Vancouver Talmud Torah Lost & Found

Richard Rabkin

We interview and reminisce with some of our beloved teachers from back in the day.

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For the finale episode (of season 1?) it's the students' turn to speak and share their memories. Our distinguished alumni panel: Brian Jacobson (Class of 1989) Sara Karby (1990) Daniel Glasner (1994) Michael Hershfield (1994)

Feb 3

1 hr 3 min

He was the Operations Manager at Vancouver Talmud Torah from 1984-2004. Dave Jackson. 

Jan 26

36 min 40 sec

He taught at VTT from 1968-1971 and then returned as principal from 1988-1994. Mr Edwin Epstein. 

Jan 6

36 min 50 sec

She started teaching art at VTT in 1987 and is still teaching at the school all these years later! Ms. Colette Leisen. 

Dec 2020

33 min 19 sec

He taught drama, French and social studies from 1986-2007. Mr. Larry Bauer. 

Dec 2020

34 min 2 sec

She taught grade 4 & 5 general studies at Vancouver Talmud Torah from 1980-2001. Mrs. Dorit Arazi. 

Dec 2020

31 min 20 sec

She taught kindergarten at Vancouver Talmud Torah from 1980-2008. Join us as with reminisce with Sandy Baker. 

Nov 2020

32 min 6 sec

He didn't only teach Mishna or Chumash, he tried to teach a love of Israel and the Hebrew language. Head of Judaic studies in the late 80s and early 90s, Mr. Jack Chetner

Nov 2020

37 min 46 sec