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Alexander Dubček born 100 years ago; Radio Prague in 1968.

Nov 27

24 min 43 sec

News; President Zeman back in hospital; 32 business leaders call for transformation of Czech economy; Pilsen Museum of Puppets.

Nov 26

27 min 7 sec

News; Deniers and antivaxxers undermining efforts to curb Covid numbers in Czechia; Škoda unveils first E’City fully electric bus destined for Prague; Český Krumlov.

Nov 25

25 min 39 sec

News; NGP invites visitors to find fakes in new exhibition; Some Prague Christmas markets to open; New book pays tribute to Prague's Nazi victims; Czechs in Oklahoma.

Nov 24

26 min 45 sec

News; the Czech Army chief lays out his vision for the military to meet new challenges; the holiday home of famous writer Bohumil Hrabal may soon open to the public; a Bohemian craft workshop makes wooden skis and more from ash trees

Nov 23

22 min 43 sec

News; State of emergency, mandatory vaccinations under debate; record number of shops join Food Collection drive; film critic Hynek Pallas on growing up in a Czech dissident household in Sweden

Nov 22

27 min 3 sec

Interview with award-winning designers Eduard Herrmann and Matěj Coufal

Nov 20

22 min 27 sec

News; Czechia among least vulnerable to Russian and Chinese influence, study shows; ‘Our Germans’ exhibition opens in Ústí nad Labem, Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou

Nov 19

26 min 9 sec

News; Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková have won the ATP Finals women’s doubles tournament in Mexico; Celtic kettle, which may depict stars over Brno, goes on display; scientist Vojtěch Kubelka, who tracks animal migration, points to climate change threats

Nov 18

23 min 59 sec

News; Havel bust unveiled near Slavia Cafe; What's happening on November 17?; Anniversary of Gustav Husák's death; Rare toadstone found in reliquary.

Nov 16

26 min 52 sec

News; Expert: Fiala govt will be pro-Western but shift on migration unlikely; Czech scientists first to look inside atom; Polar explorer Julius Payer.

Nov 15

29 min 25 sec

UK comic artist Rachael Smith on her Prague residency and the benefits of keeping diary comics ; The heart of Moravia – through the eyes of musician Jiří Pavlica

Nov 13

26 min 59 sec

Broadcast in English - 11/12/2021

Nov 12

27 min 40 sec

News; Doctors defend brutally frank vaccine campaign; Havel’s regrets over prison comprise “spiritual core” of freshly published lost text; St. Martin’s wine arrives

Nov 11

22 min 26 sec

Broadcast in English - 11/10/2021

Nov 10

24 min 41 sec

News; Fiala on tough times ahead; Architect of Year awards; study finds downturn in birdsong.

Nov 9

27 min 42 sec

News, coalition agreement on new government signed, International Engineering Fair in Brno, interview with children's writer Petr Sís.

Nov 8

28 min 32 sec

Visegrad Group in focus

Nov 6

28 min 7 sec

News; survey on faith; historical vault opened; Příbram’s Mining Museum.

Nov 5

25 min 22 sec

News; Health minister wants restrictions properly implemented as hospitals fill up; Made in Prague to deliver international premiere of Zátopek in London; Operation Blín.

Nov 4

22 min 53 sec

News; electoral coalitions have stuck a deal on forming a new government; Czech Radio’s “Concert for Animals” has won the Prix Europa 2021 award; Kateřina Tučková’s novel Gerta shines a light on the post-WWII expulsion of Germans from Brno

Nov 3

25 min 12 sec

Czech model imprisoned in Pakistan to be released; Charles University rector wants equal opportunities in academia; Daniel Kretisky to buy stake in West Ham; Nové Hrady.

Nov 2

25 min 26 sec

News, Climate Change Conference, Prague Fringe Festival, Billie Jean King Cup and Czech tennis. Interview with Norma Zabka, an American with Czech roots.

Nov 1

26 min 41 sec

Interview with rising Czech opera star Kateřina Kněžíková; Moravian Baroque Gem On Holy Hill

Oct 30

24 min 53 sec

News, Taiwanese trade mission to Czechia, "smart flat" project for elderly and disabled and trip to Skoda Museum

Oct 29

29 min 1 sec

News; New nutrition labelling of food products to be launched in Czechia next year; Commemorative “banknotes” issued to mark 10th anniversary of Václav Havel’s death; Julius von Payer – the Teplice born explorer who discovered Franz Josef Land

Oct 27

26 min 38 sec

News; Health minister urges Czechs to get jab as Covid situation worsens; Czechs brew beer according to 3,000-year old recipe; Clementinum’s Jesuit astronomers.

Oct 26

29 min 25 sec

News; Record hop yield ; Ji.hlava documentary festival; Hrishabh Sandilya: From running Prague bars to aiding refugees in Cyprus.

Oct 25

31 min 21 sec

Czech Next Wave: Opera singer Adam Plachetka.

Oct 23

23 min 59 sec

News; New action to help Czechia counter hybrid threats; HateFree Culture survey: The younger the Czech, the more respectful of human rights’, ; Brewery Museum in Pilsen

Oct 22

22 min 18 sec

News; New restrictions introduced as Czech Covid numbers shoot up; More Czechs, especially young adults, are getting tinnitus; Afghan describes life under Taliban.

Oct 21

27 min 8 sec

News; Pundit: “It’s a definite breakup between Zeman and Babiš”; Czech film My Sunny Maad seeks Oscar nomination; 160 years of bentwood furniture design in Moravia

Oct 20

28 min 40 sec

News; Zeman’s grave health clarifies post-election picture; Czech heads of state's health in history; ‘Noráci’ traces fate of Czechs forced to work in Norway during WWII

Oct 19

29 min 33 sec

News; Energy prices soaring; Legislators discuss making Heydrich assassination “significant day”; Czech Next Wave: Adam Plachetka.

Oct 18

30 min 37 sec

Princeton University history professor Michael D Gordin, author of "Einstein in Bohemia", on how a Prague sojourn sparked the Theory of General Relativity.

Oct 16

29 min 35 sec

News; Czech oral history project Memory of the Nation celebrates 20 years; Czech archaeologists help track Hepatitis B; National Technical Museum

Oct 15

26 min 58 sec

News; Bohemia Energy goes bankrupt; Czechia opens Honorary Consulate in Scotland; The story of Bat´a's interwar expansion.

Oct 14

28 min 37 sec

News; Over 2,000 Czech children face property seizure over unpaid debts; Augmented reality at Signal festival; Rare “toadstone” found in priceless 13th century Reliquary.

Oct 13

22 min 31 sec

News; Prague City Tourism unveils marketing concept; the Czech capital launches pilot bike-sharing project; Czechia main guest at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Oct 12

26 min 38 sec

News; Pundit: Five-party coalition “have better chance than many think”; Where did it all go wrong for traditional Czech left in general elections?; Czech protagonist of hit documentary: “People told me, I have to forgive my offender”

Oct 11

29 min 33 sec

Broadcast in English - 10/09/2021

Oct 9

26 min 44 sec

News; postal voting discussed; general elections underway; New York developer Joseph Balaz.

Oct 8

24 min 27 sec

News, concerns over the president’s health, many schoolgoers in trouble due to pandemic, Prague Airbnb operator fined and natural history exhibition at National Museum

Oct 7

25 min 46 sec

Czech news, Georg Mendel’s DNA being analysed by scientists "Some like it Czech" project presents Czech culture through film, Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk

Oct 6

24 min 38 sec

News; initiative calls on voters to pick female candidates; Czech artisans make glass reliquary for Pope Francis; Becherovka, an herbal liquor with a closely guarded recipe

Oct 5

24 min 27 sec

News, Pandora Papers -Czech PM, claims of racism following Glasgow Rangers and Sparta Prague game, photographer Josef Koudelka shares stories from his remarkable life

Oct 4

25 min 53 sec

Broadcast in English - 10/02/2021

Oct 2

23 min 57 sec

News; interest rate hike; Jiří Suchý turns 90; book on Rudolfinum.

Oct 1

25 min 3 sec

News; Hungarian PM’s visit pours oil Czech election debate; Czechs harness sun at Expo 2020 to make water from desert air; penny-farthings at Veteran Cyclists Club

Sep 30

21 min 44 sec

News, high reoffending rate in the Czech Republic, launch of Prague Post 30 years ago, life of Indian expat in Prague

Sep 29

24 min 40 sec