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The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast

Thanks for joining us on the Scrappy Entrepreneur Show, hosted by Entrepreneur and Business Builder Paula Y. Get ready for a fun and interesting mix of insight and advice from entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and experts across the wide spectrum of spectrum of business. We’ll share practical, informative tips from the trenches to help

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Mike Southon is a serial successful entrepreneur, best-selling business author, and one of the world’s top business keynote speakers on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and sales. Mike is co-author of The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur, and Sales on a Beermat. On today's episode, Mike details how to find the right partners, sell your product, and grow your network and client list. Learn about sales, finance, and management with Mike!Follow Mike Southon and The Beermat Entrepreneur:Instagram​: @mikesouthonbeermatTwitter​: ​@MikeSouthonLinkedIn​: ​​: ​ with Host Paula Yakubik: peyllc@yahoo.comWebsite: connect with MassMedia:

Sep 12

54 min

Scott Bradlee is an American Musician and the founder of Postmodern Jukebox, the most listened-to jazz and cover group in modern-day. Postmodern Jukebox has over 1 billion views on YouTube and 5 million subscribers. In this episode, Scott explains the journey of growing an entertainment business through hard work, consistency, collaboration and delegation. He details how he kept the right mind-set, enlisted the power of PR and social media and how he developed free tools for other creative musicians to find success.  Website​: ​ Facebook: Youtube: Rescue kit:

Sep 7

60 min

Eric Guthoff is a New Jersey-based serial entrepreneur who started his first company in middle school. After stints working for global sports marketing firms Octagon and IMG, Eric went onto form Glide Slope, a global sports advisory firm that later was acquired by CSM Sports and Entertainment. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Human Advantage, a consultancy that partners with organization across the sports business ecosystem to develop winning people solutions that maximize engagement, growth and performance. Eric shares an inspiring story around building a career, business and life around a sports passion. Eric talks about building and scaling an organization, business development and culture. He explains why reputation and building real relationships that bring value are so important in growing your business. He give tips for building and nurturing a fully remote team as well as tips and advice around building a winning culture. 

Jul 15

49 min

Beth Campbell is the CEO of global interior architect firm Wilson Associates. Wilson is known for creating current, iconic, must-experience spaces. It has been an innovating force in hospitality design for luxury and boutique brands for nearly 50 years. Wilson has 10 offices across the globe and employs more than 225 employees. In This episode, CEO Beth Campbell breaks down the theory behind a people-first mentality and why it optimizes business performance. She gives sage advice on building a senior management team, recruiting talent, how to stay fast and nimble as well as how to go about creating and cultivate lasting client relationships all while running a global company with a high-performing team. 

Jul 1

50 min

Seth Gottlieb is the Co-Founder of New Jersey-based What If Media Group, an email marketing company with more than 150 employees and $150m in annual revenue. What if has created one of the Industry’s most innovative and powerful performance marketing platform. His company handles lead-generation campaigns for big national companies. In this episode Seth goes deep to discuss how he launched the company from a hotel after dropping out of college, how he built and cultivated a totally remote team, to how the company innovates and offers out some of the best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. His story is spellbinding! He’s ultra-successful, unstoppable and inspiring. Plan to pick up priceless tips to running and growing your company by tuning in. 

Jun 25

58 min

Jodi Low is Founder and CEO of U & Improved, an Arizona-based corporate training company. Jodi has trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 executives, and small to medium sizes companies, and their teams, on how to build a booming business, master a mindset for success, and achieve the lifestyle they desire through heart-fueled leadership. On this episode, Jodi explains how developing your team translates into better business. She explains the trend of heart-based leadership, what it is and how you can implement it. 

Jun 25

41 min

Patranya Bhoolsuwan is the founder of Patranya Media, a media coaching and consulting firm. A 3-time Emmy Award winning journalist, TV host, and digital content creator, Patranya has worked in major news markets across the country for the last 20 years. She teaches communication tips and tricks to business owners and entrepreneurs to gain confidence on camera so they can conquer their dreams and achieve goals. A Scrappy Entrepreneur herself, she shares how she got the courage to leave her career of 20 years to start her own business with the help of a mentor. She shares real advice and tips for business owners who want to publicize their companies in the news. 

Jun 23

39 min

It’s important to identify your best and most profitable customers to grow your business the right way. In this episode, Paula Y breaks down 3 steps for you to follow to help you identify your company’s ideal customer to drive more revenue and profit. These steps will help you save time and money and provide a better return on your marketing dollars. 

Jun 21

25 min

President/CEO of Meadows Bank Arvind A. Menon explains why a relationship with a community bank can make or break your business. Especially during challenging times like a recession or COVID. He goes in depth to explain how the PPP roll out hurt businesses who banked with large financial institutions.He touched on alternative forms of capital companies can access and gave great advice on how to actually build a real relationship with your banker. If accessing and obtaining capital is important for your growing business, you will not want to miss this episode. 

Jun 16

37 min

Kelley Jones is the successful Entrepreneur behind Kelley Jones Hospitality which owns and/or manages more than 15 restaurants across the nation including properties in NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Colorado and Dallas. In this episode Kelley digs deeps into the secret sauce of running a service business. He touches on the importance of branding, culture and capital. He also tells an inspiring story from starting out as a line cook and then finding the courage to form his own company. Kelley shares his passion for hard work, learning from mistakes, the power of saying No and finding a new way to serve others when the world is crashing around you. 

Jun 10

42 min

Entrepreneur Dean Katris has built a business around developing customer loyalty programs for over 300 casinos in the United States. In this episode, he breaks down how his company Power Promotions develops long-lasting partnerships with its clients as well as great advice for entrepreneurs trying to prospect and win new business. 

Jun 1

50 min

AJ Gunasena is known as of one the best sports handicappers in the business. He took his passion for sports and gambling and grew it into a multi-million dollar consulting business. With business discipline and strong money management skills, AJ tells an amazing story of growing up, working at Starbucks and AT&T before getting the courage to venture out on his own. Today, he is a successful businessman building a luxury lifestyle and a life any entrepreneur would be envious to have! He also gives up the secrets of why it's not true in Las Vegas the "House Never loses." 

May 27

39 min

Due to the global economic shut down, companies of all sizes are slashing ad budgets causing Facebook to drastically cut their ad rates. At the same time, because of the stay at home orders, usage and engagement are surging! We see this as a unique opportunity for Scrappy Entrepreneurs to grow their business reaching more people at lower rates. While your competitors are scared and hiding, be fearless and go get new clients on Facebook. During this episode, Digital Strategist Zachary Krassin will explain in great detail how to get it done! ·    

May 4

34 min

CPA/CFO Kirk Cole is Managing Partner of Simple Accounting Solutions based in Southern California. He shares financial tactics small and medium-sized companies are using right now to save their businesses. Kirk explains how companies can shore up cash, work with your vendors, supplies and creditors. He also talks about how to manage important relationships during this time.

Apr 27

32 min

Dan Lier is an expert in human behavior. He is an author and sales trainer and speaks nationally on the necessary tools for improving mindset and elevating performance. On this episode he dives deep into how to develop mental toughness, moving from victim to victor, how to reengineer your belief system and how to develop a winning mindset. 

Mar 31

56 min

Josh Galindo. We brought Josh back for a second time to dig deep into what has made him successful.Josh is a disciplined, hard-working real estate titan that has flipped more than 650 homes valued at more than $21 million. In this episode Josh breaks down the keys to his success. He explores how to get creative in hard times, how to break big projects down by little tasks, how to tap into emotions to get what you want and he shares his outlook for the real estate market during these uncertain times. 

Mar 30

60 min

As a troubled teen, Josh Galindo was kidnapped in the middle of the night and sent to a Mexican youth rehabilitation camp that would change his life forever. He would use these harrowing life experiences and learned values for the good and eventfully turn his life around to become a Scrappy Entrepreneur now running one of the most successful house-flipping businesses in Las Vegas. 

Mar 30

57 min

MassMedia’s Digital Marketing Director Zach Krassin breaks down digital media for the Scrappy Entrepreneur. He breaks down why a powerful website is important for your business, the importance of social media and actual tips for placing digital media. This episode is full of digital marketing strategy and knowledge that can help you grow your business. 

Mar 30

47 min

Paula Yakubik built her 23-year-old company, MassMedia, ( from the ground up. In this episode she lays out a proven 5-step planning process that she employs that guides her company to success each year. 

Mar 29

14 min

Mike Chernine has managed a $500 million portfolio and has acquired and disposed of more than $1 Billion in real estate assets. From the height of the commercial real estate boom to the depths of the recession, Mike has seen it all.  He endured all the highs and lows of being an Entrepreneur.  From making over $46 million to losing it all and starting over again. Mike shares amazing stories of overcoming failure, finding mentors and lessons learned. 

Mar 29

49 min

Luis Moreno is a Harvard-trained ER Physician turned Scrappy Entrepreneur. Luis describes how a life of discipline and pivotal decision-making set him up to build and sell a company for $135m. On this episode he discusses how someone’s environment can influence an outcome, how fear and mistrust guides him in business and how work ethic prevails. Most surprisingly, he explains why he is now working as a plumber.  

Mar 28

55 min

Ken Goodrich is a serial entrepreneur and HVAC Icon who has built and monetized 24 companies throughout his 30-year career. In this podcast, he shares how he builds and sells companies, how he implements systems and drives high performing teams. He deep dives into being a good leader and how to focus and turn profits. Ken gives up all of his business building secrets including the three pillars of building a profitable business.

Mar 4

50 min

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