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Women of Substance Music Podcast

By Bree Noble

Weekday Podcast featuring the best new music by Female Artists in all genres. Bree Noble hand-picks the featured songs from the list of songs debuting weekly on Women of Substance Radio, the 24/7/365 Online Radio Station that has been promoting talented female Indie artists, bands and songwriters since 2007. We present this music with the complete written permission and consent of all musical artists represented.

  1. 1.
    #813 Music by Ashleigh Rogers, Bumper Jacksons, Shilo Gold, Sheila Veerkamp, Strange Neighbors, Jessica Chaz, Carlene Thissen, Johanna Elisa, InAbell, Sonali25 June 2018
  2. 2.
    #812 Music by Caroline Kole, Chelsey Carter, Susie Ro, Danielle Deckard, Wyse, Kenneka Cook, Denise Dimin, Liuba Doga, Meryem Saci, No Trombones22 June 2018
  3. 3.
    #811 Music by Not My Circus, Jensen McRae, Every Lovely Thing, Sheila Veerkamp, Mistine, Irene Greene, Lizzi, Lial, Aria Nichols, Cayla Brooke20 June 2018
  4. 4.
    #810 Music by Bishat, Jenna Laurise, Yvette Nacer, Darwin’s Daughter, Kate Faust, Mistakes, SALT, McCall, Lia Menaker, Girl In The Garden18 June 2018
  5. 5.
    #809 Music by Reina Mystique, Sophia Scott, Lou, Filiz, The Betty Alice Effect, Jaelee, Winter, Ava James, Ane Diaz, NMBR1115 June 2018
  6. 6.
    #808 Music by Tartie, Chelsey Carter, Raye Zaragoza, Deborah Henriksson, Ask Carol, UHRE, DAANI, Malin Andersson, Mena Fall, Kirsten Collins13 June 2018
  7. 7.
    #807 Music by Camryn Levert, Aubrey Haddard, Georgia Greene, Kelly Torres, Onism EV, Mae Krell, The Matchsellers, Davina Oriakhi & Preye, Natalie Evans, Simone11 June 2018
  8. 8.
    #806 Music by Polina Grace, Kelly Torres, Natural Causes (feat. Albina Moore), Soundproof Genie, Tempist Fujit, Skye Holland, Bisola, Em Joy, Naomi Wild, Alex Vickery8 June 2018
  1. 9.
    #805 Music by Oh He Dead, DeAnna Carpenter, Sunnie Haeger, Kristina Johnsen, Emma McGrath, Anca, New Middle Class, Esan & Stephanie Manuel, The Bellweathers, Holy Moly & The Crackers6 June 2018
  2. 10.
    #804 Music by Deborah Henriksson, Chantelle Barry, Agata Karczewska, The Ormewoods, Jasmine Karimova, Chelsey Carter, Karen Atkins, Velvet & Stone, Lazyrevs, Nikki4 June 2018
  3. 11.
    #803 Music by Binky, Marie Naffah, Oh He Dead, Namaka, El Tee, Wise Jennings, Meiko, Alterego Vibe, Christine McHoes, Odessa K1 June 2018
  4. 12.
    #802 Music by Dakota Danielle, Polina Grace, The Scatterlings, Matilda Abraham, Mettle, Kodey Brims, Peyton Shaylor, Charlotte Enegren, Jackie Faraoui, Alaena30 May 2018
  5. 13.
    #801 Music by Just Whiskey, Melanie Wehbe, Hope In High Water, DeAnna Carpenter, Alba, Rachelle, Crystal Velez, Asha, Nakamarra, Only Bricks28 May 2018
  6. 14.
    #800 Music by Yvonne Hartman, Doreen Pinkerton, Jill Detroit, Yvonne Perkins, Adriel Arabia, Doreen Pinkerton, Jill Detroit27 May 2018
  7. 15.
    #799 Music by We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself, Tove H, Brie Capone, Ruth Koleva, Loyal, Mishell, Jacqueline Kroft, Dreemon, Tenille Ja’Nae, Camilla North25 May 2018
  8. 16.
    #798 Music by Marirose, Lauren DeMaio, Rahtimes, Chloe Gasparini, Twin Ritual, Morning Myth, Barrie Rose, Holiday Mountain, Shaeane, YVR23 May 2018
  9. 17.
    #797 Music by Carla Stark, Little Quirks, Ruby Vidor, Prima Apollinaare, Diamond Thug, Vallkyrie, Ma Nala, Wise Jennings, LOONY, Kristen21 May 2018
  10. 18.
    #796 Music by Demon Days, Laura Rizzotto, Clair Hennessey, Manda Malina, Liz Graham, Katherine Moller, Sunnie Haeger, Noelle Micarelli, Joanna Alina, Lori Malvey18 May 2018
  11. 19.
    #795 Music by Elisa Kate, JoJo Scott, Cat Nickless, Delta Jackson, In My Head, Karrie Hayward, BELLADON, Madison Daniel, Manouchca Joseph, The Papermoon Gypsies16 May 2018
  12. 20.
    #794 Music by Bildjan, Linda McKenzie, Mandy Woods, Angela Soffe, Lung, fiveoclockcharlie, Jodee Lewis, La Fonda, Tortie, Shaik Salwa14 May 2018
  13. 21.
    #793 Music by Lori Malvey, Vicki McCrone, Elaine Mahon, Julie Aguas, Gracious Me, Laura Bachynski, (feat. Pamela Pellizzari, John Drew), Elise Jene, Theresa Michelle Mohr, Christine McHoes11 May 2018
  14. 22.
    #792 Music by Jill Detroit, Wendysue, Florence Foxwell, Carolyn Anele, Noa Bentor, Sheira Brayer, Elaine Mahon, Linda Newlin, Carol Lester10 May 2018
  15. 23.
    #791 Music by Rosin In The Aire, Amber Norgaard, Karen Atkins, Rebecca Hollweg, Bara Jonson and Free, Mary Segato, Katherine Moller, Elise Morris, The Scatterlings9 May 2018
  16. 24.
    #790 Music by Jill Detroit, Stephanie Newton, Carlene Thissen, Tracy Stark, Angela Soffe, Mandy Woods, Florence Foxwell, Mary Segato, Angela Pagliero8 May 2018
  17. 25.
    #789 Music by Carolyn Anele, Brenda Burch, Carol Nicodemi, J Edna Mae, Brit Drozda, Randi Fay, Erika Olson, Jodee Lewis Rebecca Hollweg7 May 2018
  18. 26.
    #788 Music by Brenda Burch, Tiny Fighter, Captain Ledge Band, Sarah Sharp, Ladyfang, Jill Detroit, Laura Musgrave, Midnight River Crew, Suki Rae, Alabaster Queen4 May 2018
  19. 27.
    #787 Music by Sunnie Haeger, Bodacious Thang, Sami Lin, Melanie Edwards, Katie Sevigny, Brit Drozda, This Way North, Melissa And More, Doreen Pinkerton, Natalie Bancroft2 May 2018
  20. 28.
    #786 Music by Molly Kruse, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Angela Soffe, Tia McGraff, Amira, Carlene Thissen, Sydney Franklin, Wendy DuMond, NOLA, Shelita30 April 2018
  21. 29.
    #785 Music by Yvonne Hartman, Doreen Pinkerton, Suki Rae, Amber Norgaard, Wendysue, Doreen Pinkerton, Yvonne Hartman29 April 2018
  22. 30.
    #784 Music by This Great State, Maggie Schneider, New Middle Class, Natalie Bancroft, This Way North, The Keller Sisters, Hildur, Jill Detroit, Molteno, Dallas Marshall27 April 2018
  23. 31.
    #783 Music by Crowes Pasture, Katie Wicka, writer Brian F Murphy, Melanie Edwards, Vaarwell, Alison Reynolds, Laira, Susan Odella, Flor & The Sea, Lisa Lim25 April 2018
  24. 32.
    #782 Music by Leslie McKee, Tyller Fischer, Tia McGraff, Chloe Lilac, Shawndell Marks, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Maresha, Jojo Worthington, Paradox Playground, Swift Timmy (feat. Adelaide Channon)23 April 2018
  25. 33.
    #781 Music by Emily Perry, Tzili Yanko, Raquel Aurilia, Justina Ridges, AL1CE, Lick Creek, The Whiskey Circle, Anji Kreft, Aloud, Dire Wolff (feat. Sarah Rosenberg)20 April 2018
  26. 34.
    #780 Music by Elizabeth Goodfellow, Michelle Murray, Gregor St. John & Xeniah, Kate Monaghan, Angora (feat. Kalya Ramu), The Scatterlings, Connie Brannock, Kirsten Manville, Alison Reynolds, Lisa Lim18 April 2018
  27. 35.
    #779 Music by Brittany Marie, Katherine Lynn, Ellen Moseley, Leslie McKee, The Hits, EllaHarp, Abby Sevcik, Youth In A Roman Field, Nancy Burger, Jen Porter16 April 2018
  28. 36.
    #778 Music by Brittany Marie, Gladys Padron, The Keller Sisters, Jay Miners, Mindless Banter, Abigail Rose, Alison Reynolds13 April 2018
  29. 37.
    #777 Music by Jen Porter, Elise Wiener, Sally Mae Foster, Angelina Luzi, The Hits, Sharon Azarya, Kristen Rebecca11 April 2018
  30. 38.
    #776 Music by Emily Perry, Michelle Murray, Nancy Burger, Whittney Mikkél, Lisa Lim, Ellen Moseley, Kirsten Manville9 April 2018
  31. 39.
    #775 Music by The Core, Kirsten Manville, Sally Mae Foster, Denni, Mindless Banter, Asha Pieper, Liv Keegan6 April 2018
  32. 40.
    #774 Music by The Hits, Sharon Azarya, Ellen Moseley, Kayla Bailey, Captain Ledge Band, Valeria Prida, Sylvia Brooks4 April 2018
  33. 41.
    #773 Music by Michelle Murray, Amanda Wilkins Band, Jay Miners, Elise Wiener, Lyia Meta, The Keller Sisters, Sheila K Cameron2 April 2018
  34. 42.
    #772 Music by Katherine H Almeida, Dee Jackson Field, Robin Monterosso, Silence & Sound, LaNe, jen jen, DC Sills30 March 2018
  35. 43.
    #771 Music by Candice Russell, Lindsey Lomis, The Keller Sisters, Doxter S, Songedge (feat. Deb Solberg), Michelle Guevera, Joe Joe28 March 2018
  36. 44.
    #770 Music by Dasha Akelin, Asha Pieper, Carol Lester, Kayla Bailey, Lyia Meta, Kari Tieger, Millicent Stephenson26 March 2018
  37. 45.
    #769 Music by Leslie McKee, Camille Nelson, Stephanie Newton, New Day Praise, Remnant Sistas in Christ25 March 2018
  38. 46.
    #768 Music by Alison Joy Williams, Florence Foxwell, Lilli Lewis, Maggie Laird, Leslie Rohonczy, Karen Gaskill, LaNe23 March 2018
  39. 47.
    #767 Music by Land of Deborah, Brittany Lane, Jackie Morris, Linda Kasko, Gail Everett, Mary Segato, K.O.21 March 2018
  40. 48.
    #766 Music by Annelisa Franklin, Holly Tucker, Robin Monterosso, Heather Dale, Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene, The Keller Sisters, The OtherDay19 March 2018
  41. 49.
    #765 Music by Groovy Judy, Colleen Dillon, Land of Deborah, Linda Kasko, Alicia Mathewson, Claire Edwards, Lisa Imondi16 March 2018
  42. 50.
    #764 Music by Alexis Antes, Jessie Rae, Gail Everett, Robyn Taylor, Grace Garland, Chappell Holt, Giana Lynn14 March 2018
  43. 51.
    #763 Music by The Keller Sisters, Kay Miracle, Maggie Laird, Chris Dunnett, Era for a Moment, Vicki McCrone, Joy Zimmerman12 March 2018
  44. 52.
    #762 Music by KYM D, Halie Loren, Prita Grealy, Kara Johnstad, Debbie Hennessey, The Beekeepers, Little Blue House on 4000, Sara Giita, Jacqueline Piazza, Ed & Carol Nicodemi9 March 2018
  45. 53.
    #761 Music by Maureen Washington, Carolyn Messina, Paige Powell, Suzanne Schmid, Emah Fox, Joy Zimmerman, Jessie Rae, When We Met, Brave New Girl, Rita Bergmann7 March 2018
  46. 54.
    #760 Music by Blue Dirt Girl, Julia Freifeld, Sydney Ranee', Whittney Mikkél, Seraya Young, Mae Krell, Randi Fay, Nichelle Colvin, CandyThief, Anora Blazin5 March 2018
  47. 55.
    #759 Music by Ashlynne Vince, Joy Zimmerman, Amanda Sprecher, Gail Everett, Sometimes Julie, Colleen Dillon, Susan Odella2 March 2018
  48. 56.
    #758 Music by Kay Miracle, Alexis Antes, Elaine Mahon, Chelsea McBride, Groovy Judy, Menko (feat. Diana Sterling), The Keller Sisters28 February 2018
  49. 57.
    #757 Music by The Core, Carol Lester, Susan Moss, Shimmer Johnson, Tracey Branett, Land of Deborah, Angela Davis26 February 2018
  50. 58.
    #756 Music by Stormchaser, Susan Odella, Mindless Banter, Kristy Ferguson, Francine Mancini, Anna Volpe, Cathy Varna23 February 2018
  51. 59.
    #755 Music by Groovy Judy, Maggie Laird, Michele McNany Shimmer Johnson, The 3rd and Jam, Ashley Casey (writer Bryan Motley), Nicolle Bairsto21 February 2018
  52. 60.
    #754 Music by Drea Lynn, Land of Deborah, The Keller Sisters, Michelle Green, The Core, Takeshi Alan, Brittany Bridgewater19 February 2018
  53. 61.
    #753 Music by Alexis Antes, Kayla Bailey, Tonya Faris, Jennifer Harper, K’anabal Woman, Emilia Alma (writer SmashHarry), Ashlynne Vince16 February 2018
  54. 62.
    #752 Music by Holly Tucker, Alicia Mathewson, Randi Fay, Lisa Imondi, Whittney Mikkel, Emma’s Revolution, Candice Russell, Kristine Jackson, Gladys Padron, Ed and Carol Nicodemi, Carrie Cunningham14 February 2018
  55. 63.
    #751 Music by Annelisa Franklin, Anne E. DeChant, Gracious Me, Diane Hall, David Price (feat. Amanda Edwards), Elaine Mahon, Leslie Beauvais, Sherdonna Denholm Kristy Jackson & Steven McClintock, Mary Witt & The O-Tones, Feritta13 February 2018
  56. 64.
    #750 Music by Jenna Laurise, Florence Foxwell, Alison Joy Williams, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Melani Skybell, Carlene Thissen, Sheila Veerkamp, The OtherDay, Magdalene Blue, Marie Chabot, Ettosi Brooks12 February 2018
  57. 65.
    #749 Music by Jackie Morris, Giana Lynn, Bett Padgett, Emma’s Revolution, Sometimes Julie, Randi Fay, Vicki McCrone, Halle & the Moon, Kari Tieger, Kira Semanas, Stella Ronson (ft. Ivelina Tsoneva)9 February 2018
  58. 66.
    #748 Music by The Midnight River Crew (feat Sharon Mari), Jenn Epperley, Sherdonna Denholm, Louise Anton (writer Rod Christian), Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene, Kathy Mathes, Leslie Beauvais, Mary Segato, Linda Newlin, Laura Walker & Jim Chase, Ed & Caro8 February 2018
  59. 67.
    #747 Music by Tracey Barnett, Deborah Crooks, Elaine Mahon, Cathy-Anne & Steven McClintock, Melani Skybell, Groovy Judy, Colleen Dillon, Janet Whiteway, Laura Bachynski, Cindy Alden, Amanda Sprecher7 February 2018
  60. 68.
    #746 Music by Kay Miracle, Leslie Rohonczy, Tammy Vice, Lilli Lewis, Kira Semanas, Carlene Thissen, Chris Dunnett, Vicki McCrone, Carol Albert Vanessa Day, The Other Day6 February 2018
  61. 69.
    #745 Music by Kristine Jackson, Anne E. DeChant, Heather Dale, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Joy Zimmerman, Linda Kasko, Halie & the Moon, Feritta, Sometimes Julie, Karen Osburn, Carrie Cunningham5 February 2018
  62. 70.
    #744 Music by Ginger Slap, Carol Lester, Michele McNany, Denise Dimin, Sandra Bullet, K’annibal Woman, The Innocent Bystanders2 February 2018
  63. 71.
    #743 Music by Carolyn Messina, Shimmer Johnson, Ashlynne Vince, Doxter S, Nordic Daughter, Texastilly, Ella Nixon,31 January 2018
  64. 72.
    #742 Music by Alexis Antes, Jennifer Harper, The Velvet Sirens, Robyn Taylor, Grown From Mud, Karen Gaskill (writer), WTS (ft. Wiyaala)29 January 2018
  65. 73.
    #741 Music by LOVECOLLIDE, Sharon Johnson, Mary Beth Stone, Cheri Showalter, The Merry Shout, Mary Saunders Brizard28 January 2018
  66. 74.
    #740 Music by Wanda Gronhovd, Annika Brown, Sue Quigley, Golda, Melanie Edwards, The Innocent Bystanders, Whitney Cane26 January 2018
  67. 75.
    #739 Music by Robyn Taylor, Nina Lee, Lis Soderberg, Julie Aguas, Shimmer Johnson, (writer Ann Tan), Jessica Pierson24 January 2018
  68. 76.
    #738 Music by Ashlynne Vince, Laini and the Wildfire, Michele McNany, Whittney Mikkél, Jennifer Harper,Elayne Terranova, WTS (feat. Sam East)22 January 2018
  69. 77.
    #737 Music by Robyn Taylor, Eliane Delage, Lynda Dobbin-Turner, Niño Crudo, Sheila Ka Cameron, JENJEN, Soulshaker (ft. Adrianna Edwards)19 January 2018
  70. 78.
    #736 Music by Kim Krenik, Julie Aguas, Lis Soderberg, Melanie Edwards, Bishon, Elayne Terranova, Annika Brown17 January 2018
  71. 79.
    #735 Music by Laini and the Wildfire, Wanda Gronhovd, Shaun Murphy, Kris Angelis, Sue Quigley, Katee, Golda15 January 2018
  72. 80.
    #734 Music by Bishon, Wanda Gronhovd, Ellen Stapenhorst, Lis Soderberg, Paul & Friends (feat. Sarah Sullivan), Melanie Edwards, Robyn Taylor12 January 2018
  73. 81.
    #733 Music by Allie Louise, Sue Quigley, Kris Angelis, Lynda Dobbin-Turner, One World (R)evolution, Delage, Maggie McClure10 January 2018
  74. 82.
    #732 Music by Holly Tucker, PJ Brunson, Magdalene Blue, Sarah Riches, Kasey Lansdale, Julie Aguas, Kim Krenik8 January 2018
  75. 83.
    #731 Music by Lisa Imondi, Lis Soderberg, Lynda Dobbin-Turner, Sarah Riches, Emmaline Muchmore, Mary Crystal Wood, Karen Gaskill5 January 2018
  76. 84.
    #730 Music by Kim Krenik, Alexa Kriss, Mary Beth Stone, Tracy Colletto, Tighten Up, Lisa Brigantino, Kris Angelis3 January 2018
  77. 85.
    #729 Music by Ellen Stapenhorst, Pat Humphreys, Kath Spellman1 January 2018
  78. 86.
    #728 Music by Katrina Wreede, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Katherine Moller, Annie Calder, The Velvet Sirens29 December 2017
  79. 87.
    #727 Music by Kay Miracle, Valerie Ahneman, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke, Judy Coder, Karen Osburn, Katie Garibaldi, Bree Noble, Myles West & Amiena24 December 2017
  80. 88.
    #726 Music by Annie Calder, Judy Nazemetz, Mary Saunders Brizard, Linda McKenzie, Katie Garibaldi, Laura & Eddie Cavazos, Sabra Callas, Alison Joy Williams, Vicky Smith, Neil Patrick, Gail Everett22 December 2017
  81. 89.
    #725 Music by Jennifer Saren, The Henry Maneuver, Jill Detroit, Randi Fay, Katherine Moller, Ed & Carol Nicodemi, Beloved Heartsong, Jenny Van Alstyne, Jenny Van Alstyne, Randy Britton & Joe Perlaky, Devon Perry (writers Tim Meyers & Evan Feist)21 December 2017
  82. 90.
    #724 Music by Carol Albert, Shawn Thies, Kay Miracle, Janaye Ashman & Joe Perlaky, Halie Loren, Bird Mancini, Marie Chabot, Perpetual Motion, Robin Gable, Maggie Rains20 December 2017
  83. 91.
    #723 Music by Hillary Leicher, Becky Wright, Eliane Delage, Linda Newlin, Joey Curtin, Darcy Jeavons, Sandra Marlowe, Safonia, Chris Purcell, Nichelle Colvin19 December 2017
  84. 92.
    #722 Music by Kira Sharp, Audrey Silver, Jennifer Saren, Carol Albert, Jessie Rae, Perpetual Motion, Magdalene Blue, Crucial Things, Kathleen Ryan, Robin Diloia, Willow & Wood18 December 2017
  85. 93.
    #721 Music by Donna King, Jill Detroit, Renae Hudson, Cheri Showalter, DeDe Wedekind, Robin Monterosso, Kayla Bailey, Vicky Lee, Helen Dunne, Angela Missy Billups17 December 2017
  86. 94.
    #720 Music by The Henry Maneuver, Kelly Brown & Local Honey, Randi Fay, Kenya, Judy Coder, Jill Detroit, Marie Chabot, Rachael Sage, Delage, Janine de Souza, Grace Garland15 December 2017
  87. 95.
    #719 Music by Sabra Callas, Riley Biederer, Heather Dale, Maggie Rains, Beloved Heartsong, Jennifer Saren, Valerie Ahneman, Janaye Ashman & Joe Perlaky, Karen Osburn, Bree Noble, Ariel Petrie14 December 2017
  88. 96.
    #718 Music by Tamara Boyes, Carol Albert, Sabra Callas, Jenny Van Alstyne, Ananda, Sandra Marlowe, Karen Osburn, Mary Saunders Brizard, Vanessa Lynch, Dosareality, Gracious Me13 December 2017
  89. 97.
    #717 Music by Ce’Nai, Judy Coder, Randi Driscoll, Katherine Moller, Rachael Sage, Donna King, Chappell & Dave Holt, Linda Newlin, Kathleen Ryan, Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke, Blue Creative12 December 2017
  90. 98.
    #716 Music by Sabra Callas, Shawn Thies, Bree Noble, Annie Calder, Eliane Delage & Eliane Amherd, Valaura Arnold, Linda Thomas, Ley Line, Vanessa Lynch, Nichelle Colvin, Joy Flanakin11 December 2017
  91. 99.
    #715 Musc by LOVECOLLIDE, DeDe Wedekind, Windfall, Lisa Imondi, Renae Hudson, Sarah Riches, Alison Joy Williams, Diane Rose Kelly, Rhonda Rattansingh, Nichelle Colvin10 December 2017
  92. 100.
    #714 Music by Marie Chabot, Carolyn Barela, Shawn Thies, Joy Zimmerman, Kim Krenik (feat. Bethany, Lucas & Keira Krenik, Perpetual Motion, Lynn Carey Saylor, Jules Emerald Anderson, Doro Streich & Ira Diehr (writer Jim Kahr), Beloved Heartsong, Ms. Maura8 December 2017

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