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CFO Yeah! brings you up close with finance leaders in the world's most exciting, fastest-growing companies. In this podcast, you meet CFOs who believe that finance is another key driver for growth - just as vital as sales and marketing. We explore the changing nature of the CFO role, what makes finance teams successful, and how finance can be an effective business partner for growth.

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From a very young age, Alka Tandan has been passionate about the IT industry. In this episode from the CFO Yeah! podcast, she shares her 20-year journey through the SaaS industry, plus her insights on how finance leaders can support their company’s scaling efforts and what qualities are required to make it to the unicorn stage.

Nov 17

48 min 35 sec

Every CFO knows the pain of trying to consolidate data from a wide range of sources. A mix of legacy systems and new processes only complicates things. So we spoke with OverlayAnalytics COO Josh Beaver - also a CPA - about how to make this less of a juggling exercise. We also spoke about his background in strategic consulting, his work in the publishing industry, and what makes him a "wartime leader."

Oct 29

36 min 54 sec

In this episode, we bring you audio from a live CFO Connect AMA with Elodie Hadjidakis, CFO of Habiteo. She talks about the typical day for a CFO (spoiler: there isn't one), why fundraising is a love/hate proposition, and the family motto: "let them say 'no.'"

Oct 8

53 min 9 sec

In this episode of the CFO Yeah! podcast, Patrick Whatman spoke with CFO Camille Soulier. She details Germinal's abrupt pivot from growth agency to SaaS platform, the financial challenges this brought, and her biggest goals for the coming year.

Aug 11

37 min 31 sec

As Interim CFO, Pauline Sauvage helps young companies build the finance function and establish routines for lasting success. She guided Backmarket through its $120M Series C funding, and led finance teams at growing businesses like Beamy, Must and Linkfluence. In this episode, she takes a deep dive into her experience at Back Market and talks about the differences between raising seed vs series funding as well as the importance of company culture in structuring finance.

Jul 30

33 min 33 sec

Pricing and positioning is often thought of as the domain of marketers and sales teams. But both have a huge impact on finance, and CFOs need to know the process. We spoke with consultant and pricing expert Brendan Dell about brand and positioning as key growth levers for high-growth companies.

Jun 24

40 min 33 sec

Rebecca Coxshall left secure analyst roles at Apple and Red Bull for the uncertainty and excitement as a startup CFO. Attracted by the right product and the chance to grow on the job, she embraced living with a little more risk, in exchange for endless learning opportunities. Hear what motivates Rebecca and her desire for more financially literate companies in this new podcast episode.

Jun 2

45 min 18 sec

As a seasoned finance expert, Niels Boon's career is an interesting mix of consulting, strategic finance at large companies, and do-it-all CFO work. Having worked for businesses like Zalando, Ada Health and Bonial, he recently decided to join Danish beauty subscription service GOODIEBOX. In this episode, Niels explains how it feels to change roles in the middle of the pandemic, and why he always starts by observing and learning – despite all his experience.

May 19

48 min 14 sec

Despite training in finance, Younes Rharbaoui spent much of his career in entrepreneurial roles. But when startup investor The Family was looking for a CFO, he decided to give it a try. In this episode, he talks about the steep learning curve on the job and how he was able to apply the knowledge from previous roles in product management.

May 4

54 min 19 sec

The example of Chris Seybold shows how complex a career in finance can be: from teaching and investing in university students in Silicon Valley, to handling finance in a generational wine business in France. Today, Chris is the CFO at Gemini Data, a data-storytelling startup focused on managing complexity – so right up his alley.

Apr 21

57 min 16 sec

What levers can businesses rely on in a rapidly changing world? And how can you best prepare your company for coming challenges? Jana Kovacovska is the founder of finance blog Tiny CFO, a software investor, and has advised companies like Deliveroo on their finance setup. In this episode, Jana shares startup best practices, and discusses the balance between being profitable and growing fast.

Apr 6

39 min 13 sec

Permutive offers data processing based on edge computing to make ads and content more successful - just as finance is the brain of an organization, giving information to the other teams. Finance Director Mark Yates explains how his team uses data to help everyone in the company maximize their impact, and why he doesn't enjoy fundraising.

Mar 16

38 min 19 sec

Jan Gackenholz joined Soundcloud in 2015, and is now responsible for the whole finance department of 18 people. His goal: making sure there are no surprises for the business. He speaks about upgrading from Excel to cloud tools, the impact of Covid on cash, and Soundcloud's revenue sharing model with artists.

Mar 1

37 min 27 sec

Team collaboration tool Miro has seen crazy growth in 2020, with a $50M Series B funding and now 10 million users worldwide. Misha Advena holds a dual role as Head of Strategic Finance and Analytics. He explains why combining the two makes so much sense, and why he always takes two hours a week to talk to smart people.

Feb 15

33 min 18 sec

Pavla Munzarova has been CFO at hotel booking platform Mews for over 4 years, building a large finance team in the process. In this live AMA she talks about financial foundations, her love for automation, and how Mews continued to grow after a difficult early 2020. And of course, she answers lots of questions from the CFO Connect community.

Jan 19

47 min 46 sec

As a Consulting CFO Myoung Kang loves working for several startups at once - including $2 billion company Notion where she's Head of Finance. In this episode, she gives tips on how to build a finance team from scratch, and shares insights from some of the success stories in her portfolio.

Jan 5

38 min 46 sec

Moving from capital markets into the app industry, Kerry McClelland is building the finance function at Fiit, the most popular fitness software in the app store. She explains why killing Fiit's free trial was one of the best business decisions ever, which key metrics to focus on in a fast-growing company – and why those are more complex than most people think.

Nov 2020

44 min 39 sec

Strivr offers virtual reality training to companies and sports teams, and has raised over $50 million to date. VP Finance Mike Libby talks about the similarities between startups and professional sports, the excitement of fundraising, and why CFOs shouldn't focus on finance.

Nov 2020

52 min 14 sec

What you can expect from the first season of CFO Yeah!

Nov 2020

1 min 3 sec

Zapier has grown to over $50 million in annual recurring revenue, with only $1.3 million in venture funding. CFO Jenny Bloom explains why she doesn’t believe in fundraising, how tech companies have evolved since the 1990s, and why she loves working in a fully remote company.

Nov 2020

35 min 1 sec