Destination Medicine Podcast

By Regional Training Hubs

Opportunities for a successful medical career in rural Australia are immense. The Destination Medicine© podcast library has been created to assist anyone who has thought about a career as a rural doctor to make informed decisions and navigate a rural medical pathway with greater confidence. Each episode of this podcast series brings the story of a doctor and their journey into rural medicine. It hasn't been a straight highway for many; there have been a few bumps, U-turns and bends along the way. How did a city slicker end up living on a farm in the Riverina of NSW? And what happened to the young doctor who had a life changing moment on an isolated highway in the Northern Territory? Well, you will have to listen to find out...and there's more. With over 23 specialities, 81 fields of speciality practice and 86 speciality titles, making career decisions can seem overwhelming for medical students and junior doctors. For some it is an easy decision, having always known the area in which they want to work, however, for others, the plethora of information and complex selection and admission criteria for training, is daunting. Our doctors share their candid and fascinating stories so that you, the listener, can have a better understanding of what's involved in pursuing a rural career pathway. Lifestyle counts - and for those who are living in rural and remote Australia, the impact is immeasurable.  The podcast series, 'Destination Medicine' is a collaboration between four rural NSW Regional Training Hubs - Far West, Riverina, Western and Northern NSW.

  1. 1.
    But what if I failed? Dr Emma Byrne’s determined journey to qualification
  2. 2.
    Dr Alice Henschke’s perfect career as rural Intensive Care Specialist
  3. 3.
    Balancing family and study – the challenges of a mature-age student
  4. 4.
    Student Series: From teacher to doctor: Joseph Beaton’s journey to rural medical school
  5. 5.
    Travelling full circle – from birth to geriatric specialist at Shoalhaven Hospital
  6. 6.
    Student Series: From Pakistan to Mildura – Kumail Jaffry’s childhood dream to save lives
  7. 7.
    Student Series: Amy Thwaites - A winding path to the supreme privilege of becoming a doctor
  8. 8.
    Student Series: Joseph Freeman - The many pathways to medicine – trust the process and take your time!
  1. 9.
    Student Series: Making room for perspective – lessons from Lachlan Carroll, a 3rd year medical student in Mildura
  2. 10.
    A late starter to medicine finds all-round fulfilment as a Lismore GP
  3. 11.
    Student Series: Resilience and a “go for it” spirit: attributes that count for Lily Hogan, a girl from the Riverina
  4. 12.
    Delighting in Dubbo in PGY37 and beyond...
  5. 13.
    Student Series: Passion and perseverance – Leah-Monique Dowling's winning combo for a tough journey to medicine
  6. 14.
    The rewards of rural general practice: making a positive difference in people's lives
  7. 15.
    Student Series: It takes all sorts – Angus McGinness, a Dubbo boy's journey to medicine
  8. 16.
    Student Series: From saxophone to stethoscope – Anna Leckie’s journey from music to rural medicine
  9. 17.
    Student Series: “How lucky am I to be here” – Imogen Hines’ journey of fate to rural medicine
  10. 18.
    Student Series: Unwavering - Bree Gardoll, the girl from Goondiwindi
  11. 19.
    A journey far and wide to reach Busselton – and career fulfilment as a GP Obstetrician
  12. 20.
    From Blighty to Broken Hill – and Dr Sarah Wenham has never been busier
  13. 21.
    Talking SKIN – and the demand for dermatologists in rural Australia
  14. 22.
    From championship rowing to emergency medicine – Dr Daniel Stewart's circuitous journey to Dubbo
  15. 23.
    The conversion of a sceptic - Dr Sean Hogan's road to rural practice
  16. 24.
    Sally takes Surgical Career off the Beaten Track
  17. 25.
    Being brave
  18. 26.
    Taking emergency medicine around the world and back
  19. 27.
    "Go where the disease is" – for a meaningful impact in your career
  20. 28.
    The Rural Generalist path to professional and lifestyle fulfilment
  21. 29.
    Lights, action, and far reaching places – a mega-directional career in medicine
  22. 30.
    A General Paediatrician's perfect career choice
  23. 31.
    Throw your hat into the ring

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