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Samuel T. Reddy presents The LOS Cast. A series of conversations with thought Leaders & industry experts from the three main generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X & Millennials) on personal & professional development based on the 3LOS of Leadership from the best selling book Leavers To Leaders.

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In this episode of the LOS Cast, I am in conversation with Valerie King on how is the recruitment industry changing from her time as a recruiter for Hampshire Fire & Rescue to Hampshire Police. In this conversation we talked about the external factors affecting recruitment, impact of technology on recruitment, use of social media to create a social present as a candidate & perhaps get head hunted. My name is Samuel T. Reddy, author of the best selling book Leavers to Leaders, founder of TriExForces and CEO of TriAtis Leadership. In the last 20 years, I have successfully engaged and transitioned across government, military, business and 3rd sector. In a digital world where the way we work is changing rapidly with technology is shaping the workplace, and with 5 generations at work, it has never been more important to lead Oneself, understand how to lead Others and make an impact in your organisation.

Sep 2019

14 min 45 sec

In this conversation, Samuel T. Reddy is in conversation with Dr Nick Maguire, Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Southampton. In this episode you will learn: How to deal with fear & anxiety during a career transition. How to manage stress, dealing with your emotions, how personality affects decision and finally the importance of role models and aligning your values to a company. Samuel, is the author of Leavers to Leaders, entrepreneur and advisor. He is the CEO of TriAtis Leadership, a learning & development organisation that develop Leaders to stand out, become relevant and highly valued by impacting organisations. He is also the founder of TriExForces, a team of strategic leaders with military & police background deployed to impact individuals & organisations globally. He is a thought leader and a watchman of the future of work. As a sugar cane boy born in Mauritius his whole life has been about personal & professional development. In the last 20 years he has successfully engaged and transitioned across government, military, business and 3rd sector. As the creator of the 'Leaders Operating System', Samuel believes that Environment dictates performance and you gain more experience by exposing yourself to new environments. He now resides in Hampshire with his wife and three daughters.

Sep 2019

9 min 57 sec

You will learn and be inspired by Avril transitional journey from a Tiller girl to a business owner, the challenges and best advice for business owners and leaders. Avril is the former owner of The Cloud Hotel in the New Forest. The LOS Cast is a series of conversation with Samuel T. Reddy, entrepreneur, author, founder of TriExForces & CEO of TriAtis leadership. In the last 20 years Samuel has successfully engaged and transitioned across government, military, business and the 3rd sector. His new book Leavers To Leaders is made an Amazon best in 4 countries. He is now on a journey to elevate the lives of others who are frustrated, undervalued and overlooked in their career. His personal journey started in Mauritius, as a sugar cane boy to now being the CEO of 5 brands in the UK.

Sep 2019

18 min 9 sec

In this conversation, I speak with Paul Chiddle, Strategic recruitment & resources on his 28 years from the British Royal Navy to resource management.

Sep 2019

17 min 18 sec

Thank you for listening to the LOS Cast by Samuel T. Reddy. I truly hope you have enjoyed this recording, you can listen to other of my conversation on YouTube. If you would like to join me live at the studio of Southampton Business School, please get in touch at SamuelT. Reddy.com. Bye for now.

Sep 2019

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Nov 2018

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