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To tell a story is to create a memory. Each episode, Lindsey Calla will be digging deeper into human ideas and bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world through conversation and connection. The most ancient way of conserving information is through storytelling and oral traditions. Let's come back to center and back into balance with the help and inspiration from thought leaders, cultural connectors, authors, wisdom keepers, and creatives. The series, with a mix of interviews and solo explorations, hopes to inspire us to follow what ignites our passions and digs deeper into enhancing our personal well-being and growth.

Lindsey Calla has a decade of experience in the media world spanning from wellness, art history, and travel.

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Professor John Bennet, Archaeologist and Director of the British School of Athens, leads us on a journey of discovery through Minoan and Mycenaean art and civilization in the Bronze Age Aegean. What is contained in their mysterious Linear A & B writings? What influenced the artistic aesthetic of their very modern frescoes? Were the Minoans linked to the fabled story of Atlantis?   John Bennet's research focuses on the archaeology of complex societies (particularly the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean), the archaeology and history of Crete, early writing and administrative systems (especially Linear B), and on the Venetian and Ottoman periods in Greece, often explicitly integrating material and textual evidence.  His further interest in diachronic regional studies has been developed through fieldwork in Crete (Knossos; Phaistos region; Chania region), mainland Greece (Pylos region) and the islands (Keos; Kythera). As Director of The British School of Athens, he co-edits the BSA Annual and compiles the annual Archaeology in Greece bulletin for Archaeological Reports. As a professor he has taught in the Universities of Cambridge, Wisconsin–Madison and Oxford and currently holds a Chair in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Follow us @lindseycalla

Dec 6

41 min 9 sec

An interview with bestselling author, Ross King, on his new book: The Bookseller of Florence. Known as ‘the king of the world’s booksellers’, Vespasiano produced hundreds of exquisite manuscripts for the libraries of many of Europe’s most famous and powerful personalities. Many of the great names of rediscovered ancient greek philosophers passed through his bookmaking shop and ultimately sparked the entire Renaissance. Listen on as we uncover the real beginnings of one of the world’s most beautiful and transformative cultural awakenings…..

Nov 9

50 min 34 sec

Join author and renowned Classical scholar, Barry B. Powell, for a discussion on his new book, Greek Poems to the Gods: Hymns from Homer to Proclus. We cover what these ancient stories of epic wars, journeys, gods and goddesses mean to our contemporary life, the history of ancient poetry, mythology and much more.

Sep 20

26 min 49 sec

As part of the National Archaeological Museum's 150th anniversary, The Countless Aspects of Beauty reflects the aesthetic ideals of ancient Greece through the Neolithic time until late antiquity.  Dr. Despina Kalesopoulou takes us on a mythical sensory journey to help us understand how women in ancient Greece perceived beauty and how it still reflects on our standards today.  Listen on for stories on Aphrodite, the first beauty pageants and discovering ancient perfume recipes.   

Feb 2020

39 min 28 sec

Launching into a new year with some assistance from Astrologer, author and spiritual practitioner Juliana McCarthy.  As we shift into the Age of Aquarius, Juliana helps us understand the correlation between what happens in the heavens and its effect on humanity.  She leads us through mythological stories, life purpose guidance and much more.  Find more about Juliana on her website,   

Feb 2020

24 min 31 sec

On this week's episode, I'm digging deeper into natural perfumery with Cebastien  Rose and Robin Moore of Dryland Wilds. I joined them on a foraging expedition to harvest Russian Olive and use the ancient technique of enfleurage to capture the scent near Ojo Caliente.  We talk natural vs synthetic perfume, saving common and invasive plants from toxic herbicide, harvesting sustainably and the magic of New Mexico. 

May 2019

50 min 49 sec

Jared Hagood, the founder of Lineage Seeds, takes us on a journey from seed to plant to food. On this week's episode, we dig deeper into how seeds are nature's finest biological microchip of storing data and how this data can help shape our personal identity.  From ancient burial pottery to modern farming, we talk about the impact and importance personal seed saving has on bringing the past into the future.  

May 2019

42 min 47 sec

Introducing Journey Layover- Quick insights on current inspiration to help guide the layers of our journey.  This week's episode, I discuss the impact of Walter Isaacson's book on Leonardo Da Vinci and how we can all learn from this flawed creative genius.  Insights on perfection, procrastination, originality, and growth from thousands of first-hand journal accounts from Da Vinci himself. 

Apr 2019

11 min 14 sec

Digging deeper into the roots of Ayurveda with Uma Oils founder, Shrankhla Holecek.  Her family's lineage as Ayurvedic physicians to India's royalty continues to this day with potent and pure skin and wellness oils created on the same farm that has been cultivated for royalty for hundreds of years. We talk about her family's lineage, why botanical essential oils are good for the body and mind, breaking down Ayurveda as a science, and Ayurvedic rituals to maintain balance.

Apr 2019

28 min 59 sec

Then to Now: What we can learn from the Hawaiian cultural worldview. On this episode, Kumu Ramsay Taum is our guide to the many beautiful concepts in Hawaiian spiritual practice that spread Aloha not only through the islands but around the world.  Understanding the ancient battle art of Lua, ho'oponopono and searching for true connection in a fast-past world by looking back to our ancestors, following the lineage of time and why self-evident is better than self-proclaimed.

Apr 2019

52 min 25 sec

Digging deeper into the color system of Aura-Soma.  I traveled to Mii Amo Spa in Sedona to sit down with my favorite Aura-Soma practitioner, Bhakta, to use color to reveal the layers of my own journey and self-awareness.  This system of color, plant and crystal energies resonates the quality of our own original being on a deeper level.  You'll never see colors the same again.

Apr 2019

50 min 33 sec

Gladiator to Guru: Former All-Pro NFL athlete turned internationally renowned Yogi talks about his remarkable transformation after a career-ending spinal injury using conscious breathing, meditation, nutrition and realigning identity to heal.

Mar 2019

45 min 16 sec

Coming soon, a new podcast series from tv host, writer, creative and international award-nominated blogger, Lindsey Calla. 

Feb 2019

56 sec