Scott Brandon Hoffman

The Conscious Late Night Show with Scott Brandon Hoffman, (AKA "Brandon AF"), is a transformational talk, variety, AND entertainment show for the Soul that’s COOL, HIP, and FUN. It's like Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL had a baby, (yeah try not to picture that). SO expect to be empowered and inspired, to grow and expand, to laugh AND be entertained! Each week we bring you raw, unscripted, and UNCENSORED long form conversations and REAL TALK, with some of the COOLEST and most AUTHENTIC, HEART CENTERED, and HIGH VIBE world changing artists, celebrities, disruptors, entrepreneurs, influencers, and visionary leaders on the planet, and we'll have entertainment and performances with our guests, as well as solo episodes with our host. If you're ready to ditch the mainstream narrative and negativity, tap into the truth, change the world together, AND have EPIC FUN, then HIT SUBSCRIBE!

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Welcome to "The Conscious Late Night Show," this is the intro/trailer that will give you ALL the details of our NEW transformational talk, variety, and entertainment show. It's like Oprah, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL had a baby, (yeah try not to picture that).We're launching soon with our first episodes, so if you like what you hear, please hit subscribe, and I look forward to connecting with you on this amazing ride!


Nov 2020

5 min 44 sec