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Everything you need to know about the challenges to build a blockchain or NFT project. Explained by experts and partners of Venly. Tune in for a new Venly Expert Talks every week on Thursday where we go deeper into different blockchain technologies and how they can be used in blockchain games or other NFT projects.

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Ease of use can be challenging when building a Web3 application, so we've invited Chirag Titiya, a blockchain engineer at Biconomy, to share his insights and experience when it comes to building user-friendly blockchain applications.Biconomy's mission is to make Web3 frictionless to support mainstream adoption, by offering severing interesting B2B services such as gas stations and instant cross-chain token swaps.

Nov 20

46 min 4 sec

Rachel Black, founder of GoodGhosting, a platform that offers savings pools that reward regular savers with higher interest rates, is giving her view on decentralized finance and where she sees the evolution of DeFi.

Nov 9

53 min 28 sec

Our special guest in this episode is Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of the very popular blockchain game The Sandbox, an open metaverse on Ethereum and Polygon (Matic). Sebastien sheds his light on how an open metaverse should look like, which new opportunities it has created and how he thinks the metaverse will evolve.

Nov 3

50 min 52 sec

In this first episode of the Venly Expert Talks, Jamie Thompson, CEO of game studio Vulcan Forged is talking about how to deal with exponential growth vs the scalability issues in Play2Earn games. He dives deeper into the different choices they made in terms of their choice of blockchain and nfts as well as his own view on the metaverse and the future of blockchain gaming

Oct 18

46 min 37 sec

In this episode of the Venly Expert Talks, our guest is Esports coach Joseph Turner, who will also shed a light on how blockchain technology can play a role in the world of Esports, and how gaming can help mass adaption through the eyes of the Esports industry.If you want to know if both communities are mature and ready to have a productive synergy, check out this episode!Don't forget to follow for more Venly Expert Talks

Oct 15

46 min 21 sec

In this episode of the Venly Expert Talks, our guest is Emma-Jane Mackinnon-Lee, Founder and CEO of DIGITALAX. In this talk, we talk about how Fashion is embracing web3 and the DAO model.For those that don’t know Emma-Jane yet, she is part of the 30 most influential people in the Metaverse according to the New York Times.

Oct 15

55 min 6 sec