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More than a grad introduction
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***Trigger Warning: this episode will discuss symptoms, and experiences of eating disorders. This may be upsetting for an individual who has/ had experiences of disordered eating or a history of an eating disorder.*** In line with eating disorder awareness week, Rachel and Bandy speak to two very special guests about the serious topic of eating disorders (ED). They first speak to Dr Paul Jenkins a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in ED and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) about the main symptoms, treatments and misconceptions of this mental illness. The second guest is a recent graduate and advocate of mental health Sophie, who has appeared on BBC news and worked for Rethink a mental health charity, she speaks about her own lived experience of Anorexia Nervosa throughout University.

Mar 10

1 hr 40 min

RUSU Housing Adviser, Jane Taylor, prepares you for life after uni with her accommodation and housing advice! Jane answers all your worries about how to move out of your university house and into life as a graduate.

Feb 8

6 min 11 sec

Barbara Held, Money Adviser, talks all things money! Worried about council tax? Income tax? Wonder what welfare benefits you may be entitled to? How and when to start repaying your student loan? Listen and find out!

Feb 8

12 min 28 sec

Rachel & Bandy hosted the first live podcast recording, featuring two exciting guests from the mental health societies Open Mind and Anti-Stress, as well as answering listener questions. This episode explores the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our mental health.

Jan 7

1 hr 2 min

Money Money Money...its a topic on the lips of so many students. Getting it, spending too much, wanting more, etc. In this episode of more than a grad, we explore all things relating to student finance with our incredible RUSU money advisor. From loans to savings, credit cards to investing, no matter what your money situation looks like we have something for you!

Nov 2020

46 min 5 sec

Dating and love is never easy no matter what age you are. In this episode we interview Dr Alicia Pena, a Chartered Counselling Psychologist on everything to do with young love from red flags to long distance love to loving to be being single, we’ve got you covered. So for a little advice on issues to do with the heart look no further

Nov 2020

1 hr 4 min

The second episode of More than a grad is out! This time it's all about student housing. When should you look? Who to live with? How do housing contracts work? These are all questions we ask our lovely housing advisor Jane so you don't have to. So, for a whistle stop tour of student housing take a listen.

Oct 2020

1 hr 7 min

The first ever episode of more than a grad has just landed! This episode is all about fresh starts, and uni has a lot of them be that, moving to a brand new city, starting another year on our course, moving house, trying new societies, making new friends or living with new people. Once you're used to all that you have to make a whole new fresh start with becoming a graduate. Exhausting! In this ep, Bandy and I share our experiences and tips of fresh starts throughout uni and into the graduate world and the way they’ve shaped our identity into the people we are today. So boil the kettle, put on some comfy socks and have a listen.

Oct 2020

36 min 34 sec

Our introduction to 'More than a grad'. Where we give you an idea of what's to come in the podcast.

Oct 2020

1 min 8 sec

Episode 3 focuses on the link between money and wellbeing as a student. Gemma chats to RUSU Money Advisor Barbara and RUSU President Molli, as well as Matt Daley the Head of Student Financial Support at the University about spending as a student, money saving tips and where to get support if you are concerned about money issues. Useful links: Welfare - Councelling & wellbeing - Talking therapies - RUSU Advice Service – University Financial Advice Service

Apr 2020

40 min 21 sec

Episode 2 focuses on the link between alcohol and mental wellbeing. In this episode Gemma (RUSU Welfare Officer) introduces the University’s new ‘Be A Mate’ alcohol awareness campaign and talks to pharmacist Dr Ranjita Dhital; chats to Rugby Union player Morgan about the misconceptions of rugby and drinking; and members of the R U Not Drinking Society. Useful links: Welfare - Councelling & wellbeing - Talking therapies - Samaritans - Alcohol support - Work with pharmacy students -

Mar 2020

37 min 55 sec

Our four female student officers talk to the University about their approach to leadership, their inspirations and what more needs to be done to advance women in the workplace.

Mar 2020

19 min 43 sec

In this episode, Gemma King, RUSU Welfare Officer for 2019/20, speaks to Odelia from the University of Reading's Counselling and Wellbeing service, and Leyla the president of Sport in Mind, a Reading charity a mental health sports charity using sport and physical activity to help aid the recovery of people experiencing mental health problems. Useful links: The University of Reading Student Welfare Team: The University of Reading Counselling & Wellbeing service: Talking Therapies Berkshire: Samaritans: Sport in Mind: HOLD app: RUSU Survey:

Feb 2020

27 min 21 sec