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The Human Species is evolving. We are heading for an entirely new paradigm. The internet is our collective mind manifested into the world. New (well, actually quite old) ideas like the Law of Attraction, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Awakening are emerging. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and more plan to entirely

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Go to to register for our free meditation masterclass! Is magic and other forms of energy work new forms of science? The more we dive into learning about quantum mechanics, the more we validate the ancient teachings of the mystery schools. Furthermore, many of today’s leaders in the world of energy medicine or healing also study the ancient texts and apply that ancient information to their research in understanding the nature of reality. Michael Rosslein is here today to talk about energetics, health, and how spirituality impacts our body. Michael is the founder of Rebel Health Tribe. You can learn more about what Michael is doing at this link: Michael has entered into an in-depth study of how trauma is interwoven with the body by studying the works of Gabor Mate. Additionally, Michael is enrolled in study at the Luminous Awareness Institute. This university helps high-level healers understand new abilities and how ancient wisdom is interwoven into new research on quantum mechanics. You can learn more about the Luminous Awareness Institute and the work they do by following this link:

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Michael Rosslein shares his experience with psychedelics and how they helped him pull himself out of a deep depression. This caused him to have an epiphany moment where he realized that he needed to help other people who were in his position. This experience with plant medicine was the catalyst for a profound transcendental encounter that got him turned-onto energy work and how it might be applied to healing. Through the encounter that Michael shares on the podcast, he began to dive deeper into learning about the true nature of reality and understanding quantum physics and mechanics. Over the years, this led Michael to enrolling at the Luminous Awareness Institute and diving into more in-depth practices of energy work. This show is packed with amazing stories and powerful information related to human evolution and where our species is going! If you enjoyed this episode, check out this show about hermetic philosophy: You’ll also enjoy this episode about how quantum mechanics are related to the ancient mystery schools: Watch this show to learn about human evolution and where the species stands here in 2020: Give this episode a share to help spread this message! Thank you for watching!

Sep 10

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Want to learn how to escape constraint and get into momentum? Take Alex's free momentum masterclass happening in October: Join our meditation meetups every week on Fridays by going to:   Want to learn about how to bounce back from ROCK BOTTOM and achieve your dreams? The legend Alex Charfen is here today on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about how to be resilient in challenging times and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of failure. Alex has been one of my greatest mentors over the years. In 2008, Alex and his family experienced tremendous hardship and were able to climb their way out of the hole, only to create one of the fastest growing companies in the world and help pull the USA out of the financial crisis. These days, Alex coaches high-performance entrepreneurs and teaches them how to scale their businesses into becoming an enormous contribution to the collective. You are NOT going to want to miss this episode of the show… Give this episode a share so we can help this message reach whoever needs these words today. Much love!

Sep 2

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Want to get help inside of a supportive community? Join Phoenix at This episode shares the story of how I left a cult, overcame lifelong issues with anxiety, built a healthy body, joined/left the Army, started a business, found love, bought a house, and created the life of my dreams.

Aug 20

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Want to learn advanced forms of meditation and connect with fellow practitioners? Join our free weekly meditation meetup by clicking this link: The legendary Zach Even Esh is here to talk about how to DESTROY a victim mentality. Zach Even Esh is the author of “The Encyclopedia Of Underground Strength And Conditioning”. He is a world famous strength coach, the host of the StrongLife podcast, and one of my greatest mentors. Zach has taught me about strength and conditioning and the importance of developing a strong mind so that you can have a strong life. Zach Even Esh is here to talk about how to destroy a victim mindset in 2020 and embrace the mentality of a winner. Even in the face of difficult obstacles, it is important that we strive forward to our goals. Ultimately, we are the makers of our reality and it is time we take back our power in small ways. On this episode, Zach Even Esh shares some practical tips for how to take back more of your energy inside of your life. Zach shares: Social media tips to ensure you do not waste energy online. How to structure your morning to ensure you get the most out of your day. When to take a break and when to push forward. We get into discussing current events related to the George Floyd protests and the COVID-19 lockdown. At the end of the day, it is up to people like you and me to embrace our own roles in creating a better future. By working on ourselves and helping the people inside of our daily lives, we can inspire mass change across the world. On this episode, Zach Even Esh shares helpful tips for how to step out of a victim mindset and more into your own life’s potential. I hope you enjoy this show! Check out everything Zach is doing by clicking this link: Zach has been on the podcast before to discuss the importance of strength and conditioning inside of an alternative system of education. Check it out here: If you enjoyed this episode, watch this one about the George Floyd protests and how they can inspire mass change: You will also enjoy this episode about how to thrive inside of 2020, even when the collective energies of our world seem to be spiraling downwards: If you want to join a community of inspired seekers who are ALL moving in the right direction towards changing their lives and thriving in transition, join the PHOENIX program. Click here: Much love! Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe to the channel! Paul

Aug 13

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Want to step more deeply into your meditation practice? Attend our free weekly live Astral Travel masterclass every Friday at Noon CST! Register here: Learning how to LOVE yourself is crucial to personal and spiritual development. Watch this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien with Tyson James Lee to learn about how to love yourself. Self-love is a touchy subject and difficult for many people to fully grasp! Watch this video to learn how to love yourself finally after all this time. Tyson James Lee is a serial entrepreneur who got his start doing high ticket sales for coaches and consultants. Soon after he was running and building high ticket sales forces across a multitude of coaching niches from marketing and sales to mindset and health.  In June of 2016 Tyson launched his own health and mindset company called TyFit and proceeded to make $250,000 a year organically on facebook while coaching 100+ people a year. He went from being homeless to being one of the highest paid online fitness professionals in the world in less than 14 months.
 Tyson has helped several companies scale to the 7 figure range with his wealth of knowledge in the area of marketing/sales and building relationships with others at the highest level. All this lead him to launch Elevated Empires. A company that intends to bring truth and integrity into the online market place.

Aug 12

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Join our Free LIVE Astral Travel Masterclass by going to this link. I really hope to see you there!   Much love! Paul

Aug 10

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Kevin Orosz On What Is Happening In 2020 Download FREE Sound Healing Mp3s from our audio library! Want to follow Kevin Orosz and all he is working to build? Click here: Kevin Orosz RETURNS to the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about what is happening collectively here in 2020. On this show, we talk about COVID-19 and whether or not is is a hoax or an actual virus. If it is real, are secret forces or societies manipulating the overall message to advance an agenda? Kevin’s answer on this topic raises similar questions to what we discussed in this episode of the show: Kevin Orosz is a life coach for men and women who want to dive deeper into their relationships. Well versed in Tantra, Yoga, breath-work, and many other disciplines, Kevin helps people manifest better partners or more business opportunity by diving more deeply into themselves. Want to see the last episode with Kevin on the podcast? Watch this episode about Tantra: On this episode, we talk about egregors, archetypes, and how a person can detach energetically from a situation. In 2020, it is important to learn more about how to keep our energy safe from that of others. When we do, we strengthen our energetic field and allow no barriers to pass. When I studied Hermetic philosophy, it was a time of powerful initiation. On this show, Kevin talks about how initiation is a person’s journey or introduction into a higher dimension of consciousness or a new level of awareness. Collectively, this is happening here in 2020. For more about Hermetic philosophy and the topic of initiation, watch this video: Want to learn more about consciousness and where this species is going in 2020? You’ll enjoy watching this episode from a few weeks ago: It is a time of confusion. As Kevin said: In the marketplace of lies, telling the truth can be intense. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and leave a comment! Much love!  

Aug 9

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Want to experience a new reality inside of a safe community of seekers ALL moving in the right direction? Join the Phoenix program! Reality transurfing is possible inside of our reality. What does “reality transurfing” mean? Essentially, the ability for a human being to change their reality and timeline through a process of awareness, awakening, and evolution. 2020 has been a catalyst for many individuals to choose a new reality for themselves. This episode of the podcast is all about how to achieve this within your own life! 2020 is a WILD year for the collective consciousness. Here’s the good news: you can choose the reality and timeline that you want to experience. Through the power of consent and choice, you are able to place your awareness only on what you want to experience and then vibrate yourself into a higher dimension of consciousness. Through an internal process of alchemy and transmutation, you have the ability to generate a new reality by doing the inner work to heal and bring forth new realities from within yourself. We are evolving into new timelines and new possibilities. Here in 2020, it does not have to be hard or difficult even though that is the constant rhetoric being fed to us through the mainstream news media and plenty of other sources. Instead of listening and heeding those words and making them your personal reality, it is possible to experience an internal shift that will then be manifest out into your world. Watch this conversation with Jarin Kenyon and Justin Lofton: two of the smartest dude’s I’ve met when it comes to this topic. Both have been on the podcast numerous times to discuss manifestation, gene keys, human design, and a number of other topics. On this show, we talk about the following and much more: 1. How to manifest a new timeline for yourself and others! 2. Tools to use to go deeper in your internal journey and find peace within. 3. How to avoid taking in negative energy and information that will only leave you feeling drained. 4. Awareness of the “video game” of life and how to experience a different “level”. 5. How to find the kingdom of heaven within yourself. This is a comprehensive episode of the show that has to deal with reality creation, timeline shifting, and some deep topics that will leave you on a new stage of your journey. Apply the information in this episode to your life and watch everything change. We will shed some light on what’s happening here in 2020 so that you can benefit and move ahead! Check it out and give this a share! If you enjoyed this episode, watch these: Jarin Kenyon on the power of writing to create and manifest a new reality: Justin Lofton on the topic of how to manifest new opportunities for yourself and your family: Jarin Kenyon deep-dive on human design and gene keys: Justin Lofton on the COVID-19 situation and what this year means for the future of our species: Want to learn more about gene keys and human design? Read this post on the blog: Thank you for watching! Make sure you comment with any thoughts and subscribe to the channel for more great episodes!

Aug 8

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Homeschool Advice For New Parents From My Mom New to homeschool lifestyle? Join our free group “Free Resources For New Homeschool Families”: Are you going to be starting homeschooling in the new school year? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing regulations at school, many parents are making the decision to homeschool their kids. For many parents, this decision happened quickly and it is the first time they have begun to dabble in the homeschool life. Homeschooling can be a wonderful experience that allows a child to pursue their own creative ambitions, instead of whatever or however the government decides the child should be learning in school. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I interview my MOM Laura Tokgozoglu! My mom home-schooled my sisters and I all the way until we went to college. On this episode, we talk about that journey and share some tips for new homeschool parents. A few kew takeaways: 1. Homeschool does NOT need to be on the same schedule as the normal school day. A person can change around the times of day that the child is learning so that the optimal time of day is chosen, based around when the kid is most active. 2. Homeschool resources are enormous nowadays and you do NOT need to use a standard homeschool curriculum. Although these resources can be quite helpful, it is paramount to realize that you can utilize YouTube, documentaries, Netflix, educational video games, and a host of other fun choices so that learning is more enjoyable for your kids. It is ALL about getting creative and tuning into what the child actually needs to succeed! 3. Go easy on yourself in the beginning and understand that you can increase the educational load AFTER introducing the child to the homeschool lifestyle. 4. Know the regulations in your state! Check out the “Homeschool Legal Defense Association” for plenty of resources on your specific state. 5. Base the curriculum around your child’s interests! This is the gift of homeschool: that you can craft an educational system based around the kid’s actual wants, needs, and passions. 6. Do everything to teach the child “love of learning”. This will carry on LONG after the kid has graduated from the homeschool lifestyle. This episode is PACKED with tips on how to get started homeschooling in 2020. For more, make sure you join our group! Want to learn more about alternative education? Check out this interview with Zach Even-Esh: Confused about the collective situation here in 2020? Watch this video: For more on the issues facing our current education system, watch this episode: Thank you for watching! This episode was a lot of fun for me to do! Hope you enjoyed. Comment with any questions.

Aug 5

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Want to join a committed group of seekers who are ALL striving to evolve their consciousness and their lives? Join up with the Phoenix program: Dr. Carl Johan Calleman is here to talk about Mayan cosmology and the quantum science of consciousness evolution! If you want to learn more about Carl Calleman and his work, click here: Carl Johan Calleman has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm, following which he was a Senior Researcher at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington in Seattle, focusing especially on identifying toxic substances in the human environment. Dr. Calleman has spent the past 25 years focusing on understanding the meaning of the Mayan calendar, and as part of this quest he has lectured in 25 countries and written seven books, which have been translated to 14 languages. He also filmed the first interview with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of council of elders in Guatemala available to an audience in the Western world. His current focus is on the application of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory an all-encompassing theory of evolution emanating from these studies. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Dr. Calleman and I discuss Mayan cosmology and how the Mayan calendar represents evolution through different planes of consciousness.

Aug 2

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Go to for links to all the books I mention in this video! Learn about one of the greatest philosophers of all time on this episode: Manly P. Hall.

Aug 2

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Quantum Physics And The Mystery Schools With Aari Lotfipour Looking for an online community to help you understand these difficult times? Join the Phoenix program! How does a new understanding around quantum physics and quantum mechanics fit into a more esoteric view of the universe? In this episode, I am joined by Aari Lotfipour and we chat about how having a deeper understanding of concepts like vibration and frequency are important in our spiritual lives. As humans begin to evolve in consciousness, we are developing more in our understanding that the ancient masters have oftentimes been speaking the same language as modern day researchers. For example, quantum researchers have found that a person observing a frequency has an impact on the outcome. In this episode, Aari and I talk about the vibrational frequency that humans emit as a result of our divine source within. This video covers esoteric concepts and how they tie together with modern day teachings. When we find the common denominators across world religions and modern day scientific discoveries, we find this idea of consciousness at the core. We are swimming in a vibrational cosmic frequency that emits from some source that is present at all times. In the Secret Doctrine of the mystery schools, this was taught as the doctrine of emanation. In her book Isis Unveiled, HP Blavatsky wrote about how the ancient mystics taught that all of reality emanated from a source. This divine spirit was the creative principle and source of astral light that manifests reality into being. Now, in 2020, researchers are finding that quantum mechanics is coming to similar conclusions about the nature of the universe. Our universe is ever-expanding, always changing, alive in some form, and infinite in power and energy. Inside of this universe, we swim. In the same way, we can imagine ourselves held in the mind of some infinite being in whose brain matter we all swim and take our form. On this show I’m joined by Aari Lotfipour. Aari is an entrepreneur and researcher who is currently working on creating more opportunity and resources for individuals working to start innovate projects that can help our planet move forward. If you want to learn more about Aari, click here: Recently nominated as a top 50 tech visionary, Aari is pioneering entrepreneurialism as we embark upon the VR/AR revolution, adapt to the new blockchain movement, and expierence a new era in agricultural and health care development. Aari comes from a computer science background from the University of North Texas, and has 10 years experience in the nuclear medicine field – most recently with Siemens Healthcare.” December of 2018 marked the start of the United States Hemp Revolution. Aari got on board the movement on day one. Establishing an international hemp hub to network growers, producers, investors and buyers with a world changing team. Want to learn more about the evolution of consciousness in 2020? Watch this interview with Kevin Orosz: If you would like to learn more about Hermetic philosophy and the ancient mystery schools, watch this video: Lastly, if you are looking for answers about astral travel and how to get started experiencing other realms of consciousness, watch this video: Thank you for watching! Make sure you subscribe and comment with any thoughts. Much love! Paul

Jul 31

48 min

Have you ever been interested in Atlantis? The ancient city of Atlantis has speculated archeologists, historians, occultists, and many other seekers for generations. Ever since first appearing in the works of Plato, the topic of Atlantis has seen different periods of emergence over the years. I first began learning about Atlantis while following the works of Graham Hancock. Through his books “Fingerprints of the Gods” and “Magicians of the Gods”, as well as his other works, I began to understand the archeological and geological evidence of an ancient civilization. By researching occult sources like the Emerald Tablets or Anacalypsis, I have begun to see how there are traces of an ancient religion that permeates the world. Meanwhile, more and more people are reporting past-life regressions where they remember Atlantis. Additionally, we are seeing more reports of astral travel experiences, astral projection, and out-of-body experiences. What is happening here in 2020? I believe these are all connected. Through my own practice of astral, I have begun to uncover past life memories but I am hesitant to label them in any direction. Ultimately, I am a researcher and I go off my own personal experiences. If you want to read more about astral travel and my history as a practitioner, click this link: Atlantis has re-emerged from the dusts of history and seen a resurgence of interest in 2020. Whether through paranormal experiences or historical research, there is much to discuss if we are talking about ancient civilizations, Atlantis, Lumeria, or any number of related topics. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I talk to Nikki Ankara and hear about her past life regression experiences with Atlantis. I encourage you to listen with an open ear and open your mind possibilities that the world functions differently than we have previously understood. There are many people who have come onto this show and share related experiences. Furthermore, the pages of history are written by those who have experienced this phenomena first-hand or lived beside others who have. Clearly, there is something happening here at a deeper level of reality. Nicki began to have past-life regressions and paranormal encounters as a young child. Since then, she has dived into mastering practices of energy work that allow her to work as a healer. She is passionate about education and helping others to understand the work she has been engaged with since childhood. If you are a fan of the topic of Atlantis, you will enjoy this episode. Want to learn more about past life regressions? Watch this episode with Jax Atlantis: Want to learn about psychic abilities? Check out this show: For more about astral travel, enjoy this video: Much Love!  

Jul 28

50 min

Want to join Sonja Harris' Facebook group and sign her petition against child trafficking? Go to this link:   There is something stirring in the collective consciousness here in 2020…   Last year, almost half a million children went missing. Most stayed missing.   As we dive deeper down the rabbit hole of this issue, the more it seems high level members of world government might be involved.   Sonja Harris is here on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast today to help bring awareness to this important issue.   All around the question of how can WE help out in bettering our world and spreading awareness?   Share this video and help promote the topic of international child trafficking so we can help find these missing children.

Jul 23

50 min

Go to to read the full blog post on this important issue. Jeffrey Epstein was just the beginning. His arrest revealed an international child sex trafficking ring existing in plane sight. This ring might involve the highest levels of world government. Something fishy is happening here in 2020...   Last year, half a million children went missing. Most of them stayed missing.   The arrest and subsequent "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein woke many people up to the possibility of an international child sex trafficking ring existing under our noses... Possibly involving the highest levels of government in the USA, UK, and more.   In 2020, there are many who believe Trump, the intelligence agencies, and "Qanon" are staging a coup against these individuals...   However, I believe it is FAR more likely that our illustrious "leader" is much more likely to involved, considering his connections to every one else suspected of being involved.   It is up to US to find these answers and hold our "leaders" accountable.   They will not do it themselves.

Jul 21

35 min

  Spiritual awakening is a powerful topic and Christian Escopedo is here to share his story! Want to learn more about Christian and everything he is creating? Check out these links:   Here is a link to Christian’s media platform -   Here is a link to some quantum energy work -   Here is the link to Christian’s Counter Economics newsletter -   Light language and cymatics discovery -   The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post -   How does a person’s life change after a “spiritual awakening”?   Watch this interview with the powerful Christian Escobedo to hear his story of how his life changed after he experienced a magical awakening. Christian is a quantum coach who helps his clients achieve massive breakthroughs in their businesses and personal lives.   Spiritual awakening is a topic near and dear to me heart…   A few years ago, I went through a time where I thought I was going crazy but REALLY I was just going through a process that has existed since the dawn of time…   It has been called “Initiation”… or “self-realization”… These days we call it a “spiritual awakening”. This term is thrown around often and seldom understood. What is truly happening is that a person is becoming aware of their co-existence with all of life and the underlying energy currents that compose our world. Manly Hall talks about magnetism and how all of life gives off these energetic waves that invisibly influence our world. When we connect with a spiritual awakening experience, we are diving head-first down the rabbit hole and into the deepest parts of our subconscious mind.   Have you experienced something like this before? If you did, you are NOT ALONE! In fact, you are involved in one of the most ancient processes to happen. This is an important moment in the life of a spiritual seeker. It is the moment that has been written about and facilitated by mystery schools, secret societies, and 1 on 1 between a master and a student.   It is nothing new. However, in 2020, there are ALOT of people who seem to be experiencing a spiritual awakening all on their own, without any prompts from people inside of their environment. In fact, many of these folks feel completely alone… They live in a world where they think they might be going crazy.   If this is you, reach out for some assistance! There are many around who can help.   Check out the Phoenix program to find community during this challenging time:   Https://   Watch this interview with Christian and see if it resonates! Comment below with any thoughts. We are here to help!

Jul 14

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Listen to the new single "UNCONDITIONAL" by ~9 by clicking here: Check out everything that ~9 is doing at this link: What is the meaning or definition of unconditional love? These days, the topic of unconditional love can be triggering because it brings up feelings of orthodox Christian religion or it might just seem too far fetched for most people. Is unconditional love real? Love is a high vibratory emotion that allows our bodies to enter into a peak emotional state. When we are existing in a vibration of love instead of hatred, we are existing at the furthest pole of our best selves. All emotions exist along a spectrum and all can be transmuted into different version of itself, so long as a person understands mental alchemy and how this process unfolds. Today, I’m speaking with ~9! Happy Birthday to the wonderful soul I know as Allison Beth Thomas. More commonly, she is ~9 and today she released her new single “Unconditional”! This powerful musical track is available wherever music can be found! Today, ~9 and I are going to dive deep into the arms of unconditional love and see what we can discern about this powerful emotion. Is love still the driving force of life that we always thought it could be? Let’s cut through the buzzwords and find clarity on what is really happening when we talk about unconditional love or existing at a higher vibration.

Jul 7

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Go to to subscribe to the show! Make sure you hit subscribe here on YouTube as well! 2020 has been a hard and confusing year. At the beginning of the year, we had the Iran crisis which almost resulted in WW3 breaking out across the world. Following that crisis, we entered into hearing and learning all about the coronavirus. Since April, COVID-19 had dominated our world and the mainstream news. If all that was not enough, the death of George Floyd caused protests nation-wide that resulted in civil unrest, political turmoil, and an overall more confusing year. 2020 has been hard but it is not over. We can still make a change. How do we turn this year around and create a more beautiful world out of these obstacles? We have to take responsibility and realize that we are the ones who consent to government regulations, civil unrest, and a whole lot more. When we make decisions, we choose paths that change our lives and shape the world collectively. It is time we acknowledge those choices and take full responsibility for our actions. Otherwise, things will not get better. Once we wake up and realize that we create and consent to live in this world, our world can be ready for change. The coronavirus lock-down, protests around "Black Lives Matter", counter movements like "All Lives Matter", and a whole more is all stuff that we participate in through one avenue or another. When we refuse to take responsibility for our actions, then we remain a victim to the world.

Jul 4

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Go to to check out the blog post on this topic! Spiritual awakening is a confusing topic with a lot of misinformation out in the world these days... What is a spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is when your soul becomes aware of itself inside of the physical world. In other words: becoming aware to the "video game of life" and experiencing a sort of inner-knowing about the fact that you are a creator of your world. However, a spiritual awakening can come in all shapes and sizes. No two look alike. However, they are similar in that they typically involve a person becoming conscious or aware of the fact that they create their own world. It is often accompanied by a feeling that a person is crazy or that the world is falling apart around them. Working together, we can hold space and help one another to not feel crazy. This is a collective experience and spiritual awakening is a sort of phenomena that is shared across people collectively. Here in 2020, it is more common than ever before. Let's talk about what a spiritual awakening actually represents and how it has existed throughout history. See you on the next show!

Jun 25

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Want to check out all the blog articles? Go to On this episode of the show, I talk about how to develop and create a self-care practice that will leave you feeling incredible. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Jun 16

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Go to and check out all the posts on the blog! George Floyd's tragic murder has given us another opportunity for change. If we do not take a stand for personal freedoms and hold our police and "leaders" accountable, we will continue down the road of unequal opportunity. Let's talk about the best way forward and how this opportunity can result in actual change, instead of a continuation of the same systems. The system is clearly broken for just about everyone. Time for a new story. Here are some suggestions I make in this video about George Floyd and the protests around his murder: 1. Personal responsibility. Look at the power of just one person inside of a protest to turn that into a riot! Look at the power of just one police officer who mis-used their power. Just one individual (police or protestor) has the ability to create a global impact. Just one person making the right or wrong decision can set off a chain of events that can lead our entire world down a different path. WE THE PEOPLE have more power than we have been told, and it has ALWAYS been that way. It is time we collectively choose better and it starts with YOU and ME. 2. Watch out for instigators of all types. Whether we are talking about "professional protestors", undercover cops disguised as protestors, or just someone who is acting a fool, be aware while at these protests that such individuals exist. When deciding how you feel about protests in general, consider that many of the instigating agents at such events are placed there by outside organizations. Whether that organization is George Soros, the CIA, the police, ANTIFA, etc. etc. is up up for debate, at the end of the day there are probably all sorts of unsavory individuals at protests who have ulterior motives. It is up to US to ensure peaceful protests do not become violent. If at a protest, be aware. 3. We must create a list of actual demands that we want changed. Rather than just giving into blind aggression and angst, we must organize and create a list of what we actually want changed by our political institutions. We say we want "an end to police brutality" but what does that actually look like? Better laws? Better training for officers? In order for a protest to become a movement that actually achieves change, there must be a greater level of organization than what is happening now. I propose we begin organizing and creating plans for creating a new system. Does this "master plan to save the world" need to be one person's plan? No, in fact it will be far more achievable if it comes from a million different sources. We must work at the community level, beginning in our own lives. How do YOU want to change YOUR life? What can you impact inside your community? Who in your life needs help right now? You have more power to help and make an impact than you were ever told. It is time we take that power back through peace, love, and unity. Share this video so we can have a productive conversation around change. Comment below with any ideas or thoughts. Choose the path of love.

May 31

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Go to to check out our personal development program! Developing a Samurai mindset helps one achieve inner balance in peace in their own life. Charlie Vinch is host of the Charlie Vinch Show about mindset, martial arts, training, and overcoming hardship inside of our lives. Make sure you subscribe to Charlie's show by clicking here: On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Charlie and I talk about the mindset of a martial artist and how it is developed over a life time of practice. We share the books that impacted us the most inside of our journey of personal development. Personal development is about taking responsibility inside of a person's own life. Through this process of surrendering to the flow of life, we can achieve an inner stillness that cannot be taken away by the world, no matter the outside circumstances. We talk about the Surrender Experiment and other books that have impacted us recently, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this show and use this as an opportunity to develop a stronger mindset. Much love!

May 28

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Go to to read the blog and check out all the episodes of the show! Let's talk about consent... Consent is a magical force that directs our energy in a certain direction. Understanding the power of consent is key to realizing your potential as a co-creator of this physical reality we call home. Energy is at the root of all life. Your consent works like an energetic contract. Here's the good news: you can revoke that consent at any time. Let's talk about how.

May 15

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Go to for more information on the future of the species! We have been lied to... Since birth, we have been told a story that we have no choice. That the world is beyond what we can control. From the time we enter this world, we consent to give our power away in millions of different ways. Let's talk about where we stand in human evolution and how the power of choice is springing to the front. Choice is more powerful than we ever knew.

May 15

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Go to for more information about Hermetic philosophy and its role in the greater spiritual awakening happening here in 2020.   The Kybalion is a magical book that serves as a catalyst for initiation into higher realms of knowledge. For thousands of years, the Hermetic Principles have been guarded and taught by initiates and adepts in the world’s mystery schools. In the early 1900s, a book called “The Kybalion” appeared on the scene, authored by a mysterious “Three Initiates”.   The “Three Initiates” is most likely a pen-name used by William Walker Atkinson, a prolific writer and leader of the “New Thought Movement”. Regardless of its author, the Kybalion serves as the most concise teaching of the 7 Hermetic Principles that have been passed down since the earliest days of Egypt and Samaria.   The 7 Hermetic Principles are as follows:   Mentalism - “The All is mind”. Correspondence - “As above, so below”. Vibration - Everything vibrates. Polarity -  All of reality has two poles. “All truths are half truths”. Rhythm - Everything flows in and out, like a pendulum. Causation - All of nature is the result of causes. Gender - There is masculine and feminine at all levels of reality.   Understanding and working with these 7 Hermetic Principles helps the student to better grasp the “scepter of power” within their own life.   However, studying Esoteric information like the Kybalion opens the doorways to initiation, powerful magic, and higher purpose. For many people, the Kybalion serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening.   Have you heard the phrase “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”? This idea originates inside of the Kybalion. When the individual is ready to receive higher knowledge and begin initiation into higher levels of consciousness, a book like the Kybalion shows up to reveal the mysteries of life.   Watch this video to learn more about the 7 Hermetic Principles and how a book like the Kybalion can serve to catalyze a person’s initiation into new levels of awareness.   If you liked this video, check out these videos and posts on the blog:     Much love! Paul Tokgozoglu

May 13

39 min

Want to check out what Justin Lofton is doing to help business owners accelerate during the COVID-19 outbreak? Check out this link Want to learn how to manifest? Watch this interview with Justin Lofton to learn about how manifestation works inside of our world. Here is a hint: the law of attraction and the practice of manifestation is more complex than movies like "the secret" would suggest. Manifesting new opportunities is a critical topic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inside our world today in 2020, new opportunities are made available. However, many of these opportunities look and feel like obstacles inside of our lives. Transmuting these "negative" experiences into opportunities is an important part of our current direction. The law of attraction works through transmuting lower energies into their higher vibrational poles. Through the esoteric art of alchemy, we can transmute our fears and concerns into a more positive outcome. Through this process, our physical reality warps and changes to reflect the new internal state. As said in the Hermetic teachings: "As above, so below. As within, so without." The outside world is a reflection of our internal states. When it comes to "manifesting", the world corresponds and supports us in our journeys based around where we are resonating internally. If the universe is consciousness vibrating, then manifestation is the art of using your own vibrational pulse to influence the world around you. In so doing, we become a case inside of our realities instead of always being affected by the outside world. Justin Lofton comes onto the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about the law of attraction, manifestation, and the future of the COVID-19 pandemic. All is not as it appears and it is essential to remain vigilant in the face of different stories related to the Coronavirus. Justin joined the show last month as well! If you liked this episode, check out this podcast: You'll also enjoy this post on the blog and these videos: Much Love! Thanks for watching! Make sure you like, comment, and subscribe.

May 7

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Go to to find out more about the magic of the Holy Grail! On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I go on Jax Atlantis' show! Make sure you go to and check out everything he is doing! Magic and the Holy Grail are fascinating topics. In the world of esoteric philosophy, the Holy Grail is symbiotic with the idea of the Heroes Journey. Inside of this archetype, the esoteric student ascends through the different stages of initiation and eventually rises to a place where they "transmute all that is base into all that is pure". Once achieved, this inner illumination of the soul results in the manifestation of one's higher self into this physical plane of correspondence. Put simply: the experience of self realization. This is a process protected by the "church of the Holy Grail" for centuries under various guises and hidden clues. Most famous amongst these ideas is King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table questing to become Knights of the Holy Grail. What is the true meaning of this story? I believe that the Holy Grail stories protect a secret: that the kingdom of heaven can be manifested and experienced here on earth. Does this mean a life of bliss? Not necessarily. However, it does result in one having control over one's reality and being able to influence the environment using their own mental prowess. Watch this episode to learn more about magic and the holy grail! Send me an email at if you want to come out for a one-week immersion experience.

May 3

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Go to and take your free sexual blueprint quiz! Future Of Sex Sex in the future might look quite different. With advances in new technology like sex robots, virtual reality porn, and augmented reality, we are primed for an evolution in human sexuality. Are we ready? Let's find out! The future of sex is a compelling topic. Instead of wading through the old patterns taught to us through religious orthodoxy, we can evolve into a healthier understanding of sexuality. Rather than give way to porn addiction or sex with robots instead of people, we can evolve collectively into a better relationship with sex. Humans are meant to have sex and enjoy pleasure. Once we embrace this realization, we are free to experience ourselves as the sexual creatures we KNOW we are! It is time for sexual healing at the collective level. Holistic living is congruent with sexual freedom. The future of sex involves an openness to different lifestyles. Additionally, choose to embrace your kinks and accept yourself fully. Find partners who will support you in exploring yourself sexually instead of shaming you for your secret fantasies. It is OK to have kinks and explore yourself fully! Always remember: enter all sexual situations with full consent or not at all. YOU can withdraw consent at any time. Be careful to respect the consent of others and take this issue seriously. In order to experience full sexual healing, we must move beyond violations of consent. Once consent is respected fully in the bedroom, it will give rise to a dramatic shift towards individual power at the collective level. Such a change will be felt at the highest levels of our civilization. Ready to learn about the future of sex? Let's dive in!  

Apr 23

70 min

Go to and download your free cheat sheet to boost your immune system! Want to learn more about Yoga, the martial arts, and physical health?   Watch this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien with Sebastian Brosche!   Sebastian is the creator of Yoga for BJJ: an online platform that helps martial arts enjoy the benefits of Yoga.   On today’s episode we are talking about how Yoga and the martial arts create a healthy and fulfilling life.   Enjoy the show!   Comment with any questions.

Apr 9

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Life is a video game. If you want to learn the rules, listen to this episode and read some of the books I mention like the Kybalion.

Apr 7

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Go to and grab your free Cheat Cheat to Boost Your Immune System In 12 Steps!   How will the COVID-19 crisis shape our future? Already, millions have lost their lives, thousands have died, and our world is rethinking what “normal” looks like amidst an emerging pandemic. Hopefully, with due diligence, we can stop the spread of the Coronavirus and move forward.   But what will that future actually look like?   Justin Lofton joins the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about the ongoing pandemic and how it is remolding our economy, lifestyles, and political processes.   Want to learn more about Justin and his upcoming events? Check out his website at this link:   Http://BTE.Life   If you enjoyed this episode, watch these:   You’ll also love these posts on the blog:   Thank you for watching! Paul

Apr 3

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Go to and download the Free 12 step guide on How To Boost Your Immune System! In this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I break down 5 ways to boost your immune system naturally from home. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential to maintain a healthy immune system. Here are five easy ways to boost your immune system so you can always heal, no matter what happens! 1. Healthy foods. 2. Water. 3. Supplements. 4. Meditation and Breath Work. 5. Community!

Apr 2

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Bored during Coronavirus lockdown? Check out the Beyond Homo Sapien free podcast at   The Coronavirus is causing a global pandemic that is shutting down most of our world. In 2020, we are in a lockdown situation. What would Jesus do about the current COVID-19 situation? Here in the United States of America, Donald Trump and other political leaders are scrambling to do the right thing. Unfortunately, as oftentimes happens, political dealings are leaving regular Americans by the wayside.   What would Jesus do about the Coronavirus situation here in 2020? Would he be going to Easter on Sunday amid a global pandemic? Would he be supporting Republican politicians who fail to uphold his true teachings of unconditional love?   Jesus is oftentimes equated with Republican or conservative values in the United States of America. This is ironic because it is inconsistent with the lifestyle that Jesus actually lived and taught. Instead of some corporate executive or war-hungry baron, Jesus lived and ate with the poorest of society. The “sinners”. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Jesus would probably be thinking about the “least of these”. He preached that the “meek would inherit the earth”. He said that “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”.   Amid the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020, is it possible that Jesus’ prophecies are coming true? Could this be the return of Jesus?   I believe that the Coronavirus outbreak is a herald of things to come. It is a portent into the future. According to what I have studied about Jesus and the secret esoteric teachings of what Jesus was actually trying to say, I believe we are meant to give birth to a sort of “Christ Consciousness”. We are meant to live in Jesus’ example inside of our daily lives.   Unfortunately, amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the teachings of Jesus are left by the wayside due to political and corporate squabbles. Let us be the examples of Jesus Christ inside of our civilization. We must act today.   If you like this video, you’ll love these ones:   You’ll also enjoy reading the first chapter of my book:   And make sure you check out this post on the blog about why I left Christianity at the age of 17:   Https://   Much Love to you! Stay healthy and safe! King Paul

Mar 27

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Coronavirus got you on lockdown? Go to and check out the blog! The Coronavirus lockdown is leading people from all over the world to ask how to help during the pandemic. Watch this video and find out how you can help make a difference at this critical juncture in human history. Due to COVID-19, the world is approaching mass lockdown… If you are not currently in a lockdown situation, chances are you will be soon. The Coronavirus is causing mass panic, unemployment, and healthcare disasters worldwide. If you are afraid, you are not alone! If you want to help, you are not alone! People are afraid. Here are the common questions I’m seeing: What can I do to help make a difference in the crisis while I’m at home?? How can I make an income online? What do I need to do in order to stay healthy? Let’s talk about all three! During this time of the Coronavirus Lockdown, we have a chance to develop ourselves personally, start an online business, sell online, and HELP build an online community. Now is an incredibly important time. It is not time to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. It is time for MASSIVE action. If you are on lockdown during COVID-19, I recommend you do everything you can to innovate and make a difference during this time. And you can do it all from home… Let’s break this down! If you like this episode, you’ll love these ones:   Check out these posts on the blog:   Https://   Much Love to you! +Darth Shickari+

Mar 22

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A New World Order has been the talk of conspiracy theorists, religious folk, and more for decades. In the Coronavirus crisis we are experiencing here in 2020, it seems like the critical point for a New World Order to claim victory.   Is this global crisis the dawning of Heaven On Earth??   Or is this the takeover of an evil “New World Order”?   Well… like most questions… the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. Typically, when we are talking about a New World Order, we imagine an evil Satanic cult of elites that run the operation behind the scenes. In today’s world where new vaccines are being introduced and people are in lockdown, it is easy to see why many are starting to believe that the New World Order is claiming victory. Is this really the case?   Jax Atlantis joins us on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about the global situation we face together.   Let’s examine what’s happening collectively and try to get a read on what’s really happening. Is this a time to be afraid of a Satanic New World Order?   Likewise, is this the dawning of a New Heaven on the New Earth? Is this the Age of Aquarius? Is this “Ascension” for human beings? On social media, I see many people claiming victory for Jesus Christ, Qanon, the “Starseeds”, the UFOs, and more. From my perspective, false belief in a beautiful future is JUST as dangerous in the event we may be wrong.   Perhaps such a dialogue is how the New World Order might control us into doing nothing and sitting by while they conduct a global takeover?   On the contrary, belief in an evil Illuminati is not something I ascribe to necessarily. I believe that there are probably many secret organizations “pulling the strings” behind our world. If there is a Satanic cabal, it does not necessarily logically follow that they are the ONLY forces in control of our world.   Instead of giving way to fear or to naivety, let’s get through this with some common sense and hard-work.   The time for taking action to fix our world is NOW.   More than ever before, we need people to take action.   Even if you’re stuck at home.   Sometimes that’s the best spot for you to be.   Watch this episode and comment with any questions!   If you like this show, you’ll enjoy these as well:   You’ll also enjoy these posts on the blog:   Https://   Much Love! Stay Healthy! +King Paul+

Mar 21

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Go to for more info on this topic. Is Donald Trump working with a secret organization of US "Patriots" called "Qanon"? Let me know what you think. We can debate on this video. If you've been paying attention to social media, you may have heard talk of Qanon or "Q" and their alleged link to Donald Trump. If Q is to be believed, the Coronavirus lockdown is all part of a secret government plan to depose a Satanic cabal that has controlled our world for eons. Is this really happening? Let's dive into the Q theory.

Mar 20

64 min

Go to https://launchpadva a and sign up if you need to find work in this crisis. Are you out of work because of the Coronavirus?   Anton Harrison-Kern is here today on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to talk about how the Coronavirus is impacting the work force.   On this episode, we are going to talk about how to find work online during this crisis.   Anton is launching a website to help people impacted by Coronavirus find work online during this difficult time.   The service is completely free and includes training for online work.   This is where our economy is heading, now more than ever.   Watch this video and check out the website in the comments to get started.

Mar 19

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Go to to check out the Phoenix beta program. Soul Healing For Warriors Soul healing is a topic that rings of hippy woowoo nonsense. Especially when considering an audience of military veterans, connection with the soul is oftentimes seen as the realm of charlatans. However, a deep warrior culture has survived in our civilization. These warriors walk in the footsteps of Samurai, Cherokee Braves, and medieval knights. At the same time as these individuals practice violence, they also teach the paths of stoicism, mastery of skill, and honor. In 2020, we can learn about warrior cultures and how these teachings approach the human soul. When done, this work reveals a tradition of chivalry, martial excellence, and ceremonial practice. Warrior soul culture runs deep. Young men and women feel this call inside their blood. In my book, I describe how and why I joined the US Army back in college. You can read that story here. As a result of joining the Army, I also found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and developed a passion for physical fitness. During my time in the Army, I led Soldiers, managed operations, and learned from capable mentors all over the world. It was a wonderful experience that left me with a deep respect for the teachings of warrior cultures all over the world. A deep connection with soul is needed in 2020 and the time for soul healing is at hand. Chris Albert is a marine who hosts the Warrior Soul Podcast. On his show, Chris talks about mindset, holistic living, physical fitness, and healing for veterans. When it comes to the topic of understanding warrior culture, Chris Albert is a demonstrated expert. Chris Albert came on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to talk about soul healing, plant medicine, and mindset. Check it out! On this show, Paul Tokgozoglu and Chris Albert discuss the healing potential of psychedelic plant medicines. Inside of warrior cultures, young men and women have experienced initiation through communion with the plant teachers. Thanks to emerging research at places like Johns Hopkins, we have now entered into a greater conversation of the magical healing properties of plant medicine. Currently, researchers at foundations like MAPS are pursuing the legalization of substances like MDMA in the treatment of PTSD. This research is groundbreaking and opens up new potential for soul healing for warriors.  

Mar 13

50 min

Go to to read the full blog post about tantra! Tantra is the sacred practice of being one with the divine in every moment. Through the practices of breath-work, mindfulness, willpower, magic, and sexual transmutation, the tantric practitioner weaves their way through life according to the path of tantric mysticism. While studying the different magical schools of the world, I read accounts of tantric Yogis who could perform incredible feats of magical ability. Tantric masters might be able to become invisible, levitate, or conduct incredible acts of sexual passion. Although I have never practiced tantra too closely myself, I have always been interested in learning more.   This post documents my process of learning more about tantra and how this powerful practice can help our lives here in 2020!   Tantra is a magical practice. Through the focus of willpower and intend, the tantric Yogi can influence their reality through the power of their mind. This anyway, is the idea and the promise of the Tantric path.   There is much more to tantra than just tantric sex. In all, the practice seems to focus around ideas of breath-work, mindfulness, and connection with the divine. In this way, it might be similar to Kundalini Yoga. However, tantra differs in nature due to its focus on working with partners in either Tantric Yoga, tantric sex, or similar practices.   Tantra is a lifelong practice that brings many to a greater understanding of their place in the universe. In this post, we will explore tantra together and include interviews with experts on the topic of tantric sex, the tantra archetype, and breath-work!   Tantra is a cosmic archetype that exists in the collective consciousness.   Kevin Orosz is here today on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to discuss Tantra and how it has influenced his life. Kevin is a spiritual practitioner and a Yogi who has traveled the world to study Tantra and similar practices. These days, he is working to plan tantra retreats and similar events. Kevin is also pursuing his musical career, practicing intimacy with his partner, and running his online coaching business.   Find out more about Kevin Orosz at this link:

Mar 9

57 min

Go to to read the full post! Shape-shifting between energetic archetypes changed my life. Let me breakdown how this works!

Mar 5

68 min

Go to for more information on this topic!   Human design and gene keys intersect in many directions. Through understanding both the systems of human design and gene keys together, we can map out a pathway to ascension and spiritual awakening. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Jarin Kenyon joins Paul Tokgozoglu to talk about how the gene keys factor into our human designs. Let us join together in the journey towards self realization!   These two systems of Human Design and Gene Keys function together smoothly!   Together, they form a pathway towards better understanding of our human conditions. Through conducting readings of human design and gene keys, we can learn how to activate our DNA code and evolve beyond what we normally experience. This is a key component of spiritual awakening and self realization.   Gene keys was created by Richard Rudd. In his book “The Gene Keys”, Richard Rudd lays out the 64 keys hidden inside of our DNA. Richard Rudd explains that we each have different gene keys that are most prominent inside of our life stories. For instance, my main gene key is number 57.   Human design is a system of self understanding related to how your energy works. Interested in the law of attraction? Human design helps you to understand how you manifest specific to your energy type. There are five different types in human design: Projector, manifestor, reflector, manifesting-generator, and generator.   Human design is connected to astrology and the gene keys. Together, understanding these systems helps us to experience a better self-realization and spiritual awakening experience.   Want to learn more about Jarin Kenyon? Here’s his bio:   “Jarin Kenyon is a motivational speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur. He is passionate about and expertises on the science of the mind, law of attraction, and human design.   “He aspires to empower and educate millions of people into believing in and achieving their greatest dreams and desires.   “His Human Design is a 3/5 Sacral Manifesting-Generator. He runs his own company called "Fast Track Your Dream Life". He is Co-Founder of Rise Up Entertainment! (Riseupe3. com) including the Rise Up Radio Show. He has traveled the world working with gurus in several areas to gather the wisdom he now delivers on stage.”   Did you like this interview with Jarin Kenyon?   Check out Jarin at his link below:   If you liked this show, you’ll like these episodes too:     You’ll also enjoy these posts on the blog:   Make sure you check out the Phoenix Program:   Much Love!   Talk soon! +King Paul+ +777+

Feb 28

99 min

Angel magic is closely tied with the topic of experiencing a spiritual awakening.   During my spiritual awakening three years ago, I connected strongly with my Guardian Angels. This energy of protection and light was a source of refuge and restoration.   At first, I was skeptical!   However, over time, I discovered that Angel Magic, or “Enochian Magic”, is a powerful tradition of right-hand white magic that can help to influence our world at a powerful scale.   The topic of magical ritual work is intimidating. Ironically, such practices are demonized by religious organizations despite their close intimacy with the angelic realms.   Today, Christy Forsyth and I are here to discuss the topic of angel magic and how to practice such work carefully. Working with archangels does not need to be frightening.   Watch this video and learn how to connect with your most powerful soul guides and protectors!   Angels have existed in spiritual traditions all over the world. Whether you commune with them through oracle cards, tarot cards, or astral travel, here in 2020 we have numerous resources for working with the angels.   If you want more information about tarot cards or astral travel, check out these posts on the blog:   Want to learn more about spiritual awakening or tarot cards? Watch these videos!   Make sure you follow Christy Forsyth and all her work at this address:   Thank you so much for watching! Talk soon! Make sure you subscribe, like, and comment with any questions!

Feb 21

27 min

Check out for access to the Carol Tuttle Healing Center!   Carol Tuttle is one of my heroes.   Through her books, I was introduced to the world of spiritual awakening. Carol Tuttle taught her Energy Profiling System which has resulted in millions of students having greater clarity about their true selves.   “Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, best-selling author of six books, and pioneer in the field of personal development.   “For over 25 years, she has supported millions worldwide with her life-changing books and online courses. She sees humanity shifting to a higher consciousness and feels called to help people create more intentional lives and fulfilling relationships.” +Carol Tuttle’s Bio   Carol Tuttle has inspired audiences to look deeper. Through reading her books, I was able to clear limiting beliefs and replace them with a new way forward into affluence, ease, and joy. Healing does not have to be painful. Carol Tuttle has mapped out a pathway towards spiritual fulfillment inside of her new Healing Center program. Inside this online community, Carol helps students understand themselves at a deeper level while experiencing a transformation of their inner and outer realities. Want to learn more about the Carol Tuttle Healing Center? Click here:   Carol inspired me to work more closely with the angelic realms. Through understanding my guardian angels, I was able to release old patterns of struggle. My faith was evolved. Through that inspiring journey of spiritual growth, I was able to enter into a new reality of greater happiness. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Carol Tuttle and Paul Tokgozoglu discuss the process of spiritual awakening. The conversation spans numerology and the meaning of 11:11. Enjoy the show and make sure you check out the Carol Tuttle Healing Center!

Feb 18

53 min

Go to and read the 5,067 word Free Guide on How To Astral Travel. Let’s get into this! Although it might sound crazy, I have been practicing astral travel for two years and found it to be a powerful and intense experience. Give it a try! Here’s some tips on how to begin.

Feb 5

49 min

Read the full 4,200 word blog post at Secret societies control our world at the highest level. Although I am not directly referring to the Freemasons or the Illuminati, it certainly appears to be the case that our world governments, business organizations, and religions are orchestrated and manifested by a select few individuals. If we study the history of esoteric philosophy and see how it intersects with secret societies, it becomes more apparent that this is not only possible but actually the most probable state of our world affairs. Let's understand them and learn their secrets!

Jan 30

53 min

Go to and signup to be a beta tester for the new course! If you are going through a period of transition and intense change, you are not alone!   I know what it is like…   I’ve been through divorce, leaving a religious cult, joining the military, starting a business, changing careers, and a host of other craziness.   Here’s what I have found:   When you are going through a period of intense change and transformation, you NEED a toolkit of reliable practices and resources that you KNOW will get you to the other side.   I’m talking about:   A morning routine An EVENING routine Healthy diet Exercise Meditation Healing plants Spiritual practices   And of course: a COMMUNITY!   Watch this video now and I’ll help you get ahead to where you’re going!

Jan 21

64 min

Iran War must be avoided at all costs: here’s why. Read the full post at   Read the free book at War with Iran appears to be on the horizon…   … if you pay attention to the 24/7 mainstream news media.   Here is why we must avoid war with Iran at all costs:   Further bloodshed will get us nowhere.   We will only repeat the same story and continue to re-learn the same lessons.   It is time for a new story… It is time for peace.   We must understand that people living in the Middle East are just like you and me.   We all want the same things. We want happy families, food, shelter, water, fulfilling work, and spiritual fulfillment.   We might have very different strategies for achieving these goals but they are ultimately the same pursuit.   All of humanity is united in the same common purposes and similar connected needs.   Here’s the challenge: there are many in this world who fail to acknowledge or realize this deeper truth.   The corporate news media, military industrial complex, and protected government “leaders” are the ones who want war.   They are the ones who need a war to turn a profit.   They are the ones who need a distraction and supposed victory in order to gain re-election or further favor with their supporters.   However, if we feed these bases of hatred and destruction, we will only continue the same sad and hateful story.   It is time for this story of pain and suffering to end, once and for all.   We must choose a higher path. We must choose negotiation. We must choose universal brotherhood and sisterhood.   Let us examine history and LEARN for once.   If you think a potential invasion of Iran would be a good idea, examine the invasion of Gaul by the Romans.   Julius Caesar invaded Gaul in order to cement his political foothold. He would then use this victory to secure his reign and achieve his own ambitions.   Millions of Celts would die in the process and an entire ethnic group would almost be exterminated…   What was their crime against the Roman people?   Their ancestors had invaded Rome long before. The people who lived in Gaul were the genetic lineage of those barbarians.   The Roman people held onto their grudge and did not forget.   When Caesar conquered Gaul, the Romans rejoiced. They welcomed the hordes of slaves who died in the Colosseum. They allowed Caesar to become their dictator and dominate all aspects of their life, until his assassination.   We would then go on to remember Caesar as a great leader and general. A man who always achieved his goals.   We even named a salad dressing after him.   However, what we forget is the millions of families who were exterminated to fulfill this man’s ambitions.   We do not remember the Roman soldiers who died on the battlefield, fighting an enemy who posed their country no real harm.   Rome would go on to suffer the penalty of their karmic crimes.   Their cities would be sacked by Barbarians much like those they feared in the times of Caesar…   The very enemies they wanted to destroy only came back stronger, more vengeful, and with more reasons to kill Romans.   The rule of Caesar would set the example for Roman leaders moving forward.   Emperors lived in fear of assassination. This fear increased their paranoia and caused many of them to make terrible decisions, resulting in further death.   Does this story sound familiar?   In 2020, we have an opportunity to avoid Caesar’s mistakes.   We can learn from his failures.   We can heal the karma of our ancestors if we learn from their mistakes, instead of looking to them as examples.   It is time for a new story.   We must be the writers.

Jan 5

41 min

New Years Resolutions never seem to work…   Most people I know these days don’t even bother making them!   Let’s Talk about New Years Resolutions and how we might revive this practice for the new age of mankind.   The way we go about goal-setting in general often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and moving nowhere.   In this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I share my 2019 lessons and make some resolutions for 2020.   Want to learn how to make a better New Years Resolution for 2020 that’ll actually take you somewhere?   It all begins in understanding yourself, how you achieve forward motion, and having clarity on what you actually want to do.   What is your soul asking you to do?   How can you best serve the world?   Who needs your help the most?   Who do you choose to be in 2020?   Journal on these questions and see where that process takes you!   Do you want to lose weight and get in better shape?   Instead of approaching it from a “problem first” perspective, resolve to be healthy and agile.   Don’t focus on losing weight…   Focus on LOSING STRESS and gaining happiness.   Instead of taking a safe route like you did in 2019, choose to follow your passions.   Rather than stay enslaved to old mindsets, enter a new era of thinking and evolve your consciousness to a greater peak.   It’s possible.   Human evolution happened and I don’t think it was biological…   It was an evolution of consciousness.   A greater knowing of our deeper selves…   A deeper connection with the planet, our higher selves, and our fellow humans.   In 2020, choose to ride this wave into a life of affluence, ease, and joy. Choose to learn your lessons through ease instead of pain.   There is so much to be learned from joy.   There is so much we have already learned from pain, suffering, and sacrifice…   We can now collectively choose to learn through joy and avoid trauma.   This is not a steering towards a life of ease…   Instead, we must face our fears, fight our inner demons, and invoke our highest selves in all walks of life. We must choose peace instead of the sword. We must negotiate with our “enemies” and transmute their hate into peace through our own collective internal alchemy.   Listen to that voice of intuition and weigh it with what your soul is calling it to do.   As is said in the Hermetic Corpus: “Leap clear of all that is corporeal. Make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths.”   After all, if you abase yourself and continue to make yourself like only to a vast expanse of nothingness, then what do you have to do with god?   Put simply: choose to love yourself in 2020.   Choose love.   Choose a new way.

Dec 2019

34 min

I've decided to release my new book as I write it. Here's the "audiobook" version for the Introduction. Next part uploaded soon! Go to to read more.

Dec 2019

22 min

Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast RETURNS. Let’s talk about the state of the union and where humanity sits in this cycle of human evolution. Things are not as dark as they seem!

Dec 2019

43 min

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