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Renovation Church: North Syracuse, NY

We exist to glorify God by equipping all of Christ’s people to live faithful lives of worship as we give every man, woman, and child an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel without coming or going anywhere.

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What is the significance of the Transfiguration

Dec 5

40 min 39 sec

How does Jesus exemplify the way we should invest our lives?

Nov 28

42 min 34 sec

What bread is Jesus talking about?

Nov 14

45 min 20 sec

What does scripture say about how Jesus approaches our needs?

Nov 7

2 min 58 sec

How does Jesus respond to the Canaanite woman’s desperate plea?

Oct 31

44 min 25 sec

In order to worship God acceptably, where do we start?

Oct 24

40 min 23 sec

How does Jesus calm our fears?

Oct 17

37 min 14 sec

What can we learn about Christ from the feeding of the 5 thousand?

Oct 10

37 min 21 sec

What can we learn from the death of John the Baptist?

Oct 3

35 min 51 sec

Can we add to God’s grace?

Sep 26

30 min 19 sec

When should we pray?

Sep 19

36 min 6 sec

As we wait for Christ’s return, how ought we to posture ourselves?

Sep 12

43 min 59 sec

What does the Bible tell us about the rich in the context of james?

Sep 5

40 min 32 sec

How can our words reveal our pride?

Aug 29

48 min 13 sec

How should we speak to and about fellow Christians?

Aug 22

44 min 26 sec

Why are we always fighting?

Aug 15

44 min 42 sec

What does the Bible say about Wisdom?

Aug 8

42 min 9 sec

How ought the tongue of the Christian effect others?

Aug 1

47 min 7 sec

What is the connection between faith and works?

Jul 25

54 min 16 sec

What is God’s primary feeling towards us?

Jul 18

41 min 33 sec

In a world that shows favor to some and withholds it from others, on what grounds ought the Christian show no partiality?

Jul 11

45 min 25 sec

How should we receive the Word of God and respond with obedience?

Jul 4

47 min 43 sec

When we are faced with temptation, how should we fight it?

Jun 27

43 min 25 sec

Why can we have joy when facing trials of various kinds?

Jun 20

47 min 21 sec

Was Jesus more than He appeared to be?

Jun 13

43 min 2 sec

Where should we place our Value?

Jun 6

36 min 33 sec

What will happen to those who reject Jesus at the end? Jesus tells us in the parable of the net.

May 30

38 min 58 sec

Is the Kingdom of God worth the cost?

May 23

44 min 58 sec

How does the Kingdom of Heaven defy expectations?

May 16

41 min 45 sec

What does Christ teach us about the nature of the Kingdom?

May 9

51 min 4 sec

How do we truly hear and understand the word of God?

May 2

46 min 44 sec

Who is Jesus’ family?

Apr 25

41 min 22 sec

How does Jesus convey his authority?

Apr 20

46 min 13 sec

What do our words show about our heart?

Apr 11

47 min 5 sec

What evidences do we have for Jesus to have risen from the dead?

Apr 4

47 min 4 sec

Our tenebrae service leads us through the story of Jesus on the Cross.

Apr 3

46 min 32 sec

How did Jesus’s ministry fulfill the words of the prophet Isaiah?

Mar 21

42 min 56 sec

What is lawful to do on the Sabbath?

Mar 14

49 min 29 sec

What does Christ say regarding legalism through His lordship over the Sabbath?

Mar 7

49 min 25 sec

Why does Jesus call his listeners to come to Him, take His yoke upon them, and learn from Him?

Feb 28

47 min 13 sec

What does Jesus say about God’s judgement?

Feb 21

38 min 22 sec

Who do the scriptures say Jesus is and how should we respond?

Feb 14

48 min 30 sec

What work did Paul call Titus to in Crete and how does that impact our perspective on church planting today?

Jan 31

45 min 9 sec

How do we relate to other gospel-preaching churches? Competitively or collaboratively?

Jan 24

45 min 23 sec

What does Jesus tell his disciples they will both be and do given His ascension into heaven until He returns?

Jan 17

46 min 45 sec

What does Jesus call his disciples to given his authority and presence?

Jan 10

49 min 48 sec

What can we expect to experience from the world and from God as we live out the mission of Jesus?

Dec 2020

47 min 35 sec