Write From Karen

By Karen

Write From Karen is an audible day-in-the life diary. I will talk about my personal life, my professional life, news events, book reviews and various topics I hope will be interesting to listeners. I love to talk and hopefully you care to listen. I'm honest, bold and not afraid to voice my opinion; what you hear is what you get. I have a lot to say about nothing. Brace yourselves.

  1. 1.
    Book Review: Park Avenue Player
  2. 2.
    *Sniff* Is that COVID I Smell On You? Technology That Can Smell Whether You Have COVID or Not
  3. 3.
    Third Eyes Now Available! Never Worry About Bumping Into Things While Looking at Your Phone Again
  4. 4.
    Would You Pay Thousands of Dollars for an Invisible Piece of Art? Would You Believe That Someone Did?
  5. 5.
    Teaching First Graders Sexual Gratification. Why Are We Allowing This Madness to Continue?
  6. 6.
    It is the Beginning of the End of My Medical Career - What's Next? Good Question
  7. 7.
    Biden Issues Ultimatum Mask or Vax - Excuse Me, Sir, You are Not My Keeper
  8. 8.
    Happy Birthing Person Day! The Left's Plan to Erase Women

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