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Matt sits down with Digital Foundry Legend John Linneman.   They discuss the infamous cancelled Shenmue Remaster, Dragon and Phoenix, Anime and how DF actually manage to pump out the insane amount of quality content that they do!

Nov 16

1 hr 7 min

Matt sits down with Limited Run Games Owener Josh Fairhurst in this hour long chat.    They discuss all things Shenmue including a shipping update for the LRG LP sets & Shenmue 3 Collectors edition & also ideas for Shenmue items.    Also they talk about how LRG came into existence & more!

Oct 26

56 min 45 sec

In this episode, James and Matt do a deep dive into the recent Shenmue the Animation Panel and Trailer. We break down the trailer frame by frame and also discuss everything that we learnt from the panel with Yu Suzuki, Chikara Sakurai, Yu Kiyozono and Joseph Chou. Please give us your thoughts and feedback on this episode wherever you please, be it on Twitter, the Forums, or any of our contact options - we'd love to know what you thought!   Visit the Shenmue Dojo Forums to discuss Shenmue and the upcoming Anime:  Watch the visual show version on YouTube:  Listen to the audio Podcast version via all good Podcast providers and Spotify.   Anchor: Shenmue the Animation Trailer: Shenmue the Animation Full Panel: Original Panel Link:  News:  + Kitchen Bros Interview - + Godhead Fortuneteller's Theme Video - + Radio SEGA - + 110 Industries TGS Video - + Shenmue 3 Vinyl Bigwax - + Shenmue 3 Vinyl Glow in the Dark Just4Games - + Limited Run Games -,page&q=shenmue*+ Unboxing Series - + Wayo Records Shenmue Music Box - Music Used:  Dawn (Intro)  Shenmue 2: Rooftop Confrontation  Shenmue 3: A Place Where the Sun Sets (Version 2) Osamu Murata  Joe Kitchen Shenmue Anime Theme.- Timestamps:  Intro: 00:00:00 Anime Trailer Deep Dive: 00:10:12 Prophecy Comparison: 00:47:28 Shenmue the Animation Website: 00:55:28 Rooftop Music: 00:58 Anime Panel Discussion: 01:01:38 Fan Feedback: 01:32:55 Media Feedback: 01:48:06 A Place Where the Sun Sets (Version 2) Music: 01:52:15 News: 01:56:25 Outro: 02:12:20 Joe Kitchen Anime Theme Music: 02:15:17 Footage Used:  BlueMue - Shenmue 3 Backer Trial A day in Bailu Timelapse: Various Shenmue Dojo Content (  Joseph Kitchen - Godhand Fortuneteller (  Joseph Kitchen - I Had to write a Shenmue-esque Theme to the Shenmue Anime Trailer! (  Personal Recordings  Various other Shenmue & Dojo Youtube videos, thank you for all the great Shenmue content over the years everyone!  Please SUBSCRIBE for more great shows and interviews, and check out our forums:  Episode recorded by Matt Oliver, with James Brown. Audio & Video Edited by James Brown.

Oct 11

2 hr 17 min

Join us as we sit down with Shenmue Community Music Legends, George and Joe Kitchen. We discuss the music & sounds of Shenmue, including finding exact Shenmue sounds in order to make their own Shenmue inspired music. Also we discuss the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Japan dinner, Joe's NPC and more! A fantastic opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of Shenmue's wonderful music Note: George was feeling under the weather when this was recorded

Oct 4

1 hr 17 min

From 2002-2006 Gang Entertainment put together what can be considered the most hilarious but serious adaptation of the Shenmue series. Until we saw the release of Shenmue 3 in 2019 their 3rd iteration was, in some eyes the true end of the Shenmue franchise. Not only that they have made some more recent comedic spoof adaptations of Shenmue 3 reaction videos & turned these into cult classics. Join us as we discuss finding Shenmue. Shenmue 1-3 The Gang Edition, other films + what they’re doing now in this sit down interview! Find Gang Entertainment on:

Sep 4

1 hr 8 min

Join James, Matt and Peter for an extensive chat about the prospects of a Shenmue 4.  In this episode we discuss Shenmue The Animation, give our reviews of Shenmue 3, and relate our thoughts into a conversation about Shenmue 4. To round off the show we cover the latest Shenmue news inside and outside of the community, and end with a fun Shenmue quiz, coined "The Shenmue Dojo Challenge".  Please give us your thoughts and feedback on this episode wherever you please, be it on Twitter, the Forums, or any of our contact options - we'd love to know what you thought!  Watch the show on YouTube: Listen to the audio Podcast version via all good Podcast providers and Spotify. Anchor: News: Shenmue Ryo Hazuki TUBBZ Duck - Shenmue Music Box - Bill Black Interview - Shenmue 3 Voice Over Behind the Scenes - Richard Cartlidge Interview - Dragon & Phoenix Dev Log #4 - Zhu Yuanda Forums Post - Shenmue Dojo Forums Plugins - Phantom River Stone AM2 Post - Suka Pass - Shenmusings Shenmue 3 Character Database -  Music: Dawn (Intro) Shenmue 3 - Spoken Words Shenmue 3 - Hide & Seek Shenmue 3 - Chobu Chan Fighter Stage 2 Shenmue 2 - Dragon Street (Night) Shenmue 2 - Three Birds Building Rooftop  Please SUBSCRIBE for more great shows and interviews, and check out our forums:


Aug 17

3 hr 1 min

As a special release we present footage of the first interview we conducted with Bill but pulled due to bad audio quality on both our ends.    Following a chat with Bill we decided that were some good answers here that the community would love to hear so have put together this small, 30 minute, little extra for everyone to enjoy!   Again our thanks goes to Bill for joining us on the Dojo!

Aug 13

26 min 46 sec

An interview we've been looking forward to for a while! We sit-down with Shenmue III Voiceover Director Bill Black! Topics include how Bill got into the industry, when the Shenmue project became known to him, casting (including what happened to Eric Kelso) and more! Not only that Bill has kindly provided some behind the scenes footage which is available on our YouTube channel for you to see.  Link: Bill has also kindly offered to answer further questions from fans so let us know in the comments and we can pass those on.  Find Bill via

Aug 4

54 min 13 sec

The next in our sit-down interview series, this time with Shenmue Music Maestro Richard Cartlidge.  We talk about his early inspirations, finding Shenmue, his work on the Dragon and Phoenix projects and his original works.   Catch Richard on the following links:   Twitter:   Youtube:   Bandcamp:

Jul 21

55 min 47 sec

Our latest episode of Shenmue Dojo Interviews as RyoX joins Matt to discuss his Synthwave Shenmue fusion music, passion for Shenmue and more in this sit-down interview.   We also play a selection of RyoX's tracks throughout.    Find Ryo X on the following platforms:   Bandcamp:  Twitter:  Spotify:  Facebook:  Youtube:

Jul 4

1 hr 32 min

Join James and Matt for a thorough Shenmue history tour as they read through the entire Shenmue 3 campaign timeline, which details major points throughout 20 years of Shenmue's history from 1998 all the way to 2018! Check out the timeline whilst we discuss over at Like usual, we cover the latest Shenmue news, a little bit of E3, and music segments throughout. Please let us know if you are enjoying this super long form Shenmue Dojo podcasts :) many thanks! News: SEGA Lounge Eric Kelso: Ryo Tubbz Duck: Wayo Music Box: D&P Dev Log: Suka Pass: Esra Krabbe Interview: Shenmue World Issue #1: Music: Dawn (Intro) Xin Bao Theme (Kitchen Bro's) Daily Agony (Richard Cartlidge) A Lovely Girl (Shenmue 2) FREE 11 (Richard Cartlidge) Long For Home (Shenmue 3) Please SUBSCRIBE for more great shows and interviews, and check out our forums:

Jun 23

3 hr 19 min

Next in our series of Shenmue Dojo Intervews we sit down with IGN Japan journalist and Shenmue fanatic Esra Krabbe!   We go through Esra's early days in gaming, discuss how Shenmue LITERALLY inspired his entire life and career path & hopes for Shenmue 4 and the series going forward.   Follow Esra here:  @RineD1987  @IGNJapan

May 4

1 hr 37 min

What are all those burning Shenmue questions that we all want to know answers to!? What are the Shenmue trees? Did Ryo's father murder Lan di's? What are the mirrors? Who is Shenhua? What are her powers? How and why does she have them? Is she her own Grandma? Join James and Matt as they attempt to explain all of these plot points from the first 3 Shenmue games, and what we want to see answered in the future of the series! News: Shenmue Dojo April Fools video: Eric Kelso & Paul Lucas Shenmue 3 Voice Mod: Shenmue the Anime Rumour: Corey Marshall Interview: Esra Krabbe Interview: LINK TO COME Suka Pass: Phantom River Stone: Cartridge Thunder: Humble Bundle: Music: Dawn (Intro) Ren of the Port (Shenmue 3) Hirata Theme (Kitchen Bro's) Theme of the Mirrors (Shenmue 1) Peddler (Shenmue 3) Reap the Whirlwind (Shenmue 3) Unusued Shenmue Theme (Shenmue 3) Please SUBSCRIBE for more great shows and interviews, and check out our forums:

Apr 28

3 hr 10 min

In this episode of Shenmue Dojo Interviews we sit down with the voice of Ryo Hazuki Corey Marshall.  In our 2 hour chat we discuss finding Shenmue, Shenmue III, hidden voice actors, Twitch and more! If you wish to follow Corey on his platforms you can on the following: Twitter: @coreymarshallVO Twitch: Youtube: Instagram: coreymarshallvoiceoverpro

Apr 4

2 hr 20 min

We sit down with Lead Beta Tester for Shenmue 1 from Sega of America Mike Rhinehart!   We discuss his steps into the industry, testing, the Shenmue Project, bugs, betas and more in this 90 minute interview.    Thank you to Mike for taking part! If you have any follow-up questions please let us know in the comments as Mike has agreed to answer them as best he can!

Mar 13

1 hr 29 min

Welcome back to the Shenmue Dojo Show! In this episode we take a deep dive into Shenmue 3's Bailu Village area, discussing the whole of the story for this half of the game. We used two online guides to aid in our discussion ( / We really hope you enjoy this style of episode, if you are reading this and did, please let us know as next episode we were planning to continue and move into Niaowu! NEWS Just For Games Shenmue 3 Green Vinyl - Dobuita Twitter - Amulet - Dragon & Phoenix Topic - Dragon & Phoenix Twitter - Kitchen Brothers Music Videos - Richard Cartlidge Music - RyoX Music - Shenmue Dojo Interviews Michael Huber - Shenmue Dojo Interviews Andrew Dickinson - Dreamcast Year Two - LRG Shenmue 3 Leaflet - Shenmue Dojo Special Effect - Phantom River Stone - Shenmusings - Please subscribe, and thanks! :)

Mar 4

2 hr 25 min

In this episode of Shenmue Dojo Interviews we sit down with Shenmue MEGA FAN and Easy Allies host Michael Huber. We go into full Nerdout mode discussing the games, Shenmue’s story, E3 reactions, playing Shenmue III for the first time, the Anime and much much more! Thank you to Michael for taking the time to speak to us. Easy Allies links: Website Twitter: @EasyAllies Facebook: Twitch: Youtube: Michael Huber Twitter: @MichaelPHuber

Feb 20

1 hr 31 min

Shenmue Dojo sits down with resident Dreamcast Community member, author and Shenmue fan Andrew Dickinson. Andrew is a significant part of the Dreamcast community with his podcast DC Years, DC Years book series and being part of the Dreamcase Junkyard.   Listen as we discuss gaming histories, Shenmue past and present + Andrew's current projects!   Links: DC Years Podcast:   DC Years +  Radio Sega :   DC Junkyard:  DC Year 2 Book:

Feb 1

1 hr 35 min

A sit down interview with the creator of Ryo's dreams (Shenmue in Dreams on PS4).  We discuss the project origins, Shenmue, using dreams and future projects!  Shenmue in Dreams releases on Christmas Day!  Bloodhound links: Youtube:

Jan 25

1 hr 24 min

Firstly, I want to apologise for the poor audio quality of my mic for this particular episode (James). I'm not sure what happened, either in the processing stage or honestly I think that the software when we recorded just detected my headset or built in mic rather than my quality external one which you heard in episode 1. Disappointing for myself, but hopefully we can fix this back for Episode 3. This episode is a long-form discussion revolving around Shenmue 3's Kickstarter. We firstly discuss the latest Shenmue news from recent weeks, before deep diving into Kickstarter discussion. We chat about the Kickstarter as a whole, how well it was run, along with strengths and weaknesses, and we also take a look at all of the stretch goals and rewards, and see actually how these compared to the ones that were released - especially now that all of the rewards have been created and shipped. As usual we have 4 music segments, 2 curated tracks from myself and 2 from Matt. Seeking Healing Mother's Wish Mother's Cooking The Bell Tower

Jan 18

2 hr 50 min

This is the final Part of our interview series with Ryan Payton.    Here we discuss more around the development process for Shenmue III, changes made, reaction of the community and the future of the series in this hour long interview.   We would like to put on record our thanks to Ryan for taking the time to take part in this interview series. Ryan's dedication to Shenmue helped pave the way for Shenmue III to be realised and we continue down the path to make Shenmue 4 a reality together.    #LetsGetShenmue4

Jan 9

1 hr 3 min

In this hour long sit-down interview Cedric discusses his initial foray into Shenmue, meeting Yu Suzuki, the Shenmue III project from start to finish, Shenmue 4 and the future of the franchise going forwards.

Jan 4

1 hr 8 min

Part 2 of our interview series with Ryan Payton.    Take a quick tour of Ryan's career, with Ryan telling some interesting stories about his time at Konami, Iron Man VR and more.    We also begin discussion around why Shenmue may have failed to capture the mass market when it was released.    This is also a precursor interview to Part 3 which will be released very soon!

Jan 2

38 min 24 sec

A sit-down interview with Shenmue fan and Iron Man VR director Ryan Payton.   We discuss finding Shenmue, Meeting Yu Suzuki, Convincing Yu Suzuki around the Kickstarter, Shenmue III and more in part 1 of this interview.

Jan 1

1 hr 3 min

Welcome to the very first episode of the Shenmue Dojo show! This show was originally broadcast on Radio SEGA, as part of their WinterFest 2020 event. We were honoured to have been asked to record a special show for this event, and we enjoyed recording it so much we decided to create our own Shenmue podcast. Episode 1 features a brief news segment about the Shenmue Dojo's 20th anniversary, followed by musical interludes, special guest messages from some big names in the Shenmue World, and a brief look through the entire Shenmue series! Special Guest Features: Ryan Payton (00:03:30), Cedric Biscay (01:19:45), Corey Marshall (00:58:12), Eric Kelso (00:31:00), Adam Koralik (00:56:30), David 'KC' Luis (from SEGA Lounge Podcast) (01:11:40), and Bloodhound Town (a Shenmue fan recreating the original game in Dreams on PS4) (00:18:00). Music: (00:00:04) - Opening Theme: Dawn (00:13:55) - Shenmue Orchestra: Everlasting World (00:27:25) - Shenmue: Memories of Distant Days (00:38:05) - Shenmue Orchestra: The Initiator (00:51:42) - Shenmue 2: Guilin Arrival (01:06:58) - Shenmue 3: Flow of the Lijian River (01:32:32) - Shenmue Online Piece of Music (01:56:02) - Christmas on Dobuita Street (02:04:35) - Shenmue Original Theme - Sedge Tree

Dec 2020

2 hr 8 min