Every Company is a Media Company

By Connected Social Media

What does it mean that a company can directly communicate to people with posts, blogs, photos, audio podcasts and video? The conventional wisdom in today's marketing is, the Internet has put distribution in the hands of everyone, so therefore everyone's a media company. That's only half the equation. It's like saying, put a trumpet in everyone's hands and we're all now trumpet players. There's still the matter of learning to play the trumpet so that a listener might care about what it is you're playing. In this podcast Tom Foremski and Jason Lopez discuss how formerly non-media companies can learn and deploy best practices of the media industry to do more than just make infomercials--but attract an audience, build trust, and create relationships. Every Company is a Media Company covers media issues in the news, provides how-to advice in areas like audio/video production, writing and newsroom practices, and features interviews with people who are developing thriving media projects and practices in their own companies. Tom and Jason covered the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley, Tom for the Financial Times and Jason for NPR. Today Tom writes the SiliconValleyWatcher.com blog and Jason works for the Palo Alto-based platform provider Connected Social Media.

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