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It’s time to ‘get the juice’! Join bestselling health and wellbeing author Jason Vale (AKA the Juice Master) on his mission to ‘juice’ the world. Each episode he chats to different celebrities, influencers from the diet and fitness world, and everyday people who’ve made inspiring changes in their lives – plus a few wild-cards thrown in for good measure! One thing Jason Vale isn’t is predictable! So expect lively debates, Jason’s cheeky sense of humour and plenty of food for thought! The Jason Vale Podcast is 100% ad-free, which means you get to enjoy uninterrupted listening! Who would you like to hear on the podcast? Know someone who you think would make the perfect guest? Reach out to Jason via his Instagram @jasonvale – he’d love to hear from you!

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In this latest episode, Jason catches up with an Emmy nominated TV chef, no less! She's also an MBE and best-selling author who has been at the cutting edge of Chinese inspired cuisine for over a decade - it's Ching He-Huang!With eleven TV shows and ten cookbooks under her belt, Ching certainly knows her stuff and is a huge ambassador for promoting the health and nutritional benefits of Chinese cuisine and a plant-based dietIf you're looking for an inspiring, straight-talking podcast with a healthy dose of humour - then this could be for you.Happy listening!

Jul 6

44 min 22 sec

In this latest episode of Jason’s podcast, he talks with natural wellbeing expert, radio presenter and No.1 best selling author Janey Lee Grace.Janey has been a co-host on BBC Radio 2’s 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' show for 21 years. She’s passionate about all things holistic, from organic food & clothing to chemical-free cleaning & natural beauty products.Over three years ago, she quit drinking for good and has never looked back. Now on a mission to show that 'sobriety rocks' — if you’re sober curious, or looking to clean up your lifestyle —this is a MUST-listen.


Jun 29

50 min 54 sec

It’s not all about the juice in this latest episode as Jason chews the fat with none other than up-and-coming TV chef and lover of food - Chris Baber!Chris – winner of BBC1 series Yes Chef and M&S food trendsetter – is already taking Instagram by storm with his uplifting and easy to watch cooking videos. Passionate about inspiring people through simple, home-cooked food and an all-around good egg – this is yet another engaging episode for your listening pleasure.If you’re looking for a podcast that is politics and religion free and one that focuses on inspiration, a bit of good old-fashioned banter and plenty of laughs - then this could be for you!


Jun 21

39 min 12 sec

Jason kicks off Season 4 with none other than super fit, super inspirational and super talented Gemma Atkinson. It’s no secret how committed Gemma is to her health and fitness, and an annual visit to Juicy Oasis to rest and recharge is always top of her list (Covid-permitting, of course!).In this first episode of a brand new series, Gemma & Jason have a straight-talking conversation about vegetarianism, cows milk, calories, and Gemma reveals what advice she’d give to her 18-year-old self.If you’re looking for a podcast that is politics and religion free and one that focuses on inspiration, a bit of good old-fashioned banter and plenty of laughs - then this could be for you!

Jun 15

44 min 47 sec

In this latest episode of Jason’s podcast, he catches up with cheeky singer, songwriter and TV presenter Olly Murs. Jason had the good fortune of meeting Olly and his lovely girlfriend Amelia Tank when they holidayed at one of his Juice Master retreats and Jason describes him as being “an unbelievably kind and all-round good egg” As well as the regular health and fitness chatter, they also talk about Olly’s career, what makes him tick, his hilarious Instagram videos, how he’s coped with Lockdown and his shameful two-time disaster on Deal Or No Deal :) If you are new to Jason’s podcast – welcome, it’s lovely to have your company. It’s 100% advert and sponsor free, so happy listening!


Jun 2020

49 min 18 sec

Today’s guest is none other than TV star and Jungle Queen, Vicky Pattison. Vicky is definitely one book who shouldn’t be judged by her cover and one of the most ‘real’ people you’ll ever meet. Although she’s been through plenty of life’s ups and downs, she’s in a great place at the moment, despite all the madness. Listen now to find out how Vicky has coped with Lockdown and how it’s made her realise what’s important.If you’re looking for a podcast that is politics and religion free and one that focuses on inspiration, a bit of good old-fashioned banter, and plenty of laughs - then this could be for you!


Jun 2020

36 min 22 sec

Jason kicks off a brand new set of podcasts with BGT beauty Alesha Dixon. Alesha and her crew were the first ever guests at Jason’s Juicy Oasis retreat in Portugal (before it had even opened!) and they’ve remained friends ever since. In this episode they talk about the inescapable Lockdown, Alesha’s eventful career, health, fitness and how she stays in such amazing shape. If you’re looking for a podcast that is politics and religion free and one that focuses on inspiration, a bit of good old-fashioned banter and plenty of laughs - then this could be for you!


Jun 2020

45 min 50 sec

Podcast COVID-19 Special The One With Dr Aseem Malhotra‘The Elephant In The Room’ Could the two most under prescribed treatments for disease be the answer to COVID-19?Why are overweight and obese people ten times more likely to die from COVID-19? Why are COVID-19 deaths also 4 x higher in those with Diabetes & Hyperglycaemia?Why are companies like Krispy Kreme and Dominos giving ‘free’ snacks to health care workers? Is lockdown the answer and could a change in diet and exercise now prevent a second spike of this virus?Find out the answer to all in this extremely special edition of ‘The Jason Vale Podcast Lockdown Mini Series’ DISCLAIMER: Although diet and exercise clearly play a huge role in all metabolic disease I am more than aware, at the same time, that telling people to simply change their diet is akin to telling someone in quicksand to simply ‘get out’. Food addiction is real and it transcends intelligence and logic, as all addiction does. This is why this special edition podcast is an awareness exercise and pointing out that if you can get a handle on your diet you stand a much better chance of protecting yourself against all forms of disease, including things like virus’s of this nature. I will be recoding my ‘ASK NOT WHAT THE NHS CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THE NHS?’ Podcast later this week to add more weight on the back of this interview. Hope you like the discussion and also hope it may just trigger something so you can make any changes diet wise you may need to. Thanks for listening! Available on Apple, Spotify and YouTube. 

May 2020

45 min 56 sec

In this latest episode of Jason’s podcast he catches up with Calum Best. Calum talks about his relationship with his footballing father George, alcohol, and how choosing the wrong path at one stage almost cost him his life. He also shares his love of juicing, health and fitness, and how focusing on those, as well as mental health, saved him. We hope you enjoy the episode. Remember you can get more of Jason on his YouTube Channel Juice Tube. Happy listening!


Apr 2020

30 min 49 sec

In this latest episode of Jason’s podcast, he catches up with fit and fabulous TV presenter, and Heart FM radio host– Jenni Falconer! Jason had the pleasure of chatting with Jenni during a fly-by visit to the Big Smoke. On the other side of the microphone, Jenni shares her love of juicing, her passion for running, but also how she wishes she could be that little bit healthier! Listen now to find out more.

Mar 2020

36 min 20 sec

The best time to listen to this episode is during your sunday brunch! It's entrepreneur, TV presenter and chef extraordinaire -  It's only Simon Rimmer!Jason is a massive fan of TV chef Simon Rimmer who is famous for his vegetarian dishes and no-nonsense approach to good food.  Serving up plenty of food for thought, it's a MUST LISTEN episode for all you health-conscious foodies!

Mar 2020

32 min 46 sec

Never one to shy away from the juice skeptics, Jason was thrilled to sit down and go head to head with the Food Doctor – It's only Ian Marber! He is a prolific writer and commentator on nutrition, so what are his views on juicing and how did he and Jason get on? You’ll have to tune in to find out in this candid conversation.


Feb 2020

31 min 45 sec

In this latest episode, we have the soul star who steals Jason’s heart every time she gives one of her incredible a cappella performances when she stays at Juicy Oasis – It's the one and only Beverley Knight!

Feb 2020

32 min 48 sec

In this episode Jason catches up with successful entrepreneur, TOWIE star and all-round top man - It's Tommy Mallet!There is way more to Tommy than meets the eye. Listen in as he talks to Jason about refusing to be defined by his dyslexia, his champion mindset when it comes to business and the importance of giving back through his charity work.

Jan 2020

32 min 6 sec

A brand new series of the Jason Vale Podcast is cued up and ready for your listening pleasure. In this latest episode Jason catches up with the world's #1 hypnotist and self-help guru – It's the one and only Paul McKenna!Jason had the good fortune of catching up with the mesmerizing star during his recent stay at Juicy Oasis. LISTEN NOW as the mega minds talk all things mental and physical health.

Jan 2020

26 min 56 sec

This time I had the privilege of chatting all things mental and physical health with one of the most truly extraordinary people I have ever met, Katie Piper.We talk about how juicing, healthy eating and fitness fits into her life; as well as where she finds her mental strength.


Aug 2019

36 min 8 sec

This time Jason has the pleasure of chatting all things health and nutrition with non-other than The Medicinal Chef himself – Dale Pinnock! Dale has been in this industry for many, many years and has studied nutrition thoroughly, to say the least. He is a best-selling author, TV presenter and a true expert in this field. His books have been translated into many languages and they contain, without question, some of the finest recipes and health information you’ll find out there. One thing we soon discovered as the interview unfolded, was that we have very similar views on health and well-being and we also feel the same about many of the new Instagram ‘experts’ out there.Thanks in advance for listening, it’s lovely to have your company!

Aug 2019

33 min 24 sec

Jason meets Chris Moyles to talk about his incredible weight loss, how he keeps fit, and all of his monumental achievements – some known some lesser known! Well that was the plan, but Chris somewhat highjacks the interview and everything goes on a bit of a tangent – in the best possible way!

Jul 2019

32 min 8 sec

In this episode Jason catches up with the “Queen of Baby Weaning”, Annabel Karmel. For 27 years, Annabel Karmel has been helping parents to navigate nutrition for their little ones. With the birth of his son JJ last year, Jason obviously had plenty of questions for the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author. Listen for all you need to know about weaning and nutrition for babies, toddlers and children.

Jul 2019

32 min 34 sec

Listen as the worlds leading therapists talk phobias, healing trauma and all things mental health. Plus they reveal how they’d love their life-changing therapies to be made available through the UK’s National Health Service.

Jun 2019

22 min 14 sec

Jason Vale is joined by the queen of daytime TV, Lorraine Kelly, at the Juicy Oasis health retreat in Portugal to chat about diet, physical and mental health, and who the worst person she ever interviewed was!

Jun 2019

37 min 32 sec

So what can you expect on the Jason Vale podcast? Well, I'm looking to do is interview people not just in the field that I'm in – the health, nutrition and addiction field. I'm trying to get a nice combination of people – a little bit of laughter, some inspiration, some emotional stuff going in. It is mental and physical health. Some of the podcasts will be about Create Magic. Who creates magic in your life? Some wonderful stories, uplifting stories! If you want to see a little bit more of something, or a little bit less of something - please let me know! This is an ad-free podcast. It's not about making money. So getting any kind of guest on would be absolutely fantastic. I've got my sights on a few people... Tony Robbins I want on there. He's a huge influence in my life. I want someone like Paul McKenna. But equally, I want people who have made massive changes in their own lives. That's the Jason Vale Podcast. Hope you enjoy it! Something hopefully a little bit different.

May 2019

53 sec