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We’ve all had a discussion or an argument about popular culture. Sometimes it happens on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. Maybe it was in a literature, history, philosophy or psychology class in college. Perhaps it was at the local comic book shop. Or maybe it was at a bar and you ended up stabbing someone with a bottle or bludgeoning them with a pool cue. All of these discussions are exactly the same. The tenured professor at an academic conference deconstructing Batman through a Derrida lens is really doing the same thing as a bunch of teenagers passing a joint around in their mother’s basement. One just uses bigger words and the other swears more. Honestly, though, we’re not sure which.

So why not bring them all together?

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As we transition from the fall holidays through the winter ones we’ve noticed that there was a bunch of pop culture things have just fallen through the cracks. Like, really… The post e191. Pop Culture Casserole appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Dec 6

1 hr 23 min

Ever since the advent of movies enterprising humans have asked that age-old important question “how can we use this for sex?” That’s not hyperbole; the modern motion picture dates back… The post e190. Pour Some Sexy On It! appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Nov 29

1 hr 42 min

Dune may be the greatest science fiction epic ever written. The way you can tell is that if you go up to any Dune fan, they will tell you that…… The post e189. Dune: How to Control the Spice & Influence People appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Nov 22

56 min 37 sec

Somehow, we went the entire year of 2020 just… without a Marvel movie. Phase three ended and there was a real life global pandemic and then… there just weren’t any… The post e188. The Eternals and the MCU This Year (so far…) appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Nov 15

1 hr 39 min

When you study “pop culture” people automatically think of the MOST popular media that is available of the day. For us living in 2021, that’s largely superhero movies. Of course,… The post e187. 4x4ward: Overlanding and the Great Outdoors appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Nov 8

1 hr 4 min

Have you ever made a mixtape? We’re sort of willing to guess that if you’re listening to our show, at some point or another you have. But… did you actually… The post e186. Wayne, Hannah, Mav & Jehnie’s Infinite Mixtape appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Nov 1

1 hr 13 min

Halloween season continues and so it’s time for another special episode. One of the most enduring pop culture figure is probably the witch. Witches appear through the ages in media.… The post e185. The Wicked, the Witches and the Witch-ish appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Oct 25

55 min 14 sec

It’s Halloween season and time to do some spooky theme shows! Of course, we’ve tackled monsters several times on the show before, but we’ve never devoted the whole show to… The post e184. Bram Stoker’s Dracula & the Draculi that Followed appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Oct 18

1 hr 21 min

If you’re a comic book fan, one of the things people often ask you is “I want to get into comics. Where do I start? What should I read?” This… The post e183. How to Read All of the Marvels appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Oct 11

1 hr 24 min

If the internet is good at anything, it’s dumping on asked for criticism at other people. Everyone does it. In fact, in a very real way, that’s pretty much what… The post e182. I Fixed That for You, Now GTFO! appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Oct 4

1 hr 22 min

Over the past year, our viewing consumption habits have changed a lot. We spent months indoors streaming everything — including new release films — largely through new media platforms like… The post e181. Entertainment and Other Unions — IATSE Solidarity appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Sep 27

1 hr 8 min

Oddly enough, for a show that is devoted to talking about pop culture, one of the things we don’t talk about so much is podcasts. In a way, podcasting might… The post e180. So, You Say You Wanna Host a Pseudoacademic Pop Culture Analysis Podcast (with Drinking and Swearing) appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Sep 20

1 hr 31 min

Several weeks ago, we did a show on how stand-up comedy works in the middle of a pandemic. We talked about the transition that comedians went through to move a… The post e179. ImproveReality? appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Sep 13

1 hr 1 min

How do we learn history? The easy answer is to say we learn it from history books, but is that true? How many of us ever read a history book… The post e178. Pop History vs. Public History appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Sep 6

1 hr

It’s been a while since we devoted a whole episode to one TV show. We’ve done it with a couple of the Marvel shows as well as stuff like Game… The post e177. Deconstructing the Chair appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Aug 30

1 hr 27 min

Instagram recently made an announcement that they were going to be shifting their social networking focus away from “photos”. This decision prompted a collective “WTF?” from the users who saw… The post e176. What Was Social Networking? appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Aug 23

1 hr 19 min

We don’t talk about games as much as we should on this show, but arguably they’re one of the most enduring mediums of popular culture. They’re certainly one of the… The post e175. Game Studies: Ludology vs. Narratology appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Aug 16

59 min 12 sec

We live in an era of constant reboots and updates to well known IP franchises. People (including us) like to complain about it, but honestly, well known franchises do very… The post e174. The Arthurian Roundtable Roundtable appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Aug 9

1 hr 16 min

The Internet has one main purpose: arguing about things that don’t really matter. I’m sure you’ve seen this, people will fight over whether a movie was good or bad, what… The post e173. War of the Readings appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Aug 2

1 hr 18 min

We’ve always had a tag on our show of “the weekly pseudo-academic roundtable with drinking and swearing” but honestly, it’s usually more of the latter. We might be drinking while… The post e172. (More Drinking Than Swearing…) The Culture Of Alcohol appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jul 26

1 hr 17 min

Somehow, summertime media is special. Or at least, we seem to think it is. We have summertime blockbusters. We have summertime beach reads. We have summer TV specials and songs… The post e171. Summertime! Time to Kick Back and Unwind appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jul 19

59 min 21 sec

In today’s pop culture landscape, serialization is everything. TV, movies, novels, comics. Addict people to your ongoing series and hope they keep paying for another installment. Somehow, despite the fact… The post e170. What is Serialization? Tune in next week! appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jul 12

1 hr 7 min

Movies are back! After a year and a half of almost total dormancy, movies came back to the American box office, and filmgoers were welcome with the very sophisticated and… The post e169. The Subtle & Sophisticated Highbrow Culture of The Fast & The Furious appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jul 5

1 hr 19 min

Have you ever noticed how infrequently superheroes in most superhero TV shows and movies actually wear their superhero costumes? It makes sense when you think about it. Superhero costumes are… The post e168. Time to Stop Wearing Underwear on the Outside appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jun 28

1 hr 6 min

After last week’s primer on the male gaze, we wanted to spend some time thinking about the ways in which it could be complicated. What happens when we try to… The post e167. Considering the Fanboy Gaze appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jun 21

1 hr 10 min

Sometimes academic terms bleed over into the popular lexicon and gets used by people almost as second nature without anyone really bothering to think about what it means. “The Male… The post e166. So… What is the Male Gaze Anyway? appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jun 14

1 hr 17 min

It’s the PCA-2021 recap show! In many ways, Popular Culture Association(PCA) national conference is responsible for this show. One of the things we’ve always strived for is to have the… The post e165. PCA-2021 Recap appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jun 8

1 hr 15 min

On today’s episode we reveal that secretly this geeky little pop culture show was always actually about education and academic all along. Did you pick up on the clues we’ve… The post e164. Why Do We Love Plot Twists? appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

May 31

1 hr 8 min

Pop culture fandom is defined by a hierarchy dedication. It’s easy to watch nine Star Wars movies; how much of the Expanded Universe do you know? Anyone can watch a… The post e163. The Secret World of American Girl appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

May 24

1 hr 31 min

We live in a geeky world. There are roughly 800 bajillion superhero tv shows and movies released every year. Even once we get away from superhero content, we quickly move… The post e162. Multimedia & Literary Crossovers appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

May 18

1 hr 14 min

Do you like to play games? We do. And Hannah really likes to play games. In fact, she’s addicted. So much so that she made a game about games… and… The post e161. Describing 20 Games We Haven’t Played appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

May 10

1 hr 9 min

Do you remember the song that was playing when you had your first kiss, lost your virginity, or danced at your wedding? Do you know what movie that you crowded… The post e160. Remembering Thought & Thinking About Memory appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

May 3

1 hr 21 min

it’s pretty safe to say Disney has a chokehold on popular culture in America, and to a lesser extent the entire world. Once again, the Powers that Be, as it… The post e159. Obviously, it’s the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Show appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Apr 26

1 hr 28 min

Have you ever had one of those pointless internet arguments about the philosophical righteousness of Batman, Superman, Rorschach or Luke Skywalker? Or maybe you’ve spent hours arguing about how time… The post e158. Superhero Thought Experiments appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Apr 19

1 hr 9 min

Zoom meetings are are a simple fact of life in the pandemic lockdown world. Work meetings, school classrooms, social events. At this point, we’ve all done them. And quite honestly,… The post e157. Standup Comedy Sitting on the Couch appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Apr 12

1 hr 9 min

Last year, all four hosts got together and did a show we called “Bad Things We Love” in which we built a list media that we have some kind of… The post e156. More Bad Things? We Love appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Apr 5

1 hr 6 min

What does it mean to be an ergodic text? That’s a complicated question. For one thing, the very meaning of the word “text” can be variable to different people, but… The post e155. Introduction to Ergodic Texts and Reading appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Mar 29

1 hr 2 min

Every day another celebrity “is cancelled” for any number of problematic reasons. Typically, the celebrity responds by claiming they’ve done nothing wrong and blaming “cancel culture” gone wild. Over the… The post e154. Can We Cancel Cancel Culture Culture? (or can’t we?) appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Mar 22

1 hr 19 min

Do you remember the before times? The long, long ago. Do you remember a time where you used to have real live friends that you used to be able to… The post e153. Seeking a Game for the End of the World appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Mar 15

1 hr 16 min

Somethings are inevitable and predictable. Water is wet, gravity pulls us down, and this show was going to have to talk about WandaVision. That was clear even before the series… The post e152. Obviously it’s the WandaVision Show appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Mar 8

1 hr 29 min

A few weeks ago when we did our Bridgerton recap show we found ourselves with way more to talk about than we could possibly fit in a single episode. That… The post e151. Yet More Bridgerton! and other good things appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Mar 1

1 hr 12 min

Have you ever noticed how sexy cartoons are? On last week’s Valentines Day show we talked about sexuality in superhero comics and other media. In that case we were largely… The post e150. Sexy Cartoons: You Know… for the Kids! appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Feb 22

1 hr 20 min

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you had a podcast devoted to pop culture with a penchant for discussing comics with some bit of regularity and a holiday came up that was… The post e149. Let’s Talk About SuperSex appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Feb 15

1 hr 25 min

Surprisingly, Netflix’s latest original programming sensation is Bridgerton, a regency period romance chronicling the sexual exploits, politics and scandals of 19th century London. Or perhaps this isn’t surprising at all.… The post e148. Sex, Love, & Bridgerton appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Feb 8

1 hr 41 min

Charts Rock! Charts are Big Fun! Seriously! Don’t you just love a good chart? Ok, maybe you don’t think you do. In fact, you might even be thinking to yourself,… The post e147. Big Fun with Charts, Data, and Analytics! appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Feb 1

1 hr 22 min

It’s been weird doing a show based around pop culture for the last year. A lot of that weirdness, of course, is because pop culture largely stopped for a bit.… The post e146. TV in the time of COVID-19 appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jan 25

1 hr 13 min

It’s a new year and that means we get to do one of our most exciting shows. It’s the fantasy box office draft! Every year we play a game (shamelessly… The post e145. 2021 Fantasy Box Office Draft appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jan 18

1 hr 17 min

We totally didn’t want to talk politics this week. And we certainly didn’t want to talk about the world being on fire. 2020 had enough of that. All we wanted… The post e144. So, It’s Been a Week! (1/3/21 – 1/9/21) appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jan 11

1 hr 28 min

The year 2020 is over. You’re probably as relieved as we are. Of course the problems with 2020 are largely still with us, but at least getting here feels like… The post e143. Thirty Great Things You Missed In 2020 appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Jan 4

1 hr 27 min

If anything has characterized pop culture in the year 2020, it’s streaming media. From Hamilton to Tiger King, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the essential elimination of out-of-the-home entertainment, we… The post e142. Deconstructing the Queen’s Gambit appeared first on The VoxPopcast.

Dec 2020

1 hr 47 min