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A podcast about Board Games and friendship, and a real life board game group! Join us every week for an in-depth look at the board gaming hobby, including board game news, reviews and much, much more.

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0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Matt, the Original Game Host0:13:32 -This Week’s Game Night: Magnate, Grand Austria Hotel, Age of Steam Scandinavia, Love Letter, High Society, Captain Sonar, Bohnanza, Wavelength0:18:02 - This Week’s News: Res Arcana Expansion, Lords of Ragnarok, Lords of Helas, Messina 1349, Gloomhaven 1.0 on Steam. 0:33:49 - Games on the Brain: Imperial Steam, Origins: First Builder, Ark Nova, Furnace, Taj Mahal0:44:11 - Review of Grand Austria Hotel: Lets Waltz! 20211:15:11 - Essential Expansions, Best Base Games: Too Many Bones, Age of Steam, Concordia, Terraforming Mars, Net Runner; BEST AT BASE: Marco Polo (Venice Map, New Characters,) Terraforming Mars Prelude (Elysium and Helas)(Venus Next, Colonies, Turmoil,) 7 Wonders (Leaders, Cities,) High Frontier (Jupiter and Saturn)(Interstellar,) Troyes (Ladies of Troyes,) Keyflower, Agricola (Farmers of the Moor,) Cataan (Knights and Cities, Seafarers,) Dune (Duel, Spice Wars, Ixthions, Xylathu,) Battlestar Galactica (Pegasus, New Caprica); ESSENTIAL EXPANSIONS: Underwater Cities New Discoveries, Agricola (Farmers on the Moor,) Terraforming Mars Prelude, Age of Steam: Korea, Lorenzo il Magnifico (Houses of the Renaissance,) El Grande King and Intrigue, Great Western Trail Rails to the North, Viticulture Tuscany, Through the Ages, Tribune.1:48:21 - Board Game Sommelier: Mind Clash Void Fall Kickstarter. Golem.1:57:01 - Sign Off

Oct 25

1 hr 57 min

Trey and Jennifer talk about the 2021 release "Imperial Steam" and discuss the impact of video on the hobby.00:00:00 Introduction - - Google Pixel 600:06:53 Game Night-  Santiago-  Smartphone Inc. -  The Hunger-  Clank!00:12:09 Game News-  Ark Nova-  Bitoku -  Zenobia Award Winners -  Game Wizards -  Advanced Civilization00:30:22 Games on the Brain-  1840: Vienna Tramways-  Lonny Orgler -   Russian Railroads-   Ultimate Railroads-   The Riftbreaker-  Valheim: Hearth and Home -   Concordia on iOS-  Essen Day - Jennifer's Geeklist00:49:35 Game Review: Imperial Steam01:34:28 Member Segment: The Impact of Video on the Hobby

Oct 18

1 hr 53 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Professor Elder0:05:45 - This Week’s Game Night: Tabannusi, Imperial Struggle, Terraforming Mars, Imperial Steam, Furnace, Babylonia, Tichu0:13:21 - This Week's News: Lord of the Rings--Fantasy Flight Games Revised Core Set; Pax Unplugged, World Series of Board Games, World Boardgaming Championships (WBC,) Blood Rage, Ra, 7 Wonders, Cataan, Diplomacy, Cole Wehrle: Arcs - Collapse and Conflict in the Void; MythWind, Expanded Horizons Expansion and Magical Miniatures; Gutenberg. 0:40:42 - Games on the Brain: Tabannusi, Furnace, Glass Road0:50:32 - Review of Castles of Burgundy1:11:20 - Forgotten Classics: Puerto Rico, Through the Desert, Tigris and Euphrates, Tikal, Aman Rae, Alhambra, Reef Encounter, Carcassonne, Princes of Florence, Princes of the Renaissance, 5th Avenue, Power Grid, Taj Mahal, Boomtown, Louis XIV, Wildlife, Pillars of the Earth1:57:09 - Sign off

Oct 11

1 hr 58 min

Trey, Matt, and Paul review "Ankh: Gods of Egypt" and discuss player elimination as a mechanism.00:00:00 Introduction -  -  Americanish 00:05:24 Game News-  Candice's Gen Con Round Up  -  Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy  -  Burncycle-  Verdant Kickstarter-  Voidfall Kickstarter-  Imperium: Classics-  Concordia on iOS-  Back Chat from ThinkerThemer00:21:36 Game Night-  Not Alone-  Bohnanza-  Key to the City: London-  Chaos in the Old World-  Imperial Steam-  Wavelength00:37:14 Games on the Brain-  Perserverance: Castaway Chronicles-  Stage Left -  Knutepunkt 202100:45:24 Game Review: Ankh: Gods of Egypt01:24:25 Member Segment: Player Elimination01:41:17 Game Sommelier

Oct 4

1 hr 45 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jake, the Casual Gamer0:06:32 - This Week's Game Night: Americanish, Fresh Fish, Terraforming Mars0:13:44 - This Week's News: Asmodee for sale; Oceans Digital Game; Artisans of Splendent Vale kickstarter; Total War: Rome; Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia; In-Flight 2021.0:34:08 - Games on the Brain: College Games to Break the Ice - Codenames, Just One, The Crew, Tichu, Avalon, The Mind, Lost Cities, Wavelength0:42:05 - Review of Paris1:05:22 - Iconic Examples of Game Mechanisms: Worker Placement - Everdell, Viticulture, Agricola; Card Drafting - Seven Wonders, Citadels, Taj Mahal; Set Collection - Ra, Lost Cities, Bohnanza; Area Majority - Carcassonne, El Grande, Ethnos; Cooperative - The Crew, Pandemic, Magic Maze; Deck Building - Dominion, Orleans, Taverns of Tiefenthal; Network and Route Building - Power Grid, Babylonia, Kingdom Builder; Auction/Bidding - Modern Art, Princes of Florence, Ra; 1:40:14 - Board Game Sommelier - Age of Steam, 18XX, Power Grid, Taj Mahal, Cavum1:48:06 - Sign Off

Sep 27

1 hr 49 min

Trey and Mark review "Ganz schön clever" and consider “Games as Metaphor.”0:00:00 Introduction-  Iocane Productions- Decision Center at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum 0:04:00 Game Night-  Paris-  Embarcadero-  Jackalope Productions - The Night in Question00:10:20 Game News-  GenCon  - Scout!-  Forsaken announced - One Deck Galaxy on Kickstarter - Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business -  Azul: Queen's Garden-  7 Wonders: Architects-   Soulforge Fusion on Kickstarter 00:20:00 Games on the Brain-  Clank: Legacy- Crystal Palace 00:33:30 Game Review:Ganz schön clever -  Yahtzee 00:57:30 This Week's Discussion: Games as Metaphor Produced and edited by Matthew Robinson, Tom Donnelly and Trey Alsup. Thanks to Etamaros Peleg for our art.  Thanks to Daedelus for our incredible music.More on Daedelus at you can reach us by email at contact@gamebrainpod.comor on Twitter at gamebrain_pod

Sep 20

1 hr 25 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Paul the Game Breaker: Fresh Fish, Pipeline0:12:24 - This Week’s Game Night: Terraforming Mars, Just One, Fresh Fish, Tichu, Calima, Avalon, Wavelength, Quest0:20:42 - This Week’s Game News:, Fantasy Flight and Key Forge,,  Prospero's Hall Rocketeer,,, Castles of Burgundy on BGA0:41:19 - Games on the Brain: Crystal Palace, Scout0:49:54 - Review of Fresh Fish: Original, Plenary and 2014 editions1:13:01 - Negotiating in Games: 1817,Versailles 1919, Chinatown, Sheriff of Nottingham, Bohnanza, Sidereal Confluence, Rising Sun, Churchill, Genoa, Cosmic Encounter, Oath, Diplomacy, Brass, Terraforming Mars, Great Western Trail, 18xx, Genoa1:57:12 - Game Sommelier: Maria, War Chest, The Grizzled, Roll for the Galaxy, Jaws.2:01:55 - Sign Off

Sep 13

2 hr 3 min

Trey and Candice review "Versailles 1919" and consider “How to be taught a game.”(sorry for the echo on some of the audio!)0:00:00 Introduction-  Meadow0:09:20 Game Night-  Scout!-  Panamax-  Dune: Imperium-  Quest-  Anno 180000:20:40 Game News-  Weather Machine on Kickstarter October 28th-  Queen's Gambit: Das Damengambit-  Settlement-  Bruxelles 1893: Belle Epoque-  World Cup Game coming to Kicstarter November 1.0:30:04 Games on the Brain-  Tigris & Euphrates-  The Grew: Mission Deep Sea-  Founding Fathers-  Oracle of Delphi-  Stage Left00:49:55 Game Review - Versailles 1919-  Churchill-  Pericles-  Triumvir01:28:35 Member Segment: How to be taught a game.01:48:08 Game Sommelier-  Civilization: A New Dawn-  Oracle of Delphi-  Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile-  Dune-  Indonesia-  Friedrich-  A Few Acres of Snow-  Hands in the Sea

Sep 6

1 hr 58 min

Trey and Alfred review the revised edition of "Agricola" and ask why the Olympics feature some games and not others.0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Alfred, the Rule Lawyer0:04:50 -This Week’s Game Night: Lancaster,  Twilight Struggle, Agricola, Santorini, Hearthstone, Pokémon Unite on Switch, World of Warcraft0:18:30 - This Week’s Game News: Verdant, Zenobi Awards, International Gaming Awards, The Hunger0:33:20 - Games on the Brain: Switch Pokémon Unite, Age of Steam, board game expansions, League of Legends, Galveston, Carcassonne, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Suburbia, 0:55:20 - Agricola Review: Russian Railroads, Caverna, Trickerion, Farmers on the Moor, Tribune, 1:34:38 - Olympics, Sports, and Board Games: Chess, Pitch Car1:57:12 - Sign Off

Aug 23

1 hr 58 min

Tom and Ben delve into the mysterious world of Mind MGMT, and discuss our favorite "rare game mechanisms!"0:00:00 Introduction-  Father's Office-  6 nimmt!-  The Crew-  Tichu0:15:07 Game Night-  Michael Nickoloff BGG GameNight!-  Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea-  Versailles 1919-  Mind MGMT-  Friedrich-  Tragedy Looper-  Imperial Steam-  1817-  Train Shuffling Podcast0:25:48 Game News-  Corrosion from Capstone Games Pre-Order-  Twilight Struggle Red Sea-  Masters of the Universe on Kickstarter (CMON)-  Flamecraft from Manny Vega-  Great Western Trail 2nd Edition0:41:32 Games on the Brain-  Big Brother-  Crescent City Cargo-  Quest (It's Trey's copy actually)0:50:37 Game Review: Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game1:21:25 Member Segment: Rare Game Mechanisms

Aug 16

1 hr 59 min

Trey and Dmitry review the 2014 classic "Panamax" then revisit the subject of "metagaming."0:00:00 Introduction0:05:05 Game Night-  Quest-  Versailles 191900:09:41 Game News-  Avatar Legends RPG on Kickstarter-  Descent: Legends of the Dark released-  Boonlake by Alexander Pfister pre-orders available-  Maricaibo: The Uprising expansion-  Pilgrim: Piety & Penitence-  Rolling Realms by Jamey Stegmaier-  Weather Machine by Vital Lacerda-  Tulpenfieber by Uwe Rosenberg-  Dune: Betrayal by Don Eskridge0:47:50 Games on the Brain-  Quest-  Tichu-  Generation Analog Conference    -  Scott Nicholson    -  Elizabeth Hargrave01:03:39 Game Review - Panamax01:40:15 Member Segment: Revisiting Metagaming-  Resistance: Avalon-  Diplomacy

Aug 9

2 hr 24 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jennifer, the Board Game Pioneer0:07:41 - Game Night: Babylonia, Merchant's Cove, Terraforming Mars, Quest, El Grande,  Panamax, Estates, Paris0:23:25 - This Week's Board Game News - GI Joe Deck Builder; Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder; Divinus; Hunt or Be Hunted: Cryptid Urban Legends; Maharaja; Cardboard Creations: Andean Abyss.0:41:03 - Games on the Brain: Astroneer, No Man Sky, Quest, Battlestar Galactica, Avalon, Alubari, Snowdonia0:56:02 - Review of Babylonia1:21:11 - Getting Competitive: Hallertau, Agricola, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Le Havre, Terraforming Mars1:51:45 - Board Game Sommelier: Netrunner, Santorini, War Chest, Arboretum, The Grizzled, Red 7, Through the Desert, Samurai, Watergate, Res Arcana, 7 Wonders. 1:56:10 - Sign Off: Mayveena You Tube Channel

Aug 2

1 hr 57 min

Trey, Matt, and Paul Jake review "Summoner Wars" and conjure up some thoughts on the "games that divide us."0:00:00 Message from Trey0:00:40 Introduction0:09:31 Game Night-Anno 1800-Crescent City Cargo-Quest0:24:42 Game News-MicroMacro: Crime City wins Spiel de Jahres-Paleo wins Kennerspiel des Jahres-Downfall: Conquest of the Third Reich on GMT P500-Voidfall-Wingspan on iOS-Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King-Top Pop on Kickstarter-Ravensburger announces Echoes series-Oranienburger Kanal is the title of the next Uwe Rosenberg games.0:44:20 Games on the Brain-Quest-Ankh: Gods of Egypt-Imperium: Classics0:57:40 Game Review: Summoner Wars 2nd Edition1:28:23 Member Segment: "Games that Divide Us"1:56:48 Game Sommelier-The Gallerist-Avalon-Kanban-Viticulture-Super Skill Pinball 4-cade-BattleStar Galactica

Jul 26

2 hr 9 min

0:00:00 Introduction: Welcome Jesse, the Analytical Gamer0:06:25 This Week’s Game Night0:12:51 This Week’s Game News0:28:30  Games on the Brain0:42:12 - Review of The Initiative1:14:41 - One-Off Games1:46:33 - Board Game Sommelier1:51:00 - Sign Off

Jul 19

1 hr 52 min

Trey and Jake cuddle up for some "Calico" and patch together some thoughts on "ethics in games."0:00:00 Introduction0:04:16 Game Night0:12:32 Game News0:23:50 Games on the Brain0:27:35 Game Review - Calico0:46:41 Member Segment - Chapter 10 Ethics in Games1:09:10 Game Sommelier1:18:52 Outro

Jul 12

1 hr 19 min

0:00:00 - Welcome Alfred, the Rules Lawyer Monopoly, Risk, Twilight Imperium, Witches of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Ed., 4th Ed., Champions0:15:00 - This Week's Game NightBGA, Hearthstone, Russian Railroads, Santorini, Agricola, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Terraforming Mars, Sagrada, Terraforming Mars Ares Expansion, Alubari and Snowdonia 17:57, Warlord 18:30, Age of Steam Germany 23:250:24:46 - This Week's NewsYellow & Yangtze, Ra, Modern Art, Babylonia, Samurai, Through the Desert, Blue Moon City, Grail Games and Reiner Knizia; Pipeline: Emerging Markets Expansion at 28:08; Die Macher 31:12; Curious Cargo 32:10; Carnegie changes on BGA 32:44; Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze 34:32; Power Grid, Faiyum, Fearsome Floors, 36:35; Orleans picked up by Capstone from Tasty Minstrels 36:550:38:36 - Games on the BrainThe aesthetics of the sound and heft of game pieces: Warlord, Santorini, Food Chain Magnate, Trickerion, Lords of Waterdeep, Taverns of Tiefenthal; Diplomacy; Terraforming Mars, Ares Expansion 46:07, Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy0:51:51 - Review of Santorini01:15:21 - Reviving Old and Out of Fashion GamesFaiyum, Settlers of Cataan; Warlord 1:23:56; Talisman, 1:27:53, Merlin, Apocalypse; Junta, 1:29:30, Paranoia; Scotland Yard,1:35:38, Letters from Whitechapel, Fury of Dracula;  Wiz War 1:39:29, Dominant Species; Master Mind, 1:42:08, Mysterium; Polarity, 1:43:23; The Gallerist, 1:46:10; Diplomacy, 1:48:25; Illuminati, the Card Game 1:54:021:58:40 - Sign Off, Barrage

Jun 28

2 hr

00:00:00 Introduction - Catching up with Elder's gorgeous bodywww.diamondgame.comEpic MegaGrants00:13:38 Game NightMedusa UnleashedRiccochet RobotsTribuneTerraforming Mars: Big Box00:20:55 Game NewsAgricolaTerra Mystica: Fire & IceTichuHardbackConcordia: Digital EditionCaptstone picks up OrleansDragomino wins Kinderspiel des JahresKingdominoIsle of Cats: Kittens & BeastsNow or NeverCrafting Arzium6-minute TeaserMasters of the Universe: Fields of EterniaSquaring Circleville00:31:28 Games on the BrainPower GridGame Studio StackerPeacemaking 1919: The Peace Conference at VersaillesExterminate All the Brutes00:42:47 Game Review - Bruxelles 189301:08:35 Member Segment - What Games Teach UsThe Campaign for North Africa01:35:30 Game SommelierViticultureVinhosOra et LaboraMadeiraGrand CruBus

Jun 21

1 hr 43 min

Tom and Dmitry take in a new version of an old fave: Tribune! And they discuss kind vs wicked environments and what that might mean for gaming.                                                                                0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Dmitry, The Philosophical GamerTribune, Die Macher0:04:23 - This Week's Game NightTribuneSantiago (4:57)Avalon (6:37)Coffee Traders (9:54)Terraforming Mars (10:50)0:14:47 - This Week's News HungerThe Bloody Inn2021 BGG Con (18:12)Unfathomable (21:12)Battlestar GalacticaSleuth, The ResistanceNow or Never (25:36)Near and Far, Above and BelowTrails (26:11)ParksIn the Shadow of Demos (27:07)Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue MarsCardboard Creations: Mystic Vail (29:51)0:30:31 - Games on the Brain0:44:36 - Review of Tribune1:33:00 - Kind and Wicked Games2:14:40 - Sign Off

Jun 14

2 hr 15 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Throttling your play with Paul and Ben00:02:17 Game NightIKITribuneAvalonDecryptoCubitosRail Pass Toot Toot!Menara00:16:43 Game NewsGaia Project on SteamTussie MussieTriumvir on GMTs P500Isle of Cats: Kittens + BeastsSavannah Park1840Mosaic on Kickstarter00:26:42 Games on the BrainThe CircleSecret HitlerSquaring CirclevilleCrescent City Cargo00:44:41 Game Review - Nations: DynastiesThrough the Ages01:42:25 Member Segment - Throttling your play

Jun 7

2 hr 18 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Candice, the Omni Gamer.MadeiraMysteriumDixitTable TopMonopoly, Sorry, Trouble, UnoMagic MazeKing of TokyoGreat Western TrailBattlestar GalacticaVoyages of Marco PoloRootBrass: BirminghamIndonesia18xxTwilight Imperium0:16:44 - This Week’s Game NightCoffee TraderChurchill (17:22)Versailles 1919 (19:15)Distant Plane (21:42)Pipeline (22:57)Faiyum (23:58)Avalon (25:48)Tichu, Coimbra, Gaia Project0:28:30 - This Week's NewsThe Witcher: Old WorldLost Ruins of Arnak: Search for Professor Kutil (31:24)Dune ImperiumArydia (34:30)Zia: Legends of the Drift SystemParis (38:38)El Grande, Tekhal Mexica, AzulFrancis Drake, LignumMaharajahStatement by David Turczi about Prisoner Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary (45:34)0:48:51 - Review of Coffee TradersWildcatters1:39:35 - War GamesComanchuriaCuba LibreIlluminati, Wiz WarCivilization, Diplomacy, Republic of RomeComplete StrategistBreakout NormandyApocalypseWarlordRoot, Star Wars Rebellion, War of the RingCampaign for North AfricaAll Bridges BurningLiberty or DeathHannibal: Rome v CarthageBattle CryFire on the LakeTop 5 Gateway Games x 2 (2:03:07)Undaunted Normandy, Undaunted North AfricaWallenstein, ShogunTsekigahara: Unification of JapanFriedrichMaria1775: RebellionBreakout Normandy Cuba LibreWar of the RingLabyrinth: the war on terror 2001-?Wilderness WarTwilight Struggle2:14:12 - Sign Off

May 31

2 hr 15 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Potluck with Ben00:05:30 Puzzle SolutionKey to the puzzle. Link to final puzzle: 00:09:43 Game NightKraftwagen on Yucata18xx.games18221882Oath00:20:50 Game NewsPaperback Adventures on KickstarterRailways of Sweden and Australia on KickstarterVampire RivalsGoonies: Never Say DieElder ScrollsKennerspiel des Jahres 2021 NominationsLost Ruins of ArnakFantasy RealmsPaleoAlso recommended:Aeon's EndRiftforceGloomhaven: Jaws of the LionBarrage00:40:00 Games on the BrainBarrage 5 player expansionGinkopolisSquaring Circleville00:49:28 Game Review - Faiyum01:41:42 Co-Host Segment - Board PositionGames mentionedAgricolaBrassWildcattersBarrageTerraforming MarsDinosaur IslandRoads & BoatsFood Chain MagnatePraga Caput RegniOn the UndergroundDiplomacyThe TranscontinentalKeyflowerThe CostFast SlothsPower GridFresh FishGreat Zimbabwe

May 24

2 hr 25 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jennifer, the Game Pioneer0:03:36 - This Week's Game NightHadrian's WallImperial Bells and Steam (4:41)1822 (5:03)Tribune (6:19)Terraforming Mars, 1840, Faeyim (8:22)0:08:46 - This Week's NewsHoplomachus VictorumChip TheoryFrosthaven, Isaac Childress's Update #80: Cultural Consultancy (12:45)Gloomhaven Race for the GalaxyAlma MaterDelicious Games, Messina 1347 (22:47)Mosaic (24:22)Advanced CivilizationPipeline: Emerging Markets (30:31)Hanse Teutonica (32:08)Jesse's Puzzle (33:18)0:34:06 - Games on the BrainCoffee Traders (34:38)1829 (35:30)Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends (39:02)Merchant's Coat (39:36)Faeyim (40:18)Power GridFresh FishFolkenschlagFiersome Floors5040:49:10 - Review of 1840: Vienna TramwaysRussian Railroads18xx1:19:00 - Hosting Game EventsGame Nights versus Game Days18301822Ticket to RideCarcassonneMagic the Gathering1:49:25 - Game SommelierHiveLost CitiesWatergateSeven Wonders DuelAzulRace for the GalaxyDominionThe CrewPax PamirRes ArcanaRaModern Art1:54:05 - Sign Off

May 17

1 hr 56 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Matt, the Game Enthusiast0:01:03 - This Week's Game Night (Prologue)Barrage, Dwellings of EldervaleLate Night Avalon0:05:35 - This Week's Game Night Summoner Wars 2.0 Online Beta Version and Physical CopiesFantasy FlightKeyforge, Netrunner, Arkstone, Magic The Gathering OnlineBarrage on SteamPitchcar (15:49)AvalonTribune (17:28)0:18:05 - This Week's Game NewsVoid FallEclipseConcordia: Solitaria (22:28)Corsica, Creda, Brittania, Salt Italia MapsSplotter Food Chain Magnate, Zimbabwe Reprints Delayed (23:41)Horseless Carriage AntiquityMy Father's Work (25:54)Viva Java!My Life with Master (28:25)Seventh ContinentStation Fall (30:47)TranshumanityPax Renaissance, Pax Viking0:37:43 - Games on the BrainRubick's CubeSpeed CubingSuper Cubes, Smart Cubes, Connected Cubes, 4x4, 5x5, Pyramids1840 (43:17)Age of Steam, 18xx1889 (46:25)Marvel United  X Men (46:40)0:51:54 - Review of Dwellings of EldervaleManhattan ProjectEnergy EmpireTerra MysticaConcordia WarlordEmpire of the MasqueradeWarhammerGaia ProjectCavernaCryo1:36:57 - Culling Your Board Game CollectionWar of the Rings, 2nd EdWatergateWelcome to the DungeonWingspanWizard’s QuestBabyloniaBarrageBattlestar GalacticaBelfortBeyond the SunBios Genesis, megafauna, originsBlack AngelBlackout Hong KongbohnanzaBonfireBrass Birmingham and LancashireBroom ServiceBrussels 1893BusThe estatesPax pamirTerraforming MarsGalleristKingdom death monsterDuneTzolkienLe HavreKanbanToo Many BonesGloomhavenThrough the agesPax porfirianaCastles of BurgundyNemo’s war2:00:00 - Sign Off

May 10

2 hr 1 min

Words that might have something in common...00:00:35 Introduction - Planning some puzzles with Jesse00:03:15 Game NightPitchCarAvalonGinkgopolisDwellings of EldervaleSkullWavelengthNations on MaBiweb00:08:08 Game NewsHasbro NewsTyrants of the UnderdarkGenCon Safety UpdateStrategicon goes virtualAlien: Fate of the Nostromo00:18:09 Games on the BrainTwilight StruggleValheimBartle TypesQuantic Foundry survey00:41:54 Game Review - Detective: L.A. CrimesLethal Weapon - 1987!!!01:05:07 Member Segment: The Commandments of Puzzle DesignPipelineCurious CargoFeast For OdinPatchworkDetective: A Modern Crime Board GameChronicles of CrimeTime Stories7th ContinentJonathan Blow48 Laws of PowerThe Cypher FilesCicada 3301Pigpen CipherTenyoism01:33:28 What--?! A Hidden Puzzle?? What is the connection?01:35:53 Game Sommeliersubmit questions to contact@gamebrainpod.comAgricolaBarrageLorenzo il Magnifico01:38:51 Wrap-upGame Brain Youtube channelFacebook GroupDiscord invite link

May 3

1 hr 39 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jake, the Casual GamerDungeon Lords0:07:39 - This Week's Game NightWords with Friends, ScrabbleTerraforming Mars, Tichu, Crokinole0:10:20 - This Week's Game NewsSplotter, Capstone GamesArkwrightGaia ProjectPipelineCurious CargoImperial Steam (13:25)Christian T Peterson, Fantasy Flight Games  (14:10)Battlestar GalacticaAndroid Net RunnerGame  Center in Roseville Minnesota (15:20)18 Cash and 18 Shares Kickstarter (17:18)1830, 1870, 1867, 18 ChesapeakeMonster Hunter World the Board Game Kickstarter (22:50)The 15th Annual Golden Geek Awards Nomination (24:22)Our nomination for podcast of the yearHeavy Cardboard0:28:30 - Games on the BrainTribune18220:32:06 - Review of Dungeon PetsDungeon LordsCode NamesThrough the AgesGalaxy Trucker0:58:20 - Building a Game Library and Game GroupSkullsWavelengthJust OnePictionaryTelestrationsJust OneSecret HitlerSheriffThe CrewKing of TokyoLost CitiesLove LetterRicochet RobotsTichuCode namesThe Lord of the Rings: ConfrontationFugitiveSeven Wonders DuelEverdellSamuraiSoleniaBarrageSeven WondersStone AgePandemic: LegacyModern Art1:30:45 - game sommelier MysteriumSleuthCryptidDeception: Hong KongTragedy Looper1:36:07 - sign off

Apr 26

1 hr 36 min

00:00:00 Introduction Getting competitive with the "Rules Lawyer."00:05:28 Game NightSantoriniTerra MysticaGame Brain group on BoardGameArena.Russian RailroadsTerraforming Mars00:09:02 Game News7 Wonders Mystery2021 American Tabletop Award WinnersAbandon All ArtichokesThe CrewCalicoDominations: Road to CivilizationThe Siege of RunedarBabyloniaMy CityThe Shores of TripoliLove & Monsters on Netflix00:15:53  Games on the BrainValheim00:32:17 Review: Through the Ages:  A New Story of CivilizationNew Leaders and WondersAdvanced CivilizationNations01:12:50 Member Segment: Competition and Tournament Play01:35:46 Game SommelierHansa TeutonicaKingdom BuilderWinter KingdomBusFresh FishGreat Western Trail

Apr 19

1 hr 43 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Professor Elder0:03:25 - This Week’s Game NightDance Central (05:02)City of Eternity (06:55)Just Dance (07:43)Terraforming Mars, Splendor (08:23)Pipeline (09:06)0:11:27 - Game News of the WeekFactory Funner, Bear Raid, Ghosts of Christmas KickstarterGhosts of Christmas (12:15)Time PalatrixFactory Funner (13:45)Galaxy TruckerBear Raid (17:20)Curious CargoA Siege of Runedar (20:01)The HobbitAmun-ReTigris & Euphrates, Modern Art, Through the Desert, Samurai, Taj Mahal, Yellow & YangtzeSpirit Island: Branch and Claw (25:21)Hippocrates (25:45)Dice HospitalClinic: Covid ExpansionContainer0:29:25 - Games on the BrainDance CentralPax Vikings (32:37)0:36:00 - Castles of King LudwigSuburbiaPalaces of Mad King Ludwig: Between 2 Castles of Mad King Ludwig; Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secret Passages; Swans; Moats. Castles of Mad King Ludwig: The Collector’s Edition: Swans; Towers; Royal Decrees.0:55:22 - Becoming a Successful Board Game DesignerMystic Vale, Space Base, EcosEdge of Darkness, CubitosTrickerion1:28:05 - Game SommelierCatan: Knights and CitiesPandemic, Chinatown, Genoa, Bohnanza, Above and Below, FireflyPonzi Scheme, Container, Red Cathedral, VeniceGoa, Hawaii, Stone Age, Boomtown1:36:30 - Sign Off

Apr 12

1 hr 37 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Dmitry, The Philosophical Gamer0:07:05 - Last Week's "Table Image" Reassessment0:13:29 - Game NewsMatt Leighcock's Daybreak (13:41)New York Times articleJohn Company 2nd Edition (0:15:37)Kickstarter linkRoot (17:42)Candace Harris's John Company PreviewCole Wehrle Design Diary0:18:43 - Games on the BrainPraga Caput Regni (19:35)Maglev MetroReacting to the Past00:33:31 Game Review - Indonesia01:12:54 Member Segment - Consolidation and why we STOP playing gamesTheory of FunHidden Spring01:54:36 Game SommelierThe MindAir, Land, & SeaBalderdashFog of Love

Apr 5

2 hr 5 min

0:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome Paul, the Game Breaker0:07:00 - This Week's Game Night1800 Chesapeake (07:35) Terra MysticaTerraforming Mars, Crokinole, Wavelength (10:00)Winter KingdomTroyes (10:27)0:13:35 - This Week's NewsFractal: Beyond the Void (13:55)Eclipse, Twilight Imperium 4 (14:55)Twilight Imperium 3Stellaris (19:20)ValheimKeyforge Adventures (37:40)Rise of the KeyrackenAbyssal ConspiracyMarvel Champions0:39:50 - Games in the BrainTerra Mystica, Gaia Project, 18xx, Age of Steam0:51:30 - Maria ReviewFriedrich (55:46)Sleuth (1:07:10)Game of Thrones (1:07:25)Vier Sind das VolkTwilight StrugglrPax Pamir, Pax Renaissance, Pax PorphyrianaDominion1:17:32 - Table ImageWildlife (1:27:07)Die Macher (1:30:54)Frustration of Purpose as an issue in contract law (look it up)EclipseAvalon (1:38:25)1:59:05 - Sign OffPlease rate and review us wherever you listen to us

Mar 29

2 hr

00:00:00 Introduction - Experiencing all the emotions with BenWatch What CrappensSlap Chop00:13:40 Game Night1882 Assinboia18 Los AngelesDwellings of Eldervale00:29:38 Game NewsGenCon 2021 September 16-19Asmodee acquires Plan B GamesZ-Man sunsets Euro Classics linePrinces of FlorenceMage Noir on Kickstarter00:49:15 Games on the Brain1840: Vienna TramwaysFaiyumWings for the BaronLegendary Tactics on YoutubeValheim00:58:49 Game Review - Praga Caput Regni01:50:52 Member Segment - Being in your emotions while gaming02:18:24 Game SommelierMariaNavegadorLancasterCalimalaThe King is DeadImperialQuartermaster General

Mar 22

2 hr 25 min

00:00:00 Introduction: A very special episode of Game BrainGame Brain Avalon link00:10:05 TOP 5s! - Fictional Board Game WorldsTop 5 games from a worldMatt's 5 - ChaosmosTom's 5 - The Cones of DunshireMatt's 4 - GwentTom's 4 - The Colonizers of MalaarBoth's 3 - SabaccMatt's 2 - TakTom's 2 - TriadMatt's 1 - DejarikArchon - Commodore 64 gameTom's 1 - Glass Bead GameTops 5 worlds from a gameTom's 5- Dungeon LordsMatt's 5 - BusTom's 4 - AnachronyMatt's 4 - Blackout: Hong KongTom's 3 - High FrontierMatt's 3 - RootTom's 2 - TrickerionMatt's 2 - AnachronyTom's 1 - Android: NetrunnerMatt's 1 - Too Many Bones00:34:32 Favorite 00:37:29 Top 5 Games we havent reviewed YETAntiquityGlory to RomeTribuneLisboaFresh FishPanamaxWallensteinTroyesDiplomacy00:43:04 Reviews that changed our mindsThe CostLa GranjaOra et LaboraRussian RailroadsBlood on the ClocktowerEverdellDie Macher00:50:38 Favorite Dmitry RantsPenelope's Suitors00:56:41 Thank You!Etamaros PelegLiam Yorke01:03:25 Worst Game of Avalon ever

Mar 15

2 hr 2 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Not doing much of anything with Game Pioneer Jennifer00:07:18 Game Night - Dominant Species: MarineJennifer's Youtube Channel - MayveenaSantiagoWavelength00:16:20 Game NewsSummoner WarsJohn Company 2nd Ed.Everdell Complete CollectionBat Man: Dark Night ReturnsThe Crew: Mission Deep SeaJennifer's Card in Maricaibo: Uprising00:35:33 Games on the BrainDyson Sphere ProgramHallertauWarlord00:45:57 Game Review - Winter Kingdom01:05:17 Co-Host Segment - Competition and what it means01:34:52 Game Somellier KeyflowerCaylusIn the Year of the DragonHawaiiStone AgeTerraforming Mars on iOSEl GrandeBohnanzaFrancis DrakeGenoa

Mar 8

1 hr 44 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Elder's Journey00:05:19 Game Night24Terraforming MarsHigh SocietyJaws00:11:03 Game NewsGargoyles AwakeningStardew ValleyConcordia on SteamSkyrim on GamefoundBoardGameBreakdownCryoFast and FuriousALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo00:28:21 Games on the BrainThe TranscontinentalImperial StruggleDominant Species: Marine00:33:12 Game Early Impressions - Darwin's Journey01:00:15 Co-Host Segment - Blending Mechanisms and ThemeTom's Top 55. Panamax4. Modern Art3. Pandemic2. Twilight Struggle1. Die MacherElder's Fresh 55.  Bonfire4.  Perserverence: Castaway Chronicles3.  Dune: Imperium2.  Darwin's Journey1.  The Gallerist01:42:27 Game SommelierInnovationGizmosPotion ExplosionIt's a Wonderful WorldLa GranjaThe Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

Mar 1

1 hr 50 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Curious about what's going on with Jesse00:06:53 Game NightAnachrony: Fractures of Time00:09:13 Game NewsRoot: The Marauder ExpansionGreat Western Trail TrilogyOn Mars: Alien InvasionMetal Gear Solid cancelledLegend of the Five Rings "complete"Terraforming Mars: Ares ExpeditionKickstarter00:19:55 Games on the BrainValheimDominant Species: MarineSleeping Gods00:26:39 Game Review: Curious Cargo00:57:42 Member Segment - What we'd like to see more of...01:29:48 Game SomellierBruxelles 1893Caylus 1303Francis DrakeManhattan Project: Energy EmpireRailroad RevolutionSantiago

Feb 22

1 hr 37 min

Solo modeIt's the solo modeAnd you're all alonein the solo modeAnd you miss your groupOr you had some kidsBut you bought some gamesWhy did you buy those games?Its the solo modeIts the uh solo modeAnd youre all alonein the solo modeAnd your group is goneOr you had some kidsBut you bought those gamesWhy did you buy those games?Uuhhhhhhh...Sorry.Sorry about the audio quality on this one, everyone! My mic... wasn't plugged in and... I didn't realize I was recording only into my Airpods the entire time. Yes, that's something I really did. Doh. 00:00:00 Introduction - All alone with solo Matt00:03:56 Game NewsWingspan PokemonAsmodee buys Board Game ArenaCapstone Family GamesJuicy FruitsRorshach00:10:25 Top 10 Solo Games of Quarantine10. Glass Road9. Agricola8. Maracaibo 7. Underwater Cities: New Discoveries6.  On Mars5. Praga Caput Regni4. Under Falling Skies3. Nusfjord2. Hallertau1. Anachrony: Fractures of Time00:44:23 Game Sommelier

Feb 15

48 min 52 sec

00:00:00 Introduction - Elegance with Trey and BenIn and of Itself00:06:32 Game NightTerraforming MarsRes Arcana1817Bruxelles  1897Crokinole00:23:35 Game NewsRed RisingStroganovScribbletownFury of Dracula digitalBrass: Birmingham sequel teasedIKINow or NeverCastles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's00:565:23 Games on the BrainReacting to the PastCarpe DiemMaria01:09:29 Game Review: Carnegie01:51:13 Co-Host Segment: EleganceTop 5 Elegant Games#5Trey: The GalleristBen: On the UndergroundTom: Taj Mahal#4Trey:  Age of SteamBen: IkiTom:  Sleuth#3Trey:  TranscontinentalBen: WingspanTom:  Santiago#2Trey:  DiplomacyBen:  Hansa TeutonicaTom:  Friedrich#1Trey: ConcordiaBen:  ConcordiaTom: Ricochet Robots

Feb 8

2 hr 41 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Meanest Games with Paul00:06:18 Game NightCarnegieMariaTerraforming Mars on iOS00:18:20 Game News1860 Railways on the Isle of Wight1880 ChinaCity of CrownsRoseGauntletTharosSuper-Skill Pinball: Ramp it Up!Agricola: Consul Dirigens Deck00:30:23 Games on the BrainTerra Mystica on BGACurious Cargo00:36:50 Game Review Dune: Imperium01:08:37 Member Segment: Top 10 Meanest GamesCockroach PokerFortDuneArchitects of the West KingdomBusTerraforming MarsKremlinAgricolaThrough the AgesBattlestar GalacticaSantiagoEclipseFresh FishCaylusThe Estates (Matt's #1)Food Chain MagnateAvalon18xxAge of Steam01:50:00 Game SommelierHawaiiNusfjordFields of ArleNemo's WarToo Many BonesAnachrony

Feb 1

2 hr

00:00:00 Introduction - Tom and Matt 2020 Year in Review00:04:13 Game Night00:16:07 Game NewsDune: House SecretsCarpe DiemCanvasION game design StatementSagrada LegacyManagement Change at FunagainUltimate Railroads00:35:43 Games on the BrainAgricola Streams:Lumin_Splay_agricolaThe King is Dead00:41:02 Game Review: Hallertau01:15:02 Host Segment: 2020 TOP 3sJennifer:Anno 1800PendulumPan AmCandice: Imperial StruggleDune: Imperium18ChesapeakeBen:Transcontinental18ChesapeakeSmartphone IncElder:Anno 1800On MarsBonfireTrey: TranscontinentalGloomhaven: Jaws of the LionOceansPaul:TranscontinentalAnno 1800Imperial StruggleJake:Lost Ruins of ArnakYokohamaIn the Year of the DragonDmitry: Beyond the SunEclipse: Second DawnOceansSmartphone, Inc.Alfred:Praga Caput RegniAnno 1800Marco Polo 2Jesse:Imperial StruggleOceansGloomhaven: Jaws of the LionTom:Imperial StruggleAnno 1800The CrewMatt:Imperial StruggleAnno 1800Hallertau01:55:22 Game SomellierRoads & BoatsAntiquityOn MarsFields of Arle

Jan 25

2 hr 2 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Gettin' casual with Jake00:02:55 Game NightStories of the Three CoinsCrokinoleHallertauBrass00:08:23 Game News1860 to Kickstarter18Chesapeake: Off the RailsTerraforming Mars: Ares ExpeditionIt's a Wonderful KingdomRadlandsThe InitiativeDaniele Tascini remarksWhy I work for Ion Game DesignPax Exasperation by Patrick Rael00:42:09 Games on the BrainStories of the Three CoinsVersailles 191900:47:33 Game Review: The Crew: The Quest fo Planet Nine01:13:31 Co-Host Segment: Everything Party GamesTom's ListBalderdashTime's Up: Title RecallTelestrationsWits and WagersWavelengthJust One!Jake's ListAvalonCodenamesJust One!Liar's DiceBalderdashSkull01:54:37 Game SomellierThe EstatesKeyflowerBusSolLouis XIVArboretumBetween Two CitiesLiberté

Jan 18

1 hr 55 min

00:00:00 Introduction- Going Deep with Ben!00:05:54 Game NightHansa Teutonica18ChesapeakeDarwin's JourneyTerraforming Mars on iOS.Under Falling Skies00:18:55 Game NewsSlay The Spire Board GameNew edition of Glass RoadDarwin's Journey on KickstarterT34 LeaderCelebrating BirdsCard RailsZimmer Frei!International Gamers Awards00:35:07 Games on the BrainPanamaxLowlands Modern ArtPraga Caput RegniAgricola (revised)Games on the Brain discord link00:46:44 Game Review: Hansa Teutonica Big Box01:33:55 Member Segment: Top 10 games we want to go DEEP with.Ben's Honorable Mentions: Black Angel, Lancaster, Forum Trajanum, Railroad Revolution, Underwater CitiesMatt's Honorable Mentions: Caylus 1303,  Everdell, Root, Gaia Project, Kingdom Death Project10. B: Maracaibo / M: Barrage9. B: Arkwright / M: Too Many Bones8. B: Fast Sloths / M: Underwater Cities7. B: Nations / M: Brass6. B: 18xx / M: Food Chain Magnate5. B: Fields of Arle / M: On Mars4. B: Twilight Imperium / Forbidden Stars / M: 18Chesapeake / 18223. B: Food Chain Magnate / M: Imperial Struggle2. B: Maria / M: Terraforming Mars: Prelude1. B: Roads & Boats / M: AgricolaThinker Themer01:58:27 Game SommelierToo Many BonesPandemic: Rising Tide

Jan 11

2 hr 4 min

00:00:00 Introduction - with new father Alfred00:12:38 Game Night!Lorenzo Anno 1800SantoriniCyberpunk 2077TawantinsuyuCrokinoleWavelength00:20:18 Game NewsCarnegie on KickstarterHallertau and Polynesia ReleasedConcordia SolitariaUnlock!: Kids00:31:45 Games, Games on the BrainOG Games on the Brain versionQueen's GambitChess00:46:30 Game Review: Brass: Birmingham01:22:43 Co-Host Segment: Refreshing the Player Pool01:42:45 Game SommelierFeast for OdinLa GranjaMarco Polo 2OrléansRoads and Boats! (really?)NewtonPaladins of the West KingdomSagradaRicochet Robots

Jan 4

1 hr 52 min

0:00 - Introduction: Welcome Jennifer, the Pioneer GamerTekhenuAnachrony Expansions2:47 - This Week's Game NightTawantinsuyu, Beyond the Sun, Wavelength, TichuBabylonia, Paris, Whistle Mountain, Hallertau, ConcordiaAnno 1800, Babylonia, Beyond the Sun (8:37)Samurai, Babylonia (9:35)9:57 - This Week's NewsBoard Game Geek End Year Support DriveAliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps (12:50)Dune; Spartacus: Blood and SandDwellings of Eldervale (15:20)Cones of Dunshire, EverdaleWhistlestop, Manhattan Project: Energy EmpireNidavellir (17:35)Ad Astra, Shadows over Camelot, Mystery of the AbbeyUnited States v Aaron Burr: The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr (19:03)Twilight Struggle, Imperial StruggleWatergate22:06 - Games on the BrainWhistle Mountain (22:24)BabyloniaFeudamWhistlestopParis (24:02)El Grande (25:33)KeyflowerCrokinole from MemeUpOnThis! (27:47)Pitch Car (31:01)Carabande32:44 - Review of TawantinsuyuTekhenu (52:55)55:41 - This Week's Segment: Micro Turns Introducing Friend of the Podcast, BruceConcordia (57: 49)Power Grid (58:41)1830xx (59:29)Puerto Rico (1:02:00)Hanse Teutonica (1:08:17)Paris (1:12:35)Imperial (1:13:30)Underwater Cities (1:15:25)Here I Stand (1:16:05)Wallenstein, Shogun (1:16:45)Brass: Birmingham, Dominant Species (1:18:41)Keyflower (1:18:57)1:23:11 - Game SommelierLords of Waterdeep, Ticket to Ride, Great Western TrailAgricola, CatanIndonesiaBabylonia, Samurai, Tigris and Euphrates, Through the DesertKingdom BuilderHanse TeutonicaPanamaxEl GrandeMetroGenoaFrancis Drake1:31:20 - Sign OffJennifer's YouTube Channel: mayveena

Dec 2020

1 hr 33 min

00:00:00 Introduction  - It's not sunny in Philadelphia / Top 3 Resource Management Games00:04:47 Game NightBeyond the SunParisLost Ruins of ArnakRaiders of ScythiaTawantinsuyuHallertauCoffee TradersCarnegie00:13:01 Game NewsISS VanguardVindication ExpansionPort Royal Big BoxAlhambra 2nd Ed.Gamemaster on Amazon00:21:13 Games on the BrainFaiyumHallertauMervTargi00:30:38 Game Review: Anno 180001:12:32 Co-Host Segment - Top 3 Resource Management GamesJennifer's ListOra et LaboraFields of ArleKeyflowerElder's ListOra et LaboraThe GalleristGlass RoadMatt's ListLe HavreConcordiaAltiplano01:32:24 Game Sommelier01:45:38 Sign-off

Dec 2020

1 hr 46 min

00:00:00 Introduction - The Impact of 202000:03:06 Game NightWatergateMariaHigh FrontierSlay The SpireDisco Elysium00:15:35 Game News18MagInhuman ConditionsUnmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs. BeowulfCoffee TradersFaiyumToy of the Year AwardsPoetry for NeanderthalsCrystal Palace PnP Expansion00:36:51 Games on the BrainImperial StruggleNaNoWriMoMilwordy00:43:08 Game Review - Beyond the Sun01:15:29 Co-Host Segment - The Impact of 202001:44:20 Game SommelierMonopoly: City of the Big Shoulders, Food Chain Magnate, PipelineRisk: War of the Ring, Warlight, Classic WarlordPayday:  Careers, For Sale, High SocietyLife: Kingdom Death Monster, VillageStratego: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, Hammer of the ScotsScrabble: Paperback, HardbackConnect 4: AzulBattleship: Captain SonarTrivial Pursuit: Wits and Wagers Clue: Mysterium, SleuthUno: Slide Five, Red 7

Dec 2020

2 hr 4 min

0:00:00 Introduction - Week Two of Turkey TalkThe Transcontinental on BGGMod on Steam WorkshopButtermilk-Brined Turkey Breast - NYT by Samin NosratJubilee by Toni Tipton-Martin00:10:49 Game NewsValhalla's Viking DiceNemo's War: Journey's End ExpansionCephalofair websiteCarnegieMod on Steam WorkshopHow Do You Pronounce "Carnegie?"00:23:06 Games on the Brain / Game NightMerv: The Heart of the Silk RoadTwilight Imperium - Prophecy of KingsInhabit the EarthTragedy LooperGame of Thrones Boardgame on SteamForbidden StarsImpact2030BonfireHigh Frontier 4 Allmap imageBabyloniaBarrage - 5th player expansion00:43:55 Game Review - The TranscontinentalThe Transcontinental on BGGMod on Steam Workshopon Kickstarter01:43:25 Game Sommelier18Chesapeake1862DecryptoCodenamesJust OneBananagramsWordsyMedium

Nov 2020

1 hr 53 min

0:00:00 Introduction - Turkey Talk with Jake, the Casual Gamer0:07:35 Game NightAnno 1800Praga Caput RegniBeyond the SunThe Crew0:16:19 Game NewsCarnegie on KickstarterVia MagicaWiz War 9th Ed.DragonlandThe Crew: Mission Deep SeaCoffee TradersZenobia AwardFFG loses Star WarsOceans: Legends of the DeepCreature Comforts on Kickstarter0:32:25 Games on the BrainHallertauNusfjordThe TranscontinetalHigh Frontier 4 All0:39:40 Game Review - Lost Ruins of Arnak01:16:20 Co-Host Segment: The Etiquette of Losing01:42:05 Board Game SommelierNo Pun IncludedSolosaurusFive Games for DoomsdayThe Mary and Tom ShowBlue Peg, Red PegLudologySo Very Wrong About GamesUndaunted: NormandyRaiders of ScythiaGlen More IIEverdellAnno 1800FortGlory to Rome

Nov 2020

1 hr 51 min

00:00:00 A balanced introduction with Paul and Ben00:02:53 Game NightMariaArchitects of the West KingdomAnno 180000:12:39 Game NewsBurncycleEtherfieldsHarry Potter: Catch the SnitchGloomhaven: Fallen LionBeyond the SunThe Wanderer's GuideRoot Clockwork Expansion00:30:17 Games on the BrainThe TranscontinetalIkiDungeons & DragonsFiascoBaron MunchausenOnce upon a TimeNational Novel Writing Month00:47:28 Game Review: Brick & Mortaron KickstarterGreed IncorporatedGlory to Rome art-styleStockpile01:38:58 Co-host Segment: BalanceGame of Thrones LCGShipyardDuneGaia ProjectForbidden Stars

Nov 2020

2 hr 13 min

00:00:00 Introduction - Deck Building with Trey00:04:47 Game NightViscounts of the West KingdomAnno 180000:09:25 Game NewsCritical Role / Darrington PressUk’otoaWarchief GamingWingspan: OceaniaDune: ImperiumLost Ruins of ArnakEndless Winter - PaleoamericansAlien RPG on Roll20Charles S. Roberts AwardsNevskyTransatlantic II00:26:48 Games on the BrainAmong UsToil and TroubleGatherPhilibertThe Secret Power of White Supremacy00:44:48 Game Review: ConcordiaConcordia VenusConcordia: Salsa01:11:16 Co-host Segment: What is deckbuilding?Gloomhaven: Jaws of the LionBGG MechanicsBuilding Blocks of Tabletop Game DesignKingdom Death: Monster01:40:52 Game SommelierWavelengthLost CitiesPatchworkAzulNo Thanks!JawsPan AmKosmos GamesAgricola: All Creatures Big and SmallTicket to RideTaverns of TiefenthalEl Grande

Nov 2020

1 hr 49 min

00:00:00 Introduction:  "Brothers" with sidekick Paul and hand-flapper Ben 00:04:36 Game NightGinkgopolisRoads & BoatsMaglev MetroMr. JackWavelength00:26:46 Game NewsHorseless CarriageRed Dust RebellionDescent: Legends of the DarkCharles S. Roberts AwardsNemo's War 2.1Carnegie00:45:45 Games on the BrainGùgōng: PànjūnGrand Austria Hotel: Last Waltz!BonfireCrescent City CargoCaptains of the GulfDie MacherDungeons and Dragons01:04:56 Game Review - Fields of ArleTea & Trade Expansion01:38:48 Co-host segment: Hidden Gems 2020

Oct 2020

2 hr 30 min