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Everything you need to know about guns, ammo, accessories, responsible firearm use and more from the expert gun enthusiasts at Razorback Armory.

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Razorback Armory has a special guest, Sig Sauer Representative Jacob Wideman! Not only does Jacob give full detail about all the Sig Sauer Products, but he also lets the cat out of the bag about some products. Listen to this podcast to get the latest news from new guns, ammo, and more! 

Nov 10

49 min 30 sec

Business Partners Brad and Jesse share top pro-tips when going to the gun range. Don't show up with just a gun - there are a few accessories to bring to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience. Razorback Armory has everything you need when it comes to guns, gun safety, and shooting at the range!

Oct 26

5 min 42 sec

Are you a first-time female gun owner? Jesse Rolfes, Vice President of Razorback Armory, introduces us to a first-time gun owner, Lauren Justice guiding her through the process of owning a firearm and how to correctly defend herself. Find out what made Lauren most comfortable when learning how to shoot and carry a gun!

Oct 13

33 min 45 sec

Sep 8

31 min 37 sec