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Comms Counsel spotlights all things when it comes to the field of communications, we talk about why PR matters to your brand or business and along the way we take you behind the scenes of consultancy life.

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For the chief executive office of the Queensland branch of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, Kirsty Chessher-Brown has this year encountered the challenge of navigating enormous uncertainty in the property industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kirsty shares her experience of managing massive change and steering her organisation on to a steady path and updates us on her outlook for the Queensland property market beyond 2020.

Dec 2020

19 min 32 sec

As the director of ConNectica Consulting, Marion Wands has a laser-like focus on improving the mental health and well-being of all Australians. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the livelihoods and mental health of so many Australians, Marion has encountered the challenges of leading and communicating during this crisis first-hand. In this episode of Comms Counsel, Marion discusses the outlook for the mental health landscape in this country beyond 2020 and the unexpected opportunities which have been created as a result of the need for socially-distanced interactions and communication.

Dec 2020

16 min 57 sec

Ali Davenport is the chief executive of the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) – an economic development organisation in the Darling Downs region of South East Queensland. The COVID19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to rural and regional towns, and Ali shares some stories of the strength and innovation which have helped to set Toowoomba and its surrounding areas on a solid path to recovery in 2021 and beyond.

Dec 2020

18 min 39 sec

With decades of experience in the not-for-profit sector, Prue Densley has just led her team through one of the toughest challenges the aged care sector has ever had to face. Apart from ensuring the health and safety of patients and residents within the St Vincent’s Care Services facilities, Prue has also overseen the wellbeing of frontline workers, at a time when the focus of public and media scrutiny has never been so intense.

Nov 2020

15 min 35 sec

As the chief executive of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Daniel Gschwind is keenly aware of the devastating impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the travel and leisure sector throughout the Sunshine State. Daniel talks candidly about what it’s been like to lead an organisation during such difficult times, and also discusses the opportunities which have arisen from adversity in 2020.

Nov 2020

17 min 18 sec

Kos Sclavos has worked in the Australian pharmaceutical sector for decades, having served on the Pharmacy Guild of Australia for 25 years. In this episode of Comms Counsel, Kos shares his unique perspective on what it’s been like to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it’s brought in terms of the effective delivery of information, in what has been a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Nov 2020

20 min 57 sec

Consulting can be a demanding career, Client Group Manager at BBS Communications Group - Amanda Firth chats about how to manage high client expectations and develop healthy and rewarding relationships.

Dec 2019

16 min 4 sec

In part two of our chat around communications in the disability sector we discuss the right language to use when communicating with people with a disability, which can often be difficult and worrying for people. Senior Account Manager, Barbara Haines has years of experience in the field and discusses how to engage in the disability sector without offending.

Dec 2019

9 min 38 sec

How we write and speak about people with a disability can have a big effect on community attitudes and how people with a disability feel about themselves. BBS Senior Account Manager, Barbara Haines discusses why communications in the disability field is a specialised skill.

Nov 2019

15 min 45 sec

So you want to be a PR consultant but don't know how to break in? We talk to a recent university graduate and one-time BBS Communications Group intern come consultant, Victoria Watson about her journey to landing her first PR gig straight out of university.

Nov 2019

12 min 51 sec

Julia McLean is relatively new to the communications field, but not to the workforce. After studying law at QUT in Brisbane, she started a career in the public sector. But after a couple of years she decided to transition to communications, here she tells us how she did it.

Oct 2019

9 min 51 sec

What sets one consultancy apart from another? Is it the leadership, company culture or the clients? BBS Communications Group Managing Director Lisa Nixon has been at the helm of BBS for 30-years and she gives her insights into how valuable communications is to a brand and what it takes to make it in the industry.

Oct 2019

16 min 7 sec