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Ricky Willianto

The pursuit of growth is never-ending for any business - from a small startup all the way to a large global corporation. The Growth Multiplier podcast examines pathways, strategies, and hacks companies have explored and tested in their efforts to scale up their businesses. In each episode, host Ricky Willianto - co-founder of Ravenry - speaks with CEO's, growth hackers, product managers, and marketers all around Asia to find nuggets of wisdom and insights from their journey multiplying growth. Ricky and his guests discuss viral marketing, community building, pricing strategies, channel development, and also company culture and people. Growth Multiplier explores not only replicable successes, but also phenomenal failures that we all can learn from.

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In this episode,  Joan Low (ThoughtFull) talks about:The importance to building a strong fundamental understanding of jobs to be done, especially in a startup that affects people's wellbeing directlyFocusing on her purpose and refusing to compromise on quality and positive impact over growth at all costsWhy timing plays a big part in helping  skyrocket Thoughtfull's growthWhy founders need to have hands-on involvement in the problem discovery processThe importance of creating a great experience for your first customers, especially when you are in a B2B industry that relies on word-of-mouth.Connect with Joan Low here: information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

Jul 15

36 min 59 sec

In this episode,  Sebastian Mueller (MING Labs) talks about:How UI/UX framework in China and the rest of Asia are unique and highly localisedDesign strategies for early startups and ideas that have not achieved product-market fit.Why revealed preferences provide better insights for designers than reported preferences.How design is a powerful driver for growth in any business.How designers have the power to reshape the world, and change human behaviours.How and why Ming Labs bootstrapped its way to become a global design services agency.Connect with Sebastian Mueller here: information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

Jul 8

55 min 46 sec

In this episode,  Rajiv Lamba (SurveySensum & Neurosensum) talks about:How he built a tech company as a non-tech founder The counterintuitive concept of the importance of keeping your core product simple Why he chooses to focus on sustainable rather than aggressive growth How he makes the most of the synergies between his two brands to maximise sales The importance of lifelong learning in setting the direction for your business’s growth Connect with Rajiv Lamba here: information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

Jun 24

43 min 18 sec

In this episode,  Jeremy Au (Monk's Hill Ventures) talks about:His experience building Conjunct Consulting and CozyKinHow to balance business and cultural growthWhy founders are 100% accountable for the culture and the environment of the business they built His views on the difference between running a VC-funded versus a bootstrapped startup His personal development tips and tricksConnect with Jeremy Au here: information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

Jun 17

43 min 22 sec

In this episode,  Allan Teng (Workato APJ) talks about:How engaging in conversations allowed him to stumble upon the company’s MVP target segment Why personal touch is important for enhanced customer adoption How he focuses on net retention revenue and strategically targeting the right customers to grow the business How he keeps pace with the company’s growth  How creating opportunities for customers and prospects to interact improves sales

Jun 10

40 min 47 sec

In this episode, Milan Reinartz (Intelligent Video Solutions) talks about:How and why he became an entrepreneurHis journey building two media startups: Postr and iVSThe strategy he's used at Postr to increase user retention and speed up growthHow he's built an organisational culture that is focused on pace of workWhy transparency in a startup is key in aligning priorities and helps everyone determine how to do their workHow he's grown iVS by 500% in less than 1 yearPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

Jun 3

42 min 19 sec

In this episode, Jamie Lee (The Kind Friend) talks about:The importance of mental wellness and journaling How she turned an Instagram account into a business with multiple revenue streams How listening to customers ensures excellent product market fit How she achieves harmony between work and personal life Who her biggest role model is and why Podcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto 

May 27

47 min 9 sec

In this episode, Irzan Raditya ( talks about:How he took from the brink of death to having processed 1 billion customer conversationsWhy channel-market fit is as important as product-market fitWhy being laser-focused in your vision is key for a startup founderHow he learned to let go of a profitable business in favour of a scalable businessThe importance of building a strong customer relationship that survives product pivots and near deathsFocusing on collaboration rather than competition in the SaaS market in IndonesiaPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

May 20

47 min 35 sec

In this episode, David Fallarme (Asia Head of Marketing at HubSpot) talks about:How HubSpot has built a blog that generates more visitors that Harvard Business Review and TechCrunch combinedLooking at content as a long term growth strategyWhy Asia requires a portfolio of growth strategies due to its fragmented natureWhy it is important to make bold movesHow your employees can become your marketing channelsHow he manages his information diet to ensure personal growthHis personal productivity and personal growth stackPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

May 6

50 min 35 sec

In this episode, Junwen Lee (Head of Product at CardUp) talks about:How finding adjacent problems to solve for your customers is key to growthWhy it is important to tap into your early adopters as a word-of-mouth channelHow you can ensure the early stage growth does not wane by coupling awareness campaign with referral strategiesHow to optimise your viral loop based on your customer segmentsThe difference between the B2B and B2C buying cycle and buying psycheUsing context as a way to accelerate product adoptionPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Apr 29

51 min 58 sec

In this episode, Zenos Schmickrath (former CTO Hmlet, current director at SEA Founders) talks about:Why founders need to build new skillsets as their startups grow to beyond 10 peopleWhat to look out for as your startup starts to scaleWhy mission and vision statements become even more important in a larger organisationWhy founders need to find a way to build a support system for themselvesWhy he is juggling 5 different projects right now, and Why he is passionate about nurturing the founders community in Southeast AsiaPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Apr 22

45 min 9 sec

In this episode, Michele Ferrario (StashAway) talks about:How StashAway built credibility and customer trust in its early daysFocusing on building an amazing product and customer experienceBringing sophisticated investment strategy to the masses using techWhy a digital wealth manager should know what NOT to digitaliseInvesting in the right employees to scale superior experienceThe importance of persistence in the early days of a startupPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Apr 15

41 min 22 sec

In this episode, Foti Panagio (GrowthMentor) talks about:Hiring freelancers to learn from them as a personal growth hackWhy competitors should not deter you from starting your businessHow to balance bootstrapping with building a great productStarting with a minimum lovable product instead of an MVPUsing social proof as a way to kickstart his initial growthUsing karma as his north star metricPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Apr 7

51 min 8 sec

In this episode, Hsu Ken Ooi (Iterative) talks about:Why he is building a YC-style accelerator in AsiaThe early days of his two startups and WeaveLeveraging social proof to grow Weave and Decide.comRelying on human psychology rather than just logic to come up with early growth hacksLearning to love the problem instead of the solution in early stage companiesWhy it is important for founders to invest in themselvesPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Mar 31

51 min 54 sec

In this episode, Leo Tumwattana and Reza Saeedi (Sorted) talk about:The concept of hyperscheduling and how it has multiplied his productivityNot giving his product away for FREE as a way to get people invested earlyGetting featured by Apple and how it boosted his downloadsCurating a high quality private communityLooking as users as influencers and ambassadorsUsing a fair pricing model to attract and retain usersPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Mar 25

47 min 19 sec

In this episode, Charles Allard Jr (Delvify) talks about:Using behavioural science to encourage people to make better decision for the planetHelping eCommerce vendors generate up to 5x more salesEnsuring clarify of vision and mission in your startup in building a highly aligned teamListening to customers earlyBuilding thought leadership using deep insights and your own learningsOptimising a startup for an exitLeveraging mentorship as a way to shortcut your personal growthPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Mar 18

31 min 37 sec

In this episode, Robert Lai (Kaliber Performance Marketing) talks about:Investing in content marketing and LinkedIn as a way to grow organicallyHow Kaliber generated $800k ARR in 10 monthsGenerating content that adds value and is enjoyable to consumeMoving quickly rather than aiming for perfectionBuilding a culture of open communication with his team and his clientsFocusing on doing ONE great thing in his company and highlighting that one value propositionLooking at fellow founders and celebrities as his role modelsPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Mar 10

48 min 34 sec

In this episode, Jesse Hanley (Bento and TalentTree) talks about:Building startups to solve his own problems as an agency owner and a marketerHow bootstrapping is not inferior to having external fundingRelying on personal network and Twitter to grow both his startupsFocusing on being a good online neighbour and building personal relationships with all his clientsBuilding a B2B SaaS product successfully while completely bootstrappedHow de-risking his businesses and learning how to turn capital into cashflow helped him remain bootstrappedNot fussing over perfection and instead focusing on putting your work out there for people to see and give feedbackEnjoying the journey of business building rather than being overly focused on just long term KPI'sFriendship as a metric of successPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Mar 4

55 min 41 sec

In this episode, Robin Vander Heyden (ManyRequests) talks about:Leveraging Facebook Community, Reddit and ProductHunt to get early customersBuilding specific content for every step in the marketing funnelPrioritising distribution channels before product development as a growth strategy to bootstrap developmentPre-sale as a way to validate your business model and idea, and recruiting early adoptersLeveraging multiple customer channels to generate micro-conversion to find captive leadsEstablishing clear structure and processes that help scale the operational aspect of the business early onPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Feb 25

34 min 13 sec

In this episode, Felix Wong (AngelHub and WHub) speaks about:Analysing the right channels for your businessHow to build a powerful network of people what can be your ambassadorsKeeping audience in his network activatedFocusing on quality rather than quantity of connections on social mediaHis personal pivots from being a mathematician to marketerHis methodical approach to learning and how he managed to master ONE new skill every yearHow he built a side project curating products in a specific nichePodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Feb 18

49 min 1 sec

In this episode, Edward Hutchins (currently at Thoughtworks) speaks about:The differences between customers in the US and in ChinaSuccessful and unsuccessful growth strategies he's tried in ChinaHelping large organisations move much more quickly and startup-likeLooking at best practices as a starting point and for inspiration, not as a destinationAligning on prioritisation framework to accelerate decision making process with stakeholdersUsing growth tools and strategies to quickly identify the most effective product positioning and messagingPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Feb 10

47 min 23 sec

In this episode, Jim Tan (currently Head of Growth at BCG DV and Pelago) speaks about:How he's helped Pelago, a travel startup, grow to 1 million usersPivoting and finding growth strategies for a travel startup in 2020, the worst travel year in recent memoryThe chicken-and-egg problem of a marketplace startupThe importance of localisation as a growth strategy in a fragmented market like Southeast AsiaBuilding an experiment-driven culture within growth teamsHis experience as a growth expert at Skyscanner, Pelago, and GoGoVan (currently GoGoX)Podcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Feb 10

43 min 18 sec

In this episode, Yeap Ming Feng (currently Head of Growth at Seedly) speaks about:How he's helped Seedly grow to reach 1.1 million monthly visits in SingaporeFinding a niche in the crowded financial services segment in SingaopreUsing a bottom-up approach to determine the right content to create for their audienceLeveraging user-generated content to increase community engagementIdentifying relevant triggers that create a domino effect of user actions and activities across Seedly's platformTracking metrics across all growth experiments and activitiesPodcast information:WebsiteLinkedInFeedHost: Ricky Willianto

Feb 10

26 min 24 sec

Arriving in February 2021, host Ricky Willianto - co-founder of Ravenry - explores strategies and hacks startups and organisations use to multiply their growth. This trailer provides snippets of insights from upcoming episodes featuring founders and growth experts across Asia.

Dec 2020

1 min 20 sec