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Stacey Bone

Help your young pets live longer and your older pets live better. Veterinarian, Dr. Stacey Bone and Pet Industry insider, Ron Devries offer sound commentary and real-world guidance on issues surrounding Senior Pet Health. Listen in and learn why Old Age Isn't a Disease.

Teaser - S1E1 Coming January 2020
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Dr. BOne and Ron are back! Rounding out part two of the new senior cat guidelines just released by the Association of Feline Practitioners! If you have a senior cat, you'll want to listen!

Sep 15

40 min 58 sec

In this episode, Dr. Bone and Ron break down the brand new guidelines for the care of Senior Cats. The things they discuss are important for any cat owner!

Aug 18

47 min 1 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron give you a quick recap of the past two episodes focusing on what you need to know to both prevent Cognitive Disease in your senior pets and what to do if your pet has been diagnosed. 

Jul 28

23 min 7 sec

In the second part of this series, we are going over the symptoms of cognitive disease that many of you see in your senior pets. We end it with the all-important discussion of how we can treat this disease in our pets.

Jun 30

43 min 7 sec

We are back! After a bit of a break we are releasing the first of two episodes on Cognitive Dysfunction in our senior pets. This is a VERY common disease and it is very helpful to know the signs and symptoms. 

Jun 16

38 min 27 sec

In the second part of this series, we take a look at some of the most common google questions you have about your senior pets and give our answers. 

Mar 10

23 min 21 sec

Join us for our final episode discussing therapies and strategies for treating kidney disease with a lot of emphasis on dietary therapy.

Feb 9

42 min

In our second episode on kidney disease, Dr. Bone and Ron discuss the signs of kidney disease and how we diagnose it with a special focus on WHY and how we can diagnose it early. 

Jan 27

36 min 37 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron start the first of a 3 part series: What is kidney disease and how common is it? Have you ever wondered what causes kidney disease in pets? We cover it all on this episode!

Jan 13

36 min 45 sec

In this episode, our hosts google the most commonly asked questions about senior pets and answer them! What does my dog shake? Why does my cat yowl at night? Figure out the answers to these and many more.

Dec 2020

22 min 20 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron discuss the various lumps and bumps that senior pets can develop. Tune in to learn what these lumps are, what they look like, and how you can deal with them

Dec 2020

37 min 22 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron discuss how to keep your senior pet, both dogs and cats, active. Activity is important for physical and mental well being and this is great advice for all senior pet owners. 

Oct 2020

35 min 32 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron do a quick recap of everything they have covered on arthritis in our senior pets over the last few episodes. 

Sep 2020

10 min 57 sec

After a bit of a break, Dr. Bone and Ron are back and covering their next installment in the arthritis series looking at using CBD and supplements for arthritis. There are a lot of products on the market and discuss the most common forms and evidence for their use.

Aug 2020

36 min 13 sec

Dr. BOne and Ron continue the arthritis conversation with what most pet owners want to know: How can I treat Arthritis. From medications to alternative therapies, your hosts cover the good and bad and what evidence exists to use it as a treatment.

Jul 2020

39 min 50 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron discuss what symptoms a pet with arthritis will show; sometimes it isn't what you think! And they discuss how we diagnose arthritis if there are symptoms. 

Jun 2020

30 min 27 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron start the series on the single most common condition that affects senior pets, osteoarthritis. They cover the disease itself, how common it is in our senior pets, and what causes it. 

Jun 2020

29 min 39 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron discuss the dreaded anxiety with a focus on feline anxiety and urinary issues, separation anxiety in dogs, and how to treat anxiety in your pets. 

May 2020

33 min 12 sec

In this Bite-Sized Pawd, Dr. Bone is answering the question of what pain medications can I give at home for my pet if they are hurting? He goes through the do's and don'ts of home pain med treatments. He also gives a quick overview of cats testing positive for coronavirus and what this all means. 

May 2020

17 min 28 sec

Have you wondered if veterinarian's pets get sick? Do vets miss things on their own pets? Dr. Bone and Ron discuss some stories of issues with their own pets and some pet stories from other veterinarians. The hot spot of this episode is about incontinence in our pets. 

Apr 2020

41 min 2 sec

Should I go to an emergency clinic? This is an often asked question and, with the help of ER vet Dr. Stabler, Dr. Bone discusses the symptoms and conditions that we consider an emergency. Also, a quick update on the new findings with COVID19

Mar 2020

17 min 30 sec

Cats are creatures all their own. Dr. Bone and Ron compare and contrast the behaviors and origins of the cat as a household pet and why we approach them differently in veterinary medicine. The hot spot is all about senior pet adoption.

Mar 2020

39 min 13 sec

Dr. Bone discusses what we know about the Coronavirus and our pets including the latest news about a dog testing positive, facts about the disease, and what we know currently. Also including are some practical tips for prepping with your pets. 

Feb 2020

11 min 29 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron take this episode to discuss diagnostics in veterinary medicine; what they are and why they are recommended. The Hot Spot covers deafness in our senior pets. 

Feb 2020

42 min 24 sec

Dr. Bone and Ron discuss what happens once you get to the vet and the exam starts. Our hosts take us through a guided tour of the physical examination including just what your vet is looking at/for during the exam. The Hot Spot for the episode is dental disease.

Feb 2020

41 min 4 sec

Have you wondered what it is like to take a senior pet to the vet? Dr. Bone and Ron discuss senior veterinary visits, some tips getting to the vet, and what happens when you get there. The Hot Spot is all about preventative medicines and vaccines in our senior pets. 

Jan 2020

34 min 49 sec

What happens to us and our pets as we age? Dr. Stacey and Ron Devries discuss the biology of aging and what that means for our senior pet care. This episode’s Hot Spot is all about the importance of exercise in our pets, even as they age.

Jan 2020

32 min 26 sec

How old is my senior pet in “human years?” Join our hosts as they dive into this topic and why it matters that we know how old are pets truly are. The Hot Spot discusses pet spending and how we should maybe rethink where we spend it.

Dec 2019

25 min 17 sec

Who are Dr. Stacey Bone and Ron DeVries? In this podcast, the two spend the time getting personal and discussing their pets, careers in vet and the pet industry, and how everything led them to the importance of Senior Pet Health. Today’s "Hot Spot" discusses new methods for determining the “human age” of your four-legged family members.

Dec 2019

31 min 22 sec

Teaser episode - Information about the podcast series and what to expect in the coming months!Senior Pet Podcast is a show dedicated to giving our Senior four-legged family members they're happiest and healthiest lives.Join our Senior Pet Experts - Dr. Stacey Bone & animal health insider Ron Devries as they discuss the issues that aging pets face today and sharing vetted information to safely navigate this part of your pets life.

Nov 2019

3 min 52 sec