TFR: The Podcast


TFR is one of the fastest growing event series in London. Starting in 2017 with 50 attendees in the upstairs of the BOG pub, to a sell out 400 attendee event at the Vaults, Waterloo.

These risky shenanigans have now made a debut on the airwaves and will penetrate your eardrums with more kickass speakers on a weekly basis.

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We recently had the pleasure of spending a delightful afternoon sipping champagne with the multi-talented Kay Scorah. From explosives expert, to ad agency owner, to comedian; Kay has really done it all. We heard stories about the ad industry’s ‘rose tinted’ view of the past, a rather shirty elevator ride with Sir Martin Sorrell, and that time she went for a job as a stripper?! You know the drill; grab a glass of something bubbly and pin your ears back.


Sep 2019

38 min 53 sec

Pip Jamieson is a superhero. In 2014 Pip founded The Dots, the UK’s largest networking platform for those in the creative industry, as a rival to the “old stale corporate homogeneous beast” that is LinkedIn. In five short years The Dots has grown to over half a million profiles, and shows no sign of stopping. With dozens of accolades under her belt from The Sunday Times, Creative Review, and Sadiq Kahn himself, Pip’s vision of a new way for creatives to find jobs and likeminded people is coming to life, and stopping the stuffy white collars in their tracks. In this episode of TFR: The Podcast, Pip, Paul, and Cookie sip champagne and discuss Pip’s colourful career so far, how having dyslexia has helped to build her empire, and that time she woke up almost upside down on a houseboat…?!


Aug 2019

42 min 56 sec

Drayton Bird has lived a rather colourful life. Stabbed three times (by three separate wives), living under a false name, writing copy for (pretty much) every brand under the sun, and dubbed ‘the man who “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”’ by David Ogilvy - there’s truly no stopping him. 60 years in the game, Drayton still writes daily and believes that things seriously need to change within advertising. We think he’s TFR personified, and he drops more bombs than a WWII jet covered in half-naked women. Pin your ears back, get risky, and listen up to the podcast that has taken the creative world by storm.


Jul 2019

53 min 52 sec

“The reason I want to go to Mars is simple: The allure of the unknown is far more powerful than the comfort of the known.” Adriana Marais is one of the 100 candidates planning to move to Mars (seriously) with the Mars One Project, in the next decade. Dialling in from South Africa, and drinking her own bottle of bubbly, Adriana chats to Paul and Cookie about her aspirations of living on the Red Planet, why the move is so important for the future of Earth, and 'pikey' humans? If moving to a different planet isn't risky, then we don't know what is.


Apr 2019

41 min 16 sec