Bible Threads With Dr. Bruce Becker

By Time of Grace Ministry

The Bible can be intimidating, right? There are 66 different books, more than 700,000 words, and all of it was written over a period of 1,600 years by dozens of different authors. How do we make sense of it all, and what does it mean for our lives? Amazingly, the Bible is incredibly interconnected with “threads” that run through it from beginning to end. In this podcast, Bible scholar and author Dr. Bruce Becker will uncover these threads, help you dig deeper into God’s truth, and inspire you to live your life with greater confidence and joy. Dr. Becker brings his vast experience to share with you through this podcast. He has served as the pastor of a mission start in New York State, lead pastor of a church in Brillion, Wisconsin, and a ministry coach to churches and schools. Dr. Becker is currently the executive vice president of Time of Grace Ministry. Time of Grace is for people who want more growth and less struggle in their spiritual walk. We connect people to God’s grace so they know they are loved and forgiven and so they can start living in the freedom they’ve always wanted. In addition to podcasts, our ministry delivers the timeless truth of God’s Word through television, print, and digital media with millions of content engagements each month. Visit us online at

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