Salt of Urph

By The Salt of Urph Podcast Team

Your new third favourite Dungeons & Dragons podcast set within the farcical world of Urph! Join Tarquin the noble pickpocket, Ruth the wild forest-woman ranger, Styx the orcish bard and Lumpkin the enchanted teddy-bear barbarian as they foil any plans the DM's had for a cohesive or insightful plot. From the creators of the Tales of Grinn & Berrit, the Messrs Fleming & Lowe present to you: Salt of Urph

  1. 1.
    Salt of Urph EP 1: Kezra's Cavern (Part 1)
  2. 2.
    Salt of Urph EP 1: Kezra's Cavern (Part 2)
  3. 3.
    Salt of Urph EP 2: Half-Orc Bums and Goblin Thumbs
  4. 4.
    Salt of Urph EP 3: Discovering Bugrull
  5. 5.
    Salt of Urph EP 4: Probably Kobolds
  6. 6.
    Salt of Urph EP 5: Ruthless Negotiations
  7. 7.
    Salt of Urph EP 6: Both the Players and the DMs Screw Up Horribly and Half the Party Almost Dies
  8. 8.
    Salt of Urph EP 7: Exit, pursued by Owlbears

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