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Learn how to live more sustainably, without compromising your lifestyle, in this fun, inspiring and informative podcast with environmental engineer and Eco Living Educator, Laura Trotta. She's all about making green mainstream and together with inspiring 'Eco Hero' guests will help you create an ecoceptional life you love!

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If you’ve been feeling down about the state of the global environment, particularly after COP26 in Glasgow, this episode is for you. I’m sharing a presentation I delivered to around 200 doctors last month at the Doctors for the Environment iDEA 2021 conference. I was invited by Dr Kate Wylie to share a message of innovation and progress so conference attendees could leave the conference with a feeling of hope. I hope the presentation has a similar impact on you too.

Nov 21

32 min 28 sec

There’s plenty of factors to consider when investing in a home. Proximity to schools, shops, health services, family and public transport are some of the key considerations. Smart investors of today are factoring in another consideration – climate change risk – and for good reason. Climate change risk is impacting the valuation and insurance cost of Australian residential properties and is expected to become more important as time marches on, and the impacts of climate change become more visible.  For this reason it make sense to obtain a climate risk report at the same time as you conduct your building and pest inspections. In this episode, Karl Mallon from Climate Valuation shares how you can assess the climate risk to your home and steps you can take to ensure that your investment is physically and financially sound. Resources: Climate Valuation Climate Valuation on LinkedIn Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs

Nov 2

46 min 13 sec

If you’re looking to reduce your household carbon emissions, you really can’t go past installing a home solar photovoltaic system with battery storage. But with so many dealers and installers out there, and with such a high investment cost, where do you even start? In Part 1 of this Home Energy feature, Bernie Kelly from bidmysolar shared how home solar photovoltaic systems work, their cost and their advantages and disadvantages. In Part 2, Bernie kindly shares how home battery storage systems work, their cost, how long they last and traps you should be aware of before you make the investment.   Resources: bidmysolar – Australia’s Solar Search Engine Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs

Sep 3

24 min 41 sec

If you’re looking to reduce your household carbon emissions, you really can’t go past installing a home solar photovoltaic system with battery storage. But with so many dealers and installers out there, and with such a high investment cost, where do you even start? In Part 1 of this Home Energy feature Bernie Kelly from bidmysolar shares how home solar photovoltaic systems work, their cost and their advantages and disadvantages. Stay tuned for Part 2 where Bernie will share how home battery storage systems work, their cost, how long they last, and traps you should be aware of before you make the investment.   Resources: bidmysolar – Australia’s Solar Search Engine Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs

Aug 24

39 min 24 sec

Money does indeed make the world go round and the type of businesses that we invest in today creates the world of tomorrow. Notwithstanding, the corporate world has a huge role to play in shaping the kind of world we live in. The traditional mindset of corporates to maximise returns for shareholders is redundant and these days, only companies that are sustainable in the true sense of the word will survive. Think sound environmental practices, a strong human rights record and an inclusive and diverse workforce where every employee can bring their best selves to work. In this episode I’m chatting all things corporate sustainability with Dr Kaushik Sridhar. Kaushik shares how he went from being a professional tennis player to a corporate leader in sustainability, what the current state of play of sustainability is in the corporate world and tips and strategies for corporates to become more sustainable. Resources: Connect with Dr Kaushik Sridhar on LinkedIn Follow Kaushik’s blog Learn to live sustainably with Laura in Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs

Jul 9

37 min 52 sec

Oliver is an award-winning author, is studying Communications’ Journalism at University of Technology, Sydney and lives in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia, an area ravaged by the horrendous 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires. Shocked and traumatised by the destruction he witnessed during the fires, and deeply concerned about the impact on wildlife, Oliver threw himself into writing an adventure novel to raise funds for environmental projects. The result is FireWorks and the Fireworks Fund. FireWorks is an adventure story about a koala named Iluka who explains how he and his friends survived the 2019-20 bushfires. All proceeds from the sale of FireWorks go to the Fireworks Fund to support environmental charities. In this episode Oliver shares why he created FireWorks, what it’s like being a young adult in 2021 (spoiler alert – it doesn’t sound like much fun being overeducated and socially distanced!) and what advice he has for other young adults who are wanting to do something bigger to help the environment.

Jun 22

29 min 30 sec

Dr Marji is a coral reef scientist who aims to teach kids around the world about the climate crisis through interactive play and art. Marji meets kids at their level with play dough and LEGO and isn’t afraid to dress up as a coral polyp or penguin to help get the important message of the climate crisis across to young inquisitive minds. Dr Marji also runs an international drawing contest for kids at that brings kids around the world together to make their voices heard on this vital issue. In this episode Dr Marji will share why she’s focussing on educating kids about the climate crisis rather than adults, how she ensures she doesn’t fuel any anxieties the children may already have about the state of our global environment, and how you can get the children in your life involved by drawing a picture of a tree and in turn have a real tree planted on their behalf. Resources: Kids Care About Climate Facebook Kids Care About Climate Instagram Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs

May 27

40 min 10 sec

Climate change has traditionally been viewed as an economic and environmental issue but it is fundamentally a human health issue. In this episode of Eco Chat I’m joined by Dr Kate Wylie from Climate Medicine to discuss the growing health risk to the human population from a warming climate.   Dr Kate Wylie is a GP, a mother and climate activist based in Adelaide, South Australia. She is also the founder of Climate Medicine, a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia and is a Climate Reality Leader. Dr Wylie educates the community and health professionals on the health impacts of climate change. In this episode Dr Kate will share how the impact of climate change is already presenting in patients in her clinic, what key impacts to human health doctors are anticipating will become more common as our climate continues to change, and what led her to create Climate Medicine. Resources:

Apr 27

47 min 16 sec

If you’re looking for educational sustainability books for the children in your life, you’re in the right place. I’m joined on Eco Chat by Patricia Newman, author of several educational books on environmental and social justice issues including Eavesdropping on Elephants; Sea Otter Heroes; Neema's Reason to Smile; Zoo Scientists to the Rescue; and Plastic, Ahoy! Translating complicated scientific research into something the average fourth grader can understand is one of Patricia’s gifts. Every Newman title includes hours of research, location travel, and authentic voices sharing the latest scientific discoveries. Patricia released her latest book, Planet Ocean with photographer Annie Crawley in early March 2021 to much acclaim. Planet Ocean is currently #1 on Amazon in Children’s Australia! In this episode Patricia will share what led her to write Planet Ocean, how we need to stop thinking of ourselves as existing separate from the ocean and how to start taking better care of this precious resource. Resources: Patricia Newman website Patricia Newman Facebook 5-day Plastic Free Challenge

Mar 23

26 min 14 sec

If you’re looking for an internet search engine that gives back, look no further than Ecosia. Ecosia is quite literally, the search engine that plants trees. Ecosia donates 80% of its profits to non-profit organisations that focus on reforestation, considers itself a social business, is CO2-negative and supports full financial transparency and protect the privacy of its users.  In this episode Hannah Wickes will share how Ecosia came about, how it works and how you can easily make the switch to ensure your web surfing is creating change for good. Visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And if you are growing an eco business check out the Eco Business Collective where I combine my extensive environmental engineering and business experience to support you. 

Mar 14

43 min 51 sec

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning products that are toxin free, plastic free and are made in Australia by a social enterprise, look no further than Resparkle. Pearl Chan is on a mission to create a plastic free future for our families and she’s helping people get started in their homes. In this episode Pearl will share her journey from being a corporate banker to founding and growing an eco business that’s become a leader in toxin and plastic free home cleaning products. Resources: Resparkle Website Resparkle Instagram Resparkle Facebook Brunswick Industries Laura’s Home Detox Cheat Sheet Laura’s 5-day Green Cleaning Challenge Eco Business Collective

Feb 4

27 min 32 sec

While 2020 saw Covid-19 ravage human populations and communities around the world, there were many positives throughout the year for our local, regional and global environments. This New Year, as many of us continue to struggle to process the year that was 2020, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight five positive environmental news stories. It’s my intention that they give you some hope for 2021 and beyond. Resources: Eco Business Collective  

Jan 12

19 min 43 sec

If your business, company or organisation wishes to become carbon neutral to reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, this episode is for you. I'm joined by Polly Hemming from Climate Active to discuss steps business or organisations need to take to become certified carbon neutral and the associated costs and auditing requirements. This episode follows on from episode 155: How to Offest Your Carbon Emissions with Louise Tarrier from Carbon Positive Australia which also discussed carbon neutrality, but for individuals and organisations not seeking certification. In contrast, this episode is for businesses seeking carbon neutral certification. Resources: Climate Active Australia Eco Business Collective

Dec 2020

43 min 2 sec

This past month I presented at the online Ecopreneur Summit, sharing tips and strategies for how to how to make your business more sustainable. It’s this presentation on How to Grow a Green Business that I share with you in this podcast episode. I also share details of my new Eco Business Collective, a major focus for me for 2021 and beyond. Eco Business Collective will become the premier online membership community for ecopreneurs and eco business builders. Members receive personalized coaching support and a network of connections to help them grow a thriving and profitable eco business online. If you’re growing an eco business and would like the support of an experienced environmental engineer and eco business coach (that’s me!) plus the support of a growing community of eco business builders, click HERE for more information on the Eco Business Collective. For a limited time you can take advantage of a FREE 30-day trial and lock in foundation member rates for the duration of your membership! Click HERE to join the Eco Business Collective

Dec 2020

30 min 24 sec

This year I was invited to join the judging panel for the Australian Non Toxic Awards, a role that involved testing and critiquing a large range of zero waste products for the home. The full list of winners can be found on the Australia Non-Toxic Awards website, but I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase a few of my favourite zero waste products. I encourage you to support these eco businesses so you can reduce your environmental impact and in turn, help them make a bigger impact. For strategies and support to ditch single-use plastics, join my FREE 5-day Plastic Free Challenge. In just five minutes a day for five days you’ll learn how to break up with single-use plastics in and around your home and while out and about.

Nov 2020

23 min 26 sec

If you’re keen to reduce your toxin load AND you love cooking, this episode is for you. And if you use non-stick pans and your lining is damaged or you’ve accidentally overheated your pan and created fumes, this episode is especially for you. I’m discussing toxins you need to be aware of in traditional non-stick cookware and share some safer alternatives for you. Click HERE to download my Home Detox Cheat Sheet Click HERE to join my Home Detox Bootcamp

Nov 2020

13 min 55 sec

If you’ve changed some of your habits and have embraced a sustainable lifestyle, but you want to go one step further by offsetting your carbon emissions this podcast episode is for you. I’m joined by Louise Tarrier, CEO of Carbon Positive Australia. Louise will share how individuals and organisations can easily offset their carbon emissions to become carbon neutral and create a better future for us all. Follow Carbon Positive Australia on: Instagram Facebook  LinkedIn  

Oct 2020

24 min 46 sec

Electric vehicles are slowing making their way into the marketplace across Australia and overseas with companies such as Nissan and Telsa offering affordable entry level electric family car options.  In this episode we are joined by Dan Deleur, Vice Chair of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association South Australian branch to discuss the pros and cons of electric vehicles.  Dan's interest in EVs originated in Auto Racing 10 years ago and is augmented by his desire to reduce his environmental impact. His most recent endeavour is Designing and Building an Independently Constructed Vehicle (ICV) which is predominantly constructed utilising second-hand parts from several manufactures. The most relevant of which is the Electric Motor and Drive train sourced from a 2013 Tesla Model S. Progress on the EV Project nicknamed ‘Short Black’ and the associated Distractions and Creations that life with so many hobbies provides, can now be seen on Dan’s YouTube Channel Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Sep 2020

41 min 57 sec

Fresh lemons are a natural, safe and economical way to clean your home (especially if you have your own lemon tree!).  By replacing several common commercial cleaning products with fresh lemons you’ll reduce waste, save money and improve your health. In this episode I’ll share six simple ways to clean your home naturally with fresh lemons.  For tips on how to use natural products from your pantry to clean your home, join my FREE 5-day Green Cleaning Challenge For my complete framework to reduce chemicals and toxins in your home, join my Home Detox Boot Camp

Sep 2020

11 min 1 sec

Pure soap is the original general purpose cleaner. In its purest form, natural soap contains no extra additives such as colours and fragrances and biodegrades completely. In this article I’ll share the benefits of using pure soap for household cleaning tasks and my three favourite uses for pure soap flakes. For strategies and support to reduce chemicals and toxins in your home, including a heap of natural cleaning recipes, join my Home Detox Boot Camp

Sep 2020

16 min 55 sec

Did you know that one of the growing threats to our coral reefs lives in your beach bag? Sunscreen, or more specifically the chemicals found in many sunscreens, are contributing to coral bleaching and the subsequent death of our beautiful reefs. In this episode I share what to look for in an eco-friendly sunscreen, and in particular how to ensure your sunscreen is reef safe. Always look at ingredient lists to make sure reef-damaging substances (such as oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidine camphor, all of which have been shown to cause coral bleaching even at low levels) aren’t included. For strategies and support to reduce chemicals and toxins in your home, join my Home Detox Boot Camp. Resources: 2008 Sunscreen by University of Marche Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Choices

Aug 2020

8 min 53 sec

In reaching the milestone of 150 episodes of Eco Chat I thought it was timely to take a look back on the past (almost) five years of podcasting and share the top ten episodes, as downloaded by you! Did your favorite make the list!?! Be sure to leave a review for Eco Chat in Apple Podcasts to show your love and help other Eco Heros get the tips and info they need to create a healthier and more sustainable home and lifestyle. 

Jul 2020

20 min 5 sec

Many households who are making an effort to reduce the volume of single-use plastics they consume have trouble replacing one item…..the humble rubbish bin liner. In this episode I’m sharing four alternatives to single use plastic bin liners. For strategies and support to ditch single-use plastics, join my FREE 5-day Plastic Free Challenge.

Jul 2020

10 min 5 sec

Farmers and primary producers are experts in land management and meteorology. They need to be in order to survive.  Anika Molesworth is a recognised thought-leader of agro-ecological systems resilience. She is an agricultural science researcher, communicator and works in international agricultural development. Anika is also a passionate advocate for sustainable farming, environmental conservation and climate change action. She is a director of Farmers for Climate Action, a movement that puts farmers on the front lines of climate change and at the front and centre of the solutions.  In this episode Anika and I discuss how climate change is impacting primary producers and how farmers are uniting for climate action.

Jun 2020

27 min 43 sec

The catastrophic and unprecedented 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season, colloquially referred to as the Black Summer, burnt an estimated 18.6 million hectares (46 million acres; 186,000 square kilometres, 72,000 square miles), destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including 2,779 homes) and killed at least 34 people (including a number of firefighters). An estimated one billion animals were killed and some endangered species may have been pushed to extinction. At its peaks, air quality dropped to hazardous levels. Smoke from the Australian fires was detected some 11,000 kilometres (6,800 miles) away across the South Pacific Ocean in Chile and Argentina. The cost of the fires is expected to be in the billions of dollars. While the fires that ravaged every state and territory in Australia, particular the south-eastern States, are now extinguished and the world’s attention has turned to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot allow the Australian Black Summer to become a memory. The impacts of Covid-19 will be a speedbump in contrast to the growing impacts of climate change. It’s time to address the scary reality that the Australian Black Summer signals a new normal for bushfires in Australia and other regions around the world. In this Episode of Eco Chat I’m joined by former Commissioner of Fire & Rescue NSW Greg Mullins to unpack the angriest summer of fires in Australia. We discuss how climate change is impacting the frequency and intensity of bushfires and how communities can reduce their bushfire risk in a warming world.

May 2020

41 min 48 sec

Gut health is the foundation of good health and it's no different when it comes to our kids. In this podcast naturopath Jessica Donovan shares how to improve our kids gut health so they can thrive in our modern world. Resources Kids Gut Health eBook Natural Super Kids Video Training Series Natural Super Kids on Facebook

Oct 2019

26 min 45 sec

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural, effective and economical way to clean your home. In part three of the Spring Cleaning Series I share many applications for cleaning with essential oil. Resources: Home Detox Cheat Sheet Home Detox Boot Camp

Sep 2019

15 min 7 sec

White vinegar is a natural, safe and economical way to clean your home. In part two of the Spring Cleaning Series I share many applications for cleaning with white vinegar in your home. Resources: 5-day Green Cleaning Challenge Home Detox Boot Camp

Sep 2019

19 min 8 sec

In this first episode of my Spring Cleaning Series I share how to remove mould from your home naturally without using chlorine bleach. Resources Home Detox Cheat Sheet Home Detox Boot Camp  

Sep 2019

23 min 20 sec

Are you curious about what the Council Climate Emergency Declaration movement entails? Want to understand what difference it actually makes to the climate crisis? Keen to know how you can get your local council to lead in climate action? If that’s you, you’re in the right place! In this episode of Eco Chat I’m joined by Climate Reality Leader and elected member of the Gawler Town Council, Ian Tooley. Ian was instrumental in the process of Gawler Town Council becoming one of the first council’s in Australia to declare a climate emergency and shares his experience of the process. Resources: SustainabilityB42L8 Facebook Page Gawler Town Council Elected Members Climate Reality Project Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs Membership Program

Aug 2019

50 min 55 sec

I’m a tea drinker and enjoy a wide variety of herbal teas throughout the day. In fact, I often joke that there’s a tea to match my every mood! If you love tea as much as I do, and want to ensure your tea habit is as green as possible (even when you like a black cuppa), this episode is for you! I’ll share five simple ways to enjoy your cuppa, sustainably. Resources: Reusable Coffee Cups at Sustainahome Bokashi Compost Bins at Sustainahome Use discount ECOCHAT10 to receive 10% off your first order

Aug 2019

10 min 36 sec

With much of Australia in the grip of drought, and rainfall patterns changing worldwide with climate change, water restrictions and increasing water prices are becoming the norm. It makes financial and environmental sense to reduce water consumption at the household level, and it makes even more sense to start in the bathroom where consumption is often the highest. Here’s six ways to save water in your bathroom. Resources Mentioned: FREE Shower Timer FREE Cheat Sheet: 30 Ways to Save Water in and Around Your Home Cullector Water Saving Shower Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs    

Jun 2019

11 min 57 sec

Are you ready to inspire the conscious kids in your life to save the world? If you are it's time you met Captain Garbology, aka Lee Constable. Lee Constable is a presenter, producer and, most recently, children's book author with a focus on science, technology and society. As the host of Australian science TV show, Scope, she researches, writes, presents and produces segments on diverse STEM topics. Put simply, Lee is a scientific artist, or a creative scientist! Lee's book How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet is coming out on World Environment Day- June 5th and aims to take young readers (grade 2-6) on a garbological adventure with a superhero called Captain Garbology taking kids on a quest to become Waste Warriors with hands-on DIY activities, waste science 101 and fun quizzes! You can purchase How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet HERE.

Jun 2019

34 min 55 sec

Last weekend in Australia we all went to the polls to vote in our national election. It was supposed to be the climate change election. Yet, our conservative, climate-denying government was returned to office. Naturally many eco-minded voters, scientists and environmentalists were devastated and are filled with anxiety about what this means for our country and planet moving forward. In this episode I’m sharing six things I’m doing to keep me optimistic about the state of our environment in an increasingly warming world. Hopefully they inspire you to do the same or at least feel reassured that there are people out there who care deeply about the sustainability of our planet, and who are prepared to go the extra mile to conserve what’s left. Resources Click HERE to connect with me on LinkedIn Click HERE if you're a Council or Corporate and want to work together to improve the sustainability of your organisation Click HERE if you're an expert, educator or Conscious Business Builder wanting to make a bigger impact through coaching or mentoring with me

May 2019

18 min 38 sec

If you're keen to reduce your plastic consumption and aren't sure what alternatives are out there for shampoo, this episode is for you. I'm sharing two of my favourite plastic-free shampoo options. One is a DIY recipe I've been using with much success for years and the other is my new favourite natural solid soap shampoo bar. Both options are gentle, natural alternatives to conventional shampoos (which dry out your hair) and both are gentle on our environment. Resources:  Purchase Natural solid Shampoo bars at Use code ECOCHAT10 to save 10% off your first order.

May 2019

9 min 41 sec

In episode 59 of Eco Chat, Dr Kristy Goodwin shared her best tips for how to raise kids in a digital world. That was 2.5 years ago and as you'd imagine, much has changed in the world of technology since. In this episode Dr Kristy is back to share latest developments in this area, with a particular focus on how to keep our kids safe while gaming and watching YouTube. You can follow Dr Kristy Goodwin at and join her online parents portal at

Apr 2019

44 min 58 sec

In this NEWSFLASH I share where you can fond my new Podcast and Website for Conscious Business Builders. To learn more listen to the Conscious Business Builders podcast or visit

Mar 2019

6 min 36 sec

If you’re concerned about our changing climate and are wondering what you can do to make a difference, this episode is for you. I’m sharing eight things you can do to help address climate change. Resources: greenHOUSE Home Energy Blitz Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs Bokashi Bins at Sustainahome

Mar 2019

32 min 20 sec

Do you want to make a BIGGER IMPACT? If you have a product or service the world needs and want to reach more people. Thousands more people. I can help you do that. In this episode I share my latest offering with you.  Conscious Business Builders is high performance coaching for established entrepreneurs who are ready to make a bigger impact. Click HERE to Apply.

Feb 2019

33 min 22 sec

Did you know that plastic straws are one of the most common items found on beaches worldwide? According to Clean Up Australia, plastic straws are the 12th most common item reported by Clean Up volunteers. Which is not surprising given that Australians use about 10 million plastic straws every day, or 3.5 billion a year!! Plastic straws are a serious health hazard for marine wildlife. They can easily become lodged in the nostrils and stomachs of marine life including turtles, birds, dolphins, fish and whales, with fatal consequences. If you’re a straw user, be part of the change and switch single use plastic straws for these four sustainable alternatives. For strategies and support to ditch single-use plastics, join my FREE 5-day Plastic Free Challenge.

Feb 2019

11 min 22 sec

Cycling is a sustainable mode of transport. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting from A to B under your own steam, or pedal power in this case. Last year, after I started working in the city three days a week, I soon grew tired of the train commute and looked in to cycle instead. And I’m so glad I did! Since I switched the train for bicycle for my 14km commute I've been getting stronger, faster and happier. Plus I'm saving loads of cash too! If your new years’ resolutions include getting fitter, saving money, or reducing your impact on the environment, this episode is for you! I’m joined by Matt Tozer from Bike Society who will share his best tips for getting into cycling, particular commuting to and from work. You can follow Bike Society via their Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Jan 2019

40 min 49 sec

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go diving in dumpsters to rescue discarded food, but you haven't been game enough to experience it for yourself? In this episode I'm chatting with my Dumpster Diving friend Dushan Popovic about what it's really like to go diving for food.  You'll discover: What kind of foods supermarkets are throwing away Tips for getting started dumpster diving The best times to go dumpster diving Safety concerns of dumpster divers How to come out to your friends as a dumpster diver. I assure you that you'll think differently after food waste after listening to this episode. Let's dive in! ;-)

Jan 2019

20 min 23 sec

If you’re keen to reduce the environmental impact of your gift giving this Christmas, you're in the right place! In this episode I'm sharing six eco gift wrap ideas. It’s possible to wrap your gift sustainably. Whether you use Santa Sacks, fabric, children’s paintings, gift bags or 100% post consumer gift wrap, there’s an eco gift wrapping option to suit everyone!

Dec 2018

8 min 16 sec

Ronni Khan is on a mission to nourish our country with rescued food. Her social / environmental enterprise Oz Harvest is on the cusp of delivering it's 100 millionth rescued meal to someone in need this Christmas. Hear how Ronni actually rescues food from institutions and redistributes it to vulnerable people through initiatives like Oz Harvest's FREE supermarket. Learn more about Oz Harvest at You can purchase Lenny and the Ants children's book HERE.

Dec 2018

27 min 53 sec

What is the most sustainable Christmas Tree? A real, living Christmas Tree or a reusable plastic Christmas Tree? To help answer this question I’m chatting with Steve Roberts from Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees. In this episode you'll learn: Where a real Christmas Tree is more sustainable than a plastic variety How long it takes a pine tree to grow into a suitably-sized Christmas Tree What happens to all the Christmas Trees after Christmas Best tips for keeping your real Christmas tree looking fresh How to grow your own real Christmas Tree Other options for Christmas Trees (eg. homemade recyclable trees) Additional Resources - Click HERE for some inspiration on homemade Christmas Trees from recyclable materials - Click HERE to download your FREE Seasons Greenings eGuide to help you have a cleaner, greener Christmas without being a party pooper! - Click HERE to order your real Christmas Tree from Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees (Adelaide and surrounds residents only)     …..

Nov 2018

31 min 47 sec

Want to throw a zero waste party! Great! You’re in the right place! If you love entertaining but hate waste, this episode is for you! I’m sharing five strategies to help you to easily ecotain (i.e. party sustainably) in a world obsessed with convenience and waste. Resources: How to Make Eco Friendly Christmas Bon Bons The Ecotarian Guide Eco Party Box

Nov 2018

11 min 48 sec

If you’re keen to eco-fy your coffee habit, listen up! In this episode I’ll share three simple ways to enjoy your daily dose of coffee, sustainably. Some links to help: - Click HERE to get your reusable coffee cups from Sustainahome - Click HERE to purchase reusable coffee pods from Sustainahome An ethical and sustainable cup of coffee is possible! By switching to a reusable cup, reusable coffee pods and an organic, Fairtrade brew you’ll save money, waste and contribute to a cleaner, greener and fairer future for us all. Now that’s almost enough to make me want to start drinking coffee! ;-)

Oct 2018

10 min 30 sec

If you’re a parent or grandparent trying to raise the children in your life in as sustainable a way as possible, this episode is for you! I’m sharing four strategies to help you to eco parent successfully in the modern world. To join a like-minded community of eco-minded parents (and non-parents), check out Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs.

Oct 2018

23 min 55 sec

Whether it’s the deforestation and loss of habitat caused by logging trees for paper, the water and energy used to transform wood into pulp and paper or the chemicals used to bleach and colour the paper, the production and use of paper products has a significant impact on the environment. Throughout August in my Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs membership we shone the light on paper product usage, and we all made an effort to reduce our consumption of paper products in the home.  Since there’s so many opportunities to reduce paper in and around the home, I thought it would be great to summarize them for easy reference. In this episode I share 13 simple ways to reduce paper use in and around the home.

Oct 2018

13 min 14 sec

If you’re finding that stuff is taking over your home or you’re weighed down by the amount of physical clutter in your life, this episode is for you. I’m sharing seven signs you’re obsessed with stuff, and outlining why you need to take control of your stuff before it takes control of you. Like this episode? You may also like: Ep5 – The Environmental Impact of Toys and How To Stop the Toy Invasion Ep76 - Four Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Something New Ep77 - Tips on Decluttering and Organising Your Home with Helen Butler Ep102 - Five Simple Ways To Declutter Your House EP 120 – 3 Reasons To Rethink Supermarket Collectables   Learn More! Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs gives you the A to Z of living a simpler, more self-sufficient life, with a supportive community to boot! Click HERE to learn more.

Sep 2018

16 min 1 sec