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The Lead with Jake Tapper


CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.

  1. 1.
    Trump announces full pardon for Michael Flynn; Biden urges Americans to recommit to fighting pandemic; Staggering Covid numbers going into Thanksgiving11/25/2020
  2. 2.
    Biden introduces first cabinet picks, declares “America Is Back”; Doctor: We’re all “really, really scared of what’s to come”; New details on timing of GSA’s formal approval of Biden transition: Record pandemic-era air travel despite CDC guidance to stay home11/24/2020
  3. 3.
    Biden announces his first cabinet picks, names top members of foreign policy and national security team; Astrazeneca: vaccine shows 70% “average efficacy”; Michigan State board votes to certify Biden’s election win11/23/2020
  4. 4.
    Biden, Harris meet with Dem leaders Schumer, Pelosi; Pfizer requests FDA emergency use today for its COVID vaccine; U.S. sees record -setting 187,000+ cases in a single day; President stalls transition process by refusing to concede;11/20/2020
  5. 5.
    Biden: “No national shutdown”; CDC recommends against travel for Thanksgiving; U.S. death toll surpasses 251,000 as pandemic rages; Biden: We’re witnessing “incredible irresponsibility” from Trump; Giuliani, Trump Campaign officials try to overturn election results;11/19/2020
  6. 6.
    Trump fires election security chief who debunked his fraud claims; Biden meets with health care workers about Covid response; U.S. hospitalizations at record 76,830, up 20% in one week; GA Secy of State: audit found no widespread voter fraud11/18/2020
  7. 7.
    Trump orders troop drawdown during final days in office; Biden meets with top intelligence & defense experts in lieu of security briefing being blocked by Trump; GA Secy of State says Sen. Lindsey Graham asked him to “look hard” for ballots to throw out; States announce new restrictions amid surging pandemic;11/17/2020
  8. 8.
    Biden: “more people may die” if Trump & GOP obstruct transition; Moderna: Coronavirus vaccine 94.5% effective; VP Pence speaks with governors amid major vaccine news; CNN: U.S. military told to plan for U.S. troop drawdown in Afghanistan & Iraq in final days of Trump administration;11/16/2020
  1. 9.
    Biden team seeks Covid backchannels as transition blocked; New daily cases skyrocket to 153K; Hospitalizations hit record 67K; White House: Two Covid vaccines may be authorized by end of year; Trump speaks for first time since election loss to Biden;11/13/2020
  2. 10.
    Trump remains out of public sight, refusing to concede; Biden talks COVID stimulus with Pelosi, Schumer in first post-election call with Dem leaders; Dr. Gupta: COVID surge “humanitarian disaster”; 14-day quarantine before Thanksgiving should start today;11/12/2020
  3. 11.
    Source: Trump showed no signs of conceding in meeting with advisers; More foreign leaders have congratulated Biden than GOP Senators; CDC issues robust Thanksgiving guidance as cases surge in U.S.; Two Georgia runoff elections may determine control of Senate11/11/2020
  4. 12.
    Biden on Trump’s refusal to concede: “It’s an embarrassment”; Jake one-on-one with Dr. Fauci; 17 states seeing record high number of hospitalizations; Could Arizona and Georgia turn blue?; Supreme Court signals ACA will survive latest challenge; Attorney General Barr tells DOJ to look into voting irregularities without offering any evidence; Top election crimes prosecutor quits in protest;11/10/2020
  5. 13.
    Trump fires defense secretary Esper after election defeat; McConnell: Trump “within his rights” to wage legal fight; Pfizer CEO: vaccine more than 90% effective; U.S. surpasses 10 million coronavirus cases;11/09/2020
  6. 14.
    Biden urges patience, as Trump threatens lawsuits; Biden speaks as vote count continues in seven states; CNN projects Joe Biden wins Michigan, nearing 270 electoral votes11/04/2020
  7. 15.
    Biden campaign blitzes Pennsylvania on last day of campaign; The potential paths to victory for Trump & Biden; PA gov asks residents to be patient with election results; Judge reject GOP claims on ballots in two states; Virus surges as Trump suggests he may fire Fauci post-election;11/02/2020
  8. 16.
    Trump, Biden crisscross critical Midwest battleground states; U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 9 million; Biden blitzes upper Midwest in quest to rebuild “blue wall”; 85 million ballots already cast nationwide;10/30/2020
  9. 17.
    Trump, Biden hold dueling rallies in crucial state of Florida; U.S. reports third highest number of new daily COVID cases ever; CNN investigates COVID spread linked to Trump rallies; A look at Trump’s & Biden’s plans to create jobs;10/29/2020
  10. 18.
    New CNN poll: Biden leads among early voters while Trump leads among those who will vote on Election Day; Kushner in April: Trump taking U.S. “back from the doctors”; Trump vs. Biden on pandemic policy: where do they stand?; 74 million+ ballots cast so far, over half of all 2016 votes10/28/2020
  11. 19.
    Trump on defense, holding rallies in 3 states he won in 2016; Biden’s closing argument: I will “unite this nation”; Obama: Trump is “jealous of COVID’s media coverage”; U.S. averaging nearly 70,000 cases per day, highest level of pandemic; One-on-one with Mary Trump;10/27/2020
  12. 20.
    Biden takes questions at campaign stop in PA; DOW plunges as COVID cases hit record, stimulus talks drag out; More than 60 million Americans have cast early ballots; Nearly half of all registered voters in NC already cast ballots;10/26/2020
  13. 21.
    Trump, Biden offer different versions for America in final debate; U.S. adds 71,000+ new cases, highest since summer peak; The keys to victory for the GOP, Dems in tight Senate races; Coping with the stress of virtual learning; COVID-19 infections hit new peaks across Europe;10/23/2020
  14. 22.
    Trump & Biden prepare for last big chance to make their pitch; Feds: Iran & Russia interfered in 2020 election; U.S. reports 1,000+ daily deaths for first time in over a month; Republicans pave way for full Senate vote Monday on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; Still no deal between GOP, Dems on economic relief;10/22/2020
  15. 23.
    CNN poll: Biden has a 10-point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, no clear leader in Florida; Covid cases surging across nation, hospitalizations highest in 2 months; Trump, Biden make last minute appeal to senior voters10/21/2020
  16. 24.
    Trump Adviser: "Not smart" for President to attack Fauci; Former special ops commander who oversaw Osama Bin Laden raid says he voted for Biden; Can either candidate win without a victory in Florida?; Speaker Pelosi projects optimism in COVID stimulus talks; U.S. reports highest number of new cases on a Monday since July;10/20/2020
  17. 25.
    Trump: “people are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots”; Biden to Trump: Americans are “tired of your lies about this virus”; Infectious disease doc warns “darkest” weeks of pandemic ahead; Exploring the possible paths to victory for Trump, Biden;10/19/2020
  18. 26.
    Trump claims he will be “ending” pandemic “soon” as U.S. surpasses 8 million confirmed cases; Biden details plan to expand access to Affordable Health Care; More than 20 million ballots cast before election day; Trump to hold rally in Wisconsin as cases, deaths, & hospitalizations hit record highs;10/16/2020
  19. 27.
    Trump claims U.S. is doing “fine” with coronavirus; Nearly 60,000 new cases & 985 deaths reported Wed.; Fauci calls push for herd immunity “nonsense”; French President says curfew could be extended until December; Trump & Biden in separate town halls tonight;10/15/2020
  20. 28.
    First Lady tweets Barron Trump tested positive, but since has tested negative; No state trending in the right direction with Covid cases; CNN: Feds chased suspected foreign link to Trump’s campaign cash for three years; Sen. Kamala Harris questions Trump’s Supreme Court pick10/14/2020
  21. 29.
    Cases, hospitalizations up with 21 days until election; Trump mocks COVID as cases rise across U.S.; Barrett won’t say if she would recuse from Obamacare decision; Biden campaigns in Florida one day after Trump; 8-hour wait times reported at Georgia early voting site;10/13/2020
  22. 30.
    Trump returns to campaign trail for first time since COVID diagnosis; No social distancing, few masks at site of Trump’s first rally; Team Biden to spend final weeks of race in states Trump won in 2016; First day of hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett wraps up;10/12/2020
  23. 31.
    Trump expected to host event at WH tomorrow despite having COVID; Trump on his COVID diagnosis: “I was not in great shape”; 13 charged in domestic terror plot to kidnap Michigan Gov.; COVID cases rising across all regions in the country;10/09/2020
  24. 32.
    Trump pulls out of next debate after it goes virtual; First interview with former vaccine director after leaving gov’t; FBI: militia plotted to kidnap Michigan governor, overthrow gov’t10/08/2020
  25. 33.
    Trump returns to Oval Office despite infection, briefed on stimulus and hurricane; Plexiglass barriers & 12 feet separate Pence, Harris on debate stage; Two top aides with infected Trump in Oval Office; Airline workers say they’re suffering due to lack of help from Congress and Trump10/07/2020
  26. 34.
    Stocks drop as Trump tweets he’s ending stimulus talks; Republicans push ahead to confirm Amy Coney Barrett; Biden: Mask wearing, social distancing aren’t political statements; Pence team objects plexiglass barrier at tomorrow’s VP debate;10/06/2020
  27. 35.
    Trump says he’s leaving hospital tonight as he downplays COVID; Brand new CNN polls on Trump’s handling of coronavirus; Biden campaigning in Florida today after negative tests; Coronavirus cases rising across the country;10/05/2020
  28. 36.
    President & First Lady test positive for COVID-19; Meadows confirms WH knew Hicks positive before Trump went to NJ; Biden: I’ve had two COVID tests since this morning;10/02/2020
  29. 37.
    Trump launches xenophobic attacks after failing again to condemn white supremacy; Airlines cut 32,000 employees as Congress fails to reach stimulus deal; Biden tries to toe the line between moderate & far-left Dems; Sources: Trump allies described Trump’s debate performance as “obnoxious”, “unprepared” and “lacking”;10/01/2020
  30. 38.
    Trump again refuses to explicitly condemn white supremacists; Debate commission: more structure will be added to debates; Masks politicized debate, Trump mocks Biden for wearing one09/30/2020
  31. 39.
    Trump and Biden to face off for the first time tonight; Biden releases 2019 tax returns; More than one million worldwide deaths due to coronavirus; New wildfires erupt in Northern CA and destroy parts of wine country; Kentucky AG says he will comply with Judge’s order to release grand jury audio;09/29/2020
  32. 40.
    NYT: Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes in 2016 & 2017; Trump announces plan to deploy 150 million rapid tests to states; Democrats prepare for Trump to disrupt the election; Some senate Dems say they won’t meet with Trump’s nominee;09/28/2020
  33. 41.
    Sources: Trump intends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court; Comey to publicly testify on Capitol Hill next week; Trump renews threat to disregard November vote; Coronavirus cases in U.S. reach 7 million, most in the world; Exhausted by Trump, some WI consider flipping to Biden; California passes landmark recycling law;09/25/2020
  34. 42.
    Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power; Pennsylvania AG battling Trump, GOP in court over mail-in voting; NY to create independent task force to review COVID-19 vaccine; Kentucky governor calls on state AG to share grand jury transcript in Breonna Taylor case;09/24/2020
  35. 43.
    Police & protesters clash after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision; One-on-one interview with Cindy McCain; New CNN poll: Americans split on whether Trump’s appointments made Supreme Court better or worse; Senators challenge top public health leaders on virus response09/23/2020
  36. 44.
    United States surpasses 200,000 COVID-19 deaths; Trump: “Very close” to picking nominee, announcement Saturday; Washington Post: CIA assessment says Putin “probably directing” influence campaign against Joe Biden; One-on-one with Trump’s former National Security Adviser; Kanye West’s ties to GOP operatives increases suspicion he’s running to take votes from Biden; “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus on election & getting involved;09/22/2020
  37. 45.
    Biden: “Trump panicked; The virus was too big for him”; U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump speaks about Supreme Court vacancy; Dems need two more GOP senators to block Trump’s nominee09/21/2020
  38. 46.
    Trump claims there will be enough doses of COVID-19 vaccine for every American by April 2021; Biden: This campaign is Scranton vs. Park Avenue; Mary Trump reacts to Woodward & Troye revelations;09/18/2020
  39. 47.
    Former official on coronavrius task force: Trump could have saved lives, but he was too concerned about re-election; Acting homeland secy. Chad Wolf defies subpoena, skips house hearing; Biontech, Pfizer to “adapt” vaccine trial to hit October deadline; AG Barr compares DOJ prosecutors to preschoolers09/17/2020
  40. 48.
    Biden gives speech on his plan for Covid-19 vaccines; Trump promotes herd immunity, an idea that experts estimate could lead to millions of deaths in the U.S.; Internal AstraZeneca document obtained by CNN shows adverse effects of vaccine on trial participant; Sally batters Gulf Coast with record rain, extensive damage09/16/2020
  41. 49.
    Trump celebrates foreign policy win with packed WH crowd; Biden courts Latinos in crucial swing state of Florida; Powerful hurricane Sally begins to inundate Gulf Coast, historic flooding anticipated; Wildfires in California destroy more than 4,200 structures, scorch 3.2 million acres;09/15/2020
  42. 50.
    Trump ignores science of pandemic, climate change & wildfires; Pfizer CEO: likely will know if vaccine works by end of Oct.; Manhunt underway after two Los Angeles deputies ambushed; Biden plans Florida visit tomorrow as polls show him behind Trump in Latino support;09/14/2020
  43. 51.
    Trump claims coronavirus is coming to an end, Fauci disagrees; 100 fires burning nationwide; Most in California, Washington and Oregon; Trump pays tribute to 9/11 at site of United flight 93 crash; Some voters in key swing state don’t like Trump or Biden; Coping with the stress of virtual learning;09/11/2020
  44. 52.
    Jake’s one-on-one with Joe Biden; Trump blames Woodward when asked why he lied to American people; Biden says Trump “waved a white flag” and “walked away” from COVID-19, calls his handling “almost criminal”; 28-year-old teacher dies 3 days after COVID diagnosis;09/10/2020
  45. 53.
    Trump acknowledged dangers of coronavirus to Woodward even as he continued to downplay the risks publicly; Woodward book: Trump knew in early February coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and “deadly”; U.S. surpasses 190,000 coronavirus deaths09/09/2020
  46. 54.
    Nine companies sign pledge not to rush vaccine; CNN: Trump distressed over report he disparaged military; Senate to vote Thursday on $500 billion COVID relief plan; Iowa case rate per capita among worst in U.S.; India surpasses Brazil, now 2nd behind U.S. in coronavirus cases;09/08/2020
  47. 55.
    Biden, Harris, Pence make Labor Day visits to battleground states; Labor Day crowds drive fears of new virus spikes; CA breaks record for acres burned statewide in a year; U.S. performed 740,000+ COVID tests in the last week;09/07/2020
  48. 56.
    Key model predicts 410,000 Americans will die by January; Trump denies calling U.S. war dead “losers” & “suckers”; Biden calls on Trump to apologize, calls his comments “disgusting”; Trump has the biggest job losses of any U.S. president since World War II; Judges order Kanye West off Arizona and Virginia ballots; 7 Rochester officers suspended, video emerges five months after killing of Daniel Prude;09/04/2020
  49. 57.
    Stocks plunge, Tech’s worst day since March; Biden says he spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone; Trump again suggests Americans may need to vote twice, which is illegal; Iowa becomes new hotspot as cases spike quickly; German Govt: Putin critic poisoned with same nerve agent used on other Putin opponent;09/03/2020
  50. 58.
    New CNN poll: Biden tops Trump 51% to 43%; 17 states report upticks in new cases; Pelosi on criticism over salon visit: “it was a set up”; Trump pushes “law & order” message amid unrest09/02/2020
  51. 59.
    Trump knocks Fauci: “I inherited him,” Fauci says “we’re all on the same team”; Jill Biden: Trump’s America is “chaos”; Federal investigators: Police tased Jacob Blake twice before shooting, 88 witnesses interviewed; Trump denies health issues as new book raises more questions about unannounced trip to Walter Reed; Mail delays linked to deaths of animals in transit;09/01/2020
  52. 60.
    Biden: Trump “sows chaos” & “makes things worse”; U.S. hits more than six million COVID cases; WAPO: Trump health advisor is pushing herd immunity strategy despite warnings from Fauci, medical officials; Biden says he hopes to be able to visit Wisconsin as governor tells Trump to stay home;08/31/2020
  53. 61.
    Thousands march on Washington for justice 57 years after MLK’s “I have a dream” speech; Trump claims he’s “law and order” president as he condemns “lawlessness” happening when he’s in charge; IHME Model projects 317,000+ U.S. deaths by December; 1.25 million acres torched in California wildfires;08/28/2020
  54. 62.
    Trump refuses to comment on Jacob Blake shooting; Biden: Trump believes violence can help him politically; Hurricane Laura kills at least four people in Louisiana; Mora than 180,000 in the U.S. dead from COVID-19; 1 million Americans filed first-time unemployment claims last week;08/27/2020
  55. 63.
    Chief of staff defends Trump’s use of White House in convention; Source: CDC recommending fewer people be tested after pressure from the “top” of Trump administration; All NBA playoff games postponed tonight after Jacob Blake shooting08/26/2020
  56. 64.
    Night 1 of RNC filled with dark, gloomy rhetoric; Heartland emerges as hot spot as sunbelt sees declines; Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as president of Liberty Univ. amid sex scandal; Kenosha, WI center of nationwide protests after police shoot unarmed black man;08/25/2020
  57. 65.
    Serious questions over Trump possibly rushing treatment, vaccine; RNC formally nominates Trump for second term;Video shows Kenosha, WI police shooting Jacob Blake multiple times in back; Judge sides with Florida teacher’s union rules state cannot force schools to reopen in-person class for now;08/24/2020
  58. 66.
    Biden accepts Dem nomination in career-defining speech; Trump claims vote by mail will be a “catastrophe”; Postal Chief: No plans to bring back removed sorting machines; CDC predicts nearly 195,000 COVID deaths in U.S. by Sept. 12;08/21/2020
  59. 67.
    Bannon arrested by postal Inspectors on yacht off Connecticut coast; Tonight: Biden formally accepts Dem nomination for President; Trump attacks Biden in speech near Biden’s hometown; Trump refuses to denounce fringe group labeled by the FBI as a potential domestic terrorism threat;08/20/2020
  60. 68.
    Former GOP representative Charlie Dent endorses Biden; Kamala Harris, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton headline tonight’s DNC; CNN poll: 56% of Americans willing to receive Covid vaccine; Trump campaign sues New Jersey, claiming mailing ballots to all voters would “invite fraud”08/19/2020
  61. 69.
    Special Edition: Postmaster General suspends changes to Postal Service; U.S. averaging 1,000+ deaths daily from COVID-19; Tonight’s headliners include Jill Biden and former Pres. Bill Clinton; Former Trump official endorses Biden; CNN Poll: 34% of voters want to cast ballots by mail; Michelle Obama slams Trump: He “cannot meet the moment”;08/18/2020
  62. 70.
    Special Edition: Trump “looking at” unproven treatment pushed by MyPillow CEO; Democratic national convention kicks off tonight across four cities with hundreds of live video feeds; Former Trump official to endorse Joe Biden; Trump rails against universal mail in ballots;08/17/2020
  63. 71.
    Infectious disease expert: We need another lockdown; One-on-one with Trump’s testing Czar; Trump promotes baseless birther lie about Kamala Harris; Obama: Trump trying to “actively kneecap” the Postal Service;08/14/2020
  64. 72.
    Joe Biden, Kamala Harris call for nationwide mask mandate; Trump says he’s against funding Post Office because money will be used for mail-in voting; Facebook cybersecurity chief on misinformation crackdown; Some AZ Republicans organize to defeat Trump in November;08/13/2020
  65. 73.
    Sources: Biden long believed Harris was strongest choice; Trump reverts to stereotypes as campaign struggles to respond to Harris; Biden, Harris appear together for first time as running mates08/12/2020
  66. 74.
    Breaking News: Biden picks Sen. Kamala Harris as running mate08/11/2020
  67. 75.
    The U.S. death toll in the last 10 days more than most nations during the entire pandemic; WH fights back against GOP criticism of Trump’s executive actions; Duke study tests effectiveness of 14 different masks; How Pentagon officials “fooled” Trump into keeping troops in Syria; Chicago in disarray after a night of shootings, looting, & destruction;08/10/2020
  68. 76.
    160K U.S. deaths, with at least 130K more projected this year; Intel Officials: Russia, China & Iran trying to interfere election; No deal between WH, Dems on new economic relief bill; Bill Gates: Climate crisis will inflict similar loss of life, economic damages as COVID-19;08/07/2020
  69. 77.
    New model: U.S. death toll could reach nearly 300,000 by December; Ohio governor speaks after positive COVID-19 test; Some Senators leave town with no relief deal for struggling Americans; What’s driving Biden’s running mate decision;08/06/2020
  70. 78.
    Fauci: state of testing in the U.S. “unacceptable, period”; Partisan fight over stimulus bill leaves millions of Americans in limbo, struggling; Georgia 2nd grader tests positive after first day of school08/05/2020
  71. 79.
    Trump on COVID-19 death toll: “It is what it is”; Health Minister: At least 50 dead, 2,750+ injured in Beirut blast; Trump: Virus “under control as much as you can control it”; Sources: WH, top Dems nowhere near deal on stimulus bill;08/04/2020
  72. 80.
    W.H.O.: there may never be a pandemic “silver bullet”; Trump attacks Birx after she said virus is “widespread” in U.S.; New report examines “how the pandemic defeated America”; Trump: U.S. will soon see great treatments & vaccine;08/03/2020
  73. 81.
    U.S. tops 4.5 million cases; nearly 153,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump in Florida as coronavirus deaths hit new record & hurricane moves in; Postal Service: “We’re not slowing down election mail”; CDC: 260 kids and staff infected at Georgia camp;07/31/2020
  74. 82.
    Trump falsely claims mail-in voting will create widespread fraud; Obama condemns Trump’s efforts to discourage mail-in voting; U.S. plunges into recession, worst economic drop on record; Pentagon Task Force to release new report on UFO encounters; Florida sets new record for virus deaths for third straight day;07/30/2020
  75. 83.
    U.S. surpasses 150,000 deaths from COVID-19; GOP Rep. Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus, was supposed to fly with Trump to Texas today; Trump had at least seven calls with Putin since intel on Russian bounty plot appeared in his daily briefing; New push to renew Voting Rights Act after John Lewis’ death07/29/2020
  76. 84.
    Biden addresses systemic racism in economic speech; AG Barr spars with Dem lawmakers in contentious hearing; Fauci, Birx concerned about virus spikes in OH, IN, TN & KY; Trump promotes reckless claims on coronavirus, renews attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci;07/28/2020
  77. 85.
    Trump in hotspot North Carolina as polls show more Americans disapprove of how he’s handling virus; First phase 3 clinical trial of vaccine in U.S. starts today; Miami Beach mayor: DeSanctis “unprepared” on contact tracing, blames governor for “unconstrained growth” of COVID cases; Protests & violence in Portland, Seattle as Trump tweets protesters are “anarchists”;07/27/2020
  78. 86.
    Fauci: all options must be on the table in fighting virus; Amid sinking polls, Trump tries to rewrite virus response; Ohio coronavirus hospitalizations hit record high; Washington among 25 states seeing a rise in cases;07/24/2020
  79. 87.
    U.S. hits four million coronavirus cases; Portland mayor tear-gassed as calls mount for Trump to withdraw agents; Temporary eviction ban expires tomorrow, final week of extra $600 federal payments; One-on-one with A-Rod as baseball returns during the pandemic;07/23/2020
  80. 88.
    Death toll Tuesday topped 1,000 for first time in two weeks; U.S. signs $1.95 billion deal with Pfizer for vaccine; Dem mayors to Trump admin: no federal forces in our cities; Republicans split on plans for new stimulus package07/22/2020
  81. 89.
    One-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci; U.S. coronavirus cases top 3.8 million, nearly 141,000 dead; Senate GOP battling WH, not Democrats, over new stimulus plan; Florida, Texas lead nation in daily coronavirus deaths; Trump to hold briefing, unclear if task force members will attend;07/21/2020
  82. 90.
    Three vaccine trials show early promising results; Trump downplays virus threat, reappears claim it will “disappear”; Florida reporting more than 10,000 new COVID-19 cases; Los Angeles County breaks daily record for hospitalizations;07/20/2020
  83. 91.
    U.S. shatters daily case record: 77K recorded in one day; Pentagon effectively bans confederate flags on military property; GA Gov sues Atlanta mayor over city’s mask mandate; U.S., U.K. & Canada accuse Russia of hacking vaccine research; Video raise questions about govt response to Portland protests;07/17/2020
  84. 92.
    COVID-19 deaths on the rise in at least 15 states; Florida sets new one-day death record from COVID19; Fauci & Trump spoke Wednesday, first time in more than a month; Savannah Mayor: GA Gov “does not give a damn about us”; 1.3 million more Americans file for unemployment benefits; WH: “Science should not stand in the way” of schools reopening;07/16/2020
  85. 93.
    Fauci says WH efforts to undermine him were "bizarre"; CDC estimates 20m cases in the U.S., when only 2m were diagnosed; Is it safe to send your kids to school in the fall?; Mary Trump: the president paid someone to take the SAT for him07/15/2020
  86. 94.
    Florida hits single day death record from COVID-19; Utah man dies in line waiting for coronavirus test; Trump’s coronavirus approval rating hits all-time low; Trump: More white people are killed by police than black people;07/14/2020
  87. 95.
    CA gov orders bars to close, no indoor dining at restaurants; WH attempts to discredit Dr. Fauci after split with Trump; Los Angeles & San Diego to restart school online only in fall; Florida reports more new cases than all but 3 countries; Trump claims to get “rave reviews” for stone commutation;07/13/2020
  88. 96.
    Trump fundraises in Florida as state’s cases top 11K in one day; New poll: 67% disapprove of Trump’s handling of coronavirus; Fauci says he has not briefed President Trump in two months; COVID hits black and Latino communities at staggering rates; Big Ten Commissioner: “We may not have sports in the fall”; Parents stressed over what to do about school;07/10/2020
  89. 97.
    Cases spike in 33 states; Hospitalizations at record level in 12; Supreme Court rules prosecutors can subpoena Trump finance docs; White House: Ruling was “a win for the President”; CDC says it won’t revise school guidelines despite Trump’s criticism;07/09/2020
  90. 98.
    Trump pressures governors to reopen schools, as U.S. surpasses three million coronavirus cases; U.S. sets record of more than 60,000+ new cases Tuesday; Supreme Court allows employers to opt out of Obamacare's birth control mandate on religious, moral grounds07/08/2020
  91. 99.
    Top doctor: U.S. in “free fall” as pandemic accelerates; Coronavirus test results lagging as demand surges; Trump says he will “put pressure on governors” to reopen schools; Trump’s niece slams his character in new book obtained by CNN; Florida still not releasing state hospitalization numbers; Brazil’s Pres taking Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19;07/07/2020
  92. 100.
    W.H. claims world looking at U.S. as “leader” on COVID-19; Trump embraces confederate flag, lashes out at NASCAR for banning it; Houston official warns hospitals could be overrun in two weeks;07/06/2020
  93. 101.
    Special Edition: U.S. hit record high: 52K+ cases in one day; CDC projects 20,000 more U.S. deaths by July 25th; 11-year-old now Florida’s youngest covid-related death; Trump to attend massive July 4th event as COVID-19 cases soar; New restrictions in place as nation prepares for July 4th; U.S. placed on Britain’s “Red List” amid new travel rules; New movie based on Tapper’s 2012 book opens today;07/03/2020
  94. 102.
    Special Edition: Top GOP, Dem leaders & Intel committee heads briefed today; Bolton: I didn’t see evidence Trump read the daily brief; Study: New mutation of coronavirus is more infectious; U.S. hit record high number of cases: 50K in one day; Epstein’s ex-girlfriend charged with enticement of minors; Gillibrand calls for hearings over Russia bounty intel; Florida voter: Trump “blew it” on coronavirus;07/02/2020
  95. 103.
    19 states pause reopening plans as infections surge in U.S.; 37 states increase cases, 11 flat, only 2 states declining; Trump tweetstorm stirs culture wars on race, ignores coronavirus07/01/2020
  96. 104.
    Special Edition: Fauci: U.S. could see 100,000 cases per day if surge continues; Official: Russia bounty intel was included in the presidential daily briefing sometime in spring; House Dems slam White House for insufficient briefing; Biden: “Trump failed us” as other countries got pandemic under control; FL Gov: “We’re not going back, closing things” despite surge; EU to reopen its borders, but not to American travelers;06/30/2020
  97. 105.
    Special Edition: At least 14 states pause or suspend reopening plans; Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion law; WH: “no consensus” in intel community on Russian bounty report;06/29/2020
  98. 106.
    U.S. reports highest single day increase in COVID-19 infections; GOP Rep. Cheney tweets #RealMenWearMasks; Houston area raises alert level citing “uncontrolled” outbreak; Local Florida lawmakers enforce mask requirements, governor refuses to make requirement state-wide; Pence says the U.S. opening “safely and responsibly,” even as cases surge in several states; Fauci: U.S. must consider “flooding the system with testing”; House votes to make DC Nation’s 51st State, Trump & GOP Senate oppose;06/26/2020
  99. 107.
    Special Edition: Texas, Florida, California hit record virus levels as cases surge; 5,000+ new cases in California today; Trump accuses a BLM leader of “treason, sedition, insurrection!”; Multiple Trump Campaign staffers quarantining after Tulsa rally; Govs in NV, NC, SC mandate masks in last 24 hours; 30 states infections increase; 9 states flat; 11 states declining; CO Gov: Officials will investigate 2019 police killing of unarmed black man after millions sign petition; Trump visits Wisconsin06/25/2020
  100. 108.
    Trump holds joint new conference with president of Poland; Trump speaks as states report record Covid-19 cases; Senate Democrats block debate on GOP reform bill06/24/2020
  101. 109.
    Dr. Fauci: “Disturbing surge of infections” in parts of U.S.; Trump says he wasn’t kidding about slowing down virus testing; Senate Dems: GOP bill is not “salvageable” & nonstarter; E.U. considers blocking U.S. visitors due to surge in COVID-19 cases;06/23/2020
  102. 110.
    WH defends Trump’s use of racist coronavirus term; White House admits Trump involved in firing of top U.S. attorney after Trump claimed he wasn’t; DOJ investigating noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage; Hospitals in FL, WA, AZ under pressure as new cases spike06/22/2020
  103. 111.
    Trump to hold rally as he faces pandemic & protests; Juneteenth rallies nationwide amid America's racial unrest; Calls grow for Biden to pick woman of color as running mate; 8 states see highest 7-day average of new daily cases; 3,000+ doctors in AZ sign letter to mandate masks statewide;06/19/2020
  104. 112.
    Trump in turmoil: Virus, protests, court losses, Bolton book; Ex-officers involved in Brooks killing turn themselves in; Models show Florida could be “the next large epicenter”; Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA; Black voters in crucial battleground state talk Trump;06/18/2020
  105. 113.
    Felony murder among 11 charges filed against ex-Atlanta cop who killed Rayshard Brooks; WaPo: Bolton claims Trump asked China's Xi to help him win re-election; VP Pence touts coronavirus progress as 21 states report an increase in new cases06/17/2020
  106. 114.
    Trump signs policing reform order, defends police; Model cited by WH predicts 201,000 deaths by October; Study: People under age 20 half as likely to contract virus; "Vigilante" militia suspected of instigating violence at protest; Food banks overwhelmed by Americans laid off due to COVID-19;06/16/2020
  107. 115.
    Atlanta Mayor orders police reforms in wake of fatal police shooting; China races to contain new outbreak linked to seafood market; Trump: Rayshard Brooks’ death “was terrible,” “very disturbing”; Trump preps for Tulsa rally as protests continue over police brutality; Landmark 6-3 ruling: LGBTQ workers are protested from discrimination at work;06/15/2020
  108. 116.
    Trump suggests healing racial divide will be quick and easy; Sources: Trump resists adapting his tone despite push from aides; Infectious disease expert: “COVID’s not taking a summer vacation”; Protests, coronavirus, economy: Voting issues in battleground Arizona; What Pompeo knew when he had Trump fire govt. watchdog;06/12/2020
  109. 117.
    Stocks plunge as new coronavirus cases rise; COVID-19 hospitalizations spike in at least 12 states; Trump to relaunch rallies on Juneteenth in Tulsa, site of 1921 race massacre;06/11/2020
  110. 118.
    City mayors, police chiefs launch national police reform group; WH officials: Trump weighing executive action on police reform; George Floyd's brother makes emotional plea to lawmakers; Hospitalizations from COVID-19 increasing in at least 12 states06/10/2020
  111. 119.
    Family & friends say final goodbye to George Floyd; New videos emerge of deadly police encounters; How Camden, New Jersey disbanded and rebuilt its police force; Republicans largely silent after Trump tweets conspiracy theory about elderly man injured by Buffalo Police; W.H.O. walks back comments asymptomatic spread is "very rare";06/09/2020
  112. 120.
    Now: public memorial for George Floyd in Houston; Officer charged with murder of Floyd appears in court; Police reform advocates accuse unions of protecting bad cops; Trump uses calls to “defund the police” to attack Dems, Biden; U.S. nearing two million confirmed COVID-19 cases; CDC monitoring protests for potential spike in cases;06/08/2020
  113. 121.
    Ex-WH Chief of Staff John Kelly backs Mattis, says Trump divides; Trump invokes George Floyd’s name while taking economic victory lap; New scrutiny on police in America; Florida cases rise as Universal Orlando opens; Small cities from Biloxi to Missoula to Brockton protest; Understanding grief and trauma as protests rock the country;06/05/2020
  114. 122.
    Family, friends remember George Floyd in first memorial service; Three officers have first hearing, bail set at $1 million each; Mattis blasts Trump: “Making a mockery of our constitution”; U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses 107,000; CDC Director testifies early coronavirus tests were “not flawed”; Police tactics under scrutiny after George Floyd’s death;06/04/2020
  115. 123.
    All four officers involved in George Floyd's death charged with murder; Minnesota AG news conference on new charges in Floyd death06/03/2020
  116. 124.
    Minneapolis police to undergo civil rights investigation; Peaceful protesters tear gassed for Trump church photo-op; Protesters gather in George Floyd’s hometown of Houston; Trump threatens to deploy US military to “dominate” protesters; U.S. coronavirus death toll at more than 105,000;06/02/2020
  117. 125.
    George Floyd’s family visits memorial at site of his death; Law enforcement investigating both far left and far right groups; NYC mayor announces 11pm curfew, doubling of police tonight; Study shows lasting effects police killing have on communities; Health experts warn protests could increase virus spread;06/01/2020
  118. 126.
    MN officer charged with third-degree murder, manslaughter; Charging doc: Officer had knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, Floyd was non-responsive for nearly 3 minutes; Trump fails to mention George Floyd or Minneapolis protests during Rose Garden statement; 15 states trending up in cases; 10 flat; 25 seeing a drop;05/29/2020
  119. 127.
    George Floyd's death sparks protests across the country; Trump: Floyd's death "a shocking sight" but rioting a "very bad thing"; NY Gov. Cuomo defends order telling nursing homes to admit recovering COVID patients; At least 8 southern states showing increase in daily infections; Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies;05/28/2020
  120. 128.
    Dr: Fauci: "good chance" vaccine is ready by the end of 2020; Historic NASA/SpaceX launch scrubbed due to weather; Floyd's family & Minneapolis mayor call for 4 fired officers to be charged with murder05/27/2020
  121. 129.
    U.S. death toll nears 100,000 in just three months; Trump pursues debunked conspiracy theory, attacks critics on Twitter as U.S. approaches 100K deaths; Record number of complaints filed against airlines as passengers change, cancel plans; Chief: 4 officers fired after black man’s death in police custody; Trump Admin bans travelers from Brazil as cases surge; MLB, NBA, NHL & NFL all in talks to return with COVID-19 restrictions;05/26/2020
  122. 130.
    On Memorial Day, U.S. also mourns nearly 100,000 coronavirus deaths; President Trump tweets insults ahead of Memorial Day events; Large Memorial Day crowds spark fear of new virus outbreaks; Texas town sees surge in cases linked to Tyson meat plant;05/25/2020
  123. 131.
    Trump insists he'll open churches, has no authority to do so; Jersey shore towns put restrictions in place for holiday weekend; Zuckerberg: Half of Facebook employees could work remotely in 5-10 years; Brazil cases surpass 300,000, deadliest day on record;05/22/2020
  124. 132.
    W.H.O. reports highest number of new cases in 24-hour period; Trump defends pandemic response as new study finds 36,000 deaths may have been prevented by earlier action;  38.6 million Americans file for unemployment in nine weeks; Virginia Gov: I'm "hopeful" school will be open this fall; Latin America emerges as new coronavirus hotspot;05/21/2020
  125. 133.
    Source: CDC director feels there's a target on his back; All 50 states reopening despite cases up in at least 18 states; Trump falsely claims states illegally send absentee ballot applications to voters, threatens emergency funds; Health experts caution companies are rushing to claim progress on treatments without releasing data05/20/2020
  126. 134.
    President Trump holds cabinet meeting in WH East Room; Trump's cabinet backs up his use of unproven drug despite study showing dangers of hydroxychloroquine; CDC confirms inflammatory syndrome in kids linked to COVID-19; Mnuchin: Job numbers will get worse before improvement;05/19/2020
  127. 135.
    U.S. death toll from coronavirus nears 90,000; WH shifts blame to CDC amid mounting coronavirus criticism; Auto industry tested as carmakers jump-start idle factories; Trump fires watchdog who was investigating Secretary Pompeo;05/18/2020
  128. 136.
    President Trump: "Vaccine or no vaccine, we're back"; Restrictions eased in parts of New York, Maryland, Virginia; 48 states to phase in reopen plans by Monday; Tensions rise between U.S. and China over coronavirus response;05/15/2020
  129. 137.
    Trump: "Totally disagree" with Fauci on reopening schools; Bright: Email warning U.S. in "deep sh*t" was unforgettable; 36.5 million have filed for unemployment since mid-March; Robots, satellites & science: The tech fight against coronavirus;05/14/2020
  130. 138.
    World Health Org: coronavirus "may never go away"; University of Louisiana to resume in-person classes this fall; Trump names former drug executive to lead "warp speed" vaccine effort; Grocery prices jump; cost of clothes, gas, cars all down;05/13/2020
  131. 139.
    Fauci: U.S. does not have "total control" of coronavirus; One-on-one with Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Los Angeles county expected to keep stay-at-home order through July; Putin's close aide & spokesperson tests positive for virus; CDC Director: Nursing home dea05/12/2020
  132. 140.
    New memo directs White House staffers entering West Wing to wear a mask; NY Gov Cuomo: 93 cases of COVID-related illness in children; World Health Organization: idea of herd immunity is "dangerous"; Small businesses frustrated by constraints of PPP rules05/11/2020
  133. 141.
    Two people close to Trump & Pence test positive for coronavirus; More devastating death and unemployment numbers in the U.S.; Harvard: U.S. should be testing 900,000 people per day by May 15th; Record 20.5M jobs lost in April; Ahmaud Arbery's father: His05/08/2020
  134. 142.
    U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 75,000 people; Trump Administration rejects CDC guidelines to reopen U.S.; Weekly unemployment claims top 33 million since mid-March; 44 states will partially reopen by Sunday as cases spike; Justice Department drops crimi05/07/2020
  135. 143.
    Ex-FDA chief warns U.S. may not be able to lower infection rate; Trump claims virus will pass with or without a vaccine; Medical workers fighting COVID-19 face a mental health crisis;White House press secretary holds briefing05/06/2020
  136. 144.
    Pence: "Having conversations" about winding down task force; States relax restrictions as models project many more deaths; Health experts question Trump's optimistic vaccine timeline; Mixed messages on origin of Covid-19; Three doctors mysteriously fall o05/05/2020
  137. 145.
    Key model predicts 135K U.S. deaths, double previous projection; NIH to study rate of infection among children & their families; Florida releases questionable data on coronavirus deaths; Pompeo: "enormous evidence" virus originated in Chinese lab;05/04/2020
  138. 146.
    Remdesivir authorized for emergency use by FDA; In first briefing, new WH Press Secy vows to "never lie"; U.S. makes big bet on vaccine company with unproven technology; Biden denies aide's claim he sexually assaulted her in 1993: "It's not true... This n05/01/2020
  139. 147.
    Dr. Fauci expresses optimism about drug Remdesivir as treatment; After total U.S. cases pass one million, Kushner calls coronavirus response "a great success story"; U.S. economy shrinks for first time in six years as nation grinds to halt04/29/2020
  140. 148.
    Confirmed coronavirus cases surpass one million in the U.S.; One-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci; Governors move forward with reopening despite dire models;04/28/2020
  141. 149.
    AR, AK, GA, TN and OK among states opening salons, restaurants this week; WH may scale back coronavirus task force briefings after wide spread criticism of the president's comments; Scientists, doctors struggle to understand how covid-19 kills04/27/2020
  142. 150.
    CDC tweets reminder to use disinfectants properly after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant to treat virus; Remembering the victims of coronavirus; Mayors, governors battle over when it's safe to reopen;04/24/2020
  143. 151.
    Dr. Fauci: "There is a danger of rebound" if states reopen quickly; Model touted by WH shows virus death toll now at 67,641; Trump's coronavirus response follows a pattern of openly disagreeing with science; Can employers protect workers from coronavirus?04/23/2020
  144. 152.
    Trump claims states are "safely coming back," but new models show GA, FL, SC, TX & others should wait until June; CNN goes inside Wuhan, China months after lockdown; Health experts concerned early state openings could threaten worker safety04/22/2020
  145. 153.
    Study: No benefits, higher death rate in patients taking hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus; Georgia, South Carolina to reopen some businesses, despite WH guideline that says cases need to decrease for 14 days; Schumer, Pelosi praise additions Democrats s04/21/2020
  146. 154.
    U.S. death toll doubles over a week, now more than 40,000; Protests in PA, NM, CA, MI push back on stay home orders; Trump tells govs handle testing on their own, WH task force says feds will help; How botched coronavirus testing squandered valuable time04/20/2020
  147. 155.
    Source: WH expected to unveil new details on reopening with a focus on testing & rate of decline in cases; New model suggests U.S. hit virus peak two days ago; Governors, health experts say more testing needed in U.S.; Could the oral polio vaccine help in04/17/2020
  148. 156.
    Trump to unveil new guidelines today to reopen country; Cases in the U.S. climb above 600,000; deaths eclipse 31,000; FDA authorizes fourth antibody test for emergency use; U.S. Intelligence explores origins of coronavirus in China; $349B in small busines04/16/2020
  149. 157.
    Source: business leaders told Trump U.S. needs to ramp up coronavirus testing before people can return to work; Pelosi to challenge Trump's "illegal" decision to halt W.H.O. funding; Ohio Gov: life will not be normal "until we get a vaccine"04/15/2020
  150. 158.
    U.S. now surpasses 25,000 coronavirus deaths; Trump won't explain what his administration was doing to contain coronavirus in February; Obama endorses Biden for President in video message; Sources: Funds for small business loans will run out by end of wee04/14/2020
  151. 159.
    Governors on east and west coast band together to decide when to reopen economies; WH: Trump has no intention of firing Dr. Fauci despite sharing tweet calling for his removal; NJ hospital converts cafeteria to treat patients; Bodies overlapped on Detroit04/13/2020
  152. 160.
    Pence to churches: Keep following restrictions on gatherings; Fauci: Despite progress, not the time to be pulling back at all; Trump pushing to re-open U.S. as early as May, despite health officials' warnings; Coronavirus reveals wealth & racial divides a04/10/2020
  153. 161.
    Nearly 2,000 deaths just yesterday in U.S.; WH Task Force: Baltimore, Philadelphia and DC next coronavirus hot spots; Federal support to end for coronavirus testing sites; Front line health care workers face trauma & stress;04/09/2020
  154. 162.
    New model lowers U.S. death projection to 60,000 by August; CNN poll: nearly half of Americans say coronavirus caused them financial hardship; Trump insists there's no problem with testing, doctors say there's a critical shortage; Bernie Sanders drops out04/08/2020
  155. 163.
    More than 12,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S.; States competing with private companies and FEMA for medical supplies; Chef Jose Andres urges restaurant workers to help feed America; As Trump downplayed coronavirus, January memo warned Whi04/07/2020
  156. 164.
    British prime minister Boris Johnson in intensive care; Health officials: the virus peak could come in days or weeks; Investigating coronavirus origins and how it spread so quickly; Multiple states releasing low-risk inmates after first prisoners die04/06/2020
  157. 165.
    NY Gov: Highest one-day increase in deaths & hospitalizations; Some states still refuse to issue stay-at-home orders; Trump blames states for lack of supplies as criticism mounts; Nearly 8% of U.K. health workers out sick;04/03/2020
  158. 166.
    Coronavirus cases surpass one million worldwide; Record 6.6 million people file for unemployment in one week; How to stay sane while staying home; At least 114 sailors test positive for virus onboard U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt;04/02/2020
  159. 167.
    Trump says 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in U.S. very possible; CA Gov. Newsom talks with CNN about fighting the virus; U.S. reports 835 new deaths today, the most in one day04/01/2020
  160. 168.
    Dr. Fauci warns of second virus wave coming in the fall; Commander of aircraft carrier with at least 70 infected sailors begs Navy for help; Trump to formally unveil new coronavirus guidelines; Goldman Sachs now expects unemployment to hit 15%;03/31/2020
  161. 169.
    Dr. Fauci: 100,000 deaths in U.S. very real possibility; New York doctor: "this is a war zone, a medical war zone"; Trump extends social distancing guidelines until April 30th; FDA approves emergency use of two drugs to treat patients03/30/2020
  162. 170.
    Surgeon General warns of new U.S. "hot spots"; Trump to sign $2 trillion stimulus bill, largest of its kind; New York nurse dies from coronavirus complications; U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus;03/27/2020
  163. 171.
    Grim milestone: More than 1,100 deaths in the U.S.; 3.28 million filed for unemployment last week, most in history; China to ban most foreigners from entering starting Saturday; L.A. Mayor: Residents should prepare to stay home until May;03/26/2020
  164. 172.
    Special Edition II: Expert: Peak of deaths in the U.S. could be three weeks away; Trump says U.S. should reopen by Easter despite advice from health experts; Spain's death toll surpasses China, second-highest globally;03/25/2020
  165. 173.
    Special Edition I: Nearly 900 coronavirus deaths in the U.S.; Senate yet to call vote on $2-trillion stimulus package; Pentagon orders 60-day freeze on U.S. Troop movements overseas due to coronavirus;03/25/2020
  166. 174.
    Special Edition: Joe Biden speaks to CNN about coronavirus pandemic; Gov. Cuomo: 25K cases in NY, rate doubling every three days; Senate negotiators close to massive, $2-trillion stimulus plan;03/24/2020
  167. 175.
    Special Edition: W.H.O. says coronavirus pandemic is accelerating; Senate again fails to advance coronavirus aid bill; Scientist identify 69 drugs that could treat coronavirus; Trump suggests containment measures may be too extreme03/24/2020
  168. 176.
    Nearly 16,500 coronavirus cases, 215 deaths in the U.S03/21/2020
  169. 177.
    11,000+ confirmed cases in the U.S., 164 deaths; Trump says FDA will fast track anti-viral treatments03/19/2020
  170. 178.
    Trump invokes Defense Production Act to ramp up production of hospital masks, protective gear; Coronavirus now reported in all 50 states; Senate passes coronavirus relief bill03/18/2020
  171. 179.
    NYC Tells 8 million + to be prepared to shelter in place; Trump: U.S. could "Be Rolling Again" if restrictions done right; Top Official to young Americans: Don't put loved ones at risk; Obama tweets about ER doctor's family facing coronavirus threat;03/17/2020
  172. 180.
    Trump announces tougher guidelines to slow Coronavrius spread; Trump: the Coronavirus is not under control ; Trump: New Coronavirus reality could last until July, August; WH: Number of people of people tested for Coronavirus unknown03/16/2020
  173. 181.
    Coronavirus fears spark huge stock market tumble; National Guard arriving to nation's first containment zone; Trump cause confusion with inaccuracies, omissions in prime-time speech to nation; Italy closes restaurants, bars, and shops amid virus03/12/2020
  174. 182.
    Top official warns coronavirus outbreak is "going to get worse"; W.H.O. officially declares coronavirus outbreaks a pandemic; Sanders says he has no plans to drop out after major losses03/11/2020
  175. 183.
    Markets tank amid Coronavirus fears & oil pries fight; trading briefly halted during wild day on wall street; Dow plunges 2,000+ points, Wall St. suffers historic losses; Oil prices suffer worst crash since 1991; New CNN polls on Coronavirus outbreak03/09/2020
  176. 184.
    WH & Trump give conflicting messages on CDC visit; Thousands in limbo on cruise ship awaiting coronavirus results; Stocks drop again as coronavirus fears grow; Biden & Sanders ready for next Super Tuesday showdown;03/06/2020
  177. 185.
    Warren drops out, "not ready" to make endorsement; Senate GOP ramps up investigations as Biden surges; Trump and VP Pence take different tones on coronavirus; Sanders says political establishment is "working frantically to defeat us";03/05/2020
  178. 186.
    Joe Biden wins Maine, his 10th Super Tuesday victory; Sanders picks up 3 states & is leading in California; Sanders touts Obama relationship for first time in new ad; At least 149 U.S. coronavirus cases; death toll rises to 1103/04/2020
  179. 187.
    Sources: Klobuchar & Buttigieg to endorse Biden tonight; Bloomberg on the ballot for the first time as democrat tomorrow; Six coronavirus deaths confirmed in Washington state; Trump meets with top pharma execs on coronavirus;03/02/2020
  180. 188.
    Markets continue historic slide over coronavirus fears; Trump administration downplays fears of coronavirus despite rise in U.S. cases; In 2016 Sanders wanted superdelegates to overrule voters; Pompeo heads to Qatar to witness Taliban peace deal signing02/28/2020
  181. 189.
    Dow, S&P on track for worst week since 2008 financial crisis; First coronavirus case of "unknown" origin confirmed in U.S.; Is South Carolina primary the last chance for Sanders' rivals to make a stand?;02/27/2020
  182. 190.
    New: 60 U.S. cases of coronavirus; Health officials: now is the time to prepare for pandemic; Biden: I will win South Carolina primary on Saturday; 2020 Democrats attack Sanders, say he could hurt Dems in other Senate & House races02/26/2020
  183. 191.
    DOW plunges nearly 900 points amid coronavirus concerns; Trump dismisses Russian inference & attacks two Supreme Court justices; Polls show Bernie Sanders in striking distance of Joe Biden in South Carolina;02/25/2020
  184. 192.
    DOW drops as coronavirus cases surge outside Asia; Sanders leads Dem field in delegates after Nevada, NH wins; Sources: Trump wants only loyalists installed in key admin jobs; O'Brian claims w/no evidence Russian meddling meant to help Sanders not Trump02/24/2020
  185. 193.
    Source: President's new personnel head tells agencies to look out for staffers disloyal to Trump; Bloomberg says women can be released from non-disclosure agreements; CNN examines medical docs Sanders released after heart attack;02/21/2020
  186. 194.
    Trump: Roger Stone has "very good chance of exoneration"; Frontrunner Sanders faces new attacks at fiery debate; Trump appoints staunch ally with no intel experience as Acting Intelligence Chief;02/20/2020
  187. 195.
    Sanders says he will not release more medical records; Allegations of misogynistic & sexist comments loom over Bloomberg's first debate; Source: Barr has considered resigning over Trump's involvement; The money trail behind those granted clemency by Trump02/19/2020
  188. 196.
    Trump commutes Rod Blagojevich's sentence and grants clemency to 10 others; Sanders takes clear lead over Dem field in new poll; Biocontainment unit used for Ebola tapped for coronavirus; WaPo: Therapy notes being used against minors in immigration court;02/18/2020
  189. 197.
    Candidates amplify attacks on Sanders ahead of Nevada caucus; Long lines, tech issues plague early voting in Nevada; More than 2,000 former DOJ employees ask Barr to step down; Barr in 1991: the AG must keep the law away from politics02/17/2020
  190. 198.
    Moves by AG Barr raise questions over DOJ independence; President insists he can intervene in any Justice Dept case; Bloomberg faces criticism for past comments on discriminatory practices; CDC: Coronavirus outbreak could last through next year;02/14/2020
  191. 199.
    John Kelly: what Vindman heard on Trump-Ukraine call was equivalent to "an illegal order"; Bloomberg, Trump escalate feud with personal insults; AG Barr: Trump should stop tweeting about DOJ; makes it "impossible for me to do my job"02/13/2020
  192. 200.
    Trump on lessons he learned from impeachment: Democrats are crooked & vicious; Trump thanks Justice Dept. for intervening in Stone case; Sanders gains new momentum with New Hampshire win; AG Barr agrees to testify before House Judiciary Cmte next month02/12/2020

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