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In this episode we get into John's XR career and the work he is doing at Octobionic—  including his background in video games, the awesome work he did for EA/Illumination specifically on Minions all the way to the present day where training uses for VR become a focus for new employees. The VR training opportunities within construction or healthcare and the gamification of modules for employers allows for the recreation of real-world scenarios in a VR world. We wrap things up with a fascinating look at what it means to create and sculpt inside a virtual world and how VR can be used to test real world scenarios. Join along and sign up for my newsletter at

May 13

33 min 6 sec

A special stand-alone episode with Ankarino Lara and Mike Toner talking NFT's, blockchain and what's going in crypto.

May 11

37 min 45 sec

CDD is back with Season 2! Over the past several weeks I have changed careers, leaving my role leading the digital marketing team at Business Wire and accepting the role of CMO at Threedium. In this episode, I’m excited to introduce you all to Dan Marcolina. Dan got his start in design in the late 70’s working with exacto blades and waxers in the early days all the way to digital darkroom and pre-photoshop tools. Dan is a digital artist who knows how to bring creative ideas to life. He was an early adopter with Apple and Adobe and has continued building his amazing arsenal of digital design skills with his most recent work in 3D and augmented reality design. Also in THIS EPISODE, I am also excited to introduce what will be a regular recurring segment with my friend and CEO of ThisMoment, Ankarino  Lara—who was the first ever guest on this show, in his new segment “Off the Record, On the Rocks” where he is gonna keep us updated on the cutting edge of bitcoin, NFT’s, and whatever cool technology comes his way. Join along and sign up for my newsletter at

Apr 14

1 hr

Molly Gardner, Director of Marketing at Ava Robotics discusses her path within the world of marketing, navigating a career that spans from coast to coast  She shares he experience in navigating tech, sales, compliance and her understanding what it takes to build a business and how marketing can plays such an important role in pulling all aspects of a business together. At Ava, she is helping the company market and apply the technology of iRobot to the enterprise in order to provide everything from telepresence solutions to UV disinfection services within business spaces—whether retail, office or any other place where people are expecting clean spaces. Molly's experience working remotely as she navigated her early career plays a big role in helping Ava and their customers understand how impactful the telepresence functionality can be. With such a focus on human-centric design you start to understand— the robots are coming. Enjoy the Content, Design & Delivery Podcast! Sign up for the newsletter at

Mar 18

43 min 54 sec

In celebration of 2021's International Women’s Day, I am joined by a very special guest, Amanda Goetz, the founder of House of Wise. Amanda is building a luxury CBD brand for women and in today’s episode we dig into all aspects of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. She is also a mom of three and an executive who is breaking down the stigmas that woman face as well as the stigma around cannabis as a whole. I hope you all enjoy today’s episode, this is Amanda Goetz from House of Wise on the Content Design and Delivery podcast.

Mar 8

44 min 20 sec

In this episode I talk to Ryan DeLesDernier aka FlixByRyan. Ryan shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he got started in video production back in 2018. Over the last year, he has ramped up his overall production level and landed some awesome clients, including a high-end hotel here in Washington D.C. with a video highlighting their Covid-19 protocols. Ryan is unapologetically himself and shares some wise advice for young entrepreneurs to avoid the pitfalls that he has uncovered during his journey. He is laser focused and someone I admire for— not just talking about it, but being about it. Enjoy Ryan, aka FlixByRyan on the Content, Design & Delivery podcast.

Feb 24

37 min 48 sec

Sarah Hughes, Director of Content at Wibbitz shares how brands are using automated video creation tools to create social media content by repurposing long form written content into video snippets. Content marketers who are looking to squeeze the value out of existing content understand that video is the best method to do just that. Video has the power to connect customers and brands like never before. How are you creating video for your brand? Maybe 2021 is finally the, “year of video”!?  Wibbitz has helped democratize the video creation process and allow anyone to quickly and effectively create videos.  If you’ve never heard of Wibbitz, listen along to learn more about the tool. If you are already creating video— you might hear a new way to use your existing video content more efficiently. Enjoy the show!

Feb 17

44 min 29 sec

Hugo Gatsby is the CEO of Stradea Design Labs and sits on the Board of Autism Speaks Canada. Hugo’s journey as a professional photographer, restaurateur, designer and a Harvard educated consultant— gives him a unique perspective on how he solves big problems by asking questions that spark curiosity in those around him. Hugo shares his research on cognitive bias’ and explains how he uses the “Ben Franklin Effect” to build rapport with those around him. Through the discussion of his background we ultimately arrive at a viewpoint on how manipulation within the marketing industry will need to be addressed. Enjoy the show! Subscribe to the newsletter at

Feb 10

48 min 8 sec

Margie Agin, Founder and Chief Strategist at Centerboard Marketing wrote the book, "Brand Breakthrough: How to go beyond a catchy tagline to build an authentic, influential and sustainable brand personality." In this episode we cover everything from who needs to be involved in branding discussions, including teams and stakeholders you might not typically think of. Margie's unique perspective on demand generation and her understanding of marketing automation gives her an edge when it comes to creating content that speaks to her client's customers at all stages of their buying journey.  We discuss how content marketing can be such a powerful tool to engage customers even after the sale is complete. Enjoy the show! Subscribe to the newsletter at

Feb 3

41 min 53 sec

Today’s episode is with Shondell Varcianna, owner of Varci Media— a content marketing agency focusing on the financial services industry. Shondell shares her overall framework and a process for how her organization approaches any new content creation project. We navigate through the distribution channels and how to create content that has an authentic voice and helps to build trust. It all starts with listening and understanding when and how to participate in community discussions. If you want to build trust remember that your customers recognize the authenticity of the content you are publishing. If you are involved in the content marketing world, you’ll really enjoy what Shondell has to share in terms of understanding your target audience and tips for where to listen to your customers and how to gain insight directly from them about what they want help with.  She also discusses how to turn that type of research into a substantive and educational based content marketing program. Enjoy the show with Shondell Varcianna of Varci Media. Sign up for the Newsletter at

Jan 19

40 min 56 sec

In this episode I discuss marketing automation, analytics and attribution with Carly Schrager, CEO and Founder of Definitive Results. Carly focuses on the combination of technology and marketing when implementing and optimizing marketing automation programs for her clients. We talk through team structure, the partnership between sales and marketing as well as the skill sets required to stand up a marketing automation program. With so many organizations reprioritizing their digital marketing programs and figuring out how the buyer's journey has changed over the last year how do you gain alignment on reporting and attribution? How does your marketing automation program need to adapt to these changes? How do you measure and show results? This is a must-listen conversation for digital marketers, communicators, sales and marketing leaders as we talk through how organizations can bring all of these varying stakeholders together to agree on KPI’s, analytics and understanding the requirements for a successful marketing automation program.

Jan 5

44 min 29 sec

Nathan Doyle, Associate Creative Director at Scorch provides a unique perspective on storytelling and what it takes for brands to build trust with their audience through content marketing. He answers the question: “how do you build trust?” and describes a method approach that relies on empathy to connect with the audience and how he incorporates his background in creative writing to help tell stories. Nathan and I share how we view the changing landscape in content marketing as a result of the global pandemic and what it means for authentic connections while working remotely with kids at home. We also get into his early take on conversation ads from LinkedIn as well as a few content research tools that I had never heard of before. Sign up for the newsletter for video interviews and transcripts:

Dec 2020

50 min 11 sec

Danielle McKenrick is the Creative Director at Artemis Ward where she brings her experience in graphic design and storytelling to help brands find their voice in the digital world. Danielle is one of the first people I reached out to when I wanted to interview creative people and have discussions about content, strategy and design and how they all work together. Danielle really understands strategy when it comes to design and in this conversation she talks about how her approach to storytelling is rooted in journalism and how Artemis Ward is thinking about both online and offline experiences. We arrive at a simple conclusion on why designers must have a seat at the strategy table and discuss why brand messages about resilience, truth and honesty are breaking through the noise in today's world.  Enjoy! Visit to sign up for our exclusive newsletter featuring behind the scenes and unedited interviews and full transcripts for easier review of the ideas and concepts in the show!

Dec 2020

42 min 38 sec

In this latest episode, I interview Carlos Gil and Reggie Williams from Outlaw Masks.  In the middle of this global pandemic and the nationwide lockdown these two entrepreneurs launched their innovative fashion brand. Carlos brings his expertise as a marketer and best selling author while his brother-in-law Reggie, once drafted by the Minnesota Twins, brings the salesmanship and hustle— and together they bring a positive and genuine vibe that’s all about hard work and giving back. Together they share how they hacked the NBA bubble to generate a grassroots influencer marketing program with NBA players wearing their masks in support of Black Lives Matter. The cofounders talk about the importance of building a strong and recognizable brand, how they leveraged audio branding to create viral videos on TikTok and what all of this success has meant for their family.

Dec 2020

48 min 4 sec

In this episode, I interview Desirée Jewell, Director of Marketing at TeamSnap. We discuss her background as a product marketer, what that taught her about technology and aligning marketing with your engineering and technology teams. TeamSnap has over 24 million people who use their web and mobile apps to help save them time when it comes to parents, clubs or leagues who run team sports. Desirée and I share a common view of marketing ’s role within the larger organization as the "team" that is best positioned to partner with the other business units. I really enjoyed meeting Desirée and learning how her entrance into marketing shapes her strategy on everything from product marketing to customer service and the importance of connecting to a larger purpose— or as they say, 'Take the Work Out of Play.' Follow @miketoner on Instagram & Twitter

Nov 2020

49 min 20 sec

Brian Fanzo is unapologetically himself— blending life as a dad, speaker & digital futurist. Fanzo's mantra, “Push the Damn Button” is responsible for helping me get this podcast started. In this episode we talk about everything from authenticity on your own social media channels to how the event world has adapted to virtual shows. One of my favorite moments from the conversation is at 17:20 where Brian describes one of his overarching goals as,  "Helping people see the synergy between technology and humanity but even more so— the importance of transparency & vulnerability. I've always believed that  'online' is just an extension for us to do what we do great as humans." Follow Brian on Twitter and Instagram @iSocialFanz Enjoy the Content, Design and Delivery Podcast, with Brian Fanzo!

Nov 2020

47 min 10 sec

In this episode, I speak with Jon Newman, Owner and Partner at The Hodges Partnership. We we talk traditional media relations, how paid social really pushed organizations to align PR and and marketing  and how Jon and his team approach marketing with what he calls a "PR brain". Jon shares some awesome insight on how PR should be thinking about attribution and lead generation as well as how young PR pros have to step into the world of communications with no fear. Enjoy!

Oct 2020

43 min 9 sec

Toner talks with Ankarino Lara, the Chief Executive Officer of ThisMoment, an engagement experience platform built on the realtime web. Lara and Toner discuss how User Generated Content (UGC) can create a foundation for engagement based marketing campaigns. The conversation leads to the blurring of virtual content and real life and questions about what is 'real' if everything is on our phone? 

Oct 2020

44 min 47 sec

Stepping into the world of podcasting. Content. Design. Delivery. These are the three things I focus on when it comes to marketing. Do you have a hook? A story to tell? Something to say? Is it 'packaged' as text, a graphic, a video? What is it? Where are you going to publish it? How will the world see it?

Oct 2020

5 min 52 sec