Life at Viator House

Viator House of Hospitality

Learn about life at Viator House of Hospitality, a Chicago-area nonprofit that offers a home where young men from around the world seeking asylum in the U.S. can go to school, work and build a life while awaiting their immigration proceedings.

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Meet Issa, a Viator House participant who has hurdled all obstacles since escaping danger in Niger, his home country. Like us, you'll be inspired.

Nov 24

41 min 37 sec

Meet Dr. Mauricio Cifuentes, a trauma specialist, who describes how the staff, services and environment at Viator House allow its young participants the opportunity to heal from horrific experiences in the midst of a supportive, international community where they can discover, develop and use their gifts for themselves and our nation.

Oct 14

48 min 31 sec