Dafna Rosenblum and Tsedey Terefe

The second season of Extend, broadcasted from Stockholm. Tsedey is a frontend developer and Dafna is a tech director, we interview tech people in Sweden about technologies and careers of software engineers, and focusing on inclusion and extending the industry to be welcoming to many types of people.

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Smriti is on a mission to battle the climate crisis with Artificial Intelligence (AI). She has been using neural networks for research and applications in healthcare and mental health, in the industry, and as part of research at KTH. We spoke about her work and research, ethics in AI, and how her growth mindset and attitude helped her to develop meaningful connections.

Apr 11

58 min 1 sec

Linda Almqvist shared with us her insights about pair programming, getting into new technologies, transforming a PoC to a scalable production product, Tailwind, and career switches.

Feb 27

52 min

Jonah Andersson is giving talks about Azure, studying for Azure certification and enjoying working in the cloud. When she's not doing all of this, she mentors junior engineers and is working to make the tech industry more inclusive. Listen to our episode to hear her fascinating journey, that started in the Philippines and continues in Sweden.

Jan 4

43 min 36 sec

In this episode  we will be discussing about Mobile App development technologies, about immigration and return after maternity leave.

Nov 2020

51 min 30 sec

Paula started working with imagiLabs, who help kids to learn how to code from their mobile phone, from Hong Kong. In our first episode, she tells us what led her to moving to Stockholm, how she overcomes the challenges that are part of her work, and share with us precious tips from her career. "Music: www.bensound.com"

Oct 2020

44 min 16 sec