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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Andy shares with us how to keep the holidays secure with a few safety tips demonstrated in the Home Alone films. Plus, you can download The Secure Dad Holiday Security Guide for free! (Note: This episode was accidentally published on Monday… oops.)  Free Holiday Security Guide: Holiday Gift Guide: The Secure Dad Store:

Dec 1

8 min 10 sec

As protector parents, we understandably focus our attention on our children. Today, Andy welcomes Dawn Armstrong of ThinkSafe Seminars to talk about protecting our parents. Plus, there are new items in The Secure Dad Store! For more on Dawn Armstrong: The Secure Dad Store:

Nov 24

19 min 37 sec

Executive protection agent Preston Hocker returns to discuss his experience at America’s southern border. Together, he and Andy discuss the human trafficking that is going unnoticed in the land of the free.  For more on Preston: The Secure Dad Store: The Secure Dad Telegram Channel:

Nov 17

42 min 33 sec

Former Royal Marine Commando and executive protection professional Sonny Smith chats with Andy about everyday awareness and protecting those that we love. Six Sight Website: Six Sight Women’s Online Course: Family Road Trip Checklist: The Secure Dad Store:

Nov 10

31 min 51 sec

Hitting the road this fall for fun and family visits? Make sure you’re prepared for an emergency on the road this season. Learn what you must have with you and a few things that you’ll need to make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.  Get your free copy of the Family Road Trip Checklist: The Secure Dad Telegram:

Nov 3

9 min 41 sec

Today Andy welcomes former spy and CIA officer Doug Patteson to the show. Together they discuss the reality of spycraft and what we can do every day to be a harder target for crime. Plus, Doug shares his rule of the stupids. (Spoiler alert: It’s great advice.)  For more on Doug Patterson follow Texas Spy Dad on Instagram. Today is the last day to enroll in Andy’s online course UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent. Find out more:

Oct 27

28 min 24 sec

Andy answers any lingering questions you might have about his online course UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent. Enrollment ends today! To get started:  

Oct 27

7 min 48 sec

Today on the podcast, Andy shares his experience discovering a crime that happened 9 years earlier. Find out what it was and what he learned about the criminal mind that shaped how he formed The Secure Dad.  Plus, UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent opens today! Enroll in this course made just for protector parents:

Oct 20

12 min 37 sec

In this special bonus edition of the podcast, Andy shares what makes online learning for parents so important and why taking your family's safety seriously is vital to a happier life. UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent is open for enrollment today:

Oct 20

6 min 23 sec

Andy welcomes the show, Dr. Chad Peters, to answer the question, are you healthy enough to survive? In a fun interview, they discuss how to increase your chances of surviving real threats and speculate if they’d survive a zombie apocalypse. Plus, fun ways to get fit with your family. For more from Dr. Chad Peters: Get updates on UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent:

Oct 13

31 min 22 sec

In this special bonus edition of the podcast, Andy discusses the specific lessons that make UNLOCKED perfect for parents. Plus, he will show you one topic that he covers that no one else is teaching parents. For more on UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent:

Oct 13

5 min 47 sec

On the 150th episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, Andy discusses a topic he gets asked about frequently, sex offenders. He’ll define what an offender is and issue a warning that all parents need to hear. Plus, there is a free download for further understanding, Protecting Your Family from Sex Offenders.  Free Download: Protecting Your Family from Sex Offenders: Online Learning - UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent:

Oct 6

11 min 7 sec

Online learning for parents starts on October 20th! Enroll in UNLOCKED: Releasing Your Inner Protector Parent two weeks from today. This bonus podcast will show you how UNLOCKED works to help you better protect your family at home, online, and in public. For more:  

Oct 6

6 min 4 sec

Violence is violence, right? Thinking like that can get you killed. Andy welcomes author and self-defense expert Tim Larkin to the show. Together they discuss the types of violence we may encounter and how to avoid them to protect our families! For more on Tim Larkin: Online Course, UNLOCKED: The Secure Dad Home Security Book:

Sep 29

1 hr

As humans, we want to be comfortable and in control. But life has a way of removing us from our comfort zone. Today Andy explains how to make sense of an unexpected environment. Plus, the story of a brave 11-year-old boy who defended his home while alone.  UNLOCKED: Online Learning: Protector Parent Gear: Official Telegram Channel:

Sep 22

12 min 3 sec

Are people going to help you during a crisis? Andy shares what seems to be a counterintuitive element to group human behavior. Plus, he’ll discuss how you can break through and render aid when someone’s life is on the line.  Online Learning - UNLOCKED: Protector Parent Gear from The Secure Dad:

Sep 15

14 min 19 sec

The most dangerous place you go during your day might be your local gas station. Andy is joined by Greg Williams and Brian Marren of Arcadia Cognerati to discuss how to stay safe at the pump. Plus, they discuss gas station cuisine.  For more on Arcadia Cognerati: Gran your exclusive Protector Parent gear from The Secure Dad: Find out more about online learning from The Secure Dad:

Sep 8

46 min 53 sec

Andy takes on a topic he’s avoided for a long time. Improving your chances of survival not only depends on the ability to predict and avoid threats, it also includes being physically able to respond. Plus, Andy discusses the top 10 leading causes of death in America. (There’s a reason, don’t worry.) The Secure Dad Store: Get Ready for UNLOCKED:

Sep 1

13 min 2 sec

Are schools in America considered safe? Andy welcomes Spencer Coursen, author of The Safety Trap to talk about the reality of school safety. What they discuss will address your fears and empower you with answers to protect your children.    For more on Spencer Coursen: The Secure Dad Field Notes: Social Media Safe First Day of School Sign Download:

Aug 25

39 min 43 sec

As kids go back to school Andy shares simple ways to make school safer for everyone. He discusses the dangers of some back-to-school pictures, social media red flags, talking with our kids about their concerns, and masks. Plus, learn how to keep Spotify from tracking you! Printable Safe Social Media First Day of School Sign: Join The Secure Dad Field Notes: Get your seat for the Protector Symposium 4.0:

Aug 18

10 min 16 sec

Andy welcomes the founder of Protect Young Eyes, Chris McKenna to the show to discuss how parents can protect their kids beyond parental controls. Chris is very open with us about how we can ease into those important conversations that will be the foundation of a healthy online lifestyle. For more on Chris and Protect Young Eyes: Sign up for Field Notes: Get your seat to the Protector Symposium 4.0:

Aug 11

38 min 41 sec

Andy breaks down the most important element in personal safety and family protection. Plus, a look into the rise of the QR code menu. Using a QR code at a restaurant may get you more than you ordered.  QR Code Article: Protect your home with my best-selling home security book:

Aug 4

11 min 1 sec

Andy is joined by professional photographer Claire Rodahaver. Claire is passionate about photo safety and creating awareness of the potential dangers of posting online. Together they discuss online photo safety and how to best protect your children when posting on social media. Please share this conversation with your friends.   Photo Safety with Claire: Protector Symposium: What to do After a Wreck Checklist:

Jul 28

28 min 48 sec

Andy discusses the most common way hackers get personal accounts and corporate secrets, the humble phishing attack. Learn what it is and how you keep from getting reeled in by a hacker. Sign up for the Protector Symposium 4.0: What to do After a Wreck Checklist: Stay in touch with Field Notes:

Jul 21

13 min 31 sec

Jason Patton of Fire Department Chronicles stops by to tell Andy what to do if he finds himself on fire and how to keep that from happening in the first place. Also, they discuss rubber chickens and shock collars.  For more on Jason Patton: For more on the Protector Symposium: What to do After a Wreck, Free checklist:

Jul 14

18 min 34 sec

Being in a car wreck is a scary situation. When your adrenaline kicks in it may be hard to remember what to do. Andy tells us how to respond after a wreck and how to not escalate the situation to make things worse. Plus he’ll share his personal experience of what NOT to do in a vehicle fire.  Download What to do After a Wreck:

Jul 7

14 min 11 sec

What is ransomware and why is it in the news? Andy takes a look at ransomware attacks, how it works and why protector parents need to be aware of it and its effects. Facebook Group Protector Parenting 101:

Jun 30

10 min 7 sec

Andy is joined by Sean Clifford, CEO of Canopy. Together they discuss the devastating effects of “the new drug” that is adult material. Hear about the influence it is having on young minds and how to protect our kids from it. For more from Canopy: The Secure Dad Hiking Safety Guide:

Jun 23

29 min 35 sec

Andy and Sean Clifford, CEO of Canopy discuss how Canopy protects from online adult material and how it fosters good decision making for users.  For more from Canopy:

Jun 23

8 min 4 sec

In this episode, Andy takes on the easiest way a thief can break into your home. He’ll tell you how it's done and how to stop it. Visuals for Today’s show:   Download The Secure Dad Hiking Guide:   The Secure Dad Podcast Survey:

Jun 16

10 min 36 sec

On the show, Andy welcomes back speaker, author, and conflict management professional Randy King. Together they talk about why we should all embrace and enforce our personal boundaries.  For more on Randy King: Download The Secure Dad Hiking Guide:

Jun 9

50 min 39 sec

In this bonus, Randy Kings shares a story about a time he inadvertently violated someone’s boundaries and what he learned from that experience.  For more on Randy King: The Secure Dad:

Jun 9

7 min 11 sec

Enjoy the great outdoors with your family! Today Andy discusses how to have fun and stay safe while hiking. He’ll provide tips on gear, personal protective equipment, and how to quickly spot a lost kid in the wilderness.  Download The Secure Dad Hiking Safety Guide: Podcast Survey: For more from The Secure Dad:

Jun 2

8 min 46 sec

Social media is affecting our children’s mental health. Titana Jordan of Bark Technologies shares with us what we can do as parents to help our kids in their digital childhood.  For more on Titania Jordan and Bark Technologies: Download OSINT for Parents: The Secure Dad Podcast Survey:

May 26

17 min 23 sec

What is “sharenting”? Titania Jordan of Bark Technologies tells us what we as parents can do to protect our kids and not embarrass them online. For more on Titania Jordan and Bark Technologies: The Secure Dad:

May 26

8 min 16 sec

Don’t raise victims. Andy tackles three myths about overprotecting our children. From helicopter parents to the news to social media, we all need to boldly raise our children. Download OSINT for Parents: The Secure Dad Podcast Survey: More from The Secure Dad:

May 19

9 min 15 sec

Spencer Coursen is a security expert and the author of the upcoming book The Safety Trap. Spencer and Andy discuss what families need to do to stay safe in a dangerous world.   For more on Spencer Coursen and to get your copy of The Safety Trap:   Get your free copy of The Secure Dad’s Guide to OSINT:

May 12

35 min 47 sec

Have you ever wondered what information people can find out about you online? Surprisingly, it’s a lot. Learn what’s out there about you and what you can do about it as Andy takes a look at open source intelligence (OSINT).  The Secure Dad’s Guide to OSINT for Parents:

May 5

8 min 26 sec

Andy welcomes retired Navy SEAL and #1 New York Times bestselling author Clint Emerson to the show. Together they’ll discuss embracing your inner hero, home security, and protecting those that you love. For more on Clint Emerson: The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:

Apr 28

19 min 29 sec

Are you using one of the most common passwords on the internet? If so it can be hacked almost instantly. Andy walks us through how to create strong passwords to keep our accounts and our families safe! Example passphrase from the show: TheSecureDadPodcastIs#1! Take the free 5 Day Challenge:

Apr 21

6 min 57 sec

Learn how to survive going out to dinner with your family from human behavior pattern recognition experts Greg Williams and Brian Marren of Arcadia Cognerati.  Free Training from Arcadia Cognerati, Surviving Dinner: For more on Arcadia Cognerati: Sign up for The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:  

Apr 14

39 min 51 sec

In a perfect world, mass shootings wouldn’t happen. In a perfect world, no one would ever harm a child. We don’t live in a perfect world, do we? Andy challenges us to take a hard look at the actual world we live in and to defend those that we love. Sign up for The Secure Dad 5 Day Challenge:

Apr 7

6 min 47 sec

Andy welcomes back Chis Pendas of Staying Safe Self-Defense to talk about safety in plain sight. Learn how you can position yourself to be successful in protecting your family while enjoying your life! For more from Chris Pendas: Download Parking Lot Safety for Parents:

Mar 31

38 min 35 sec

Online privacy seems to be disappearing and it’s not getting better any time soon. Andy welcomes back Tom Eston of The Shared Security Show to discuss how we can protect our privacy online.  For more on Tom Eston:

Mar 24

25 min 15 sec

Andy addresses what parents need to know about child abductions and where our attention needs to be focused most on protecting our kids from being separated from us. Some of these truths will challenge what you think about abductions.  Download Parking Lot Safety for Parents:

Mar 10

7 min 57 sec

Andy dives into the criminal mind to analyze a crime that makes him angry. Then he’ll analyze what he’s learned to help us all better protect our families when we are in parking lots. Plus, download the free PDF guide Parking Lot Safety for Parents. Download Parking Lot Safety for Parents: For Video Examples:

Mar 3

8 min 52 sec

What is human hacking and how can it make you a better parent? Today Andy welcomes Chris Hadnagy, social engineer extraordinaire to the show to share how we can communicate better at home and in life.  For more on Chris Hadnagy: Free Tools from The Secure Dad:

Feb 24

32 min 28 sec

Andy discusses Sun Tzu’s "the supreme art of war" and how we can use this wisdom in our daily lives as protector parents.   Join the protector parenting community: Get your free copy of The Dark Web for Parents:

Feb 17

5 min 25 sec

In the first of a two-part conversation, Beverly Baker talks about everyday threat discernment. Plus, she shares how to clear your mind to better understand how to move through your environment and focus on your personal safety. For more from Beverly Baker: More Show Notes:

Feb 10

27 min 28 sec

In the second part of Andy’s interview with Beverly Baker of Asphalt Anthropology, Beverly shares a scary story about when she was targeted on the street and what she did to avoid violence and get out of a bad situation. Plus they discuss understanding fact from fear in daily life. For more from Beverly Baker: Beverly's Street Dodges:

Feb 10

27 min 31 sec