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Professor Jason Last, MD, is University Dean of Students at University College Dublin in Ireland. Building on his experience as a practicing physician, Last has led and participated in many graduate medical education initiatives and programs. This includes work in patient education and advocacy. In this podcast, Professor Last talks with Helen Osborne about: The […] The post Patients as partners in medical education, practice, and governance (HLOL #218) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Dec 1

26 min 1 sec

Aisha Langford, PhD, MPH is an assistant professor of population health at NYU Langone Health. Her research interests include health communication and medical decision-making in certain chronic health conditions. Prior to working in academic research, Langford held professional roles in public relations, adult literacy, and community outreach. She is an active member of several professional societies and serves […] The post Publishing and Sharing Health Literacy Research and Experiences (HLOL #217) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Nov 1

18 min 49 sec

Maureen Maurer brings a strong background in health behavior and health education. Her work focuses on engaging patients, families, and community members in health research, health care delivery, and health policy. Maurer, a principal researcher at the American Institutes for Research, directs a research support project for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) called the […] The post Plain Language Summaries of Research Studies (HLOL #216) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Oct 1

21 min 18 sec

Joi R. Canton MSN, RN, NPD-BC is a nurse and Manager of Community Outreach in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to many years in clinical practice, Canton brings experience as a clinical educator, clinical instructor, nurse leader, and preceptor/mentor for novice nurses. In this podcast, Joi Canton talks with Helen Osborne about: Why it can […] The post New Clinicians & Health Literacy: Putting Classroom Learning into Everyday Practice (HLOL #215) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Sep 1

23 min 3 sec

Jaime Collins describes herself as a passionately curious woman with a deep love of humanity. Collins says that it was through a life-long journey of self-discovery that she learned and unlearned the societal dictates that for years had kept her imprisoned in a gender that wasn’t hers. Eventually Collins learned to love and accept herself […] The post Biologic Sex, Gender Identity and Expression, and Other Issues to Consider When Communicating About Health (HLOL #214) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Aug 1

21 min

Paul Han, MD, MA, MPH is Senior Scientist in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences and Adjunct Investigator in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Han’s research focuses on understanding and improving the communication and management of uncertainty in health care. His clinical background is in […] The post Uncertainty: What It Is and Ways to Help (HLOL #213) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Jul 1

25 min 20 sec

Liz Persaud is the Program and Outreach Manager for Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program at the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) within the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a nationally recognized public speaker and advocate addressing the need to build bridges and solidify gaps […] The post Making Health Information Accessible to People with Disabilities (HLOL #212) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Jun 1

23 min 52 sec

This is a simple notice for podcast subscribers to let them know that there is a small chance that there could be issues with the feed as we make a transition to a new web server (and a spiffy new website design!). If you don’t see a June 1st episode, search for Health Literacy Out […] The post Tech Update and New Website Design appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

May 17

1 min 34 sec

Professor Karen L. Woolley BHMS Ed Hons PhD CMPP has conducted and published more than 100 research studies on patient involvement and ethical practices in medical communications. She brings to this work extensive experience as a university professor, hospital director, journal editor, and senior leader at an international pharmaceutical company and a medical communications company. […] The post Patient Authors of Research Studies (HLOL #211) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

May 1

24 min 55 sec

Carolyn Cutilli, PhD, RN is past president of the Health Care Education Association (HCEA) and co-chair of HCEA’s Patient Education Guidelines work group. She also is a patient education specialist at Penn Medicine and adjunct professor of nursing research and health policy at American International College. Cutilli writes and speaks about many aspects of health communication, including geriatric […] The post Talking about Patient Education Practice Guidelines for Health Professionals (HLOL #210) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Apr 1

24 min 2 sec

Cliff Coleman M.D., M.P.H. is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Coleman practices as a family medicine physician at a Federally Qualified Health Center. His clinical interests include treating medically complex individuals and underserved populations. Dr. Coleman is also a national health literacy expert. His ongoing research and teaching help lead the way […] The post Telemedicine: Communicating About Health by Phone or 2-Way Video (HLOL #209) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Mar 1

23 min 17 sec

Dr. Rima Rudd has been a member of the faculty at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for over 30 years. Her work focuses on community health, inequities, and literacy related barriers to health information, services, and care. Dr. Rudd is one of the founders of, and leaders in, health literacy studies. In […] The post Health Literacy Model with Multiple Variables and Actions (HLOL #208) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Feb 1

21 min 44 sec

Mareika Phillips is an experienced graphic designer. Now at Communicate Health, she leads the team that develops creative design solutions to make health information engaging and accessible. Phillips believes deeply in design as a universal language and focuses her work on making design accessible for all people. In this podcast, Mareika Phillips talks with Helen Osborne […] The post Pictograms: Images that Represent Ideas in Simple and Literal Ways (HLOL #207) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Jan 1

23 min 27 sec

Mark Hagerty is an instructional designer, learning specialist, and medical editor. He has built online training programs that teach thousands of students. Many of these focus on scientific and medical topics. Hagerty’s work includes creating continuing education courses, editing scientific documents, and preparing customized visual presentations as the owner of Biomedical Writing Services, LLC. In this […] The post Designing Online Instructional Programs (HLOL #206) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Dec 2020

25 min 7 sec

Nick Bowman Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed manuscripts on the uses and effects of video games and other interactive media. Bowman is the incoming editor of Journal of Media Psychology and completed a Fulbright program in Taiwan studying persuasive applications […] The post Online Games and Health Teaching: For People of All Ages, Abilities, and Savvy (HLOL #205) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Nov 2020

26 min 34 sec

Barbra Kingsley, PhD is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Kingsley-Kleimann Group and Chair of the Center for Plain Language. Barbra Kingsley is an expert in information design and plain language with a deep understanding of how individuals, particularly vulnerable populations, use print and online information. She believes that clear communication not only invites understanding […] The post Writing Legal Notices to Help Readers Act in Their Best Interest (HLOL #204) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Oct 2020

18 min 44 sec

Janet Ohene-Frempong MS, is a plain language and cross-cultural communications consultant with decades of experience in patient/provider communications. Her accomplishments are many. They include leading workshops, keynoting conferences, writing and editing plain language projects, and consulting with a wide range of clients on health-related topics. Janet Ohene-Frempong has deservedly received numerous accolades and awards for […] The post Health Literacy and Health Equity (HLOL #203) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Oct 2020

22 min 57 sec

Glen Nowak Ph.D. is Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and Director of the Grady College Center for Health and Risk Communication. Nowak has provided senior-level leadership on communicating about topics that include infectious disease, public health risks, and immunizations for government agencies, […] The post Communicating Complex Health Messages in a Complex World (HLOL #202) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Sep 2020

22 min 53 sec

Iris Feinberg, PhD is the Associate Director of the Adult Literacy Research Center at Georgia State University. She is a health literacy researcher and research assistant professor in the Department of Learning Sciences. Dr. Feinberg and a team created the easy-to-read booklet about COVID-19, “Answers to Coronavirus Questions.” In this podcast, Iris Feinberg talks with Helen Osborne […] The post Creating Materials to Meet Urgent Health Needs (HLOL #201) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Aug 2020

22 min 16 sec

Adam Weiss brings years of experience in podcasting, online video, and live broadcasting with a specific focus on scientific and medical content. He has hosted, launched, or produced podcasts for clients that include the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the American Institute of Physics, and the Western Veterinary Conference. One of his early projects was starting the […] The post Health Literacy Out Loud: 200 Episodes of Listening & Learning (HLOL #200) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Jul 2020

23 min 43 sec

Sylvia Baedorf Kassis MPH, CYT focuses on many aspects of clinical research. Her work includes understanding the experience of research participants and incorporating their insights into study processes. Among her many accomplishments, Sylvia and her team created a health literacy website especially for clinical research stakeholders. This is part of a larger initiative from the Multi-Regional […] The post Integrating Health Literacy into Clinical Research (HLOL #199) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Jun 2020

21 min 23 sec

Shoshana Hahn-Goldberg, PhD is a scientist and project lead at the University Health Network’s OpenLab in Canada. She works with a multi-disciplinary team to discover and create solutions to issues in the health system using techniques that span design, research, and operational modeling. Shoshana Hanh-Goldberg manages the Patient Oriented Discharge Summaries (PODS) project that is […] The post Patient-Oriented Discharge Summaries: Helping Patients Easily Understand Their Transition from Hospital to Home (HLOL #198) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

May 2020

17 min 13 sec

Brian Wallace is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Coin Laundry Association and Executive Director of the LaundryCares Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide laundry services, books, and literacy resources to those in need. This includes their Laundry Literacy Coalition–an initiative to promote early childhood literacy through America’s laundromats. In this podcast, Brian […] The post Promoting Early Childhood Literacy through Local Laundromats (HLOL #197) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Apr 2020

19 min 9 sec

Susan Nathan, MD is a Geriatrician and Hospice and Palliative Medicine physician at VA Boston Healthcare System. She is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and adjunct Instructor in Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Nathan is the site director for the My Life, My Story Project at VA Boston. Thor […] The post My Life, My Story: An Initiative to Help Tell Each Patient’s Story (HLOL #196) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Mar 2020

19 min 25 sec

Anne Thorndike MD, MPH is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Much of her work focuses on individual and population-level behavioral interventions to prevent cardiometabolic disease. Through implementation research, Dr. Thorndike and her team demonstrated the effectiveness of traffic light labels, choice architecture, social norms, […] The post Encouraging Healthy Food Choices with Traffic-Light Labels and Choice Architecture (HLOL #195) appeared first on Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast.

Feb 2020

19 min 3 sec