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Digital disruption is affecting every industry across the globe, and financial institutions are not exempt. With the world at large achieving digital transformation at a growing rate, and users expecting more and more personalized services, we explore the state of digital banking in the Americas and how financial institutions can become more digital.

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Jamie Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Preventor shares his views on digital onboarding. 

Oct 20

7 min 4 sec

Martin Nymark, CEO of Exact Invest and Terry Boyland, CEO at CPQi, the leading provider of digital transformation for financial institutions in the Americas, discuss the rise of micro-investing, its value and how financial institutions can bring their users closer to their futures

Aug 18

21 min 33 sec

Today, we’re joined by Paul, the Chief Sales Officer at CPQi, Sasha, senior North America recruiter at CPQi and Nancy Phillips, Vice President of Trade, Investment and International Partnerships of the Halifax Partnership. CPQi are the leading provider of digital transformation for the financial markets and the Halifax Partnership is Halifax’s economic development organization. In this podcast, we'll hear a bit about the history of Halifax and why it's a great place to operate from as a financial institution or FinTech. 

Jun 21

16 min 28 sec

Hear from CPQi CEO and Global Financial Controller how you can start, build and manage finances as a FinTech or Financial Institution in today's climate. From personal budgeting to finding investors, Terry and Cristina have provided some great advice for both new business owners and global CFOs. 

May 18

25 min 58 sec

It has been truly heart warming to see how companies have cared for  their staff, how medical teams have expended themselves to the limit and  how so many have given their time and resources to mitigate whatever  they can in this crisis. Further protection is needed and alongside the medical work we now  need to re-enable the economy. Financial Markets are an essential  service in times of distress and provide the backbone of economic  stability. We must ensure that operational risk and product availability are  managed effectively in what is now a permanently changed world. The 4 pillars to achieving this are outlined in this podcast. 

Dec 2020

28 min 42 sec