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How did they get there? What happened along the way? What have been the biggest learnings or the most significant moments of growth? This podcast shares both inspiring as well as relatable stories from Aaltoes alumni and other interesting people. We dive deep into the entrepreneurial mindset, which is all about freedom to fail, constant learning, coping with uncertainty and so much more.

Produced by Aaltoes Studios, Aaltoes Stories opens up the diversity of an entrepreneurial way of doing things and how it manifests in different life stories. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and tune in for a session of Aaltoes Stories!

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In this episode we talk about the world of robotics and machine learning. Aleksi shares how he finally landed an interesting job in Nimble Robotics in San Francisco after months of applying. We discuss what robots can do now and what they could potentially do in the upcoming years, as well as how it has felt to be a part of a quickly scaling company. We also hear stories about Aleksi’s years in Aaltoes, as organising Junction both in Finland and Tokyo, as well as him as the president of Aaltoes without any experience in leadership. Aleksi Hämäläinen is a Lead Software Engineer at Nimble Robotics.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

Nov 25

49 min 32 sec

In this episode we discuss how Henrietta ended up co-founding Carbo Culture, which is on a mission to bring down a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We talk about different approaches to solving big environmental and societal challenges, the importance of climate tech, as well as the change in attitudes and market around impact entrepreneurship. Henrietta reflects on the effect of Aaltoes and Singularity University on her life path. We touch on what could be done to increase the number of female founders, how to get VC funding and so much more. Henrietta Moon is the Co-founder and CEO of Carbo Culture.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

May 26

37 min 37 sec

In this episode we concentrate on different aspects of data, from online advertising to solving real problems with the help of data and the ethical aspects of gathering it. We also touch on topics such as feedback culture, keeping up with competence and leading a team. Stella also talks about her learnings from her years leading FallUp and being part of Aaltoes board. Stella Tuovinen is a Lead Customer Data Scientist at Smartly.io in San Francisco.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

May 12

44 min 37 sec

In this episode we discuss what led to Aaro co-founding a global startup that provides an AI-powered writing tool. We talk about concrete steps of building a product. We touch on topics such as productivity, communication, AI as well as branding. Aaro talks about his time leading the startup accelerator Kiuas, what he accomplished there and the learnings he got. Aaro Isosaari is the Co-founder and CEO at Flowrite.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

Apr 14

40 min 18 sec

This episode dives deep into the story of how Verneri ended up co-founding a healthtech startup, as well as the role of testing, customer feedback and competition. We talk about the process of building a company, the importance of people skills and so much more. Verneri also shares his experiences from the US, what he learned during the years in Aaltoes as well as his future aspirations in the health field. Verneri Jäämuru is the Co-founder and Head of Product at Veri.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

Mar 31

39 min 24 sec

In this episode we discuss the differences between working in a startup and a corporation as well as what one could learn from the other. We address the future of fashion through the movement Fashion Forward, founded by our guests. Our guests also share their most valuable learnings from their years in Aaltoes. Tiina Nyman is a Digital Content Producer at instagrid and Anna Sillanpää is an Operations Lead in a business unit at CGI.Music: Relax by Lukkas Beats

Mar 17

32 min 17 sec

The episode is in Finnish. The guest of the session was Riko Nyberg (CTO & Co-Founder at Fondion).

Oct 2020

1 hr 3 min

The episode is spoken in Finnish. The guest of the session was Lauri Hynynen (Product Lead at Matchmade, Serial Entrepreneur)

Sep 2020

46 min 59 sec

The episode is in Finnish. The guest of the session was Tapani Alasaarela (Senior Hardware Engineer at Microsoft, Founder of Nanobakers Oy).

Aug 2020

51 min 48 sec

The episode is in Finnish. The guest of the session was Egzon Delija (Director of new markets at Kodit.io, Aaltoes member 2015-2018, Co-founder of Heltech).

Aug 2020

45 min 14 sec