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Nov 29

50 min 56 sec


Nov 21

47 min 41 sec

The Inglorious Beast

Nov 14

43 min 34 sec

The Trumpet Interlude

Nov 8

53 min 32 sec

6 Trumpets and a Woe

Oct 31

49 min 18 sec

Sealed in Christ

Oct 24

49 min 23 sec

The Throne of God (Re-published correct episode)

Oct 17

40 min

Letters to the Churches

Oct 11

54 min 2 sec


Oct 4

34 min 32 sec

Shake it off

Sep 26

43 min 57 sec

The Good News of Obedience 

Sep 20

36 min 1 sec

The Ultimate Origin Story

Sep 13

40 min 14 sec

The Blinding Truth

Sep 6

48 min 16 sec

More haste, less speed

Aug 30

44 min 21 sec

Unstoppable God - Part 2

Aug 17

43 min 9 sec

Unstoppable God

Aug 8

41 min 58 sec

Faith that goes beyond us

Aug 2

35 min 22 sec

Remain True

Jul 26

37 min 45 sec

All are welcome - Part 3

Jul 20

32 min 12 sec

All are welcome - Part 2

Jul 12

50 min 57 sec

We look at the first moment the Christian Faith is open to all people who trust in Jesus. We look at the calling out of darkness that was done by God, through the blood of Jesus so today we can be called a chosen race and part of the royal priesthood.

Jul 5

48 min 14 sec

Listen to how Jesus is still working in our lives today through the account of Peter in Acts 9:32-42.

Jun 28

47 min 37 sec

Find out about the first 3 years of Saul's ministry and the journey to preach about the Son of God in the face of unbelief, rejection and plots to kill him.

Jun 20

48 min 6 sec

We look at the second part of the conversion of Saul. We explore and learn to understand how we should expect the unexpected as part of our faith in God. Just like Jesus accepted Saul where he was, so Jesus accepts us where we are. We just cannot remain there.

Jun 14

54 min 2 sec

We are looking at the conversion of Saul (Paul) and looking at the issues of not being expectant in God using the unexpected.

Jun 6

43 min 58 sec

Listen to our latest sermon on Philip and the Eunuch in Acts 8. This week we look at how we keep Christ central when we teach others about Christ. How do we make sure that people come to faith because of Jesus, and not because of how skilled or gifted we might be in bringing the Gospel to people.

May 31

39 min 32 sec

We look at Simon the sorcerer and the dangers of false faith and false belief. 

May 24

49 min 28 sec

We look at the final part of Stephen's speech in Acts 7. We look at how the Christian faith is to be embraced with conviction first and foremost – then understand how conviction will give us courage to share the good news of Jesus.

May 16

32 min 10 sec

We look at the stumbling block of religious idolatry, allowing God to establish the work of our hands, avoiding a part-time relationship with an knowing and all seeing God and see how Jesus is the bondage breaker and new temple for those that put their faith and trust in Him.

May 10

41 min 36 sec

We look at how the life of Joseph was a life planned and guided by God, for the fulfillment of the promise of the coming Messiah. We look at how accepting the sovereignty of God helps to guide us through the trials and testing of our faith.

May 3

40 min 58 sec

Our 3 part mini-series within this series looks at Stephens speech and the fulfilment of God promises through Jesus Christ.

Apr 28

42 min 31 sec

We look at the fundamental building blocks of Church with Acts 6:1-7.

Apr 19

42 min 58 sec

We look at the subject of God's authority over all things. We explore Acts 5:17-42 and discover the attitude and heart of the Apostles when they are persecuted by the Sadducees.

Apr 12

45 min 57 sec

We look at the courage (grit) of the Gospel.

Apr 4

36 min 27 sec

This week we look at how God uses signs and wonders as a secondary means to signpost to the primacy of the living Word of God - Jesus Christ.

Mar 29

38 min 21 sec

We learn how God's Glory is not for sale, at any price.

Mar 22

43 min 43 sec

We explore and discover what living and worshipping in Spirit and Truth really looks like.

Mar 14

37 min 59 sec

We look at how our best defence is in the Holy Spirit.

Mar 7

39 min 4 sec

We learn to look in the mirror and see who we really are, both with and without God.

Feb 28

40 min 5 sec

We look at Acts 3:1-10 with our sermon titled "The Right Time". We explore God's timing, purpose and righteousness.

Feb 22

37 min 48 sec

We look at the last section of Acts 2 - The fellowship of Believers and discover what this initial response and way of living tell us about how we are to live as Christians today. What it means to be exclusive to Christ and inclusive of believers.

Feb 14

36 min 35 sec

We look at the second part of Peter's sermon. We explore what it means to hear God, understand God and take action. What it means to be cut to the heart by the Gospel.

Feb 9

37 min 10 sec

We look at how as Christians we can go with confidence and truth, in amongst scepticism, bewilderment and rejection.

Feb 1

34 min 41 sec

Listen as we continue our Acts series and look at the arrival of the Holy Spirit. We look how the work of the Holy Spirit changed and how today we should expect and accept the work of God through the Holy Spirit to continually teach us how to live in a Spirit-controlled way.

Jan 25

35 min 27 sec

Listen to the the next part in our Acts Series - titled "That's your lot".  We're looking at verses Acts 1:12-26. We explore how we engage and pray to God to reveal what we should do and to be in what we will do. How ultimately we must acknowledge that we need to continually rely on God, seek God’s will and trust on God’s Word.

Jan 18

36 min 49 sec

Listen as we get into the first part of Acts 1 to understand how we are only powerful witnessing disciples with the presence, purpose and power of The Holy Spirit.

Jan 11

30 min 15 sec

Listen as we begin our series on the Book of Acts

Jan 4

22 min 31 sec

We look at how we can set our sights in an upward direction, how our lives can be more fruitful and purposeful, seeing beyond the now, so we can continue to grow from a kingdom perspective, not a worldly one.

Dec 2020

32 min 11 sec

Listen to our short 2020 Christmas Message about Hope.

Dec 2020

13 min 48 sec

We look at part 2 of Isaiah 53 - The Real Christmas Story.

Dec 2020

29 min 5 sec