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Numbers can, and do, scare so many people, so we are here to give you the confidence to embrace your numbers, put simple practices in place to make your business financial life easier and share stories from real life business owners so that you feel supported as you grow and become financially fit. We are sharing stories of business owners, the hurdles they have faced, and how they have come out the other side on their journey to becoming financially fit. Hosted by Stacey Price, founder and Owner of Healthy Business Finances. A self confessed, numbers nerd - loud and proud. An accountant, a business owner and someone who believes that education is the best form of self defence.

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Hello and welcome to Episode 8 of the Becoming Financially Fit podcast. The podcast to help business owners overcome their financial fears.     Today I am following on from episode 7 where I talked about the things I look for when recruiting new team members. So now that you have found your newest kick arse team member, now what? How do you onboard them? How do you start off on the right foot, and continue that so both the employee and yourself get the best possible working relationship right from the start?   It ain’t easy, and you need to invest time. And to channel by inner songstress…. A whole lotta precious time. It’s going take patience and time. To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it riiiiiight.   So whilst my singing skills are pretty much down the toilet, the routine I have when new team members start, is at the complete opposite end of the scale.  Easy, enjoyable, under control and streamlined.   So before your latest team member joins you, we suggest you listen up and get your ducks in a row.  

Apr 30

15 min 51 sec

Hello and welcome to Episode 7 of the Becoming Financially Fit podcast. The podcast to help business owners overcome their financial fears.     Today I am sharing my own personal hints and tips on how to hire a virtual team member and not totally cock it up.  Let’s face it resumes can be really really deceiving.  But getting potential team members to sit exams or aptitude tests are also often misleading.  Not to mention stressful.   So how do you choose? How do you get it right? Where do you even start?   Here’s the thing - there is no one solution that will absolutely work for everyone. Period.  But there are still things you can all do, to help you get the best candidate for the role you are offering, and tip the balance of the “hit and miss” scales in your favour.   If your business needs amazing remote staff, that are there for the long haul, this episode is going to be right up your alley.  

Apr 16

21 min 9 sec

Today we are talking to Emma McMillan from Emma McMillan Copy. Emma is such a creative spirit and moved from a career in teaching to a career in copywriting and marketing.  With a curiosity to learn and understand, launching into business life was a natural progression.   Heavily investing in her business this year has seen Emma move from a scarcity mindset to truly understanding her value and her gift and this has seen her client list be filled with clients sharing her same values.   Whilst it is not always easy having money conversations, what is vitally important to Emma is looking after not only her personal health, but the full health of her business, and the results are a clear winner.

Oct 2020

33 min 33 sec

Today we are talking to Nicola Dore from Arcane Agency. Marketing professional and business trainer - basically she is your marketing secret weapon. And hell yes, who doesn’t need that in their business life.    Today we are chatting all things business leap, setting boundaries (and I am going to side with Nicola here and say this is definitely a work in progress for me both of us), to undertaking a full rebrand and jumping into a commercial lease as the business expanded.   We have a mixture of risk taking, trusting your gut, getting over some speed humps along the way to come full circle in business.

Oct 2020

36 min 59 sec

Today we are talking to Danielle Price from She Will Shine. And before you ask, no we are not related despite both having the same surname, both loving a good cup of tea and we used to live in neighbouring suburbs. Danielle was previously a graphic designer and decided to jump creative ship and launch the She Will Shine community. An online platform to connect women in business. So what is it like giving up your creative career, to jump into a totally different business space? When do you know is the right time to expand? And more importantly, when do you know it is the right time to call it quits on that expansion (and build a beautiful she shed in the backyard). Well I guess it helps when you stay true to your core values and business mission the entire time  

Sep 2020

40 min 11 sec

Today we are talking to Fiona Hurle from Inspired Woman Institute. Fiona has done a complete 180 going from successful corporate career woman, to helping stressed out women get the best out of themselves and their lives (gosh - where do I sign up). Proving that burnout in the corporate world can truly be the catalyst to create the life you are meant to live, Fiona is walking proof of that.  Today we are chatting all things corporate career and what happens when you give that up to pursue happiness and health. And more importantly, doing the inner work on yourself to show up as a real, raw and unapologetic business owner.

Sep 2020

46 min 20 sec

Today we are talking to Kate O’Mealley from Oh My Word! Editor Copywriter, Business Mentor and someone who can spot a typo a mile away. And can we just take a moment to appreciate that Kate has been running her business for 16 years. That is like a lifetime in the small business world. In fact I think Kate started her business before I even knew what “entrepreneurship” even meant. On today’s episode we will be chatting about Kate’s 16 year journey from side hustle to holy smokes people want to pay for this service, to launching legal action to protect her brand to being able to emotionally detach from the money stressors small business can bring.

Sep 2020

39 min 31 sec

We are not all born entrepreneurs, heck I didn't even know what I wanted to do after university and I kind of fell into accounting because that is what my family wanted me to do. But I sure as heck don't fit the "stereotypical" accountant type (thank god for that!) This episode takes you on my journey from reluctant finance graduate, to wandering traveller, to finance professional, to redundancy (x2) and finally, to starting my own business. What a ride !

Sep 2020

13 min 16 sec