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The Official Say Goodnight Kevin Podcast. Exploring the dark, gritty, underbelly of faith and film with Kevin McCreary, the accountability partner no one asked for.

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Oct 26

1 hr 8 min

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Jul 19

40 min 55 sec

Michael Schaffer and Matt Matias from the "Memes for Jesus" podcast join Kevin for a rip-roaring good conversation about what it's like making "funny" content for, about, and with Christians on the world wide web. It's the interview no one asked for, but boy howdy will you be begging for more after you hear this fantastic discussion! Enjoy!Memes for JesusMemes for Jesus Podcast

Mar 26

1 hr 1 min

These two guys, Joseph Holmes and Nathan Clarkson a critic and an actor  join Kevin to talk about pretty much everything. They have a new Christmas movie called Miracle on Highway 34. Nathan was also the star of the film Thy Neighbor which we discuss as well. It's all a really fun time that you aren't going to want to miss. Watch their new movie here!Check out Kevin's review of Thy Neighbor Here!  

Dec 2020

1 hr 37 min

Luke Barnett, costar and writer of the controversial comedy Faith Based discusses the story behind the film, the state of Christian movies, and much much more. It's a unique and riveting conversation! Kevin's Trailer ReactionThe Offical Faith Based Movie Website

Oct 2020

57 min 19 sec

Co-founder of Pureflix and star SO MANY Christian movies, like the God's Not Dead franchise and his latest film Beckman, David A. R. White. In this exciting episode, Kevin talks with David about Christian audiences, the industry, and what's up with God's Not Dead?! Plus more. Don't miss it! Check out my review of God's Not DeadCheck out Beckman

Oct 2020

28 min 38 sec

Cyrus Nowrasteh, the director of Infidel, Young Massiah, and many more great films that span over a decade, joins Kevin to talk about the making of his latest film and the true events that inspired it.Thank you to for connecting me with Cyrus Nowrasteh.This episode is inspired by a true interview. Watch the trailerWatch my review of the filmCheck out More Than One Lesson 

Sep 2020

27 min 13 sec

Sean Paul Murphy, writer of such Pureflix films as The Revelation Road Trilogy, The Encounter, Marriage Retreat, and so much more, reveals the truth about the Christian Movie Industry he's now left behind. It's a tell-all-tail of egos, backstabbing, and bureaucracy. And his hopeful discovery of life after Pureflix as a blogger and novelist. Check out Sean's latest work here: Read his latest novelKeep up with his blog

Sep 2020

1 hr 12 min

The Director of Ragamuffin, Brennan, and God's Fool, David Leo Schultz joins the podcast to talk about one of the first Christian Recording Artist Biopics, BEFORE it was cool. How does Ragamuffin, the story of Rich Mullins, compare to recent films like I Can Only Imagine and I Still Believe? Find out that and SO MUCH MORE in this exciting interview! God's FoolWatch Ragamuffin


Jun 2020

1 hr 19 min

Tyler Smith, film critic, podcast host, and director of the film "Reel Redemption", joins Kevin for an exciting conversation about the history of Christian film and the state it is in today. Reel RedemptionBattleship PretensionHear Kevin on TYLER'S podcastCheck out SGK+

May 2020

1 hr 3 min

Kevin hops on a call with VidAngel co-founder Neal Harmon to talk about how their helping out families during the Covad-19 lock down. Plus we talk about a few other things as well.  

Mar 2020

17 min 15 sec

Kevin McCreary and Brad Jones, two Youtube reviewers decompress together about some of the worst Christian movies they've ever reviewed. Which one is the worst of this year?! (spoiler alert, it's Unplanned). Come enjoy these two swap war stories about the trenches of putting together a detailed analysis of movies most people can't even get through once. It's Kevin's most therapeutic episode yet. Brad's ChannelKevin's Channel

Dec 2019

2 hr

Matt Langston, frontman for the band Eleventyseven, joins Kevin to talk about the Christian Music Industry and lessons Christian Movies might glean from it. Plus, some deep and relevant conversation about how the evangelical sub-culture affects lives, for better and worse, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Check out the band: is the link for tickets to the CHRISTMAS PARTY! 

Nov 2019

1 hr

Dallas is BACK and this time we talk about ALL kinds of stuff, but mainly, we have a deep dive discussion about his show The Chosen, which you can watch for free, apparently, on The Chosen AppThe Chosen App 

Oct 2019

1 hr 3 min

Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, joins Kevin to talk about everything from the early days to what's still to come! They talk about the state of Christian movies and some candid thoughts about "Veggie Tales: IN THE HOUSE." It is more fun than a box of tomatoes. Don't miss it! THE LAUGH AND LEARN BIBLE FOR KIDSIs available on Amazon and wherever Christian books are sold.NEW VEGGIE EPISODES—There are 18 new episodes of Veggie Tales being produced. The first new show—The Best Christmas Gift—will be available starting 10/22ON TV, YOU CAN SEE THEM ON TBN—TBN is the world’s largest faith and family broadcaster reaching over 175 nations on 32 global networks - TBN’s US reach is over 100 million households. The air date has not yet been announced.IN STREAMING & DVD—Available on DVD in WalMart, Target, CBA channel retail stores, on JellyTelly, and on most digital platforms and multiple SVOD platforms.My latest video about Veggie Tales

Sep 2019

39 min 24 sec

The star of Unplanned and Princess Cut shares her experience with both films. She opens up about her thoughts surrounding controversies, how she deals with critics, and gives some insight about what we can expect from Princess Cut 2 AND 3 and much, MUCH, more. It's a fun, energetic, conversation, sprinkled with some deep insight. LinksKevin's ChannelAshley's TwitterPrincess Cut ReviewUnplanned Trailer Reaction

Jun 2019

55 min 3 sec

Dallas Jenkins, the director of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and the VidAngel series The Chosen, gets in the hot seat to talk to Kevin about his upcoming series, the role of a critic, how God has changed his thinking, and much more!Watch The Chosen: Kevin's Reviews of Dallas' Content:

Apr 2019

1 hr 11 min

Doug Johnson, husband to former Planned Parenthood regional clinic director and the subject of the upcoming Pureflix film Unplanned joins Kevin, in a conversation about Abortion, movies, and beards. After seeing Kevin's reaction video to the film, Doug reached out with the hopes of tackling some of the concerns he had. On this episode of the podcast, they do exactly that. In a raw and real not-so-PG conversation about a raw and real not-so-PG subject. Kevin dives into his deepest struggles with Christian Films, The Pro-life movement, and abortion.Kevin's Channel:'s Facebook:'s Facebook: Johnson Kentucky Senate Testimony February 14, 2019:

Feb 2019

1 hr 1 min

Alex Kendrick, director, and star of highly successful Christian films like War Room, Fireproof, and the upcoming Overcomer gets in the hot seat to have a one-on-one conversation with Kevin about the state of the Christian film industry, the part criticism plays in it, and much MUCH MORE!Check out Kevin's Reviews: the unedited video version of this interview by supporting Kevin on Patreon:

Jan 2019

1 hr 15 min