Conversations With Coopman

Andrew Murphy

Welcome to Conversations With Coopman, a podcast series covering the latest topics and trends as they happen in the financial services market.

Throughout the series, host Andrew Murphy and co-host Mark Fallon or William McCoppin are joined by qualified professionals and industry experts for casual catch-ups about what is happening in financial services, as well as their companies and their careers.

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Marie Gillespie, a Senior Equity Analyst talks about when she first became aware of the sustainability movement, what is currently driving this agenda, how companies are dealing with arising challenges, and what she anticipates in the future when looking at regulation and consumer demand.

Dec 1

23 min 57 sec

Derarca Dennis, the Partner responsible for Climate Change and Sustainability Services for EY Ireland, discusses how sustainability is impacting the work of a finance director, how it is creating new opportunities within finance, how the changing environment is posing new challenges for companies and what EY is doing internally and externally in response.

Nov 3

26 min 32 sec

Peter Taylor, advisor on ESG integration and sustainable investing discusses climate governance, what boards should be thinking about when it comes to climate change, their readiness to tackle the challenges ahead and how investors are becoming more active on climate when it comes to voting. 

Oct 13

24 min 36 sec

Co-hosts Andrew Murphy and Mark Fallon discuss the results of a survey conducted by Coopman Search and Selection on how employers in financial services across Ireland and the UK will attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic working world. They provide their thoughts, opinions and predictions for the return to the office and implementation of flexible working arrangements by companies located in these markets, as well as briefly reflecting on the excellent speakers and interesting topics covered in series 1 of the podcast.  

Jul 19

28 min 5 sec

Mariam Akanbi, General Counsel at ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited and Co-Founder of Black Women in Asset Management (BWAM) shares how she started her career in private equity and the changes she has seen, not only in her own role but also the wider investment industry. Mariam also provides excellent advice for the investment community in creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, before finally discussing the great work that they are doing at BWAM and the exciting plans they have for the future. 

May 5

27 min 25 sec

Mike Rogers, Managing Director at Investment Governance Services discusses the upcoming Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures regulation and why it is coming into effect, what pension funds and asset managers need to do to plan ahead, and the importance of attracting the right resources to ensure pension funds can meet the enormous challenge and opportunity of climate change. 

Mar 23

24 min 5 sec

Charmian Simmons, a risk matter subject expert discusses how the pandemic has impacted the fintech sector, how it is positioned from a controls and regulatory stand point, and what the landscape looks like for fintechs in the years ahead.

Feb 23

32 min 46 sec

Stan Barnes, Chief Financial Officer and Head of HR at Aergo Capital, discusses 2020 from the company's perspective and the current market conditions, along with opportunities and challenges facing aircraft leasing companies, and shares his predictions for the company and wider industry for 2021.

Jan 13

26 min 41 sec

Siobhan Sweeney, Director of Development and Head of Diversity and Inclusion with the Open Doors Initiative, discusses the need for further awareness and education to drive the D&I agenda, how AIB successfully implemented a holistic D&I strategy, how financial services companies are doing in the D&I space and the impact of Open Doors.

Dec 2020

32 min 16 sec

Hesus Inoma, Lead of the Digital and FinTech service offering at Grant Thornton Ireland, discusses the business models and approaches of successful fintechs, and breaks down companies like Revolut and Lemonade, as well as providing a glimpse into the IFSC of the future.

Nov 2020

32 min 34 sec

Fiona de Lacy, Managing Director (Ireland) of Walkers Professional Services shares her insights on how leaders can do business differently in the wake of the pandemic. 

Oct 2020

25 min 52 sec

Kevin McHugh, Founder and Managing Director of Priory GRC Consulting shares his insights on regulation driven by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Oct 2020

32 min 6 sec

Per Stahl, a sustainable finance professional shares his insights on how the finance community is integral in thrusting society towards a cleaner way of life, and how the deployment of capital and resources to projects in this space is paramount. 

Oct 2020

37 min 7 sec