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Allen Cave

Playing Above the Line is Avizo Group’s podcast on leadership.

As a business consulting firm, we’re interested in sharing the leadership strategies and skills from those who impact our communities and businesses for the better.

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Lynn Smith is a retired school superintendent, but the leadership lessons he learned through the years can be applied to nearly every person, no matter their stage in life or current occupation. For Lynn, success comes down to three major key points - listen to learn more!

Dec 7

30 min 52 sec

Joe Toomey explains how his leadership is focused on helping others.  He learned these skills from serving in the military and then working in education for 29 years. Now, he's applying his knowledge as a real estate agent with Bellator helping people to find their perfect home. Connect with Joe on Facebook Visit Joe's Bellator page

Nov 30

18 min 54 sec

We talk with Brinkley Hutchings, founder of a nature school called Nature Connect.  Brinkley walks us through how this idea originated, her mentors who helped her, and how she achieved success by having passion and taking one small step at a time.   Visit Nature Connect's website. Follow Nature Connect on Facebook.

Nov 23

28 min 40 sec

A true entrepreneur, John Serda has been coming up with business ideas since elementary school. Hear how he moved from selling candy, to coffee, to craft beer, and the newest iteration - RePear - a hangover recovery cure! Try RePear for yourself! Kari did and she approves.

Nov 16

24 min 14 sec

This week, we chat with Brandon Beaird - a real estate appraiser and investor.  He is the owner of Beaird Organization and chats with Allen about working in an industry that's seen very high highs and very low lows and how having a strong sense of work ethic and finding balance has driven him to success. Visit Beaird Organization's website

Nov 9

14 min 31 sec

In this bonus episode of the mini-series, Coach Riggs shares an inside look into a more personal side of coaching: his wife. Hear some fun stories of how Mrs. Becky balanced being a coach's wife, a player's mother, and one of the team's biggest fans through the years.

Nov 4

12 min 52 sec

Most sports fans can understand a rivalry, but in Brewton, the Battle of Murder Creek is fueled by a unique passion, emotion, and history of two great programs in towns divided only by a small creek. In this episode, Coach Riggs reminisces on some of the great memories from this game in years past.

Oct 28

20 min 15 sec

This week, Coach Riggs talks about the one opponent no coach could never defeat in all the years of high school football by sharing some hilarious experiences he had through the years. Big thanks to Hines Realty for sponsoring this episode.  Visit their website or call 251-867-5418 for all your real estate needs!

Oct 21

12 min 26 sec

In episode 8, Coach Riggs explains the importance of having class. He describes how teaching his players how to react with class guided his teams through victory and defeat both on and off the field.  Thank you to Hope Realty & Development for being the episode sponsor this week!  You can visit their website here.

Oct 7

9 min 42 sec

The excitement in the air, the parade, the people in town, the traditions, the legend of the curfew...  All these make make for one of the most exciting weeks of the football season in Brewton! Happy Homecoming week, everyone!!  Thank you to Milligan's Hurri-Clean for sponsoring this episode!! Check out their services on their website.

Sep 30

16 min 13 sec

On episode 6, Coach Riggs shares a few funny stories to describe a time when misbehavior was treated in a simple, but effective, question. This episode is generously sponsored by Brewton Insurance Agency - call 251-867-4316 to learn how they can help you.

Sep 23

12 min 12 sec

You've heard it on this mini-series that Coach Riggs says "all good coaches are a little bit crazy" - and this story shows he is no exception to the rule!  Enjoy hearing the lessons Coach Riggs learned when he took on coaching softball for the TR Miller Tigers. Thank you to the Brewton Area YMCA for being the sponsor of this week's episode. Visit their website here.

Sep 16

20 min 26 sec

This week, we'll take a step back in time to when Coach Jamie Riggs was a player on the TRM football team to honor the memory of a man who had a only a short tenure at TRM, but a profound impact.  Thank you to The L House for sponsoring Episode 4 of this mini-series. Click here to visit their website.

Sep 9

13 min 52 sec

This is episode 3 of a 10 episode mini-series featuring T.R. Miller high school football legend, Coach Jamie Riggs.  In episode 3, Coach Riggs shares his appreciation for the folks who "bring the music" to a football game by reminiscing on how the band plays a bigger part in the outcome of a game than many even realize. Thank you to Provalus for sponsoring this episode! To check them out and apply for a job, you can click here.

Sep 2

12 min 53 sec

This is episode 2 of a 10 episode mini-series featuring T.R. Miller high school football legendary, Coach Jamie Riggs. Episode 2 is a tribute to a special place in Brewton, Alabama. Thank you to Drexell and Honeybee's for sponsoring this episode.  Drexell and Honeybee's is a donation-only restaurant.

Aug 26

10 min 5 sec

This  10 episode mini-series features T.R. Miller high school football legendary, Coach Jamie Riggs. Episode 1 is a conversation about his story "The Screen Pass". Special thanks to the Brewton Area YMCA for sponsoring this episode. Visit the Brewton Area YMCA website

Aug 19

14 min 21 sec

This week we take a look into the world of a travel company that focuses on the most magical destination of them all!! Caroline Knowles is a Disney travel expert who took a leap of faith to leave her paralegal job to become a magical vacation planner - and has picked up 21 agents, great clients, and all kinds of inside travel tips along the way. Visit the Magical DIStractions Travel Company website 

Aug 10

23 min 23 sec

This episode shares the leadership development of Cavin Cawthon, a man who went from military to ministry, coached American Football in Costa Rica, built programs for church planting in Panama & Columbia, and now is the pastor at the First Baptist Church in Brewton.  Email Cavin at Visit the FBC in Brewton's website

Aug 3

36 min 10 sec

This episode features Jim Foley, the managing partner of Fairhope Brewing Company! You'll hear how 2 attorneys journeyed through deciding to open a brewery, which includes learning whether or not your favorite beer was developed in a turkey frier, and discovering which comes first: the name of the beer or recipe. Fairhope Brewing Company website FBC Facebook

Jul 27

22 min 57 sec

On this episode, Allen catches up with someone who is an accomplished teacher, who can direct music from memory, and who was Allen's high school band director - Johnny Folsom!! Johnny explains how excellence in performance comes from showing his students that he cares. 82-99 T.R. Miller Band Facebook

Jul 20

27 min

This week, we got to talk with Vaughan Drinkard & Tara Barber, the father-daughter duo running Drinkard & Barber.  They are attorneys who focus on estate planning, primarily through the use of revocable living trusts. We loved getting a little inside scoop on what it's like being in business together as well as how their passions help their clients AND their communities. Drinkard & Barber website Roads of Hope Cornerstone Gardens  

Jul 13

21 min 54 sec

On this episode you'll hear from the co-owner of Southern Landscape Renovations (and the NEW Southern Container Company), Tyler Brown.  He shares the lessons he's learned through the process of starting a business from scratch which ranges from learning the hard lesson of delegating, refining processes, and even how to define their ideal client.  Visit Southern Landscape Renovation's Website SLR on Facebook Visit Southern Container Company's website SCC on Facebook

Jun 29

26 min 42 sec

This episode offers a revealing explanation of how much time, money, and effort it takes to start your own business.  Jorge Diaz, the founder & owner of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, joins us & shares how he discovered the importance of mentors & not losing yourself and what you love along the journey. Visit Larry Jacob Internet Marketing Visit Celebrating Relationships Get a copy of Jorge's Casual Winers Book  

Jun 22

31 min 20 sec

This week we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Aaron White, a relationship manager at SmartBank in Fairhope, Alabama. Using his experiences as examples, Aaron explains how he believes effective leadership is a season - which requires an ability to adapt to the situation and the team as needed. Visit SmartBank's website Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn

Jun 15

18 min 12 sec

On this episode, Allen has the opportunity to talk with Robin LeJeune, the current Mayor of Daphne, Alabama.  Along with the incredible plans his team is working on for the city, you'll get to hear how he came into this position by being willing to take chances and leaning on the lessons learned as an entrepreneur for the last 17 years. City of Daphne on Facebook City of Daphne website

Jun 8

29 min 4 sec

This week, we get a look into the leadership path of Larry Mickwee.  From a head high school football coach to a successful business executive, Larry shares the similarities of leading on and off the field, which includes confidence, passion, and a lot of hard work.

Jun 1

23 min 32 sec

Michelle Crowe is the founder, CEO, and new media strategist at e-worc, a full service ad agency.  On this episode, you get to hear how raising three daughters developed her leadership views, formed parts of the culture of her organization, and helped her developed an insightful personal mantra. Visit e-worc's website Follow e-worc on Facebook  

May 25

25 min 3 sec

Our guest H.C. (Harry) Cecil explains how the system of PDCA (listen to learn) has helped him in his position with Alabama Technology Network.  He also shares invaluable insight about how complacency will rob you and passion can push you to your best self.

May 18

26 min 52 sec

This week we're talking with Anna Grantham! She is the innovator, founder, owner, and baker of the new QUICKLY growing business, Farm to Treat, as well as the expert behind her recently opened venture, Dogma Bistro.  Learn more about her smartly sourced & holistic doggie treats and meals while gaining invaluable advice for entrepreneurs ready to bring their passions to life. Follow Farm to Treat on Facebook Follow Dogma Bistro on Facebook Visit the Farm to Treat website

May 11

25 min 59 sec

This episode is unique in that Allen chats with three guests who aren't yet part of the workforce. Take a few minutes to hear about leadership from the view of Gen Z college students who may surprise you with their insights on and expectations of leadership.

May 4

28 min 20 sec

On this episode, Allen has the opportunity to chat with Provision's wine director, Christina Quick.  A blended conversation of leadership and wine reveals how both can enhance human connection and create a deeper relationship with those around you. Visit Provision's website Follow Provision on Facebook

Apr 27

44 min 6 sec

After our interview with Dr. Guess finished last week, she shared some incredible insight into higher education and her personal views. As a long-time leader and advocate in this field, we decided it would be unfair to refrain from sharing her thoughts.

Apr 20

13 min 59 sec

Allen interviews his mentor, Dr. Kay Guess. Dr. Guess is an accounting professor - currently at Allen's alma mater - Samford University. Hear how she's found success by learning to overcome obstacles with determination and a passion for making change. Kay's Samford Profile Watch the interview on YouTube

Apr 13

34 min 27 sec

In our very first remote-recording session, Allen chats with his friend and fellow CPA colleague, Rob Pearson.  A partner at Mason & Gardner, Rob has a passion for enhancing the reputation and stature of his hometown of Demopolis, Alabama. Visit Mason & Garner's website Check out Mason & Gardner on Facebook

Apr 6

31 min 33 sec

As a successful entrepreneur, Mark Wright could be out on the golf course every day.  But instead, his talent for developing relationships has led him into business partnerships where he can focus on his two passions: mentoring and giving back to his community. Watch Mark's interview with Coastal Gateway Check out ECOP on Facebook Read Foley Main Street's post about 118 W. Laurel

Mar 30

25 min 24 sec

From a degree in music composition to jobs in journalism and finance, Jess Nichols explains how his dad's passion for small town life fueled his appetite for economic development.  Now the CEO of Centerfire Economic, Jess is fulfilled advocating for rural Alabama, writing for and enjoying a range of hobbies with his wife and son. Connect with Jess on LinkedIn Read

Mar 23

35 min 8 sec

On this episode, the owner of Brewton Iron Works, Rick Wilson shares how he's gotten the family company on track by teaching leadership lessons through his internal "Blue Cap" Program. Hear how Desire, Direction, Determination, Delegation are the 4 qualities that play together to make a great leader. Visit the Brewton Iron Works website Follow Brewton Iron Works on Facebook

Mar 16

30 min

This week's guest is the embodiment of a servant leader. Tune in to hear from Steven Dickey who is the President of the Brewton YMCA, volleyball coach at Coastal Alabama Community College, AND the Escambia County Commissioner for District One.   Brewton YMCA website Coastal Alabama Volleyball Schedule County Commission website   Book: Quiet Strength by Tony Dungee

Mar 8

28 min 26 sec

On this episode, Allen has the opportunity to chat with pediatrician and entrepreneur, Dr. Katrina Skinner - founder and owner of Fairhope Pediatrics.  Not only a leader in her office, Dr. Skinner is a leader in her field, where she coaches other pediatricians how to advocate for themselves and learn how to do more of what they love. Visit Fairhope Pediatrics Visit Dr. Skinner's personal website Connect with Fairhope Pediatrics on Facebook

Mar 2

28 min 15 sec

This episode features Mark Hutter, a software engineer and entrepreneur who was an original team member of Shipt and now a VP at Landing.  You'll get to hear what Landing is all about, the one skill an engineer needs to succeed, and how Mark evolved from a software guy to a successful management leader by learning from mistakes. Follow Landing on Facebook Go to Landing's website Connect with Landing on Twitter

Feb 23

31 min

A long awaited interview, Allen gets the chance to talk to T.R. Miller football legend - Coach Jamie Riggs.  You'll get to hear how Coach Riggs built great teams by knowing when to let others lead, being willing to do something more than one way, and applying the lessons he learned from those who came before him.

Feb 16

35 min 15 sec

Will Ruzic is the General Manager at Provalis, an IT company based in rural, small towns to develop computer & technology skills to create opportunity right here in the US.  Allen and Will talk about their passion for developing small towns and how it's important to push yourself outside of comfort zones in order to grow. Visit 

Feb 9

24 min 44 sec

On this episode, we talk to David Jennings, a longtime coach and newly elected City Council member in Brewton, Alabama.  David and Allen discuss the major impacts the people of Brewton have had (and continue to have) on David as well as all the lessons he's learned through a career in coaching.   Visit the Brewton City Council website 

Feb 2

26 min 42 sec

This is an episode Allen has been looking forward to recording for a while.  We talk with Randy McKinney - an entrepreneur, pilot, lawyer, & real estate mogul who has developed his leadership expertise from a variety of life experiences & education through reading.  Check out Realty Executives on Facebook

Jan 26

31 min 5 sec

Allen Cave talks to the Director of Foley Main Street, Darrelyn Dunmore about how she is spearheading efforts to revitalize downtown by applying lessons from her past, focusing on servant leadership, and solving puzzles!  Visit the Foley Main Street website Follow Foley Main Street on Facebook Connect with Foley Main Street on Instagram

Jan 19

27 min 59 sec

On this episode, Allen gets to sit down with one of the owners of Provision, one of his personal favorite spots in Fairhope, Alabama. Hear how when William Hanes and his wife set out to open a market in Fairhope, they designed a space and culture based on excellence to show their guests how healing hospitality can be.  Visit Provision's website Check out Provision on Facebook View Provision's beauty on Instagram

Jan 12

25 min 5 sec

Allen gets the opportunity to sit down with the newly installed mayor of Fairhope, Alabama, Sherry Sullivan. They cover how her leadership focuses on communication and empathy, what it was like to campaign during Covid, and how Sherry's love of her community brought her into this position. Connect with City of Fairhope on Facebook Follow City of Fairhope on Twitter Visit the City of Fairhope website

Jan 5

22 min 28 sec

On this festive episode, Allen has a great conversation with Randon Carnathan, the owner of a State Farm agency.  Randon explains how he's always had an entrepreneurial drive which is guided by his 4 life principles. Visit Randon's website Connect with Randon on Facebook Follow Randon Carnathan State Farm on Facebook Email Randon  

Dec 2020

22 min 48 sec

This week, Allen catches up with Kristen Barhill, an instructor at Coastal Alabama Community College.  A teacher of animation and graphic design, Kristen explains how leading her students requires an ability to understand and express feelings to create connections. Check out the Graphic Design program Connect on Facebook

Dec 2020

23 min 54 sec

On this episode, Allen chats with Cory Luckie, the owner of C.A. Luckie Insurance.  A young entrepreneur, Cory is working to build his company through leading by example. Visit C.A. Luckie Insurance Connect on Facebook

Dec 2020

17 min 55 sec