Leaders & Learners, a Sand and Shores Production

By Tonya McKenzie

Sand and Shores helps tell true stories that have a powerful impact on real lives! Our Leaders and Learners platform speaks with organizational leaders and those displaying expertise in their field. Leadership is newsworthy. True leaders are lifetime learners. Let's hear their stories and follow the lead. www.SandAndShores.com TWITTER and INSTAGRAM: @sandandshores To pitch your story, email us at info@sandandshores.com. OWNER - Tonya McKenzie tmckenzie@sandandshores.com TWITTER and INSTAGRAM: @tonyamckenziepr

  1. 1.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Kimberlee Holmes Isaacs, Candidate for RBUSD School Board
  2. 2.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Brad Waller, RBUSD Board of Education & City Council Candidate
  3. 3.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Erika Snow Robinson
  4. 4.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Carol Burton
  5. 5.
    Leaders & Learners w/ City Councilman John Gran
  6. 6.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Ken Jacobs, Leadership Expert
  7. 7.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Steven Benedict Olympic Qualifier & Author
  8. 8.
    Leaders & Learners w/ Bob Grant of the Retired NFL Players Congress

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