stone pleads the fifth; DOW sinks 799 points over China trade talk confusion; Trump warns China in a tweet: "I am a tariff man"; Senators: CIA chief contradicted Trump on journalist's murder;12/05/2018
  132. 140.
    Trump's new tweets raise questions about witness tampering; Source: CIA chief set to brief lawmakers on Washington Post journalist's murder after Trump administration previously denied a CIA briefing; President George H.W. Bush lies in State; Public payin12/04/2018
  133. 141.
    White House blames Mueller for undermining U.S. - Russia relationship (not the Russians who meddeled in U.S. election); Mueller Team: Manafort may face retrial or be hit with new charges after lying and violating plea deal; Senate Intelligence Chair: "If 12/01/2018
  134. 142.
    Source: Trump "spooked and completely distracted"; Trump tries to discredit Cohen after ex-attorney admits to lying to Congress out go loyalty to Trump; President about to land in Argentina for G20 Summit as Mueller intensifies in U.S.; One idea for Trump11/30/2018
  135. 143.
    Trump: pardoning Paul Manafort is not "Off the table"; likens Mueller investigation to the "McCarthy era"; Exclusive: Trump told Mueller in writing he was not told about 2016 Trump tower meeting with lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton;11/29/2018
  136. 144.
    United States Official: CIA chief will not appear at senate Khashoggi briefing; Guardian reports ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort met Wikileaks' Assange multiple times; Manafort calls it "false"; Trump on whether climate change is man-made: "I don't see 11/28/2018
  137. 145.
    President Trump brags his administration has "Found the magic wand" for United States manufacturing on same day GM announces plant closures, layoffs; Mexico asks United States to investigate use of tear gas; Trump denies it was used on children; Mueller's11/27/2018
  138. 146.
    Roger Stone's associate is in plea talks with Mueller; Ex- CIA, NSA director, Michael Hayden suffers stroke; Climate change could slash the size of the U.S. economy by 1% by 2100 if nothing is done.11/24/2018
  139. 147.
    Trump takes Saudi Crown Prince's word on journalist murder; Trump, Chief Justice spar over Trump's "Obama judge" remark; After close call, top U.S. commander spotted with assault rifle; Trump on China talks: "my gut has always been right"11/22/2018
  140. 148.
    Trump slams Chief Justice after Roberts rebukes the President, Giuliani: Mueller may not be done posing questions to Trump, Trump doubles down on siding with Saudis by citing oil prices11/22/2018
  141. 149.
    CNN, NYT: Trump wanted to prosecute political enemies; President Trump sides with Saudi Arabia despite CIA assessment crown prince ordered Journalist's killing;11/21/2018
  142. 150.
    Trump slams admiral because he didn't capture Bin Laden sooner; former general: "The president is simply wrong"; Washington Post: Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business using personal email account; many in violation of federal rul11/20/2018
  143. 151.
    Trump: "People have to behave" and "practice decorum" at The White House (but does that include the president too?); Trump legal team balks at Mueller's post-2016 election questions; Washington Post: CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashogg11/17/2018
  144. 152.
    Trump met with attorneys over 3 days to respond to Mueller questions; Washington Post: Giuliani says some are "possible traps"; 17 Democrats vow to vote "no" for Pelosi as speaker; Trump tweets the White House is "running very smoothly" a day after White 11/16/2018
  145. 153.
    Top aide will have new role after Melania Trump called for firing, McConnell blocks bipartisan bid to protect Mueller, Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence11/15/2018
  146. 154.
    Melania Trump Calls For National Security Aide To Be Fired; WH Sources Allege Aide Has Been Dishonest And Leaked Stories; Judge Grants Hearing Tomorrow For CNN's Lawsuit Against WH; Legal Challenge Filed Against Trump's Appointment of Acting AG; Nelson Ca11/14/2018
  147. 155.
    Trump alleges forged ballots in Florida, calls for halting recounts without providing proof or wrongdoing; Source: Democrats to investigate hush payments for Trump; Michelle Obama says Melania trump never reached out to her for advice on being first lady;11/13/2018
  148. 156.
    Trump today: "I don't know Matt Whitaker"; Trump on October 11: "I know Matt Whitaker", Wall Street Journal: Feds have evidence of Trump's involvement in hush money payments that may violate campaign finance laws, Trump lashes out at Michelle Obama after 11/10/2018
  149. 157.
    Gunman kills 12 people in California bar massacre; 21 others injured; Sources: Trump considering Labor Secretary Acosta for Attorney General job; Sources: Mueller's team has begun writing its final report11/09/2018
  150. 158.
    Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions; names acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker who has said Mueller probe is going too far; President Trump fires Jeff Sessions; official says John Kelly made the call to Sessions, not Trump; Jeff Sessions fired; a11/08/2018
  151. 159.
    A Divided America Voting To Decide Who Control Congress; House Senate Up For Grabs In Midterms Elections; Georgia Voters Deciding Historic & Heated Governor's Race; Trump Not On Ballot, But Presence Looms Large In Midterms;11/07/2018
  152. 160.
    Trump "hated" economy ad, opted for anti-immigration message; NBC, FOX pulling racially-charged ad that CNN refused to air; Trump laments: You can't call women "Beautiful" anymore; Early voting totals hit 31 million nationwide; already topping the 22 mill11/06/2018
  153. 161.
    Trump, Obama trade blows 4 days before midterms; Michael Cohen claims Trump repeatedly made racist remarks; Newly revealed texts and emails appear to show Roger Stone telling associate not to cooperate with Russia probe.11/03/2018
  154. 162.
    Trump uses White House podium to hype fear tactics repeated at rallies; Trump misleads again and again after saying "I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I tell the truth"; Emails show Steve Bannon and Roger Stone discussing Wikileaks 3 days befor11/02/2018
  155. 163.
    Trump claims 15,000 troops could be sent to border, Sources: Trump blamed ex-counsel McGahn for Mueller probe, Mueller asks FBI to probe apparent scheme to smear him11/01/2018
  156. 164.
    Trump visits Pittsburgh synagogue and shooting victims; met by protesters calling for him to denounce White Supremacists, Steve Bannon interviewed again by Mueller's team10/31/2018
  157. 165.
    Synagogue shooting and mail bomb suspects are in court as white house denies Trump fans flames of hatred; Analyst: Online forum "An absolute cesspool" of extremism; synagogue suspect posted deadly intentions on website; Synagogue shooting and mail bomb s10/30/2018
  158. 166.
    Pipe bomb suspect and synagogue shooting suspect in court; whit house says media, not Trump, fueling division; Officials: Bomb suspect had list of 100 plus potential targets; Trump again calls media "True enemy of the people";10/30/2018
  159. 167.
    Bomb suspect arrested in Florida; FBI: Devices not a "hoax"; Sources: Authorities believe bomb suspect sent package to Tom Steyer; democratic megadonor, had been targeted by Cesar Sayoc on social media; Trump slams the media for using "sinister action of 10/27/2018
  160. 168.
    Manhunt intensifies as officials intercept more possible bombs; Sources: Officials questioning why bombs didn't detonate, believe several went through mail facility near Miami; Trump digs in, believes he's being unfairly tied to bomb scare10/26/2018
  161. 169.
    Manhunt on for suspect who sent bombs to CNN, Clintons, Obamas10/25/2018
  162. 170.
    Trump doubles down on calling himself a "nationalist," admits it's a controversial term: "we're not supposed to use that word"; Democratic candidate for Georgia governor defends role in state flag burning; Trump intensifies attacks on Democrats as new pol10/24/2018
  163. 171.
    Trump repeats unfounded claim that "middle Easterners" are in migrant caravan heading to United States; Bolton says he told Russians their election interference didn't have "any effect" on 2016; USA Today: Trump calls Khashoggi's death "a plot gone awry";10/23/2018
  164. 172.
    Saudi Arabia admits death of Washington Post columnist; Intelligence services deputy dismissed, 18 Saudi nationals detained; Trump doesn't regret praising congressman for assaulting reporter: "Any guy that can do a body-slam, he's my kind of.... guy."10/20/2018
  165. 173.
    Brooke Baldwin: Trump administration bails on Saudi conference amid firestorm; Biden hopes Democrats don't impeach Trump right away; Ex-"Apprentice" star & Trump legal team face off in court10/19/2018
  166. 174.
    Source: Pompeo told Saudi Crown Prince to take action on journalist's disappearance or Trump's hand will be forced, Michael Cohen meets with prosecutors investigating Trump's family business and charity organization, Beto O'Rourke borrows Trump's line10/18/2018
  167. 175.
    Trump on Saudi Arabia's possible role in journalist's disappearance: "Here we go again with... you're guilty until proven innocent"; AP: Trump says ex-attorney Cohen was "lying" when he testified that Trump directed him to break the law; Trump refuses to 10/17/2018
  168. 176.
    Sources: Saudi government preparing to admit Washington Post columnist was killed in botched interrogation; initially denied any involvement; Cherokee Nation: Sen. Warren is "Undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage"; Sour10/16/2018
  169. 177.
    Hurricane Michael death toll now at 17, expected to rise; search and rescue missions underway; 1.1 million without power; Teams serching oblitherated coastal city to account for nearly 300 people believed to have stayed behind; Turkish media:Missing Wash10/13/2018
  170. 178.
    Hurricane death toll rises: At least 6 dead; curfew in effect in some areas; hundreds of roads impassable; 6 dead in wake of Hurricane Michael; Florida city obliterated; U.S. Official; "working assumption" is Washington Post contributor was murdered insid10/12/2018
  171. 179.
    Hurricane pummels Florida panhandle, strongest on record, Hurricane slams Florida at nearly Category 5 strength10/11/2018
  172. 180.
    Category three Hurricane Michael just hours away from impact; forecast cone stretches from Florida to New Jersey; Hurricane hunter: if you live on Florida panhandle, "execute plan right away for getting out"; Trump says he has five people on his list to r10/10/2018
  173. 181.
    Trump hosts ceremonial swearing-in for Kavanaugh hours after calling allegations a "hoax" orchestrated by "evil" people; Trump hosts ceremonial swearing-in for Kavanaugh; Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh for "pain and suffering" as endangered democrats Heith10/09/2018
  174. 182.
    Kavanaugh confirmation near certain as Collins, Flake and Manchin say they'll vote yes; Justice Kagan: SCOTUS may no longer have judge in middle; Sen. Murkowski on track to vote no on Kavanaugh, speaks10/06/2018
  175. 183.
    Four key senators undecided on Kavanaugh hours before vote; Key red state democratic senator voting "no" on Kavanaugh; GOP Senator will miss Kavanaugh vote; Impact unclear10/05/2018
  176. 184.
    Democrats suggest prior Kavanaugh background checks showed inappropriate behavior; GOP calls it "More false smears", White House repeatedly denies Trump was mocking Ford, instead says the President was "Stating the facts"10/04/2018
  177. 185.
    NYT: Trump made equivalent of hundreds of millions from father's empire, much of it via "dubious tax schemes" and "outright fraud"; NYT: Trump used "dubious tax schemes" and "outright fraud" in 1990s to grow the fortune he got from his parents; NYT: Kavan10/03/2018
  178. 186.
    Kavanaugh college friend: "There were certainly many times when he could not remember what was going on"; McConnell: "We'll be voting this week" on Kavanaugh; New York Times: Kavanaugh questioned by police after a 1985 bar fight, according to police repo10/02/2018
  179. 187.
    Kavanaugh confirmation vote on hold amid new FBI probe, Official: Trump "Blames Flake, Democrats" for Kavanaugh delay, Ford lawyer: we welcome FBI investigation of Kavanaugh, but should be no "artificial limits as to time or scope09/29/2018
  180. 188.
    Kavanaugh : I've never sexually assaulted anyone"; Ford: "100%" certain it was Kavanaugh who assaulted me; Key moderate Senators meeting now in private; Ford stands by story, Kavanaugh fights back in 9-hour hearing09/28/2018
  181. 189.
    Trump calls Kavanaugh allegations "False" after new accuser alleges she saw Kavanaugh at parties where women were drugged, gang-raped, Judiciary Committee asks Kavanaugh about fourth allegation of sexual misconduct, which he denies09/27/2018
  182. 190.
    Trump touts accomplishments at UN, world leaders laugh, Senate Judiciary Committee sets Kavanaugh vote for Friday, Wall Street Journal: Trump is considering keeping Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General09/26/2018
  183. 191.
    Trump's lawyer calls for a "Time out" on Russia probe if Rosenstein resigns or Trump fires him; Sen Graham say "Bureaucratic coup" against Trump is being discovered amid Rosenstein allegations; Brett Kavanaugh and wife speak out in first TV interview; Whi09/25/2018
  184. 192.
    Source Close to White House: Rosenstein claims could serve as pretext for any president to fire the deputy attorney general; Senator Schumer warns Trump not to use claims to fire Rosenstein; Trump speaks at campaign rally in Missouri09/22/2018
  185. 193.
    Kavanaugh says he will testify on Monday; His accuser is open to testifying, but says Monday is "not possible"; White House says it stands behind Kavanaugh "100 percent", Aides stunned by Trump's respectful handling of Ford; Longtime friend: Ford revealed09/21/2018
  186. 194.
    Kavanaugh accuser's lawyer: There are multiple witnesses who should be included at hearing, doesn't say whether Ford will testify, Kavanaugh accuser's attorney: "The rush to a hearing is unnecessary", Kavanaugh accuser's attorney in new statement: Ford un09/20/2018
  187. 195.
    McConnell: GOP hasn't heard from Ford about hearing; NYT: Kavanaugh's accuser is facing death threats; Kavanaugh's friend tells senate he does "not recall the party" where alleged sexual assault took place;09/19/2018
  188. 196.
    Kavanaugh and accuser to testify in public Monday; Kavanaugh and accuser to testify in public Monday; Official: Kavanaugh spent say at whit house; didn't meet with Trump;09/18/2018
  189. 197.
    5 dead, widespread destruction due to Florence; Crews race to rescue residents trapped by Florence flooding; Florence churns, "catastrophic" flooding expected09/15/2018
  190. 198.
    Hurricane Florence strengthening, doubling in size; Outer bands of Florence now lashing Carolina coast; 10 trillion gallons of water may inundate region09/14/2018
  191. 199.
    Forecast: Hurricane on track to hit the Varolinas with winds of 120 MPH and life-threatening storm surges, FEMA: Today is the "Last good day to evacuate", Trump issues new warning tonight about Hurricane Florence after boasting again about "Great job" in 09/13/2018
  192. 200.
    Monster hurricane barrels toward U.S., 20 million in impact zone, some facing mandatory evacuations; states of emergency in 4 states; Trump brags about Puerto Rico hurricane response as an "unsung success" even though nearly 3,000 people were killed; Trum09/12/2018

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