Sonic Rodent

Simon Margreiter

Sonic Rodent is a podcast focusing on analysis and interpretation of artists, songs and songwriting tropes, so you can learn from them and find your own voice in songwriting.

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May 2019

6 min 5 sec

Let's take a look at chaotic, abrassive Music today, to understand how people use it to express themselves. Interview with Botch: Interview With The Dillinger Ecape Plan: Tosin Abasi on Guitar Power:

May 2019

4 min 58 sec

Today I talk about the range of emotion you can express with Screaming in music. Often, screaming is reduced to aggressiveness, but I think there's far more nuance to this. Resources: Death Metal/Throat Vocal Analysis SPECTROGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF VOCAL TECHNIQUES IN EXTREME METAL FOR MUSICOLOGICAL ANALYSIS Find Birds in Row on Bandcamp Find Make Them Suffer on Amazon

Apr 2019

5 min 41 sec

Here are the Interviews I referenced in this Video: On Wildlife Songwriting Process On Fulton Street I Find La Dispute on Bandcamp

Apr 2019

8 min 33 sec

A short introduction to the podcast

Mar 2019

1 min 16 sec