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It's ok, you can admit it. Sometimes motherhood seems less like the sweetness of a Pamper's commercial and more like a scene out of Jaws. Here at the Mother Like a Boss Podcast, we dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood and modern homemaking, with honest conversations, tips, strategies and tools.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...until it's not because you've over-scheduled yourself, said yes to things you swore you wouldn't and now feel like it's going to be the most stressful time of year, again. What we need more of, ladies: boundaries! Let's talk about how to stick to holiday boundaries, whether they are with your family, your friends or with that most important person in your life: yourself!

Dec 2

24 min 50 sec

Journaling is a highly effective yet incredibly misunderstood practice. Most think it's like keeping a diary, having to memorialize every moment of our lives in writing. A journal is more than a memoir, it's an insight into our inner thoughts, most of which we don't know we have. Journaling has improved my life in ways I can't physically measure, but can feel deep inside. It's a habit that allows me to explore my mindset and work through the resentment, the exhaustion, the guilt and the worry that comes up in my mom life. Today, we have a special treat for you: a highly valuable episode + an opportunity to get our new guided journaling experience! Ready to join Mom Prompts™ 365 and get an entire YEARS worth of guided journal prompts + support resources and video lessons to help you every step of the way? Head to to join today!

Nov 26

29 min 59 sec

Are you an over-thinker? Do you overthink about how often you overthink? Do you do more thinking than doing, and then spend time thinking about how much you think, but don't do? Oh, the cycle! As someone who spend the majority of her life inside her head, I get this and I want to help the moms of the world stop thinking and start doing. Your plans aren't doing you any good inside your head, my friend. Let's set up some routines to help you get to work, simply and easily.

Nov 18

20 min 35 sec

Nothing is more difficult than an overcomplicated routine and I'm talking about for adults. Imagine how frustrating it is for a child. Routines are innately helpful for kids of all ages, but what if your children aren't sticking to them? Today, we're going to talk about my bite size method and why it works so well for kids. I'm giving you the simple ways you can create snackable daily routines for your kids that will give you all your time back, for good.

Nov 11

16 min 42 sec

I have a confession to make: I am an excellent planner, but I really fall short on the follow through. I always said I would have made an incredible personal assistant or professional planner, because when it comes to figuring out the details and starting a project, I'm your girl. I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't following through, but now I have. It comes down to consistency, real consistency that's built on micro habits and bite size routines. If you're good at starting like me, this is your episode. Want to join us inside Consistency Camp? GREAT! Get all the info here. 

Nov 4

29 min 8 sec

Let's call it what it is: we've become overly obsessed with productivity. Do the things, do more, do it all. In an effort to move away from just being "busy" we've now swung the pendulum over to the other side, focusing on always needing to produce. Especially in motherhood, many of us equate our worth with how many checkmarks we see on a list at the end of the day. You are a worthy person outside of what you accomplish each day and it's time to find freedom from our productivity-obsessed culture.

Oct 28

27 min 38 sec

Home organization has become way too complicated. There, I said it. From TV shows to billions of Pinterest search results to entire lines of products at Target, organization is now less about systems and more about flashiness. I'm pumping the brakes on all of it. Today, I'm going to give you 6 simple and highly effective ways to keep your house organized in as little as 10 minutes at a time.

Oct 21

26 min 23 sec

This is by far one of the top 5 most commonly ask questions at Mother Like a Boss™ and I'm jumping in with both feet today. There is nothing more overwhelming than trying to get started...when you already feel overwhelmed. It's like an overwhelmed soup. I've got big value for you today, mindset shifts and practical tips to help you get started on anything, even when you feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

Oct 14

33 min 29 sec

What if I told you that you could get more done without having to do more? "Sure, and maybe I could ride my magical unicorn to space while I'm at it." It's possible and easier than you think. We're a little obsessed with productivity in our society, but the key to getting more done is creating momentum and prioritizing the order in which you do things. Having a domino area in your routines is how you accomplish both of those things.

Oct 7

23 min 20 sec

Planning for the future can feel confusing, but planning to plan? That's just ridiculous, right? Wrong. Implementing planning time into your schedule, even 10 minutes at a time can be the difference between living out your priorities and reaching your goals, and always feeling like your 10 steps behind. Planning time is how we stay proactive rather than reactive and it works for everyone. It today's episode, I'm giving you the low down on how to implement planning time into your schedule, even if you feel like you have no free time for it right now.

Sep 30

27 min 9 sec

Let's just name it and claim it: the last 18+ months has been anything but kind and gentle with us, especially in the motherhood community. Between lockdowns and health concerns and school being virtual, I've felt anything but my "best." Now, it's time to choose ourselves again, to get back to a place where we can set goals- even VISUALIZE our goals- again. So where to start? I'm going to tell you how I'm doing it and invite you all to join me in our 2021 cohort of Your Best Mom Year because you deserve to have dreams again, mama and you deserve to have them come true. Big and small. They all matter here. Ready to join Your Best Mom Year Bootcamp? Join the waitlist here.

Sep 23

43 min 6 sec

Feel like your house is bursting at the seams with toys, popsicle crafts and construction paper pictures? Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids, right? There is a lot of sentimentality that goes into decluttering things like this and it also feels never ending, so today let's talk about simple solutions to getting rid of things so you can make room for the wonderful memories you do want to keep.

Sep 16

36 min 3 sec

Sometimes I think socks are invisible and that I have magical sight because it seems that I'm the only one that notices them sitting on the couch. It's all fun and games until you realize you're frustrated, resentful and exhausted because you're the only one that seems to see the mess around you. How can you take work off your shoulders if you feel like you're the only one that cares? You're not alone. You're valid. Let's talk about what to dow hen no one sees the mess but you.

Sep 9

16 min 32 sec

The pencils, glue sticks and aisles and aisles of binders have been out at Target since early July, but the time is here: it's back to school season. I love this time of year because it feels like mom new year. It's a fresh start. It's also a season of overwhelm, but does it have to feel that way? In today's episode, I'm going to talk about how to beat the chaos of back to school season and start the year off more organized and stress-free.

Sep 2

20 min 44 sec

This is it. My oldest is now in high school and we've chosen to homeschool her. Actually, she chose it and we're all excited and nervous. With an 8 year old son still in public school, this is a new adventure for our entire family. In today's episode, I'm talking about our approach to homeschooling, how we're organizing our days and what we've learned in the process.

Aug 26

25 min 20 sec

Money isn't the only currency we have in this world. We also spend our time and energy, often on tasks with little to no ROI (return on investment.) Something that became glaringly obvious over the last 15 months is how unequal time and energy are. Just because we have the time doesn't mean we have the energy. Let's talk about how to save time AND energy and set better boundaries with our energy in general.

Aug 19

29 min 47 sec

Analysis paralysis is real and with research showing that we make upwards of 35,000 decisions EACH DAY, its no wonder making those decisions feels so difficult. This makes it even more important for us to show our children how to become good decision makers from the start, from trusting themselves to know what's right for them to understanding any consequences to their decisions. Ready to bring ease back into motherhood? After the year we've all had, that's a big YES for most of us. Click here to sign up for the Becoming Homemakerish Crash Course, a free mini course to help you take control of your home and life. 

Aug 12

30 min 19 sec

We're on a new episode summer hiatus, but you can listen to our incredible "Best of" series this July. Cleaning your house shouldn't be a burden, plain and simple. Of all the tips and tricks I have for making house cleaning more enjoyable, this episode is quite literally 3 simple steps to make it easier right this moment. These are steps you can implement into your life today.

Jul 29

24 min 23 sec

We're on a new episode summer hiatus, but you can listen to our incredible "Best of" series this July. The way we run our home is so much more than the sum of it's parts. It's more than the cleaning, the cooking, the wiping butts and playing taxi driver to our kids. Much like any other social group, our home is built on the culture we create for it. On today's episode, I want to take you inside this idea and why spending all of your time focusing and stressing about the minutia of day-to-day homemaking isn't solving the problem. Let's chat about how creating a culture in your home that fits with your values will bring you more joy (and less wanting to huddle in a corner and cry.)

Jul 22

31 min 24 sec

We're on a new episode summer hiatus, but you can listen to our incredible "Best of" series this July. This is a common one, mamas and it's worth an honest conversation. Living in a house you aren't super jazzed about can affect how you feel about your home overall. Our houses are dwellings, but our homes are a feeling. We carry them with us wherever we go. How do we go about loving our homes when we don't exactly love the dwellings we're in?

Jul 15

33 min 34 sec

We're on a new episode summer hiatus, but you can listen to our incredible "Best of" series this July. I'm going to say something that will immediately ruffles some feathers: there have been times in my 13 years as a mom that I've felt resentful of the life I'd created. I'm saying that out loud in the podcast today as a way to start the conversation and end the shame. Resentment is the bi-product of circumstances, mindsets and beliefs and it doesn't mean you don't absolutely love your children. Ignoring the feelings, or believing that this has to be " the way it is" in modern motherhood is going to keep resentment at the wheel, driving your life and causing you more unhappiness. You deserve more. Let's have an open and honest conversation about where it comes from and how to handle the feelings.

Jul 8

37 min 20 sec

We're on a new episode summer hiatus, but you can listen to our incredible "Best of" series this July. Where my overachievers at? If you grew up getting praise when you did more, you're probably thinking that doing less is lazy. We've been conditioned by a world that tells us that more is better, because doing more is how we prove our worth. This is an episode all about the beauty and power of doing less as a way to feel better; emotionally, mentally and physically. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, mama.

Jul 1

28 min 27 sec

If I had a nickel for every time I came across another guru claiming to have discovered the most meaningful, useful morning routine that will help everyone in the world become as successful as an Amazon CEO, I'd be as rich as an Amazon CEO. The truth is that there is no such routine, because everyone's life is different. We're all coming at the day in different seasons, from different circumstances and with different values. Our morning routines should fit our life and today, I want to give you a step-by-step process to choose a morning routine you can stick to.

Jun 24

23 min 24 sec

If it were possible and legal to marry an online organizing tool, Trello™ and I would be hitched by now. I've talked about it before and I won't stop because Trello has made my life infinitely easier, my life more management and my business highly organized. So what is it? It's a visual organization tool (think Pinterest and Post-Its had a baby) and in this episode, I'm going to break down how to get started and all the ways you can use it in your mom life (and beyond!)

Jun 17

27 min 19 sec

One of the best decisions I ever made was to run my home like I run my business. It's allowed us to create systems and routines that suit everyone and keep us on track like a well-oiled machine. Being a CEO isn't about making all of the decisions, it's about making the right ones. You get to choose the type of household CEO you want to be and design your life in a way that fits your values.

Jun 10

31 min 22 sec

"I'll tell you when you're older." isn't a phrase we say in the Hennessy house. My husband and I are committed to having uncomfortable conversations with our children at every age (in age appropriate ways, of course.) It can be difficult to get over our own discomfort and lack of confidence, but what an amazing opportunity it is to have an open dialogue with our children and create a safe space for them to ask questions.

Jun 3

31 min 6 sec

One of my favorite ways to stay productive is to think of my future self as a different person, someone worthy of success and peace. She is someone worthy of having things set up for her without extra and added stress. This idea of setting your future self (even if it's just the you in a few hours) is so freeing and can help build momentum in everything we do. Here are 3 simple ways to get started and show your future self she's worthy of time freedom.

May 27

24 min 49 sec

No woman is an island and this house and family or 4 does not run on it's own. I love a good tool, especially when it makes my life easier. I thrive on simplicity and have created a home that helps us maintain simple systems. Let's talk about 5 tools that keep our family organized (and able to maintain it, too!)

May 20

20 min 52 sec

No is a complete sentence. What a freeing statement. In theory, it sounds empowering, but what about the people pleasing need to provide a justification for every no we speak. You don't owe anyone a reason or a justification for your boundaries or your choices and today in a great day to start saying no without the need to explain why.

May 13

33 min 32 sec

Not every routine is made for every season. We know that motherhood is all about the ebbs and flows and just like nature, seasons come and go. This can make creating routines that stick feel more difficult. I want to uncomplicate the process of creating a seasonal routine that fits your life, whether it be a cleaning routine during the summer months, a nightly routine during sports season or a day-to-day schedule with a new baby.

May 6

27 min

The mother-daughter relationship is one with many facets and levels. As a mother to a daughter and a daughter to a mother, I know that there can be discomfort, tension and unhealed wounds in these relationships. I'm so excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Deering to the podcast to discuss these relationships and how we can learn from them as both mothers and daughters. Head to the show notes for more information and details on this episode. 

Apr 29

1 hr 8 min

There is no doubt that motherhood, no matter the season, often feels hard, plain and simple. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're failing all while someone else tells you how "easy" it can be. Instead of trying to make the situations (which are often out of my control) easier, I'm focusing on bringing ease to my approach. That means uncomplicating my decisions, my schedule, my home and my boundaries. In a world with so much out of our control, it's time to step up and take back control of our approach to life because ease just feels more empowering.

Apr 22

38 min 15 sec

We're in the second quarter of the year, a time when most of us realize that those new year's resolutions and goals have fallen by the wayside. It's ok and it happens to all of us. I want to help you create goals you can stick to, without the complication, long-term commitments or difficult methods. Today, let's talk about 3 simple ways to uncomplicate your goals and make them stick.

Apr 15

20 min 44 sec

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning? I get it. Especially with busy mom lives, cleaning just seems like one more thing to do and a never-ending chore. You clean one room and another is getting messy. One of the pillars here at Mother Like a Boss is simplicity in all things home management. That includes cleaning. In today's episode, I'm giving the low down on how to clean your house (and keep it that way) even if you really hate doing it.

Apr 8

33 min 15 sec

It's been said that comparison is the thief of joy and it couldn't be more true. Social media has made it easier than ever to gaze at the highlight reels that others post and cause us to compare ourselves constantly to them. However, comparison isn't always bad. When we use it as a form of inspiration, it can be joyous. The issue is when we compare for the sake of self-judgement. Today, we're going to talk the good, the bad and the uncomfortable when it comes to the comparison trap.

Apr 1

28 min 1 sec

No one gets where they are without taking a million small steps to be there. The same is true in motherhood, in business, working towards your goals, anything. Our children don't learn to run at full speed before they can crawl. Why? Because it's the small steps, the consistency, the learning and mistakes, and follow through where big leaps and full speed ahead success is found. This is a pep-talk meets value-packed episode on the benefit of loving on the small steps rather than waiting around for the big score of a goal to be reached. Plus, our incredible accountability community is opening back up for enrollment for a limited time. Head to to join this round!

Mar 25

25 min 56 sec

Motherhood is such a beautiful gift, but let's be really honest, it can also be lonely. Really lonely. Moms deserve a support system. We deserve a group of other friends and family that cheer us on and encourage us. But where do we start? Let's talk about it. Don't forget to join the Small Steps Society™ waitlist here!

Mar 18

24 min 19 sec

If you're a perfectionist and you know it clap your hands...and a sea of noise erupts There is no shame in the perfectionist game, except when there is. The ego creates a world inside your mind when you should be able to do it all, or nothing at all (like O-Town would say) The problem is, we'll never be able to do it all meaning that the only option left is nothing.  

Mar 11

25 min 59 sec

My boldness is coming out in big ways today and I don't know that it will resonate with everyone. I making a statement here and now because in 2021, I've had enough of mom guilt. I've had enough of the way it makes us feel, the hoops it makes us jump through, the judgement is stabs at our souls. We deserve better than feeling guilty for just existing.

Mar 4

27 min 52 sec

You asked, I'm answering! I get a lot of questions about homemaking, home management and motherhood, so in this episode I'm going to answer those for you. We all know that when one person has a question, it means many people behind the scenes do, too! Homemakerish U is open! Click here for all the details.

Feb 25

43 min 35 sec

I get asked about chores a lot. What chores to give kids, at what ages to start, what to do when they don't do their chores, how to create better chore routines? The truth is, there is no one way that fits every household or lifestyle. What I have found is that when we approach delegation from a place of empowerment versus nagging, the results speak for themselves. This is a different approach to delegating and chores, beyond the charts, schedules, reward systems and routines.

Feb 18

32 min 20 sec

Yup, we've talked about this topic before and yup, there is another couple of episodes touching on this topic and yup we're talking about it again. It deserves an even deeper discussion because the power of creating momentum in your life versus waiting for motivation to hit you like a bolt of lightning can't be understated. We all want to know how to get more done without having to to do, because good heavens moms are already doing enough. The answer is momentum and I want to show you exactly why that's the case in today's episode. Save your seat at the Momentum Over Motivation Challenge. Click here to join us. 

Feb 11

28 min 53 sec

Time to get organized! (side eye coming at me, I know) Organization has been widely misunderstood for years. You don’t get organized by buying cute baskets from Home Goods or buying the coolest label maker on the market, as much as we all wish that was the case. Organizing your life is all about simple systems that you can duplicate and replicate. But we all know that it isn't starting the systems that's hard, it's maintaining them. So let's talk about how to organize your life, your schedule and your home and finally make it stick.

Feb 4

41 min 58 sec

Yup, homemaking still matters in 2021. It mattered last year, it mattered 100 years ago and it will matter 100 years from now (at least, I imagine it will.) Why? Homemaking is nothing more than a cultivation of what matters to you in your life. Because whether you're a mom that works a traditional 9-5, owns a business or stays home to raise her kids full time, your home matters and you deserve to live your life without the stress and burden that has traditionally fallen on the shoulders of moms. So let's talk homemaking, 2021 style.

Jan 28

31 min 38 sec

There is no shortage of information on routines these days. Throw a rock on Pinterest and you'll find a blog post, a chore chart, a color-coded schedule or a guru claiming they know the absolute best morning routine that will change your life. The thing is, how do you know what actually works? After 5 years of helping tens of thousands of moms create routines that work for their unique lives, I want to give you the 411 on the truths and myths that are wasting your time each day. Routines can (and should be) simple. If it feels too complicated, it probably is. Feeling the burden of doing all the things? Wishing you could consistently keep those promises you make to yourself? Same, mama! I created the Let's Get Consistent Tracker and Guide for you. Download it for FREE here.

Jan 21

18 min 58 sec

Where my overachievers at? If you grew up getting praise when you did more, you're probably thinking that doing less is lazy. We've been conditioned by a world that tells us that more is better, because doing more is how we prove our worth. This is an episode all about the beauty and power of doing less as a way to feel better; emotionally, mentally and physically. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, mama. Be sure to head over to the podcast directory to binge more episodes and find everything you want organized by topic here.

Jan 14

27 min 18 sec

Our beliefs are everything. What we believe about ourselves is everything. Limiting beliefs are the false thoughts that keep us from living the life we want and going for our biggest goals and desires. The problem is that most of us don't know we have limiting beliefs. Our egos convince us that they're true. If you're finding you can't ever break through a ceiling in your life, this is the episode you need to listen to. Understanding your limiting beliefs is the first step to stopping the mama self sabotage.

Jan 7

30 min 5 sec

We all know what kind of a year 2020 has been, but with all of the challenges we've had, we've also been given a lot of lessons to learn from. This "new year" is going to look different than any in the past, so how do we wrap up a challenging year while preparing ourselves for whatever 2021 has for us?

Dec 2020

25 min 57 sec

Oooooo, raise your hand if you're a planner like me? I'm not just talking about that physical hardcover planning calendar you buy every year or the case full of Paper Mate colored flair pens you use to doodle out the future, I mean the hours and hours you spend making plans only to never follow through on them. Life happens, but the thing is, life will always happen. So how do we follow through on those plans we make, whether it's a small daily task, a new habit we want to form, a better routine we want to follow or a big, scary goal we're ready to crush. We've opened the doors to Small Steps Society™ and you're invited, friend! Click here for all the details. 

Dec 2020

37 min 29 sec

How often are you truly taking the time to be happy, for no other reason that it feels good to feel that way? Self worth is difficult for moms who feel like we constantly have to earn the reward of happiness, or gain it from making others happy first. Let's have an honest and powerful discussion about the meaning of worth and the happiness you deserve.  

Dec 2020

30 min 39 sec