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Small business strategist Clive Maloney from brings you The Get Real About Business Podcast.

Learn the best tips, strategies and tactics for starting and growing your business without having to empty your wallet in the process. Discover what's working (and what's not) in marketing right now, how to build your personal brand and how to leverage your networks so you can create a steady stream of high-paying clients.

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No 1 international bestselling author and empowerment speaker Gina Gardiner discusses how to improve performance and productivity in your team through becoming an enlightened leader.

Oct 2020

59 min 19 sec

TV celebrity, digital marketer and winner of the Best Global Investment Lead Generation Agency, Johny Pach returns to the show to reveal his best tips on starting and growing a digital marketing agency.

Sep 2020

1 hr 3 min

Writing a book and becoming an author is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert. Learn how to get started and use your book to drive business to your door.

Apr 2020

45 min 47 sec

In our first episode of 2020, we take a look at how to start the year strong and then take a masterclass from Steve Gordon in Referral Marketing.

Mar 2020

50 min 19 sec

Learn how to create information products and use them as lead magnets or paid products, with the UK's most prolific information product creator, Peter Thomson

Mar 2020

49 min 21 sec

UK's #1 Motivational Speaker, Brad Burton talks about what it takes to be successful in business even if you start out broke and everyone around you thinks you'll never make it.


Jan 2020

45 min 26 sec

Discover the dangers of Random Acts of Marketing and how to combat it. In this podcast, you'll learn how to conduct your own market research which will remove the guesswork and improve your marketing effectiveness.

Nov 2019

49 min 10 sec

The best marketing strategies are usually the simplest. Steve Martile embraces this principle with an incredible 2-step framework designed for consultants, coaches and service provider experts.

Oct 2019

44 min 37 sec

In this episode, we look at four areas that if improved, will dramatically increase your productivity, performance and energy levels.

Oct 2019

55 min 41 sec

Do you have a process, knowledge or information that will help others solve a problem or meet a need? If so you can create a profitable online course out of it. Tom Libelt and Clive discuss what courses work well, provide a basic format for your online course and factors to consider when marketing it.

Sep 2019

51 min 13 sec

Kenda McDonald discusses what goes on in the brain when a person makes a purchase decision and how to leverage this information to increase lead generation and lifetime customer value of clients through content marketing.

Sep 2019

1 hr

Johny Pach reveals why he stepped away from the world of TV and how he's using what he learnt in television to generate business for his customers and himself.

Sep 2019

42 min 42 sec

In this week's episode, Clive Maloney speaks with B2B sales expert Chad Sanderson about how to begin sales conversations that feel natural and authentic. Chad reveals a ValueSelling framework to confidently handle sales conversations that adds value to the customer and differentiates you from your competitors.

Aug 2019

40 min 26 sec

There are two important numbers in your business. The first is your freedom number and the second is your dream number. Believe it or not, these numbers are achievable as an entrepreneur. It's just about knowing how to go about it. In this episode, we explore how to create financial freedom in your business by scaling it the right way.

Aug 2019

59 min 27 sec

Have you ever been asked if it is okay for someone to pick your brains? While it makes sense to share some information for free, if you make your money by selling your expertise at some point you're going to have to say, "No." In this episode, we explore what to say when people ask to pick your brains.

Apr 2019

36 min 55 sec

With the best will in the world, every small business owner can lack self-discipline at times. Often we can put it down to technology or other people: Technology is an issue because we have so many alerts going off all the time from social media,...

Apr 2019

32 min 59 sec

Collaborations and joint ventures are a wonderful way to get projects finished at a rapid pace. You get to share the load, pool your talents, ideas and creativity. The result is often an end product that's much better than what any individual could...

Apr 2019

50 min

There is no doubt about it, you have plenty of options for marketing your business, but which options are most likely to generate the biggest results?  It's difficult, isn't it? One minute everyone says to do the social media thing. The next...

Mar 2019

59 min 19 sec

You'll learn three tried and tested scripts for creating a great elevator pitch. Just fill in the blanks with your business details and you're away to go.

Feb 2019

53 min 53 sec

I'm going to show you what's working with advertising on Facebook right now and how to get the most from your campaigns. You're also going to learn how social media strategist Janet E Johnson approaches split testing so you can drive down the cost of your ads.

Jan 2019

46 min 31 sec

Of all the different forms of marketing and communications, public speaking builds the most trust and credibility in the shortest amount of time. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Whatever the case is for you, the chances are you're already...

Dec 2018

54 min 27 sec

Mindset is everything or so most people seem to say. 25+ years in the personal development world and I'm yet to prove otherwise. But what is the correct mindset when becoming an entrepreneur? Certainly, that mindset is very different from being an...

Nov 2018

59 min 28 sec

With social video generating 1200% more shares than text and images combined (source: ) it doesn't take a genius to realise that including video in your content marketing strategy is a smart thing to do. Video as ads or to support a...

Nov 2018

58 min 18 sec

The funny thing about being a small business owner is that opportunity always seems to come knocking. Perhaps it's because we're entrepreneurial by nature and we're alert to the next big thing that will catapult our lives forward. Perhaps it's...

Nov 2018

31 min 40 sec

You may not call them ‘customers.’ They may be your clients, service users, patients, subscribers, volunteers, buyers, members, fans, students, colleagues… but they’re all customers by another name. As business owners, understanding our...

Oct 2018

47 min 42 sec

Sometimes things happen that throw you off your game. It makes you question yourself. You get frustrated and before you know it you end up making the whole situation worse. Today's pint-sized episode originated from a message I wanted to share in...

Jun 2018

9 min 36 sec

About 75% of the population are influenced by business awards. Of those people, 25% are heavily influenced by business awards and the remainder are moderately influenced by them. There is no doubt then that if you're in a crowded marketplace one of...

Jun 2018

56 min 54 sec

Vince Lombardi said, "Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” The same can also be said of high-performance teams. They are made,...

Jun 2018

59 min 34 sec

My guest this week is sales expert and business consultant, John Wallace. John has a somewhat different approach to sales. He says that your pricing strategy is a comfort blanket. If you want to increase sales and profits in your business, you should...

May 2018

56 min 42 sec

Burnout is a serious issue. If you fail to spot the early warning signs what might start as a persistent feeling of tiredness could soon take a heavy toll on your business, your family and your health. In this episode, we discuss burnout in...

May 2018

47 min 30 sec

My guest Mark Sexton of Essex Work Skills is passionate about young people. He runs a company that works in partnership with schools, colleges and employers to help young people prepare for the world of work. This episode is more of a discussion than...

Apr 2018

41 min 4 sec

With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force on 25 May, a lot of people are getting nervous. Businesses who fail to comply face heavy penalties - much higher than the previous Data Protection Act. What are these penalties...

Apr 2018

46 min 2 sec

My guest today is Nick Crowe from Mainsail Branding. Nick is a startup and rebrand specialist. He's worked for many of the big companies and he really understands what it takes to help a company stand out. If you ever look at your website and wonder...

Mar 2018

59 min 44 sec

One year ago Romacio Fulcher was broke. He is now ranked the number 16 network marketing professional globally. In this episode, I ask him what influenced his phenomenal comeback. Top of Romacio's list for success in network marketing is finding a...

Mar 2018

46 min 58 sec

It can be tough to know what to post on social media. How much should be promotional? What about personal stuff? What do you share? My guest today is social media expert James Berg. James is author of the book, 104 Social Media Content Ideas to...

Mar 2018

59 min 11 sec

If you run an e-commerce store or rely on website visits for your business, getting people to your website will be high on your priorities. In this episode I speak to Paul Kortman about increasing traffic to your website through an SEO trick called...

Mar 2018

59 min 22 sec

January is the natural time of year when we all feel like stepping things up. If I could bottle that excitement and the good intentions I would. Unfortunately, these good intentions often mean little when it comes to sustainable results in our...

Jan 2018

42 min 36 sec

Kathryn Moorhouse describes Pinterest as what might happen if Google and Instagram were to have a baby. I think this sums up pretty well the potential of what Pinterest is as a marketing tool. Pinterest is among the top 10 social media platforms so in...

Dec 2017

56 min 38 sec

Business expert Steve Lowisz knows all about attracting great clients to your business. In my interview with Steve we take a look at a concept he calls "strategic seduction." Strategic seduction is Steve's six-step process for attracting and...

Dec 2017

46 min 55 sec

When Sam Bailey told me how much one of his clients was paying for leads using Facebook ads recently, I just had to get him on the show. A lot of entrepreneurs I speak to have a love/hate relationship with using Facebook for their business. They love...

Dec 2017

52 min 7 sec

Mentor and coach to the stars, Dustin Mathews is my new go-to guy for the latest best practices around speaking for your business. Right out of school, Dustin helped take a company from $1M to $14M and #35 on Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private...

Nov 2017

36 min 2 sec

Moving to a different country and creating a six-figure business is a massive achievement for anyone, but to do it in a saturated market and still charge top whack prices... that takes some doing! Fortunately, marketer, entrepreneur and language...

Oct 2017

55 min 36 sec

What's the difference between a mortgage advisor that's constantly scratching around wondering where the next client is coming from and another who has a stream of clients so thick he can barely keep up with the demand? It turns out, while there are...

Aug 2017

48 min 49 sec

What would it be like if you could get in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of your ideal potential clients every week? That would be worth something to you, right? That's exactly what went through my mind when I started the Get Real About...

Jun 2017

44 min 54 sec

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the biggest thing anyone ever asks a business coach about is sales or marketing. Those things are pretty high up on the list, yet never come up nearly so frequently as what we can do to be more productive. In...

Jun 2017

44 min 36 sec

Without a doubt, psychology and mindset are the biggest factors in whether anyone is successful at whatever they set out to do. Yes, we need the ideas and strategies, but without the correct mindset, it's difficult to see anything through to...

Jun 2017

44 min 56 sec

Ever thought about writing a book but not sure where to get started? What about once the book is written? How do you bring that to market and get yourself on the Amazon Best Seller list? In today's show, I get to talk with 5 times author Karen...

Jun 2017

43 min 8 sec

With all the talk about building your tribe, you might be forgiven for thinking it's just the latest fad. Yet our modern day usage of 'tribe' is the perfect description for what most entrepreneurs want to create. That's a steady stream of people who...

May 2017

55 min 52 sec

When it comes to social media, Instagram is golden. 6 in 10 online adults have Instagram accounts right now and 8 million registered businesses are using Instagram business profiles. It's also one of the fastest growing social platforms around....

May 2017

49 min

Blog posts, white papers and ebooks are all the rage these days. But is it really worth the effort? The answer is yes, providing you do it right. One-off pieces of content are not likely to help you get traction - whether to gain new clients or...

May 2017

31 min 24 sec